13 March 2013 Last updated at 19:51

Argentina’s Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected Pope

Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio has greeted crowds in Rome’s St Peter’s Square after his election as the Catholic Church’s new Pope.

Appearing on a balcony over the square, he asked the faithful to pray for him. Cheers erupted as he gave a blessing.

The first Latin American and the first Jesuit to be pontiff, he will call himself Francis I.

An hour earlier, white smoke from the Sistine Chapel chimney announced the new Pope’s election.

Pope Francis, 76, replaces Benedict XVI, who resigned last month at the age of 85, saying he was not strong enough to lead the Church.

French Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran announced his election with the Latin words “Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum. Habemus Papam” (“I announce to you a great joy. We have a Pope”).

The election was met with thunderous applause at the cathedral in Buenos Aires, his home city.

Correspondents say he was a surprise choice and not among a small group of frontrunners before the election.

Many observers were also expecting a younger pope to be elected.

The 115 cardinals have been in isolation since Tuesday afternoon, and held four inconclusive votes.

At least 77 of them, or two-thirds, would have had to vote for a single candidate for him to be elected Pope.

Before the conclave began, there was no clear frontrunner to replace Benedict.

Crowds with umbrellas massed in the square flying flags from around the world.

The Catholic News Agency said people were running through the streets of Rome, hoping to reach St Peter’s Square in time for the appearance of the new Pope.


  • ACE1947

    Maybe old Benny had too many run-ins with Jesuit interference and decided to quit before he got the poison cup.

    Now with the Jesuit Black Pope dealing with one of his own, things will run as smooth as silk papal underpants.

    These scary Jesuit honchos complete a Jesuit triangle with the all seeing eye in the centre, as found in all Jesuit churches around the world.

  • This shows the Jesuit power behind the Vatican as we have always warned you about. It is quite obvious that Adolfo Nicolas SJ the Jesuit General booted his subordinate puppet Pope Benedict XVI and replaced him with this Jesuit soldier, Jorge Mario Bergoglio a shock trooper. For the first time, the Jesuit Templars are showing their outright power. Notice they keep saying he is from the New World, if we add ‘order’ to the end we have New World Order.

    This is Jesuit trick in order to bring gullible sheep back to the Vatican with a supposed Pope that is more for the modern World with a modern thinking. Benedict XVI was too wrapped up in this paedophile issue and this was not doing the Holy See any good amongst other things and thus he needed to go with the excuse of health. Even the bringing home of the Latin Kingdom in 1993 by Pope Benedict XVI as Cardinal Ratzinger could not stop the Jesuit General from removing him.

    I did wonder if Angelo Scola was to be downtrodden in this election due to the way Pope Benedict XVI was booted out. Angelo Scola was being groomed by Benedict XVI for the Pope position even though Scola did not want the position knowing he would be assassinated if he got the position since he is a Venetian. What we have instead is an old man with illness put in place, this does not make any sense unless you know that this Pope should be a short term. Maybe the Jesuits do not want to have the hassle of an assassinated Pope but must have an excuse for a short Papacy before the final Pope arises who will end up being the risen Horus after being slayed and rising again. The illness will not be used to aid subordination since all Jesuits are totally subordinate to the Order and its Jesuit General.

    Remember whilst others were going with Peter Turkson, I went with Angelo Scola since 2009 and a while after Scola was made the Archbishop of Milan the largest diocese in Europe and the path towards the Papacy. Then we heard about the assassination plots that were leaked naming Scola as someone who was to be assassinated after arguments that he was being groomed to be the Pope. So naysayers do not attack my past information in order to try to discourage people from my valuable work.

    -= The Unhived Mind

  • ACE1947

    These scary Jesuit honchos complete a Jesuit triangle with the all seeing eye in the centre, as found in all Jesuit churches around the world.

  • masonwatcher68

    Hello again!
    Typical,i bet £300,for the first-time,at the bookies,on Scola,and it come’s up,a JESUIT!
    I understand,he came second,last-time,at the concavement,of Ratzinger(Pope Benedict XVI).
    Did you,not take this into account,seeing as the jesuit’s,control the vatican?

    • I never promoted anyone place bets with debt instruments at bookies like you have and it is very sad you lost 300 (debt instruments claiming to be pounds of money). The real top dogs were Angelo Scola for the reasons I told the World in 2009 and of course Peter Turkson the right hand man of Adolfo Nicolas. I have my suspicions that the time was simply not right for Europe to have a black pope since Europe is not black enough just yet and certainly not at the desired levels of blacks requested by the ‘Practical Idealism’ of Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. Italy is especially not ready for a black pope unlike the corporate United States which is now fast becoming black, noting many of the municipal leaderships are manned by blacks, by 2030 the US will be a black nation. Mulatto Obama fits in well right now unlike a black pope.

      You saw how Scola and Turkson were well highlighted in the media and you obviously knew that Scola was the Archbishop of Milan. Scola may have had a good vote at one point but not enough before the next round of votes went in favor of the Jesuit pope we have today. You should have been cautious my friend after pope Benedict XVI was booted out in the way he was. There has been a lot of anger about how Scola was being groomed by Benedict XVI to be basically handed the pope and thus the conclave was going to be redundant, Cardinals do not take lightly to being ignored when they are the hinges to the Sun door (pope/osiris). I did wonder a lot about this booting of pope Benedict XVI and how it would affect Scola and I would have hoped others would have thought on a similar line. If Benedict XVI had finished through natural death (not the Cup of Borgia) like John Paul II then Scola would have been the man.

      To be honest I never bothered to check the line up of Cardinals in the running since I was focusing on Scola and Turkson so I dropped the ball forgetting this Jesuit Cardinal least of all knowing he was one in the running. Think for a second friend, if this man was second last time that does not mean because he was a Jesuit that he was automatically the top dog for the number one spot does it? Why? Well Benedict XVI won it last time over him.

      -= The Unhived Mind

      • FreemanInChrist

        This reporter on TV said she spoke to a young Jesuit who told her that he thought they may elect this guy Pope because the cardinals came and told him and some other Jesuits that they wern’t going to worry about age. So basically the cardinals came and lets the Jesuits know that they were going to back their man.

  • Emergingtruth

    I believe the Pope’s new name Francis I pays homage to Francis Borgia one of the early Jesuits who established the Jesuit Order amongst the many religious orders in the Catholic Church.

    • Francis Borgia was a Knights Templar continuum from the Kingdom of Aragon the home of the Order of the Calatrava and Order of the Montessa continuums of the Knights Templar which became the Jesuit Order (Pope’s shock troops) we know of since 1531 onwards. The area surrounding the Vatican is known as Borgo such as Borgo Santo Spirito and Borgo Pio, the latter being the Roman home of the Spanish Inquisition. These were all named after the Borgia family of Spain. Francis Borgia is the true founder and master of the Jesuit Order not Ignatius Loyola who again was connected with the Kingdom of Aragon. The only Knights Templars allowed by the pope to survive were these that were sent to the Kingdom of Aragon. This is the reason they believe they are the only Templars and why they infiltrated and absorbed all other templars through Freemasonry whilst using the Catholic Church as their veil.

      -= The Unhived Mind

    • Exactly, he chosed that name for Francisco de Borgia, the real creator of the Jesuit Order, the re-creator of the Templar Order. Do not forget how instrumental was the Montesian Borgias to solve the Great Schism of the West. And is just ‘Francis’, not ‘Francis I’…

      • I would not say that the Borgia created the Knights Templar, but the Borgia created the Jesuit Order which is the continuum of the Knights Templar spared by the Pope to live in the Kingdom of Aragon. If you look at what surrounds the Vatican you will see its the Borgo regions such as Borgo Pio which commanded the Spanish Inquisition from within Rome.

        -= The Unhived Mind

        • I wouldn’t say that also. I said ‘re-creator’ ’cause the Knight Templars, dressed as Montesian Knights, used the Borgias to solve the Great Schism of the West and to control the Papacy, during that period they also were the real power behind the Spanish Kings which were the Emperors og the Un-Holy Roman Empire. Were the Borgias that ‘discovered America’ using the illegal son of the Pope Cybo and using the maps of America of the Knights Templars. And ‘re-created’ the Knights Templar with the new name of the Company (wrongly called) ‘of Jesus’.

  • FreemanInChrist

    “On 15 April 2005, a human rights lawyer filed a criminal complaint against Bergoglio, as superior in the Society of Jesus of Argentina, accusing him of involvement in the kidnapping by the Navy in May 1976 (during the Dirty War) of two Jesuit priests. The priests, Orlando Yorio and Franz Jalics, were tortured,[20] but found alive five months later, drugged and semi-naked. Yorio accused Bergoglio of effectively handing them over to the death squads by declining to tell the regime that he endorsed their work. Jalics refused to discuss it after moving into seclusion in a German monastery. Horacio Verbitsky, an Argentine investigative journalist and former montonero, wrote a book about this and other related events titled El Silencio: de Paulo VI a Bergoglio: las relaciones secretas de la Iglesia con la ESMA. Verbitsky also writes that the Argentine Navy with the help of Cardinal Bergoglio hid the dictatorship’s political prisoners in Bergoglio’s holiday home from a visiting delegation of the Inter-American Human Rights Commission.

    According to the book, after their release Yorio accused Bergoglio, then-Provincial of his San Miguel Jesuit order, of having denounced him. Father General Pedro Arrupe in Rome was informed by letter or during the abduction[clarification needed], both Jalics and Orlando Yorio were excluded from the Jesuit Order.”

    • Again, was the Propaganda Due of Gelli that controlled the Argentine during the Dictatorship from ’76 to ’83. When Peron came in the plane from the exile of Spain to his 3rd Presidency in the Argentine, Licio Gelli was in his side in that plane with him! Giancarlo Elia Valori organized that. Of course that the Jesuit priest Mugica Echagüe, the creator of the Montoneros, was also in that plane… but the Montoneros lost that battle and they passed to work to Massera (another P-2 member). Since that time, the Jesuits fight against the P-2 in this lands… In the past the Grande Oriente also fought against the Jesuit in this lands… Garibaldi was instrumental for that, so is not so strange.

      • Gelli is of dual citizenship between Argentina and Italy, you should study into the Nazi connection with this region as it all ties in nicely.

        -= The Unhived Mind

        • The sons of Mazzini were far more strong than the nazis in South America. The Carbonari (that killed a lot of Jesuits) used Mazzini to control the Grand Orient of Weishaupt and to use it against the Jesuits. You must ask you why powerful families like the Medici’s, the Orsini’s, the Savoyards, all decied to work with Mazzini and Garibaldi against the Bonapartism of the Jesuits. The nazis and the fascists were used by the Jesuits to destroy all that the Giovine Europa and the Giovine Italia constructed in the XVIII century. In conclusion, the Schismatic and anti-Jesuitical Irregular Free Masonry is far more powerful than the Jesuitical Nazis. If Gelli during his youth was a Nazi, after he was tutored by Giovanni Gamberini, is of little importance.

          • Sorry, i mean ‘XIX century’, not XVIII cent… Use more info: the Mazzini family always was a very Jansenist one. The tutors of Mazzini were Jansenists actually. Don’t you forget how mortal enemies were the Jansenists of the Jesuits. The defenders of the Sorbonne, the great Jules de Michelet (hugonote) and the also great Edgar Quinet (jansenist) were the worst nigthmare of the Jesuit Order during that time, and Giusppe Mazzini while his time during the Carbonari, was in conversation with Quinet. See the hand of Mazzini behind the French Revolution of 1868, where the jesuit provintial of Paris was assassinated by the communards. Mazzini controlled all of these moves, he even controlled Mikhail Bakunin. He created via the Gran Orient the First International and the Anarschists, and fought against the Jesuitical Communism of Marx, an infiltrator of that society. Again, the anti-Jesuitical Grand Orient is far more strong and powerful than the Nazis.

          • Here, a bill of the 1848 commune in which appears the motto of the Giovine Italia and Giovine Europa of Mazzini “Dieu et le peuple” (God and the People), the motto of the Freemasonry “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” and even the name of Bakounin! All of these anti bonapartists and antijesuitical revolutions in France (with the exception of the revolution of 1789, which was made by the Jesuit Weishaupt) were all under the control of the Grand Orient/Carbonari and Mazzini.

  • AngloHebrewCuldee

    As recieved from Kevin Annett –

    *BREAKING! New Pope Subject to IMMEDIATE Arrest!*

    4hour video of Genocidal acts against the Church/Vatican below…you will become sick to your stomach…)


    [12:48:12 PM] Kevin Annett:

    The Assassins take power: First Jesuit pope in history elected today – Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, name of “Francis 1” … statement from ITCCS coming today at

    [3:40:01 PM] Kevin Annett:

    Breaking News and Media Advisory: Wednesday, March 13, 2013

    Accused Criminal becomes first Jesuit Pope – Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, tainted with Dirty War allegations, new Pontiff of Rome

    A Statement of the ITCCS Central Office – Brussels

    March 13, 2013

    A suspected criminal has been rapidly elected as the new Pontiff of the Church of Rome in a record two day conclave, being the first Jesuit in history to head the papacy.

    Former Cardinal and Pope-elect “Francis I”, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is accused of helping kidnap opponents of Argentina’s military junta during the 1970’s “Dirty War”, and of baby trafficking, by lawyers and members of the Plaza de Mayo human rights group. (Los Angeles Times, April 17, 2005, “Argentine Cardinal Named in Kidnapping Lawsuit”,

    Besides his personal alleged criminality, Bergoglio – as a Jesuit – represents the group most responsible for the centuries-old Crimes against Humanity and Genocide for which the Jesuit Superior General was found guilty on February 25, along with Joseph Ratzinger and other Vatican officials.

    The Jesuit Order established the murderous Indian residential school system in North America during the mid-19th century, and has led the destruction and killing of millions of non-Catholics around the world since its inception in the mid-16th century.

    Under a secret oath administered to every member, the Jesuits are authorized and encouraged to kill, torture or overthrow any opponent of the Vatican and the Pope. (

    These facts, the Argentine allegations, and his complicity in the global conspiracy against children enunciated in the canon law Crimen Sollicitationas, makes the new Pope particularly liable for immediate arrest and sentencing under international law and the Common Law Court verdict of February 25, 2013.

    The ITCCS understands that Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s election was a quick and uncontested arrangement, as evident in its rapidity: in less than two days, a record for papal elections.

    Bergoglio’s election makes the guilt of the Vatican and its highest officials for Crimes against Humanity all that more severe. The new Pope, as the head fiduciary officer of the Vatican, Inc., assumes that guilt and liability.

    Bergoglio is therefore subject to immediate arrest under the terms of the Common Law Court ORDER of March 5, 2013, issued by the International Common Law Court of Justice under the authority of jus gentium, the Law of Nations, and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

    Accordingly, an application has been made by our Tribunal to these courts for an International Citizens Arrest Warrant, to be issued against the new Roman Pontiff, Jorge Mario Bergoglio – Pope Francis I, for Crimes against Humanity and involvement in a global criminal conspiracy based in Rome.

    The ITCCS will soon be issuing more background evidence on the genocidal purpose and actions of the Jesuit Order in relation to the ongoing crimes we have documented; and of the evidence of Bergoglio’s suspected crimes in Argentina.

    Issued 13 March, 2013

    ITCCS Central, Brussels


    [3/11/2013 11:01:54 PM] Kevin Annett:

    Finally on one recording – Our complete Common Law Court proceedings in Case No. 1: Genocide in Canada by Church and State – post this everywhere please!

    This is the evidence that convicted the Pope, the Crown and Canadian church and state officials.

    This 4 hour package includes the final Court verdict and two short extras: a summary of the evidence and endorsements from aboriginal eyewitnesses.


    Kevin Annett –

  • He also broke tradition by remaining standing to receive cardinals’ acts of homage after his election, instead of sitting in the papal throne, Father Lombardi said.

    • Remember, Francisco de Borgia prefered to be a Jesuit than to be a Cardinal (a very papabile one being a Borgia, the real power behind the Emperors of Holy Roman Empire during that time)…

      • The Jesuit Order is far grander than the Vatican in the scheme of power and this is why Jesuits prefer to be Jesuits and we must not forget the admiration given to the Jesuits by their puppets, Adolph Hitler and Himmler. The later modeled the Nazi SS off the Jesuit Order, the truth is that many of the high level positions were taken up by Jesuit coadjutors aka short robes.

        -= The Unhived Mind

        • What i want to illustrate is that of course he chosed that name for Francesc de Borja, and that Borgia prefered to give all his wealth to the Jesuit Order than to be a very papabile Cardinal. That is why he want to seem a Pope for the poors.

  • AngloHebrewCuldee

    He didn’t want to wear the mantle either. Although they got it on him for a moment he took it off quick. I know these Argentinian types, spent a good deal of time with one in his profile. He will be very aggressive against the status quo , that’s one thing we can guarantee. Nothing will make him relent, he will be very sneaky if need be. I somewhat like his style, and perhaps as a person of the people he will be more like the Petrus Romanus more than others. In that he sought a true blessing rather than a vain ring kissing by the cardinals.

  • AngloHebrewCuldee

    Saint Francis of Assisi is the Patron Saint of Italy, founded the Roman Franciscan order… His original name was Francesco di Pietro (Peter) di Bernardone.

    AKA “Peter the Roman”.

  • AngloHebrewCuldee

    An author who predicted Pope Benedict XVI would be the first pontiff in nearly 600 years to resign believes the election today of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the 266th Roman Catholic pontiff lines up with a medieval prophecy that would make him the “final pope” before the End Times.

    Tom Horn, co-author with Cris Putman of the book “Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here,” told WND today Bergoglio’s selection was a “fantastic fulfillment of prophecy.”

    His book examines St. Malachy’s “Prophecy of the Popes,” said to be based on a prophetic vision of the 112 popes following Pope Celestine II, who died in 1144.

    Malachy’s prophecies, first published in 1595, culminate with the “final pope,” “Petrus Romanus,” or “Peter the Roman,” whose reign ends with the destruction of Rome and the judgment of Christ.

    Horn has said a pope of Italian descent would fulfill the prophecy, noting Bergoglio is the son of Italian parents and a Jesuit.

    TODAY ONLY, get the electrifying “Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here” by Tom Horn and Cris Putnam for only $4.95– a huge $15 discount off the regular price!

    “Being a Jesuit is a very important aspect of our prediction in our book,” Horn told WND in an email.

    Citing his book, Horn said the name “Petrus Romanus” in the prophecy “implies this pope will reaffirm the authority of the Roman Pontiff over the Church and will emphasize the supremacy of the Roman Catholic Faith and the Roman Catholic Church above all other religions and denominations, and its authority over all Christians and all peoples of the world.”

    Horn pointed out the Jesuits order was organized “to stop Protestantism from spreading and to preserve communion with Rome and the successor of Peter.”

    He also sees significance in Bergoglio naming himself after Francis of Assisi, an Italian, or Roman, priest whose original name was Francesco di Pietro (Peter) di Bernardone, “literally, Peter the Roman.”

    As WND reported, Horn and his co-author, Cris Putnam, predicted in their book Benedict would step down, making way for history’s “final pope.”

    • I do not agree that this is the final pope, I believe there will be at least one more pope maybe a few more. I cannot see the destruction of the Catholic Church happening till well in excess of 2030 onwards maybe far longer. The Church will not be destroyed by Jesuits until their Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst pull off the greatest scam in the history of man, a fake alien threat and/or contact. Until then all current religions will continue and all will be continue to be mastered by the Catholic Church mastering the World Council of Churches and the Ecumenical Movement. Rome’s power is veiled as inter-religious dialogue. So this will certainly not be the last pope especially when you take his age of seventy-six into account. I get so fed up of all these wannabe experts claiming this is the final pope, I heard this of Pope Benedict XVI and it was blatantly obvious he was not the last pope. I also believe the penultimate pope will be called Peter the Roman not Francis, Benedict or any other name.

      This pope does not have any allegiance to the Holy See and the Catholic Church. This pope has total subordination to the Jesuit Order (Knights Templar continuum) and its Jesuit General mastering the order from the Curia Generalizia at Borgo Santo Spirito. Cardinal Peter Turkson may be a right-hand man of Adolfo Nicolas SJ but Turkson is not a Jesuit and therefore does not have complete subordination to the order and has not took the Jesuit secret oath.

      -= The Unhived Mind

      • I concord with you, i do not understand this Pope to be the last one (unless we follows the Clairvauxists/Malachian Prophecies), the False Prophet.

        • Malachi was a Jesuit soldier and thus a deceiving liar who should never be trusted. The old definition of a Jesuit is a clever person who deceives the people. People should never forget this, a Jesuit will never tell the truth to a non-Jesuit. A high-level Jesuit will never look you in the eye and instead they will look over your shoulder when they talk to you.

          -= The Unhived Mind

  • Italian bishops thank God for wrong pope

    Reuters – 9 hrs ago

    Reuters/Reuters – Newly elected Pope Francis, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina appears on the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica after being elected by the conclave of cardinals, at the Vatican, March …more

    VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Italian bishops were so convinced that one of their own would become pope that they sent a congratulatory message to the media thanking God for the election of a prelate from Milan.

    The trouble was, the new pope had already been named as Argentinian cardinal Jorge Bergoglio.

    The secretary-general of the Italian conference, Monsignor Mariano Crociata, expressed “joy and thanks” to God for the election of Cardinal Angelo Scola of Milan in a statement sent to reporters at 8:23 p.m. (3:23 p.m. ET) on Wednesday night.

    About 10 minutes earlier, Bergoglio had made his first appearance before the crowds in St. Peter’s Square.

    At 9:08 p.m. (4:08 p.m. ET), the Italian bishops conference sent another statement thanking God for the election of the pope, but this time got the name right.

    In the days leading up the secret conclave, many Italian newspapers openly promoted Scola as the next pope.

    The newspapers – and the bishops conference – appear to have missed the warning contained in a traditional Italian saying that front-runners at a papal conclave are often disappointed.

    “He who enters a conclave as a pope, leaves it as a cardinal,” the saying goes. Perhaps it was never more true in the modern age than in the conclave that elected Bergoglio instead of the Italian favorite Scola.

    (Reporting By Philip Pullella; Editing by Crispian Balmer and Peter Graff)

    • Iran president congratulates new Pope

      Sun, 17 Mar 2013 14:53:05 GMT

      Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has congratulated Argentina’s Jorge Mario Bergoglio over his election as the first Latin American Pontiff.

      In a message issued on Sunday, Ahmadinejad congratulated the 76-year-old Pope Francis I on his election.

      Ahmadinejad stressed the need for close cooperation and public participation to reform global management structures on the basis of the teachings of Abrahamic religions.

      Ahmadinejad said Christ and other prophets have brought humanity kindness, friendship and peace.

      He expressed hope that peace and justice would prevail in the world.

      On March 13, Bergoglio was appointed as the new Pope after five rounds of voting in the Vatican.

      • The Jesuit Pope will never aid Iran since the Pope claims to be the Temporal Power of the World. The only thing standing in his way of this is the Shia Caliph and Iran is the Shia enemy of the Papacy. The Papacy uses its loyal masonic Sunni muslims it allows financial power to, in order to attack and attempt to destroy the Shia opposition to the Pope’s Temporal Power aka World Government power.

        -= The Unhived Mind

        • Iran is a creation of the P-2. Don’t you remember about the control of the Propaganda Due over the Iran-Contra affair? Was a P-2 soldier like the argentinian Villalon a very important negotiator during the issue of the invasion of the North American embassy in Iran. He was also the men that wrote that letter of apology to the Ayatollah supposedly made by Carter. The P-2ists sold to Iran much of the military logistic that they has today. Was the P-2ist of Massera who sold the uranium that Iran used to start the his nuclear program… That is why the IHS-USA have that fixation against Iran.

  • Emergingtruth

    It is also interesting that the media continues to mention how Pope Francis I only has one lung. I came across this article from 2010 entitled
    “Orthodox and Catholic Bond Deepens: Will the Two Lungs of the Church Breathe Together Again?”

    By Deacon Keith Fournier
    Catholic Online (

    Move toward full communion between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches most important development of the Third Christian Millennium

    The move toward full communion between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches is prompted by the Holy Spirit. It is the most important development of the Third Christian Millennium. It has extraordinary implications for the West, indeed for the whole world, at a critical time in history. Let us pray that it happens – for the sake of a world still waiting to be set free and reborn into the New World of the Church.

    ROME, Italy (Catholic Online) – First, I must lay all my cards on the table. I long for the full communion of the Orthodox and Catholic Church. I pray daily for the full communion of the Orthodox and Catholic Churches. I do so because I believe it is the will of God that “All May be One” (John 17: 21). I also believe that the healing of the division between the two churches would unleash a profound renewal of the entire Church at the dawn of what I believe is a new missionary age. I believe that the gifts found in the whole Church will enrich both East and West and assist us in the mission which we must face together in our One Lord.

    I long for this full communion because I believe that as the West implodes under the fierce ravages of what Pope Benedict XVI properly called a “Dictatorship of Relativism” it is only the real humanism found in the fullness of truth revealed in Jesus Christ which can save the West from rushing over a cliff to its own demise. The West needs the Church to once again become its soul in this age which has lost its moral compass.

    I long for this full communion because, as a “revert”, one who returned to my Catholic faith as a young man, I walked the way home by way of the early Church Fathers. Had I not had been baptized a Catholic of the Latin Rite; I might have become an Eastern Christian. As the decades of my life have unfolded, including my theological studies and ordination to the Order of Deacon, my vision and theological viewpoint are profoundly Eastern. So too is my worship. I have long prayed with icons and love the Divine Liturgy. However, I cherish the unity that comes with the Chair of Peter.

    Let me be clear, I am deeply and happily ensconced in the Roman Catholic Church. I am glad that I have authorization to serve the Divine Liturgy of the Eastern Church. For a number of years I had the privilege of regularly serving the Divine Liturgy and I miss it. I love the Liturgy, East and West, however I find the depth of the Mystery is beautiful captured in the Liturgy of the East. There is a Latin maxim that addresses the centrality of worship in the life, identity and mission of the whole Church; “Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi”. It means that the law of prayer or worship is the law of belief and the law of life. Or, even more popularly rendered, as we worship, so will we believe and live!

    Worship is not an “add on” for a Catholic or an Orthodox Christian. It is the foundation of Catholic and Orthodox identity; expressing our highest purpose. Worship reveals how we view ourselves in relationship to God, one another and the world into which we are sent to carry forward the redemptive mission of Jesus Christ. How the Church worships is a prophetic witness to the truth of what she professes. Good worship becomes a dynamic means of drawing the entire human community into the fullness of life in Jesus Christ, lived out in the communion of the Church. It attracts – through beauty to Beauty. Worship informs and transforms both the person and the community which participates in it. There is reciprocity between worship and life.

    Finally, I long for this coming full communion of East and West because my oldest son is an Orthodox Christian. He, his wife and their children are all practicing Orthodox Christians. I must admit that the more I visit them these days the more I appreciate the beauty of the interweaving of faith and life which comes with Eastern Christianity and its practices. Yet, the more painful our separation at the Altar, the Eucharistic Table, also becomes.I believe it gives me a glimpse into the very heart of the Lord who longs for our unity.

    So, yes, I watch for every sign that the two lungs of the One Church are beginning to fill with the one breath of Divine Life, the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit alone can animate the One New Man, Jesus Christ, to heal the division which has gone on for too long in His Body. Yes, I watch with the eyes of living faith. Some say I see these developments with what they would call “Rose Colored glasses”. If I do see through the color of rose, it is because the color symbolizes the hope which comes from faith in the Resurrection of Christ Jesus. It is also because of my bedrock conviction concerning His one plan for His One Church.

    This past week, on May 19 and 20, 2010 the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and the Moscow Patriarchate cosponsored a Day honoring Russian Culture and Faith in the Vatican. It was one of a growing number of meetings between the leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Holy See. Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev of Volokolamsk, the head of external affairs for the Moscow Patriarchate and one of the brightest and most dynamic leaders of the Orthodox Church delivered a message of greeting from Patriarch Kirill at a concert

    of Russian music in the Vatican attended by the Pope. Archbishop Hilarion is an accomplished musician and an extraordinary theologian and scholar.

    The concert presented music by Russian composers. It included a work by Metropolitan Hilarion called the “Song of the Ascension.” It highlighted the spirit of the meetings which were filled with hope. Last September, Metropolitan Hilarion and Pope Benedict XVI agreed to foster such meetings. They are part of a growing collaboration between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches. Together we face the wasteland of Western Culture resulting from the collapse of Christian influence and we have rediscovered one another as brothers. Together we greeting the “post-modern/neo-pagan” challenge of our age, not with despair but with a solid mutual commitment to re- evangelize the West and do what the Church is called to do in every age.

    There is more than speculation surrounding an upcoming meeting between Patriarch Kirill I and Pope Benedict XVI. The Orthodox Archbishop of Cyprus Chrysostomos II is only one of the several leaders trying to arrange it. He has offered Cyprus as a place where such an historic summit could occur. Archbishop Chrysostomos II counseled the Orthodox Christians in that land to stay calm in the face of pushback from the dissident Pancyprian Orthodox Christian Movement. They are strongly opposed to the growing relationship between the Catholic and Orthodox leadership. However, they will not be able to stem the momentum of the Holy Spirit.

    Pope Benedict XVI will visit Cyprus on June 4 – 6, 2010 and engage in discussions with Orthodox leaders. The Pope’s visit to Cyprus will end with a Mass at the Eleftheria Stadium in Nicosia. During his Cyprus trip the Pope will set forth in more detail the topics which will be discussed in an upcoming meeting of the Synod of Bishops on the Middle East which is scheduled for October.

    Metropolitan Hilarion favors a formal meeting between the Pope and Patriarch Kirill I in the near future. He told a recent Press conference that this meeting “should be a historic event, not just because it is the first meeting between the head of the Roman Catholic Church and the Russian Orthodox Church, but especially because such a meeting must be sign of the intention to move our relations forward”.

    During the two days of cultural meetings in Rome, Metropolitan Hilarion presided over the Divine Liturgy at the burial site of St. Peter in the crypt of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Concelebrating were Archbishops Kirill of Yaroslavl and Rostov and Feognost of Sergiev Posad. We have chosen that extraordinary photo as the main image to accompany this article. It is a profound visual reminder that the One Church existed, with legitimate diversity in the bond of unity, for the entire First Millennium of Christianity. It is a reminder as well that it can exist that way once again in the Third Millennium of Christianity. In the words of the Angel given to the Mother of God “Nothing is impossible with God”. (Luke 1:37)

    On Wednesday May 19, 2010 Metropolitan Hilarion met with Cardinal Walter Kasper the President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity at the Council’s library in the Vatican. They discussed the work of the Joint Commission for Orthodox-Catholic dialogue. That work has involved fruitful mutual discussions on the role of the Bishop of Rome in the first millennium. Attending the talk along with Bishop Hilarion and Cardinal Kasper were the vice-president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity Bishop Brian Farrell, secretary of the Council the Revd. Milan Zust, DECR deputy chairman hegumen Philipp (Ryabykh), and acting DECR secretary for Inter-Christian relations priest Dimitry Sizonenko.

    At the meeting, Cardinal Kasper presented Metropolitan Hilarion with his books ‘The God of Christians” and “Jesus Christ.” Metropolitan Hilarion presented Cardinal Kasper with his book “The Mystery of Faith”. The warmth and brotherly affection which characterized that exchange of gifts is a symbol of the work underway, inspired by the Holy Spirit.

    The move toward full communion between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches is prompted by the Holy Spirit. It is the most important development of the Third Christian Millennium. It has extraordinary implications for the West, indeed for the whole world, at a critical time in history. It will continue and it will result in the healing of the wounds which for too long have separated the Church.

    Yes, the Orthodox and Catholic Bond Deepens. Will the Two Lungs of the Church, East and West Breathe Together Again? As we approach the celebration of Pentecost, the Birthday of the Church, let us pray that it does indeed happen – for the sake of a world still waiting to be set free and reborn into the New World of the Church. ”

    Based on this article it seems the new Pope Francis I will be the Pope to publicly unify all the Churches under the umbrella of the Catholic Church. The unification of churches under the Catholic Church will be the culmination of all the Jesuits work of subversive infiltrations and takeovers of many churches and governments via the creation of their elaborate structures of power and influence.

    • 15 March 2013 Last updated at 15:01

      Vatican denies Dirty War allegations against Pope

      Two men brandish the Argentine flag on St Peter’s Square, Rome, 15 March Argentinian Catholics have been celebrating the election of Pope Francis

      The Vatican has denied that Pope Francis failed to speak out against human rights abuses during military rule in his native Argentina.

      “There has never been a credible, concrete accusation against him,” said Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi, adding he had never been charged.

      The spokesman blamed the accusations on “anti-clerical left-wing elements that are used to attack the Church”.

      Jorge Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, led Argentina’s Jesuits under the junta.

      Correspondents say that like other Latin American churchmen of the time, he had to contend, on the one hand, with a repressive right-wing regime and, on the other, a wing of his Church leaning towards political activism on the left.

      One allegation concerns the abduction in 1976 of two Jesuits by the Argentina’s military government, suspicious of their work among slum-dwellers.

      As the priests’ provincial superior at the time, Jorge Bergoglio was accused by some of having failed to shield them from arrest – a charge his office flatly denied.

      Judges investigating the arrest and torture of the two men – who were freed after five months – questioned Cardinal Bergoglio as a witness in 2010.

      The new Pope’s official biographer, Sergio Rubin, argues that the Jesuit leader “took extraordinary, behind-the-scenes action to save them”.

      Another accusation levelled against him from the Dirty War era is that he failed to follow up a request to help find the baby of a woman kidnapped when five months’ pregnant pregnant and killed in 1977. It is believed the baby was illegally adopted.

      The cardinal testified in 2010 that he had not known about baby thefts until well after the junta fell – a claim relatives dispute.
      Turned in?

      In his book The Silence, Argentine investigative journalist Horacio Verbitsky says the Jesuit leader withdrew his order’s protection from Francisco Jalics and Orlando Yorio after the two priests refused to stop visiting slums.

      The journalist is close to Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who often clashed with Cardinal Bergoglio on social policy.

      “He turned priests in during the dictatorship,” Verbitsky was quoted as saying by Reuters news agency.

      The man who is now Pope once talked about the two priests to his biographer.

      “I warned them to be very careful,” he told Rubin. “They were too exposed to the paranoia of the witch hunt. Because they stayed in the barrio, Yorio and Jalics were kidnapped.”

      Both priests were held inside the feared Navy Mechanics School prison. Finally, drugged and blindfolded, they were left in a field by a helicopter.

      Orlando Yorio, who reportedly accused Fr Bergoglio of effectively delivering them to the death squads by declining to publicly endorse their work, is now dead.

      AP news agency quoted Francisco Jalics as saying on Friday: “It was only years later that we had the opportunity to talk with Fr Bergoglio… to discuss the events.

      “Following that, we celebrated Mass publicly together and hugged solemnly. I am reconciled to the events and consider the matter to be closed.”

      Adolfo Perez Esquivel, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for defending human rights during the dictatorship, believes Fr Bergoglio “tried to… help where he could” under the junta.

      “It’s true that he didn’t do what very few bishops did in terms of defending the human rights cause, but it’s not right to accuse him of being an accomplice,” he told Reuters.

      “Bergoglio never turned anyone in, neither was he an accomplice of the dictatorship,” Mr Esquivel said.

  • Pope Francis ditches red shoes

    By Nick Squires, Rome
    3:29PM GMT 15 Mar 2013

    In his first two days in the job, Francis wore an ordinary pair of black shoes, having apparently rejected the smart red loafers that were favoured by his predecessor, Benedict XVI.

    Benedict had his red shoes hand-made for him by a cobbler in the Borgo, the tightly-packed grid of medieval streets that lies a stone’s throw from the Vatican.

    A pair of the red shoes had been made for his successor and were displayed in the shop window of Gammarelli, the papal tailors in Rome, in the days before the conclave.

    Before he left Buenos Aires for Rome, Cardinal Bergoglio, as he was before his election on Wednesday, was wearing a pair of shoes so shabby that friends insisted on buying him a new pair.

    “The day he was departing for the conclave, a couple of friends brought him a pair of shoes. He’s always very humbly dressed and the shoes he was wearing were not in very good shape,” a pair of South American priests told Vatican Radio.

    So even (in) those little things you see the humility, the austerity of this pastor,” said Ricardo Saenz, of Argentina, and Carlos Padilla, a Mexican seminarian.

    Separately, a picture emerged yesterday of the new pontiff travelling on a minibus to the Sistine Chapel rather than take a chauffeur-driven Vatican car.

    He eschewed the official papal limousine, which boasts the registration number SCV1, for Stato della Citta del Vaticano, instead hopping on the bus with a group of red-hatted cardinals.

    The photo, which The Daily Telegraph believes was taken when he travelled from the Vatican hotel, Casa Santa Marta to the Apostolic Palace on Thursday, for his Mass and homily in the Sistine Chapel.

    It was taken the day after Francis’s election, was taken by a priest, Father Antonio Spadaro.

    He posted it on his Facebook page but this morning it was on the front page of La Stampa, an Italian daily.

  • I feel sorry for Cardinal Angelo Scola. He was the only man in the Vatican who spoke Arabic well. His Oasis foundation is much better run than Thomas Michele SJ’s Gulen Foundation. The New Pope is a sign of a great war, International austerity, economic depression and the final destruction of the Vatican. The Jesuits have the final veto right now. Imagine a church which only appoints Jesuit Cardinals, bishops and priests. They will destroy all the other orders. Even Knights of the Order of Malta have been calling me with their fears that the Maltese order will be mixed and dissolved. There are no checks and balances anymore at St. Peters Basilica. I believe the Vatican may be false flag bombed by the Jesuits to reignite the crusades. Its not in the interests of the war nations to have a Pope who is an Apologist for the Muslims.


    • Their will be no destruction of the Vatican for many years to come maybe decades but the very slow destruction of the Vatican is already happening as we all can see daily. The timing is not right for the Vatican to be attacked since it is not in the interest to place the Vatican power in the Latin Kingdom yet and will not be for a very long time. Also they are a long time away from forming the Luciferian Doctrine since we still have to have an asteroid attack and then of course the fake alien contact/invasion which we are currently being programmed to accept via Operation Greenstar. The Knights Templar continuum known as the Jesuit Order excels in power and we are seeing their plans coming together very quickly. The Kingdom of Aragon lives on and dominates as do the powerful Spanish Jesuits in comparison to Italian Jesuits.

      -= The Unhived Mind

  • Francis I: The ‘End of the World’ Pope

    Published time: March 19, 2013 16:25

    After the white-smoke “fumatta” signaled Argentina’s Archbishop of Buenos Aires Jorge Bergoglio now heads the Catholic Church, the attention turns to significant, if subtle, signs surrounding the naming of the new Pope.

    As soon as Msgr. Bergoglio was chosen, in the privacy of the Vatican Cardinal Giovanni Battista’s first question to him was, “What name would you like to be known by?” to which he replied “I shall be called Francis I”.

    Moments later, when presented to the world from the Basilica overlooking St. Peter’s Square Pope Francis announced to the world, “You know that the duty of the conclave was to give a bishop to Rome. It seems that my brother cardinals went almost to the end of the world to get him. But here we are.”

    An interesting and significant phrase filled with foreboding in these troubling times, many perceive of apocalyptic worldwide turmoil. Particularly to those lending credence to the prophesies of Irish Saint Malachy, a 12th century Archbishop of Armagh who had a vision when visiting Rome of 112 future popes that the Church would supposedly have from his days onwards.

    Malachy wrote down short emblematic and symbolic descriptions for each which have been fulfilled with uncanny precision to this very day.

    According to that vision, the 111th pope was Benedict XVI, whom he described as “The Glory of the Olive” which makes him the next-to-last pope.

    Malachy could have very well been way off the mark by whole centuries when you consider that some popes like Pius IX in the 19th century reigned for a full 34 years, whilst others like last century’s John Paul I only reigned for 33 short days. And yet, as we enter 2013 – just months after 2012 with its symbolic End-of-Time aura – we suddenly have a new (the last?) pope being chosen.

    A lightning strikes St Peter’s dome at the Vatican on February 11, 2013. Pope Benedict XVI announced today he will resign as leader of the world’s 1.1 billion Catholics on February 28 (AFP Photo / Filippo Monteforte)
    A lightning strikes St Peter’s dome at the Vatican on February 11, 2013. Pope Benedict XVI announced today he will resign as leader of the world’s 1.1 billion Catholics on February 28 (AFP Photo / Filippo Monteforte)
    Many “firsts”

    Even if Francis I is not the last pope, he certainly makes an interesting list of Catholic firsts: the first non-European pope in almost 1500 years; the first Jesuit; the first to choose Francis as his name; the first to succeed an abdicating pope in six centuries.

    Why all the expectation? Because for the 112th pope on Malachy’s List he wrote these ominous words: “In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End.”

    If Malachy’s List continues to hold in its uncanny precision to the very end, then Pope Francis I is the last pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

    On the very same day that Benedict XVI shocked the world with his unprecedented and unexpected resignation, a bolt of lightning struck St. Peter Cathedral’s Dome, an image that went around the world. “The hand of God” many thought, only this time not alluding to an Argentine football player but rather a sign of the times to come for the Vatican: the coming of an Argentinian pope.

    The monsignors are said to take this and other prophecies – notably the Vision of Fatima – quite seriously, which might help to explain why other possible papal candidates who either carried the name Peter or came from Rome were discretely left aside so as not to tempt Destiny.

    Either way, Francis I is as he himself unwittingly said, an “end of the world” pope coming as he does from far off Argentina.

    As Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Bergoglio championed the plight of the poor in a very hands-on manner, which set him at loggerheads with the now ten-year-old, increasingly left-wing Nestor and Cristina Kirchner Regime.

    His criticism of their government got stronger as the years went by, specifically targeting the Kirchner government’s corruption, political mismanagement and hypocrisy.

    Since Msgr. Bergoglio would persistently lash out at the Kirchners during the solemnities of the Te Deum marking the anniversary of Argentina’s 25th May 1810 Revolution in Buenos Aires Cathedral which is traditionally attended by the President, his family and cabinet. Starting in 2005 the Kirchners decided to celebrate this anniversary elsewhere in the country to avoid Msgr. Bergoglio… In fact, President Cristina Kirchner has not met with him in almost three years now.

    Though a moderate in many aspects – especially in his drive for Ecumenical inter-faith relations (he was just invited to visit Israel), and in his embracing of Second Vatican Council reforms – he has, however, systematically opposed same-sex marriage which became legal in Argentina in 2011, and strongly opposes abortion laws that are being promoted by both the left and the “liberal” right.

    Msgr. Bergoglio is an ardent devotee of the Virgin Mary whose protection he invoked in his very first message urbi et orbi. The first place he went to pray as pope was the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin at Santa Maria Maggiore.

    As a sign of the times to come, Francis I is also the first pope in history to choose a name that honors one of Christendom’s most important saints: Saint Francis of Assisi, a 13th century reformer who preached by setting an example for all.

    Although from a wealthy family, he chose to live in poverty and austerity telling his followers that a good Christian’s duty is to “Preach the Gospel always, if necessary use words”; meaning thereby that the best preachers are those setting the best examples, something the Church seems to have increasingly forgotten in modern times.

    Saint Francis founded the Franciscan Order and its female counterpart founded by his spiritual sister St. Claire, both of which made vows of poverty. His preaching got him into trouble with local secular and Church authorities even landing him in jail.

    As today, the Church of St. Francis’s time was very much in need of a major internal clean-up. Francis of Assisi reproached the pope in front of all his cardinals for their excessive attachment to luxury, and their banality and mundane ways. Later, Pope Innocent III would finally approve his predication and approved the founding of the Franciscan Order.

    So, will Pope Francis I do as his spiritual predecessor and wage a veritable war for greater austerity inside the Church, requiring its highest authorities to set the example, both inside and outside the Church?

    Will he really do something about prelates accused of improper sexual conduct, cutting them off fully and completely from the Church, and not just “transferring” them away to some quiet place hoping their immoralities and perversion will just go away, as if by magic?

    Will Francis I also fully and thoroughly clean up the Vatican Bank (Institute of Religious Works) forcing it to cancel shady financial deals, reject usury-based financial income, and putting its monetary wealth to work for the poor?

    Again, will he identify and weed out the truly guilty of such crimes and perversion, severing all Church ties with them?
    In short, will Francis I do something none of his predecessors seems to have had the will to do over the past fifty years, which is not to sweep all this mess under the carpet, but rather cleaning the place up for real?

    That all remains to be seen.

    Hundreds of millions of honest Catholics the world over, including in his native Argentina, certainly hope that he will.
    Others, much closer to him now, who reside inside the Vatican, however, tremble at the thought that he might actually do just that.

    Clearly a grave danger for Pope Francis, when one remembers that another pope – John Paul I – had pledged when chosen that he would clean up the Vatican Bank after its Banco Ambrosiano/Freemasonry scandal. Alas! John Paul I appears as Pope No. 109 in Malachy’s List, carrying the phrase “De Medietate Lunae” (of the Half of the Moon”): when elected in late August 1978, there was a half-moon in the sky and he died at the next half-moon…

    Which Francis?

    But we’re not really sure whether Msgr. Bergoglio chose his papal name only because of the Saint from Assisi. It may have been to honor other Francis’s like St. Francis Javier, or even 16th century St. Francis de Borja both of whom were, like himself, Jesuits.

    The Jesuits – The Society of Jesus – are a 16th Century order founded by Spaniard St. Ignace of Loyola, as a militia to defend the Church against the forces of reformation and other dangers to the faith.

    The Jesuit’s strong-willed militancy got them expelled several times from the American colonies and also from Europe. Even the Church itself suppressed them. They have an autonomous leadership under its Superior General whom many refer to as the “Black Pope” alluding to the Order’s great leverage inside the Church. Jesuits are known for being shrewd and sharp intellectuals with a keen sense for political and social strategy, and a very strong will to promote and drive their goals and objectives.

    Maybe Msgr. Bergoglio is honoring all of these Francis’s. But the one that has caught the Catholic world’s imagination is clearly St Francis of Assisi, in which case much will be expected of Pope Francis. No pope – until now – has ever chosen that name which many perceive as emblematic of a key enemy of certain castes of mischief-makers inside the Vatican.

  • Last week, Gary Bell aka Spaceman on a blowtorch radio station AM740 reported on the History of Jesuit Wars and more recently their takeover of the Vatican and recently the Throne of Peter with Pope Francis, a 4 Oath Jesuit of The Short Robe.

    It was a milestone show in radio truth.

    It is simply awesome what Gary Bell has accomplished…..

    Both Bell and Eric Phelps admirably reveal The Power to destroy humanity that is now in the hands of Four Popes who are four antichrists!

    That’s a lot of firepower to give to only four men who are out to destroy every human on the Planet multiple times over.

    Four Popish persons who wish to further enslave mankind in more darkness and chains.

    The Demons may very well feel its necessary because they are preparing to leave here on Earth to fight in Heaven; HOWEVER THEY cannot leave Mankind to it’s Own devices here on the Earth while they are Away…

    You see demons aka Aliens, dont like nor trust Humans. Because the Demons dont trust mankind enough to leave them lone. In order to leave The Earth they must Reduce Worldwide Key Nations from controlling Themselves.

    These Aliens will use all evil means. Wars, Famines, Plagues. These are The Three Frog Spirits whose destruction is recorded in Scripture in the Lake of Fire,

    Powerful Spirits only once removed from Satan The Devil Serpent.

    While The Demons Leave Earth For Heaven, They Cant Leave Man unencumbered. They dont trust Mankind Enough. They know He is made in the Image of God Unlike Themselves the Demons.

    Therefore They must take control of all The Nations of The World to ensure that they don’t lose Control of the Earth While They are fighting In Heaven.

    So that leaves us with the newest lesson in arithmetic.

    Vatican Arithmetic. Jesuits have Three Black Popes.
    Satan has Three Frog Spirits as Three Witches in Shakespeare.
    All Simpson Cartoons Frog-Eyes and Frog Faces Evidence of DEMON ACTIVITY.

    If 1 Black Pope can mother and nurture 2 World Wars, Then Can You Imagine The Destructive power with 3 Black Popes????? ! ! !

    What do you get when you add up 3 Black Jesuit Popes and 1 White Pope?

    It Equals The 4 Horsemen of Christ’s Revelation.

    3BJP + 1 WP = 4 Horsemen of Revelation.

    Possible Associations of Connections Multi-levelled.

    The Four Horsemen?
    In Baseball terms, they now marching to the Plate?

    Red Horse – War – Adolphus Nicholas Pachon

    White Horse = False Religion = Mother Harlot & Daughters = Ratzinger

    Black Horse = Famine = Mouthpiece of Famine = support of poor = Francis of Borgias= will continue to keep World Poor To Enhance Spain and Rome. Much Opulence while Pointing to the Poor.

    Pale Horse = Plagues=Kolvenbach

    War, Famine, Disease = Nicholas, Borgias, Kolvenbach.

    False Religion = False Prophet = Ratzinger.

    Stay Tuned

    Only two black popes, Kolvenbach SJ and Nicolas SJ exist, then you have their loyal shock trooper, Francis I the white pope. In truth there should only be one Jesuit General and he is currently Adolfo Nicholas SJ. At this moment in time we are currently in what is known as the era of the two generals. Peter Hans Kolvenbach SJ mastering the Middle East (from Lebanon) with Jesuit trained King Juan Carlos of Spain. Adolfo Nicolas SJ mastering the Far East, both key areas of importance now as the World progresses into their Temporal Power aka World government. As you know Jerusalem is the key location for Papal power and this is where the Jesuits (Aragon Templars) will rule the World from within the King Solomon’s Temple III being built by loyal Luciferian, Guiliano de Bernardo the handler of the Da Vinci Code movies (Angels and Demons). East Jerusalem is openly mastered by the Vatican since 1993 and the signing of the Oslo Accords.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    Is he not a pseudo Black Pope not in nme. He is a Jesuit. Under Canon Law does he not as Pope have authority over the Black Pope? So if he is a a Jesuit sitting on the Throne of Peter, is he in effect not another Black Pope so to speak but wearing white?

    No one in the Jesuit Order is higher than the authority of the Superior General, yes the General is also monitored but he is the final authority and all have to obey him and his assistance at the Curia Generalizia based at Borgo Santo Spirito protected by the Spanish CNI. Vaticon Canon Law means nothing when it comes to these Aragon Templars, they have zero loyalty to the Vatican system which they use as a mere front as means to an end, especially after 1773. The Pope has no authority over a Jesuit General in the real scheme of things since 1870 with the Doctrine of Infallibility. We have two black popes and one puppet Jesuit soldier, it is as simple as that except that soldier is now a Pope, but rest assured he can never be of equal to Nicolas and Kolvenbach in the era of the two generals. It would be interesting now to monitor the relationship of this Jesuit Pope with the Propaganda Fide which seems to have a closeness to Spain, notice its headquarters is right now to Piazza di Spagna. This Pope was not even a member of the assistance to the Superior General and therefore a major puppet in the scheme of things.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    • Why Kolvenbach was elected? Becouse Wojtyla wanted to control the Jesuit Order… he named his own Superior General of the Jesuits! That is why he was shooted and poisoned with blood. That is also why Roosevelt was shooted. After Kolvenbach believed was finishing his war against the satelites of the P-2 in the arab world, namely: Syria, Lybia, Iran, Irak, Afghanistan… another Black Pope was needed to create the New World Order… but was exactly during that time when the P-2 strated his new offensive from South America… the we saw the attack against Khadafy and Berlusconi (important members of the P-2)… bY the way, ¿do you rememeber how Vivaldi-Pasqua hide from us that information? that Khadafy was a P-2 member? what about that the sus srcofa is an symbol of the Gran Orient? what about that the Vivaldi-Pasqua was important generals of Garibaldi and Mazzini?

  • 23 March 2013 Last updated at 14:47

    Pope Francis visit Benedict XVI at Castel Gandolfo

    Newly elected Pope Francis has met his predecessor for lunch, the first time such a meeting has been possible for more than 600 years.

    Pope Francis was flown by helicopter to Castel Gandolfo for the private lunch with Pope Emeritus Benedict.

    Benedict has lived at the lakeside castle south of Rome since last month, when he became the first pope in six centuries to resign, citing ill health.

    Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio was elected to succeed him on 13 March.
    No known precedent

    There was no official communique on the results of the Pope’s brief lunchtime visit to Castel Gandolfo, says the BBC’s David Willey in Rome.

    On the agenda, some delicate handover details, including a top secret document prepared by the former pope on last year’s scandal involving leaked documents, our correspondent adds.

    The new head of the Catholic Church is usually elected after the death of his predecessor, and there is no public record of any previous meeting between an incumbent pope and a former pope.

    In 1294, former hermit Celestine V resigned after five months as pope. Boniface VIII was elected days later, and had his predecessor imprisoned. Celestine was dead within a year.

    In contrast, Pope Francis has spoken warmly of his predecessor.

    One of his first acts as Pope was to call Benedict at Castel Gandolfo, where the former pontiff had been following proceedings on television.

    The pope emeritus is expected to stay on at the papal summer residence until new accommodation being prepared for him inside the walls of Vatican City is ready at the end of April.

    For his part, Pope Francis will begin the Church’s most important liturgical season on Sunday with a Palm Sunday Mass in St Peter’s Square.

    He will then lead six more liturgies during the week, culminating with the Easter Sunday Mass and Urbi et Orbi blessing.
    New style

    The new Pope chose the name Francis in honour of St Francis of Assisi – the 13th Century Italian saint who spurned a life of luxury to work with the poor.

    He has called for the Roman Catholic Church to be closer to ordinary people, especially the poor and disadvantaged.

    And, only 10 days into his pontificate, he has made some subtle but significant changes in the lifestyle of the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, says our correspondent.

    He dresses very simply, preferring to wear plain black shoes under a simple white habit rather than the red leather loafers and ermine-trimmed cape worn by his predecessor.

    The first Latin American Pope spurned a special car to take a bus with his cardinals after he was elected, and insisted on returning to his Rome hotel the next day to pay his own bill.

    And Pope Francis places himself on the same level as his guests, rather than greeting them from a throne on an elevated platform, which is seen as a powerful gesture after centuries of Vatican pomp.

    The former archbishop of Buenos Aires has also started inviting guests to his early morning Mass – including Vatican gardeners, street sweepers, kitchen staff and maids working at the hotel where he is currently staying.

  • MetalHeadViking

    Now Webster Griffin Tarpley has actually come out of the closet as a jesuit coadjutor! It is amazing! I knew it all along! But now it is for real! You have got to see this UHM!

  • Bergoglio was chosed becouse he was the only jesuit cardinal, and even more: is an argentinian. Why? Becouse the Jesuits are in total war against the Propaganda Due since the 2001.

  • As the Hashashins fought against the Templars, as the Schismatics Freemasons fight against the Jesuits. May i must remind you the Prophecies contained in the Book of Daniel? Seek wisdom in the war against the King of the North against the King of the South. The P-2 (P-3, P-4, et cetera), are the evolution of the Propaganda Uno of the Grand Orient of Italy, which is the evolution of the Giovine Italia and the Giovine Europa of Giuseppe Mazzini and Garibaldi, which are the evolution of the Carbonarios. All of these always waged war against the Company wrongly called ‘of Jesus’. Now, the forces of Il Burattinaio Gelli have the Argentine as his best castle, and the Jesuits needed his best men for that task: Jorge Mario Bergoglio S.J.

  • Mr_Alex

    Will this pope supervise the invasion of the US,NZ and Aus?

    • You need not worry about this white Pope and instead you should focus on Adolfo Nicolas SJ the Jesuit General. Why? He’s the master over the Chinese plan just as Peter Hans Kolvenbach SJ is the master over the Middle East plan. China will take over both New Zealand and Australia, study the energy connection with China already. The U.S. will be controlled by Russia. All this will be prior to the open United Nations rule.

      -= The Unhived Mind

  • Pope Francis shuns papal apartment for Vatican guesthouse

    By Nick Squires, Rome correspondent
    3:39PM GMT 27 Mar 2013

    Instead of moving into the lavish apartment in the Apostolic Palace that his predecessor called home, the Argentine Pontiff will remain in the Vatican residence in which he has been staying since being elected.

    In doing so, he has broken with more than a century of Vatican tradition. The apartment, which looks out on to St Peter’s Square and consists of a dozen rooms and living quarters for staff, was first used by Pius X in 1903.

    It is the latest example of the Roman Catholic Church’s first Jesuit Pope tearing up the rule book and rejecting the pomp and ceremony associated with the Seat of St Peter.

    On first seeing the Apostolic Palace apartments, shortly after being elected, the Pope is said to have remarked to Vatican aides: “You could fit 300 people in here!”

    When he was the archbishop of Buenos Aires, he rejected the option of living in a sumptuous official residence, instead opting for a modest flat and travelling to work by bus. It is not known how long he will remain in the Casa Santa Marta, a Vatican “hotel” in the shadow of St Peter’s Basilica, or when he might move into the papal apartments, if at all.

    The Pope is said to enjoy the company he finds in the 120-room residence, which has a small chapel where he celebrates Mass at 7am each day.

    It provided accommodation for him and the 114 fellow cardinals who elected him in a secret conclave in the Sistine Chapel. Most have now left, to be replaced by about 40 priests, bishops and other Vatican guests.

    Fr Federico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesman, said the Pope would live in the residence “until further notice”, adding: “I can’t make long-term predictions, but for now it seems he is experimenting with this type of simple living. It is still a period of getting used to things. Certainly in this phase he has expressed the desire to stay where he is.”

    Underlining his new, informal style, the Pope is said to sit down to meals wherever he can find a space in the residence’s dining room, rather than insisting on a reserved spot or preferential treatment.

    During the conclave the then Jorge Bergoglio stayed in a simple room in Casa Santa Marta. After his election he moved into the largest suite, room 201, which has a study and salon in which he can receive guests and Vatican officials.

    During his weekly Wednesday address, the Pope called for an end to bloodshed in the Central African Republic, three days after its president was forced to flee into exile by a coup.

    “I am following the situation in the Central African Republic with great attention,” the Pope said in his first reference to a specific conflict since his inauguration last week. “I appeal for an immediate stop to violence and pillaging, and for a political solution to the crisis to be found as soon as possible to bring peace.”

    The Pope is set to conduct a Maundy Thursday service on Thursday. The service is usually held at St Peter’s Basilica or in the Church of St John in Lateran – but last week the Pontiff announced that he would hold it at a prison for young offenders on the outskirts of Rome, where he is expected to wash and kiss the feet of 12 inmates.

  • A New Pope and “The Most Corrupt Vatican Since the Borgias”

    Mar 13, 2013

    Matthew Fox (former Catholic priest) discusses the Vatican’s work with the CIA and it’s alliance with far right political forces and Pope Francis’ opposition to liberation theology in Latin America.


    In the name of the Society of Jesus, I give thanks to God for the election of our new Pope, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, S.J., which opens for the Church a path full of hope.

    All of us Jesuits accompany with our prayers our brother and we thank him for his generosity in accepting the responsibility of guiding the Church at this crucial time. The name of “Francis” by which we shall now know him evokes for us the Holy Father’s evangelical spirit of closeness to the poor, his identification with simple people, and his commitment to the renewal of the Church. From the very first moment in which he appeared before the people of God, he gave visible witness to his simplicity, his humility, his pastoral experience and his spiritual depth.

    “The distinguishing mark of our Society is that it is . . . a companionship . . . bound to the Roman Pontiff by a special bond of love and service.” (Complementary Norms, No. 2, § 2) Thus, we share the joy of the whole Church, and at the same time, wish to express our renewed availability to be sent into the vineyard of the Lord, according to the spirit of our special vow of obedience, that so distinctively unites us with the Holy Father (General Congregation 35, Decree 1, No. 17).

    P. Adolfo Nicolás S.J.
    Superior General
    Rome, 14 March 2013

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