Joe Jordan exposes MUFON and highlights the hidden Christianity power [Video]

Comunión Impía – La Naturaleza Espiritual de los Reportes de Abducción from Hermano Maxi on Vimeo.


  • William Cooper exposed MUFON too for what it really was in many of his lectures. You should all follow the Geneva Bible 1560/99 immediately. Keep clear of pirated Bibles and false Bibles of the occultists. Even the King James Bible is occultist as it was mastered by Enochian magick master Sir John Dee (007) of The Worshipful Company of Mercers from the pirates of the Livery. The Reformation was originated with the Geneva Bible in the hands of the Puritan true-Christians. Get yours as soon as you can and remember it was banned so that should tell you something.

    The Geneva Bible has never stepped foot in a Luciferian Masonic Lodge unlike the pirate Bible by Dee and co. Choose wisely and yes it is a spiritual battle between God and Lucifer. The Jesuits serve Lucifer and control all Freemasonry today and have their roots as Knights Templar who then survived with the Pope’s blessing in the Kingdom of Aragon. Templars were occultist and Satanists regardless of veils claimed today saying otherwise. The Jesuits master the pirates of the Livery controlling the World today! The Jesuits are the big boys behind this New-Age movement push which all ties back to Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Teilhard de Chardin SJ.

    Organizations like MUFON are controlled opposition to make sure the Jesuit Order and pirates of the Livery have complete control over all awakening peoples wanting to move away from the rest of the flock. The conspiracy arena was created by Jesuit soldier Frederick Copleston SJ. The same as how the Jesuits control all these cults like the Mormons. Brigham Young was controlled by Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Jean de Smet SJ who gave the Mormon cult the State of Utah (Satanic). Smet SJ also controlled the Sovereign Commander of the Scottish Rite, Albert Pike the most well known Luciferian. The same Scottish Rite containing twenty-five degrees written by the Jesuit Order and with Alexander De Grasse dedicating the thirty-second to the Jesuit Order. All created to infiltrate and control all other break away Templars.

    Wake up people to the anti-Christos Templar/Roman Empire system wishing to erradicate true-Christianity off the face of the Earth. Catholicism is not Christianity its a front to bring this agenda about. You have been warned by your Geneva Bible about this fact. Catholicism is Mithraism solar worship of the mystery schools with the Pope (Caesar) being the Sun door and his Cardinals (Senate) being his hinges.

    -= The Unhived Mind

  • Examples of this New-Age and the UFO Movement and how they are now trying to bring in the chemtrail movement:

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