JOE VIALLS – Ryongchon – Nuclear Trigger for American Conscription?

South Korean “official” accurately announced the shocking level of damage only one hour
after the blast, long before the North Koreans could even reach Ryongchon’s ground zero

Copyright Joe Vialls, 25 April 2004

6 August 2004: Jane’s Defense ‘Warns’ of Attack on U.S. West Coast
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The Special Atomic Demolition Munition (SADM) is a U.S. Navy and Marines project dating back to the mid sixties, and still operational today with weapons ranging from 10 to 5,000 tons TNT equivalent yield. The backpack nuclear weapon is designed to allow one man to parachute from any type of aircraft carrying the weapon package which is placed in a harbor or other strategic location that can be accessed covertly by sea or by air. Another parachutist without a weapon package follows to provide support. The two-man team places the weapon package in the desired location, arms the radio detonator, then hopefully escapes by waiting submarine.

Viewed through the eyes of desperate Zionist neocons like Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and Sharon, if North Korea could be successfully provoked into action by a small tactical nuclear strike deep inside its own territory, the most likely response would be 5,000 North Korean artillery shells per hour raining down on Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Within days or weeks, the United States of America would once again be obliged to protect South Korea and the rest of the western world from the Communist “Red Menace”, this time artificially reborn as “Axis of Evil” member North Korea. Clearly this new ‘patriotic defensive’ action against Korea would require hundreds of thousands of American conscripts.

Although Iraq is where the conscripts are really needed, no sane American would accept the illegal invasion of Iraq as justification for conscription, because all have already worked out that this stupefying atrocity in the Middle East has nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction, nothing to do with Saddam Hussein, and absolutely nothing to do with American national security. Trying to enforce conscription today in a visible attempt to obtain the extra 500,000 troops needed to steal Iraq’s oil reserves for the Zionist madmen on Wall Street, would simply result in every campus across America exploding into justifiably violent protests.

Because the photographs and other hard evidence in this report completely rule out an “accident” in Ryongchon, we are left with the harsh reality that one of the most important strategic locations in the whole of North Korea was deliberately nuked with a relatively low-yield weapon, by a nation or nations currently unknown. This inevitably draws us to ask who has the opportunity, motive and method for the attack, or, put another way, to ask which nations on earth have the nuclear weapons, stealth delivery systems, and the political need to vaporize more than a thousand North Koreans civilians in a cowardly sneak attack reminiscent of Pearl Harbor.

Nowadays there are dozens of nations with declared or undeclared nuclear weapons, but only a handful with long range precision stealth delivery systems, the latter limited to America, Russia, China, France and Great Britain. Of these five possible candidates for the sneak nuclear attack, only America has openly labeled North Korea a member of the mythical “Axis of Evil”, and, equally, warned openly of horrific but unspecified military reprisals if North Korea does not stop supplying missile delivery systems to Iran. Thus before we even take into account America’s current perilous military predicament in Iraq, there is only one candidate out of the five left with the necessary motive for the attack.

Regardless of any future call to arms to block the “Commies” in Korea, rest assured this entire scenario is all about Iraq and its priceless oil reserves. The Zionist Cabal in New York knows perfectly well that unless it can somehow import up to half a million more sacrificial American soldiers into Iraq to ‘secure’ all of that priceless oil, the tottering economies of American and the Jewish State will finally collapse, in turn robbing them of any future prospect of global control, and leaving the cabal and its lackeys vulnerable to an unprecedented furious backlash by the American people.

Ominously, as I write this report on 25 April, the Republican Guard has just killed another six American servicemen in Iraq, this time using the relatively new technique of firing 57-mm spin-stabilized rockets from converted taxis and waterborne Zodiac speedboats. This Mach 2 rocket has a deadly flat line-of-sight range of about 5,000 yards, and before the invasion was fitted to every ground attack aircraft and helicopter used by the Iraqi armed forces. Before the Americans arrived the entire arsenal of 40,000 x 57-mm rockets was removed and hidden for a rainy day, and it seems that rainy day has now arrived.

During the dual attacks on Tikrit and Basra harbor yesterday, the Republican Guard used four of these weapons to kill six American soldiers and wound thirteen others, which means that on pre-invasion estimates they have only 39,996 of these rockets left. However, by using this weapon for the first time since the invasion started, the Republican Guard is sending a far more chilling message to America and its nervous conscripted ‘allies’ from Britain and Australia.

The message is disarmingly simple: It matters not if four-star General John Abizaid lines the highway from Kuwait to Baghdad shoulder-to-shoulder with soldiers ordered to stop the Republican Guard planting culvert bombs designed to blow up American convoys, because the counter-insurgents will simply use 57-mm spin-stabilized rockets fired from 5,000 yards away instead. Without potable water, food and fuel, and with desert temperatures already soaring over 100F, the American invasion army will be beaten primarily by a complete lack of vital supply convoys, leading in turn to broken morale and total psychological defeat.

When Marine three-star General James Conway ‘anonymously’ told the New York Times on 22 April that forces under his command could turn the Iraqi city of Fallujah into “a killing field in a couple of days”, he was either drunk or smoking dope. Less than 48 hours earlier General Conway received an intelligence analysis from the DIA that detailed the perilous position of all American forces. Of the total marines deployed in Iraq on 19 April 2004, sixty-percent had been reduced to two hot meals a day, while the remaining forty-percent had been reduced to one hot meal per day. There was no water available for washing, and potable drinking water supplies had reached an all-time low. Forget fuel completely, because there was [and is] barely enough to top up the tanks of a few Humvees.

Presumably Conway has a high-ranking friend in the USAF who has offered to turn the city into “a killing field in a couple of days” by using several squadrons of B-52 strategic heavies to carpet-bomb the good citizens of Fallujah into a bloody pulp. If this real possibility brings back unpleasant memories of North Vietnam and Cambodia, it is only because Iraq is already well beyond the Vietnam stage in terms of outright brutality borne of sheer desperation.

The situation in southern Iraq near the Kuwaiti border is equally desperate, with more than 2,500 soldiers outside Najaf forced to sleep under their armored vehicles, because the Halliburton civilian drivers are too frightened to deliver tent supplies from nearby Kuwait. The drivers point out reasonably that the Iraqis control all the highways and will kill them if they even try, but this does nothing to help the soldiers baking in 101F heat. Remember, these are the very same soldiers that the New York Times is currently telling you will ‘capture’ Muqtada al-Sadr and ‘destroy’ his million-man Shi’ite Mehdi Army.

Perhaps someone out there can tell me how 2,500 desperately tired and thirsty American soldiers, running short of food and almost out of fuel, are going to achieve this New York Times miracle? And as they sit baking in the increasing heat blasted by sandstorms, these demoralized men are obliged to watch on helplessly as Spanish troops drive south on their way home to their families, followed in turn by troops from Honduras, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Norway. Soon the American servicemen will be all alone in the hostile Iraqi desert, captive pawns in a giant Zionist chess game.

Though this may be the first you have heard of the dire situation in Iraq, remember that the Zionist Cabal, the National Security Council and the White House have known about it for several weeks, certainly long enough to formulate an alternative plan of action, no matter how insane that plan might be. Time is running short and, ultimately, as the Zionist Cabal in New York already knows, it cannot force the military to hold its positions in Iraq forever.

General John Abizaid cannot withdraw completely from Iraq without permission from his political masters, but he is the man directly responsible for the welfare and safety of all servicemen within Central Command, which includes Iraq. Dubbed the “Mad Arab” at West Point, Abizaid will certainly hold on as long as he can, but he will certainly not sacrifice 125,000 men under his direct command on the say so of a bunch of ‘suits’ in New York and Washington, D.C. Unless Washington can provide him with more than 100,000 extra men and machinery very quickly, General Abizaid will be forced to roll back his forces very slowly towards the Kuwaiti border, because it is the only sure way to keep them alive.

So it was against this backdrop of certain defeat in Iraq in the medium to long term, that the neocons had to devise a giant distraction somewhere else. In other words they had to trigger a large war in another part of the world, in order to initiate conscription in America to “Fight Communism”, which in turn would be used to divert vast quantities of young Americans towards Iraq and the waiting 39,996 x 57-mm spin-stabilized rockets of the highly aggressive Republican Guard and Mehdi Army. Remember once again that the only real Zionist objective is to capture Iraq’s incredibly rich oil reserves, and no Zionist gives a damn how many Americans have to die in securing this objective.

A sneak attack on “Axis of Evil” member Iran was completely out of the question, because Russia had prudently located several invincible nuclear-tipped “Sunburn” missiles on Iranian and Syrian soil, and then made it discreetly known through back channels that an attack on either nation would be considered as an attack on itself, resulting in two unstoppable supersonic ground-hugging Sunburns instantly winging their lethal way towards Tel Aviv and Haifa. The Zionists know President Vladimir Putin is very much a man of his word, so a tactical nuclear strike anywhere on Iran would clearly result in two giant smoking holes appearing in the middle of the Jewish State.

North Korea was an entirely different matter. Already demonized by New York as a ‘Rogue State’ possibly armed with nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, the lonely Stalinist country was the only viable choice left, but for the sake of appearances the North Koreans had to be goaded into attacking South Korea first, or hundred of thousands of future American conscripts might become more than a little suspicious when their draft papers arrive on the doormat, and arrive they will, irrespective of whether it is Bush or Kerry who are temporary residents at the White House.

With all of their tame psychiatrists assuring them that President Kim Jong Il was in fact a “paranoid dictator”, who could be “trusted to attack if suitably provoked”, the neocons laid their devious plans, which promise to be every bit as successful as their attack on Iraq. Obviously Kim had to alive in order to issue the order to attack the south, so the tactical nuke was detonated in the Ryongchon railway marshalling yards, just a few hours after Kim’s armored train passed through on its way back from Beijing to Pyong Yang, loaded down with ‘no strings attached’ Chinese aid money.

This event in itself should have been enough to ensure that Kim immediately attacked South Korea, but the American psychiatrists wanted to make absolutely sure the message was received, understood, and acted on promptly, which brings us back to the chosen target. During the ‘United Nations’ Korean War of the fifties, the Ryongchon railway marshalling yards were critically important to the North Koreans, as the primary route for re-supply from its primary backer China. Ryongchon and nearby Sinuiju were subjected to countless bombing raids by the Americans, as were the railway bridges over the Yalu River, and North Korea’s major K-30 airbase, located just a few miles away and responsible for using its Mig-15 fighters to repel American bomber attacks.

If Kim Jong Il was in any doubt about the nature of the explosion, this emotionally supercharged ‘psychological flashback’ to the fifties was really shoving it in his face. “The Americans are in front of you in South Korea, and they have just cut off you re-supply from China behind you!” Then just to put the boot in, less than one hour after the massive detonation, a reporter for South Korea’s all-news cable channel, YTN, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Associated Press that a South Korean government official [who he declined to identify], had stated the likely total number of dead and injured would be around three thousand, which according to my old nuclear tables is almost exactly correct for a tactical weapon of 2 kilotons detonated in an urban area.

As every reader knows, this is the exact figure that was then picked up by rote from New York and published in every Zionist-controlled western newspaper, meaning that until the figure was suddenly and inexplicably reduced from 3,000 to 54 the next day, President Kim Jong Il knew that America already knew the exact magnitude of the blast in Ryongchon, despite no visitors being allowed in the city, and despite all communications from Ryongchon to the outside world being severed completely. The YTN reporter pushed it a bit too far when he later claimed, “Debris from the explosion soared high into the sky and fell on Sinuju,” which is nearly ten miles away.

Whether paranoid or not, this accurate reportage of an event that America could not possibly have witnessed, certainly told Kim Jong Il and Chinese Intelligence that South Korea and America must both have been directly involved in the attack. The only reasonable course of action for a “paranoid dictator”, would therefore be to wipe out South Korea and take back the entire peninsula from these Imperial aggressors, who had been goading his country for so many years.

The split-second that Kim’s artillery opened fire on Seoul, conscription would be back on the agenda in Washington with a vengeance, vigorously supported by more than 100,000 elderly American veterans from the first Korean War, who could be relied on to urge young Americans to “do their bit for America” and “stem the tide of Communism” by agreeing to be blown face down into a rice paddy, there to lie forever after in a giant puddle of blood.

We will probably never know exactly how the tactical nuke was delivered to the Ryongchon railway marshalling yards, though it is OK to ignore the deliberately ‘touched-up’ satellite photographs carried by every Zionist-controlled western newspaper yesterday, urging you to believe that the long train-shaped black smear along the center, was caused by the massive explosion of a train variously rumored to be carrying ammonium nitrate, and/or dynamite, and/or LPG, and/or gasoline. The only photos of any use to you are those on this page showing the 72 foot crater and 20 p.s.i. overpressure blast damage out to 500 yards, sourced directly from the official Chinese News Agency.

Using these critical data as direct references, it is obvious that weapon yield exceeded 1,000 tons TNT equivalent, and was possible as high as 5,000 tons. The fact that there is a giant crater tells us that this weapon was detonated underground, because surface weapons cannot dig craters at all, as explained comprehensively and conclusively in “Bali Bomb”, linked at the bottom of this page.

On the perfectly reasonably assumption that the weapon was American or Israeli in origin, there are really only two possibilities where delivery is concerned. In the first case, a modern portable backpack nuke could have been infiltrated and positioned in one of the Ryongchon underground caverns, originally used during the first Korean War for the deep storage of ammo. Though entirely possible because of the huge population flow to and fro across the Yalu River, this method might have compromised a modern backpack nuke and its handlers, which could be a very hazardous matter in North Korea.

Far more likely would be a nuclear-tipped deep-penetration “bunker busting” missile, capable of diving nearly 100 feet into the ground before detonation, and impossible for the Koreans to detect in advance because of its stealth profile and supersonic speed. When these weapons are used, the blast of the explosion itself ‘swallows’ the mild supersonic bang, which of course is delayed for a second or two until the missile has already impacted. The most likely weapon and delivery system would be the AGM-142A Raptor, launched about 50 miles out over the Yellow Sea by a B2 Stealth Bomber, though there are other possibilities including submarines.

Where the Zionist Cabal and American neocon academics got it so terribly wrong, lay in their superimposing known American behavior patterns and likely reactions on Kim Jong Il and his Chinese sponsors in Beijing. If an unknown enemy dropped a tactical nuke on the outskirts of Chicago, for example, it is the American way to strike back immediately, even if the correct target has not been positively identified. This is what happened after the attack on the World Trade center, whereupon, after pausing to catch his breath, George Bush attacked a lonely mountain range in eastern Afghanistan. So why on earth expect the Koreans or the Chinese to do things differently?

The reality is that North Korea, and more importantly its sponsor China, have been fighting wars on and off for the last five thousand years using entirely different methods. When the tactical nuke exploded in Ryongchon railway marshalling yards, the first job for Chinese Intelligence was that of working out the most likely attacker, which of course was not a very complex problem. Who apart from America could and would want to nuke a railway marshalling yard in North Korea?

Far more important for China, and impacting directly on suggestions later relayed to Kim Jong Il in Pyong Yang, was the question “WHY?”. For thousands of years Chinese fighting doctrine has revolved exclusively around asymmetric [unconventional] warfare, where the name of the game is finding out exactly what your enemy wants you to do, then doing the opposite in order to defeat him.

It seems likely that Chinese Intelligence had worked out the “Why?” of this particular American operation at least 24 hours before I started writing the first paragraph of this report, which should come as no great surprise, because they had a very hefty head start on me. As Chinese warfare doctrine requires, a heavy bamboo curtain was then rapidly thrown across the entire disaster area, and the North Koreans started murmuring gently that the blast might have been “an accident”.

The bait was offered, Seoul was brightly lit and wide-open to thousands of artillery pieces positioned just north of the demilitarized zone, but then the bait was abruptly refused. It is the Asian way, and that means asymmetric warfare at its very best. The North Koreans will have to bury more than 1,000 of their own dead in Ryongchon, but have probably grimly calculated with the Chinese that, by refusing to take their attacker’s bait, America will in turn pay an even greater price, calculated in body bags being flown back home from Iraq.

Before you young Americans rejoice at having avoided conscription, be warned that the Zionist Cabal has one giant trump card left up its sleeve, which under more normal circumstances only madmen would use. If push comes to shove, one day on the not-too-distant future, a lone ‘North Korean Missile’ might arc up into the stratosphere, its apogee carefully tracked and recorded by the radars of every nation bordering the Pacific Ocean. The missile will appear to have been launched from North Korea, and will be tipped with exactly the kind of 25 Kiloton ‘dirty’ atomic warhead the North Koreans are accused of building.

While the world holds its collective breath, the warhead will reenter the atmosphere and descend onto an area of significant population density on the American West Coast. Hollywood will be spared because it is the headquarters of Zionist propaganda, and San Diego will be spared because of the U.S. Fleet. My best guess is San Francisco, and then you, my naive young conscript, will finally believe. You will eagerly rally round the flag and demand to be drafted, and your demand will be met. Then in the fullness of time you will travel far away from America, and finally get blown into a pool of your own blood, in a paddy field next to the River Tigris in southern Iraq.

Update 7 May 2004

Seoul Promotes Possible ‘North Korean’ Missile Attack on Hawaii

Less than one month after I predicted that the Zionist Cabal might launch a ‘false flag’ nuclear attack against the U.S. West Coast in order to trigger American conscription for Iraq, the South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo has started highlighting the increasing “threat” posed to the west by North Korea’s long range missiles, “much sooner than South Korean and American military authorities had expected.”

Remember that you have already been told by the CIA [without any evidence] that North Korea has built “at least two nuclear weapons”, so what could be more natural than “crazed Dictator” Kim Jong Il deciding to fire one of them at American territory, especially after the railway marshalling yards at Ryongchon were utterly devastated by a tactical nuclear weapon in late April? This is what Chosun Ilbo had to say in its 4 May edition:

“North Korea has begun work on deploying intermediate range ballistic missiles (with ranges of 3,000~4,000km) it developed last year, building underground bases at two sites. This is much sooner than South Korean and American military authorities had expected.

“A high ranking government source said Tuesday that, ‘North Korea is in the middle of building two underground missile sites in Yangdok County, South Pyongan Province and Sangnam-ni, Hochon County, North Hamgyeong Province. Construction is about 70 to 80 percent complete.’

“The [anonymous] source added, ‘In particular, U.S. spy satellites have discovered about 10 of the newly designed IRBMs and mobile launchers at the two sites between last year and the beginning of this year… We presume these bases to be for a new kind of ballistic missile, not Rodong 1’s or Scud’s.’

“Of the ranges of missiles currently deployed in North Korea, the Rodong 1 has the longest at 1,300 km — capable of hitting most anywhere in Japan. The Taepodong 1, developed in 1998 and with a range of 1,600~2,200 km, has yet to be deployed.

“The[anonymous] source said the threat posed by the new missile, which can reach Okinawa, Gwam and the vicinity of Hawaii, is part of the background behind the hastened development by the U.S. of its missile defense plans. The new missile, unlike the Taepodong 1 that is launched from a fixed site, is loaded onto a mobile missile launch vehicle. It is, therefore, highly mobile.

“The missile is presumed to be a development on the Soviet SS-N-6 sub-launched ballistic missile; it was originally expected to be revealed during last year’s Sept. 9 Foundation Day parades, but the 10 missiles and five launchers were simply brought to Mirim Airbase — the preparation site for the parades — and not featured in the celebrations.

“The missiles are 12 meters long and 1.5 wide — shorter than both the Rodong 1 (15 meters) and Taepodong 1 (23 meters), but have a much longer range and are evaluated as a technically advanced type.

“Authorities feel that former Soviet engineers either directly participated in the development of the missile, the program of which began in the early 90s and was first confirmed by South Korean and U.S. intelligence in 2000, or at the very least Russian technology [was] applied.”

Within one hour of publication, this obscure South Korean report was displayed prominently on the front page of, itself a sub-division of the American Claremont Institute, which touts its primary skill as, “The Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy”. Hmmm… There is nothing very stately or philosophical about nuking your own country for the ‘greater good’ of Zionism and its lackeys.

Especially worrying about the Chosun Ilbo report is its pointed reference to “sub-launched ballistic missile”, which of course is the only method available to America for a ‘false flag’ launch very close to North Korea, thereby creating the illusion that Kim Jong Il has apparently gone nuts, in turn leading to massed American conscription for Iraq.

Those who think that, “No U.S. Naval Officer would nuke America” are quite right, but, unfortunately, the American submarine captain will have no idea where the missile is going. Since before Gulf War I, all strategic and cruise missiles have been [and still are] remotely targeted from Washington, D.C., giving rise to considerable concern among ship’s officers, some of whom have commented in the past that they feel “uneasy” about launching strategic weapons without knowing their targets.

Update 6 August 2004
Jane’s Defense Subtly ‘Warns’ of Attack on U.S. West Coast

Just in case you Americans in the western states have been feeling ‘left out of danger’ by Ridge’s phony warning of attacks on New York, New Jersey and Washington, DC, Jane’s Defense has come to the rescue with a subtle warning designed to chill the blood of those facing the “terrible Commies” across the Pacific in in North Korea, who are apparently making ready to kill and maim you with nuclear and biological weapons.

Though many readers may feel the devil is in the detail, and this is just another deflector away from America’s lethal misadventures in Iraq, all would do well to remember that the Zionist Cabal is prepared to sacrifice every last man and woman in the U.S. military to conquer Middle East crude oil, so this latest snippet is not mere flag waving, but calculated propaganda. On 3 August 2004, Reuters quoted Jane’s as follows:

“North Korea is deploying new land- and sea-based ballistic missiles that can carry nuclear warheads and may have sufficient range to hit the United States, according to the authoritative Jane’s Defense Weekly.

“In an article due to appear Wednesday, Jane’s said the two new systems appeared to be based on a decommissioned Soviet submarine-launched ballistic missile, the R-27. It said communist North Korea had acquired the know-how during the 1990s from Russian missile specialists and by buying 12 former Soviet submarines which had been sold for scrap metal but retained key elements of their missile launch systems.”

So it must be those pesky Russians again. Joe McCarthy warned you about them, but you just wouldn’t listen, right? Jane’s, which did not specify its sources, said the sea-based missile was potentially the more threatening of the two new weapons systems.

“It would fundamentally alter the missile threat posed by the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) and could finally provide its leadership with something that it has long sought to obtain — the ability to directly threaten the continental U.S.”

Ian Kemp, news editor of Jane’s Defense Weekly, said North Korea would only spend the money and effort on developing such missiles if it intended to fit them with nuclear warheads. “It’s pretty certain the North Koreans would not be developing these unless they were intended for weapons of mass destruction warheads, and the nuclear warhead is far and away the most potent of those,” he told Reuters. So, if you haven’t dug those nuclear shelters in California and Hawaii yet, best get out the shovels…

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    I strongly suggest you keep your eyes on whats going on in North Korea because this scenario above may be what might just be played out shortly tied with Iran. Interesting how the U.S. were having war games based on Kim Jong II dying only one week prior to his so-called heart attack. Interesting the timing being so close to the timing of all this big push of propaganda about Iran as conflict towards World War 3 gets closer in the Middle East. The Worshipful Company of Fuellers are going to bring this World under a global conflict like never before which will cover-up the economic collapse as they try to take back full control of the coded economic system. Will the non-aligned put a stop to this problem or will the Milvian Bridge Fuellers progress their Crusade?

    Could all the Sarah Palin promotion from the last election all have been just for conditioning that Alaska has meaning and is an area needing more focus so to speak? May I remind you that Hawaii is already high in radiation its almost as bad as Japan after Fukushima, closely followed by California so don’t think the fuellers won’t nuke Hawaii because they will with pleasure to start off their World War III. May I remind you that both Hawaii and Alaska are not States of the Union of the united States of America. I suggest you do your homework of the real Country rather than the vessel if you don’t know that America only has forty eight States within the Union.

    If you don’t think the Knights of Malta have connections in North Korea think again, who do you think controls the ‘super dollar’ printing press over there and always has done? Knight of Malta, George H.W Bush the head of the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst for the last thirty four years. Hows about his minion Donald Rumsfeld and the ABB Group of Zurich connection to North Korea? All making sense now? All eyes on this region and coming events. Talking of coincidences isn’t it interesting to see the explosions now happening in Iraq since the pull out was announced by the U.S. much to the dislike of the treasonous traitor, Senator John McCain, the cretin behind the National Defense Authorization Act aiding the coming Martial Law.

    -=The Unhived Mind

  • McCain: Iraq ‘Unraveling’ Under Obama Withdrawal

    Thursday, 22 Dec 2011 12:50 PM

    President Barack Obama’s decision to pull American troops out of Iraq “unraveled” on Thursday when a coordinated bombing campaign killed at least 63 people and injured nearly 200 more, Sen. John McCain charged.

    “We are paying a very heavy price in Baghdad because of our failure to have a residual force there,” the veteran Arizona senator told CBS News’ Chris Wragge.

    “I’m deeply disturbed by events there, but not surprised.”

    McCain ridiculed administration claims that it left behind “a stable Iraq” after formally ending the eight-year war there last week. “We needed the residual force there. It’s not there and now things are unraveling tragically.”

    McCain has led the way in attacks on Obama’s decision to leave Iraq to sort itself out, five years after the execution of former President Saddam Hussein. He quoted retired four-star general Jack Keane as saying that the United States had “won the war and is now losing the peace.”

    In an earlier joint statement with Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, McCain had said, “The U.S. government must do whatever it can to help Iraqis stabilize the situation.”

    Within days of the pullout, Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki issued an arrest warrant for the Sunni vice president, Tariq al-Hashemi, alleging that he was organizing death squads. He also called for a vote of no-confidence in another Sunni politician, deputy prime minister Saleh al-Mutlaq.

    The moves exacerbated tensions between the two groups and fueled fears among both Sunnis and Kurds that Maliki was intent on consolidating power and driving any non-Shiite out of office.

    “Indicting a vice president and killing his bodyguards is out there, even by Iraqi standards,” the American Enterprise Institute’s Thomas Donnelly wrote in an email to conservative Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin. “Maliki must have had these moves in mind even while meeting with Obama last week and before.”

    Rubin also quoted AEI resident scholar Fred Kagan as saying, “The collapse of Iraq in the wake of the withdrawal of US forces is already underway. The situation is dire and deteriorating more rapidly than most people expected it would.”

    Vice President Joe Biden called Maliki on Tuesday to express concern at the arrest warrant, telling him “whatever the facts actually were, the Iraqis were creating a perception problem that would not advance their interests.”

    Hashemi got wind of the warrant in advance and fled Baghdad for the Kurd-controlled north of the country where he is essentially out of the reach of authorities.

    But while Hashemi is safe, the Iraqi people are not and a wave of roadside bombings swept through the capital early on Thursday, in the worst violence the country has seen in months.

    Most of the attacks were aimed at Shiite areas, The Associated Press reported, although some also seemed to be aimed at Sunnis.

    The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad condemned the bombings.

    “It is especially important during this critical period that Iraq’s political leaders work to resolve differences peacefully, through dialogue, and in accordance with Iraq’s constitution and laws,” the Embassy said in a statement.

    “Senseless acts of violence tear at the fabric of Iraqi unity and do not in any way help the people of Iraq or any of its communities.”

    But opposition figures inside the country lay much of the blame on Obama’s decision not to extend the departure deadline set by George W. Bush.

    Shiite opposition leader Ayad Allawi told Reuters, “”The Americans have pulled out without completing the job they should have finished. We have warned them that we don’t have a political process which is inclusive of all Iraqis, and we don’t have a full-blown state in Iraq.”

    N.Korea’s Subs May Pose Top Risk for South, Asia


    Senior US Official claims North Korea aiming missiles at Australia

    ‘HomeFront’ Predictive Programming and the Korea unification

    New North Korean Mobile Missile Poses Serious Threat

    Propaganda setup as MSM try to connection Iran with NK Missile Launch

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