Julian Assange to Answer Questions from Swedish Authorities in London

Julian Assange to Answer Questions from Swedish Authorities in London © AP Photo

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Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa announced on Wednesday that his country’s embassy in London will have Julian Assange answer questions from Swedish authorities about allegations of rape and assault brought against him.

According to US standards, Assange’s charges are not considered rape. The current charges involve the publisher failing to use a condom during sex.

The questioning will take place within the next few days, and will be mediated by Ecuadorian authorities. The alleged rapes of two women were said to have taken place in Sweden, prior to him taking refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy — where he has remained for over 1800 days.

Assange has stated numerous times that he went into hiding over suspicions that Sweden intended to extradite him to the United States, where he is wanted because his website, Wikileaks, published classified documents.

Assange and supporters, including the Women Against Rape organization, have long maintained that the charges against him are false and a ruse to get him into the hands of the US government.

“We oppose the use of rape for political agendas which undermine protection and justice for both rape victim and accused. We are appalled that rape allegations may be manipulated to facilitate Mr Assange’s extradition or even rendition to the US where elected officials have called for his execution for his Wikileaks activities. How can anyone ignore this threat? WAR cannot. We oppose the death penalty for any crime, let alone when no charges have been brought,” Women Against Rape wrote on their website in 2011. The organization has an entire section of their website dedicated to what they assert is the political persecution of Assange.

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