Kiev jet flying near MH17 flight before crash: Russia


A live webcast press conference of Chief OPERA Russian Defense Ministry Andrei Kartapolova and Air Force Chief of Staff Igor Makusheva about crash Boeing-777 airliner.


Russian satellites and

American satellites recorded

the truth

America is being forced to backtrack on accusations that Russia downed flight MH17 after Russia produced proof that (as this web site reported on day one,) Ukranian fighter jets were accompanying flight MH17. Now an AP reporter has also stepped forward, saying that all along, from day one, he was shown proof that American satellites also tracked the shoot down, and that America knew Ukraine downed the plane as well.

On day one this web site clearly stated this shoot down was done in Ukraine BY UKRAINE when the real MH17 is never supposed to get within 200 KM of where this plane was shot down. This shoot down was done 200KM East of MH17´s established flight path because the outcome of the investigation could be controlled in that region and falsified to forever hide that beyond a reasonable doubt the plane was in fact flight 370. A real investigation would look at serial numbers on parts which would identify the plane they came from, and would not be limited to photos of a paint job and even those photos are totally messed up when all sources of them are put together in the same bin.

Kiev jet flying near MH17 flight

before crash: Russia

Mon Jul 21, 2014 9:31PM GMT

Russia says its records show a Ukrainian fighter jet was flying near Malaysia Airlines MH17 passenger plane before it was shot down.

According to a statement issued by Lieutenant-General Andrei Kartopolov at a press conference on Monday, the passenger plane had deviated north of its planned route and that a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet, which is usually armed with air-to-air missiles, had been recorded in the proximity of the Boeing 777.

“An altitude gain was recorded for a Ukrainian armed forces plane,” the senior Russian officer said at the press conference. “Its distance from the Malaysian Boeing was three to five kilometers (two to three miles),” he said, noting that the SU-25 is capable of reaching an altitude of 10,000 meters “for a brief time.”

“With what aim was a military plane flying along a civilian aviation route practically at the same time and at the same flight level as a passenger liner?” said Kartopolov. “We would like to receive an answer to this question.”

He also refuted allegations that Russia had provided pro-Russia protesters with BUK missile launchers.

On July 17, Malaysian Airline Flight MH17 was reportedly shot down over Ukraine’s volatile Donetsk region, while travelling to Kuala Lumpur from the Dutch capital Amsterdam. All 298 people on board died.

Ukraine and pro-Russia forces accuse each other of firing a surface-to-air missile at the passenger plane.

Ukraine launched military operations in the eastern regions of Donetsk and Lugansk in mid-April to crush the pro-Russia protests there. Violence intensified in May after the two flashpoint regions held local referendums, in which their residents voted overwhelmingly in favor of independence from Ukraine.

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  • theunhivedmind

    It looks like Gordon Duff and Robert Parry may be trying to muddy the waters to put people off looking into the Ukrainian SU25 fighter jet missile lock-on attack.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    White House ‘leak’: Ukraine did it

    Mon Jul 21, 2014 3:13PM GMT
    By Gordon Duff

    In an article today by Robert Parry in Consortium News, an intelligence source we know to be a ranking White House official told Parry the US is sitting on satellite imagery depicting Ukrainian forces shooting down MH17.

    “What I’ve been told by one source, who has provided accurate information on similar matters in the past, is that U.S. intelligence agencies do have detailed satellite images of the likely missile battery that launched the fateful missile, but the battery appears to have been under the control of Ukrainian government troops dressed in what look like Ukrainian uniforms.

    The source said CIA analysts were still not ruling out the possibility that the troops were actually eastern Ukrainian rebels in similar uniforms but the initial assessment was that the troops were Ukrainian soldiers. There also was the suggestion that the soldiers involved were undisciplined and possibly drunk, since the imagery showed what looked like beer bottles scattered around the site, the source said.”

    Kerry Accusation a Hoax

    A careful read of the Washington Post statement that has been widely misquoted regarding the source of the missile said to be used is a telling sign of how far controlled media will go. Nowhere in the Post article does Kerry make statements about the source a missile. Instead, the post quotes, as they nearly always do now, an “unnamed source” that makes the outlandish statement and then attributes other statements to Secretary Kerry hoping to confuse readers and unwary journalists.

    Post writer, Michael Birnbaum, has often been tied to AIPAC/ADL generated propaganda and hoax stories including several about Syria, imaginary US imposed “no fly zones” and reports of massive US troop deployment in Jordan, 20,000 troops and more.

    Dozens of journalists around the world were “burned” by these stories, all of which were structured to seem to attribute to real sources but, upon careful read, were without foundation. Similarly, the Huffington Post, Daily Beast, Newsweek, New York Times and Wall Street Journal do exactly the same thing, operating; it would seem to a trained observer, off “talking points.”

    Parry’s “White Hat”

    Robert Parry has strong backing in Washington and has broken many quality stories in the past. This one may be “spiritually true” but may well reflect something else. You see, when a story can’t be told, say if it incriminates NATO or Israel along with the post-coup Kiev ultra-nationalist junta, a plausible story that deflects the dangerous psychological warfare campaign afoot is created.

    Were one to comply with the tenets of counter-psyop procedures, the Parry story, even if a bomb were planted on the plane, something evidence on the ground supports, would serve White House goals, particularly during a time when focus on a Gaza truce and nuclear agreement with Iran are the real agenda items and MH17 is “something else.”

    By “something else,” MH17, a planned demolition, bomb or missile, this required planning, centralized command and control and, as we have seen inexorably, control of the Kiev air control system and access to their radars.

    Case for a Bomb

    In 2009, Umar Mutallab, a mentally defective young African student whose banking family has close CIA/Mossad ties, was arrested in Detroit.

    He had a bomb in his underwear. Mutallab was sitting in a VIP First Class seat on a plane that took off from Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, where ill-fated MH17 took off also. Mutallab arrived from Lagos without a passport or visa or even ticket. He was escorted through Schipol, around border control by former Mossad agents working for ICTS, the Israeli company that runs security at that and many other airports.

    He was then put on a plane for the US, walked around more security, no ticket, no passport, no visa, no luggage, unwashed, incoherent and put in a $20,000 seat by “a man in a suit.” Detroit attorney Kurt Haskell and his wife saw it all and went to the authorities. This is their statement, made just prior to the trial of Mutallab in Detroit:

    “With jury selection set to begin in the Underwear Bomber Trial set to begin tomorrow, I’ve spent the evening reminiscing about Christmas Day 2009 and the 21 months since. The Underwear Bomber attack has fundamentally changed my life. Not in the way most would think, but it has destroyed any faith I’ve had in the U.S. Government, the media and this country as a whole. To say that I believe the government is corrupt and the media is complicit doesn’t fully explain my beliefs. Not only have I come to those conclusions, but I’ve witnessed that an ordinary person who sees something important can be silenced despite his efforts to spread the truth. Such is the Underwear Bomber case. I can do nothing but laugh at the TSA’s new policy of ‘If you see something say something.’ That is exactly what I did, and not only did the US Government not want to hear what I had to say, but it actively lied about it, attempted to get me to change my story, and hid, by withholding (secret government) evidence or putting a protective order on the evidence and nearly everything that would support my eyewitness account.”

    What we can prove, beyond doubt, is that security at Schipol Airport places bombs on planes. Moreover, what is not seen, certainly not on satellite which could show this very clearly, is how widespread the wreckage is from MH17.

    Everyone has seen photos of huge sections of the plane, pristine and uncharred. There is never context for where these are but simply photos showing them “un-adjacent” to the crash scene, as though they had floated down from 33,000 feet as a result of a large internal explosion.

    This is not how a BUK system works. A BUK tracks a radio signal put out by an aircraft engine. Every jet engine is a type of radio transmitter and missiles are attuned to these frequencies. They fly near the engine where a proximity fuse detects the plane. The missile explodes sending 70 pounds in this case, of steel ball bearings into the engine, fuel lines and hydraulic controls. This engine will stop, a fire will erupt and the plane will lose control and fall to earth in one piece.

    In most cases, the tail section breaks off at impact and suffers less damage but is found close by. In the case of the plane that is said to have hit the Pentagon on 9/11, there was no tail section or wings or luggage or passengers, in fact no wreckage at all, not until the second day at least but that’s another story. I mention it here because the real story here is lying. This is all about lying and nothing about terrorism.


    Did the Obama White House put this story out to “cool off” the psyop long traced to Israel, and AIPAC/ADL? If a bomb were believed to be the culprit, something we have confirmed through real sources, would such a story, leaked through Parry, as respected journalist, be the only possible way of restoring sanity and bringing at least some of the guilty to justice?

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