Jim Willie: Swiss De-peg Triggers Massive Derivative Crisis, Potential END OF THE EURO!

Jim Willie: Swiss De-peg Triggers Massive Derivative Crisis, Potential END OF THE EURO!

Posted on January 18, 2015 by The Doc

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In the wake of the Swiss National Bank shocking the market this week de-pegging the CHF from the Euro, the Golden Jackass Jim Willie joined us over the weekend for an Exclusive Interview discussing:

Willie explains why the Swiss are dumping the Euro in favor of GOLD, and that multi-hundred billion trading losses will result in MASSIVE DERIVATIVE LOSSES & CONTAGION!
Swiss actions have brought a HUGE ACCELERATION of end game events-We’re looking at the potential END of the EURO!
Swiss have front run the Global Currency Reset & GOLD REVALUATION!
$2 TRILLION IN SUB-PRIME OIL BONDS ARE ABOUT TO EXPLODE! Contagion will be bigger than sub-prime housing crash!
Dollar Death-Spike: Fed has LOST CONTROL of the dollar!
Coming European bank failures will result in a STAMPEDE INTO GOLD!
2015 Will be a repeat of Lehman- Several Western banks will go down, This is GAME OVER!
When Putin flips his switch, the DOLLAR IS DEAD, and Gold Will DOUBLE!
GREXIT will blow up the EU!

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The Doc began by asking the Golden Jackass his thoughts on the Swiss Franc de-pegging from the Euro:

– tipped off on Draghi EuroCB decision to proceed with QE bond monetization

-Currency interventions are coming to a CLIMAX!

– could be as simple as Swiss bank noticing the physical gold flows

– Swiss act as gold coordinator (see Bank For Intl Settlemt) and guide for refiners

– could anticipate German departure from common Euro currency

– could anticipate Greek Exit and huge shock waves

– numerous factors could lead to widespread European bank failures

Willie made a STUNNING prognosis for 2015- Death of the dollar and GOLD REVALUATION:

– energy trade gradually excluding USD

– key upcoming element is Saudi/OPEC acceptance of non-USD

– US losing control of USD and oil price (Petro-Dollar demise in full view)

– US oil industry at great risk ($2 trillion in shale bond all subprime)

– convergence of Brent & WTexas oil price signal in 2013

– US blocks all reset Currency & Gold market reform

– therefore East will force Gold Standard through trade channels

– Eastern capital development and asset acquisition will be done on USTBond tab

– East led by BRICS are to shun avoid reject the USD

– QE has accelerated all movements to remove the USD from trade and banking

The Doc then asked Will for his take on the upcoming Greek elections- will we see a GREXIT?

– potential for European bank runs, bail-ins

– ELA is Emergency Liquidity Assistance

– four big Greek banks ask aid

– Syriza Party seeks to abandon austerity and probably the common Euro currency

– debt default likely following EUR 240bn bailout

– EU 195bn debt owed to EU nations = 4% of EU govt budgets

Germany 56.5bn, France 42.4bn, Italy 37.3bn, Spain 24.8bn, Dutch 11.9bn

– GREXIT will blow up EU on fiscal side

– Swiss Natl Bank on currency side

– USGovt sanctions on economic side

– Germany on monetary side

– Ukraine on energy side

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