Just as I said, now admitted by MSM: Zika does not cause brain damage

Just as I said, now admitted by MSM: Zika does not cause brain damage

Jim Stone
Oct 27th 2016

Remember, from day one this web site published the fact that the microcephaly cases were in fact caused by a new Tdap shot given to pregnant women in Brazil, starting in the May before the November the deformed babies started being born.

This web site then got in touch with a well connected Mexican doctor who had communications with the doctors in Brazil, who were already suspecting it was the vaccines and then finalized an investigation in Brazil that pegged it on the new vaccines.

The shots were accepted by several other Latin American countries, resulting in “zika” babies there. Now the genie is totally out of the bottle so badly that the Washington Post had to admit it. REMEMBER: READERS OF THIS WEB SITE HEARD IT HERE FIRST, ALMOST A FULL YEAR BEFORE THE WASHINGTON POST WAS FORCED TO ADMIT THE TRUTH and then, the Washington Post only admitted to it partially They will never point the finger at a vaccine. This web site is often far ahead. One thing is certain – I make a real effort to get to the bottom of things quickly and post the truth on a very fast time line. I’m claiming credit for this one, I published the truth about Zika first BY FAR.

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  • uhm

    Flashback February 19, 2016:

    If you want to prevent Mosquito issues then a dosage of Staphisagria 6c every four hours should be sufficient but if not then 30c may be needed but with less frequency. Mosquitos and other pests cannot stand the Staphisagria plant and its proven to work in homoeopathic form in about nine out of ten people and the same with animals.

    There’s absolutely no need to worry about the Zika virus, it’s a sixty year old or more virus with is fairly harmless. You’ll also struggle to find even a connection between Zika and Guillain-Barre syndrome. This Zika campaign is a over-hyped psychological operation which is just being trumped up to aid the following:

    * Population reduction quotas desired by the Club of Rome. Reductions aided by chemical warfare in the guise of pest control aerosol vectoring. Vaccines loaded with the typical poisons as well as nano bacteriophages and DNA CRISPR technologies. Lets not forget the abortion and contraception changes. Worldwide population controls in the form of a Novataris or Merck Zika vaccine using the Olympics as the illusion for the so-called spread of Zika on a wider scale.

    * Economic warfare on Brazil the ‘B’ of the BRICS New Development Bank competition to the insolvent and collapsing Trans-Atlantic monetary system. Prince Philip is trying his hardest to attempt to remove the B from the BRICS in a similar fashion to how he’s hindered Argentina by installing Macri over Kirchner. There’s even a possibility of the Olympics going back to London rather than Brazil but if that don’t work then the vaccines will be pushed worldwide and thus a win-win either way.

    * We could even witness further coup d’etats as Western forces take over nations like Venezuela utilizing WHO health powers like what both the U.S and Britain achieved in areas of Africa under the guise of the Ebola virus (most of which was achieved by poisoning water supplies with formaldehyde and using bad diagnosing equipment).

    The United States has around twenty-five thousand cases of brain microencephaly per year but did you know that? How about there supposedly being just six cases of brain microencephaly associated with Zika virus and that was from a total of four-thousand cases! I personally believe the Tdap vaccine for pregnant women is the problem even more than this pyriproxyfen insecticide but Brazil is riddled with many unregulated dangerous pesticides. Pregnant women should never be vaccinated regardless of what genocidal aiding maniacs claim these days.

    One thing’s for sure and that’s the fact that Zika has nothing to do with the deformities.

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