Knight of Malta James M. Moroney, Jr., Co-conspirator in Kennedy Assassination

Posted by EJP on Feb 2nd, 2012

Here is another Knight of Malta to add to the list of co-conspirators in the murder of President John F. Kennedy. Though a Knight of Columbus and the Roman Catholic son of Knight of Malta Joe Kennedy, Jack became disobedient in opposing Cardinal Spellman’s Vietnam war (“Spelly’s War”). Threatening to break the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind,” while planning the invasion of Cuba given to Jesuit Coadjutor Fidel Castro by Knight of Malta CIA director Allen Dulles after the failed Bay of Pigs fiasco, Kennedy had to go.

Jesuit Superior General Jean Baptiste Janssens gave the order for “heretic” Kennedy’s “extirpation.” Controlling the American Hierarchy, the Jesuits at Fordham University in the Bronx aided Archbishop of New York City Francis Cardinal Spellman (“The American Pope”) in the Jesuit General’s CIA design to kill Kennedy in Dallas. Spellman contacted his Bishop of Dallas-Fort Worth who at the time was Thomas Kiely Gorman, the leading Knight of Malta in the region. In planning a successful cover-up after the murder, the Dallas Morning News was to be censored. No word of limo driver William Greer (who stated to Jackie in Parkland Hospital that “I had to do it” according to Dr. Guy Abraham) being the real shooter of Kennedy; no word of the storm drain shooter was to be uttered; no word of multiple gunshots could be reported. The testimony of many witnesses must, in the end, be neutralized by the press in Dallas.

Hence, Gorman called upon one of his most faithful Irish-American Roman Catholic Knights. That man was James M. Moroney, Jr., vice president of the Dallas Morning News. The cover-up, including the murder of Jack Ruby, was successful for which Moroney was catapulted to riches and fame becoming a mover and shaker of Belo Corporation, one of the American Empire’s largest publicly traded publishing and broadcasting companies. Moroney, like Fox News mogul Rupert Murdoch, was a Knight of Malta as well as a Knight of the Equestrian Order.

These, dear reader, are the men of power, the great merchants of the earth, the inner circle of the pope’s International White Power Structure. If we White men are to take the lead in resisting these exceeding sinners before the Lord, resisting by at least telling the truth, we will need the protection of the Most High God Jehovah of Hosts through the Person of his beloved Son, murdered and risen from the dead, the Lord Jesus Christ. To obtain this protection, we must individually repent of our sins, believe the gospel of Christ unto salvation (I Corinthians 15:1-4). Then, in pleasing the Lord through obedience to his Holy Word, the AV1611 Reformation English Bible, the LORD will intervene for us in answer to our fervent and effectual prayers in Jesus’ name.

Time is short and we have much work to do, dear brethren!

Brother Simon, thank for your post below!


The vice president of the Dallas Morning News at the time of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was James M. Moroney, Jr. – a devout Roman Catholic, a Knight of Malta, the founder and director of a Jesuit school (Cistercian Preparatory School), the president of Catholic Charities, he is a director of the Catholic Foundation, the director of Montserrat Retreat House (Roman Catholic), and a director of the National Conference of Catholic Charities. He was also a Knight of Malta and a Knight of the Holy Sepulcher.

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Moroney is clearly an agent of Vatican. He was in a key position (vice president) at the Dallas Morning News at the time of the assassination.

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