Knights of Malta control over the Panama Canal

Poppy Bush is a most important member of the Pilgrim Society and he is probably the MOST important member of MJ-12 at this time too.Poppy Bush also is the head of PILGRIM INVESTMENTS and that(Poppy that is) is the majority stockholder of Hutchinson-Whampoa which is always identified as being controlled by Li Ka Shing…the top Chinese Illuminati bloodline.As you must know..Hutchinson-Whampoa controls the Panama Canal and is very closely linked to the 100% PLA controlled COSCO which took over the largest container port on the North American west coast..Long Beach.You can Google COSCO to see ALL the western hemisphere ports that have COSCO facilities or total control in those ports.It’s now come out that Murdoch is trying to wrest control of DOW JONES(it publishes the Wall St Journal)and yesterday…the chairman of DOW resigned in protest.You need to get a copy of Fritz Springmeiers’ book,”Bloodlines of the Illuminati”…it is a MUST HAVE book.If you can’t find a copy,I can help you do that with a good friend of mine in Denver who owns METAPHYSICAL BOOKS…let me know.Patty Springmeier,the “wife” of Fritz(she was instrumental in setting up Fritz for arrest on 100% bogus charges)lives in Denver and is the ONLY source for the book.BTW…the QWEST COMMUNICATIONS/GLOBAL CROSSINGS scam was headquartered in Denver and it(Global Crossings–hdqtrd in Bermuda)was picked up by Hutchinson-Whampoa (Poppy Bush)for cents on the dollar…….




I’m aware UHM and thanks for pointing that out. I only wished to make note of how Tim White is on the right track when he says George Senior is a member of the Order Of The Garter. The only way Bush will be seen in said uniform is if someone catches him in England.


YUP…true about Patty Springmeier…it was me who made the arrangements
for Eric Phelps to trade with Patty even/even for his VAIII to Patty for
a copy of BLOODLINES to Eric from Patty…you can email Pam Schuffert to
get more about Pattys’ role in this…I heard this right after Fritz’
arrest and Pam VERIFIES this…my friend Paula Roosa,who owns
METAPHYSICAL BOOKS in Denver,is friends with this is the
connection…my family is not much better…ZERO help from
them,especially my younger sister….send Pam your website URL so she can
see how much “THEY” are trying to shut you and I up.



My friend most people are aware the Order of Malta Papal Knight George H.W Bush is a very big player indeed especially within the United States and Americas region. He is about as powerful as a normal puppet person can be under the Roman Empire of King Juan Carlos. Now remember on how he had his backside kicked by the Order of Malta just before the start of Operation Desert Storm. He was not pulling his weight and getting the war footing going. The Order of Malta through their Royal Institute of International Affairs sent Le Cercle’s, Margaret Thatcher over to the Aspen Institute in Aspen, Colorado to kick his backside into check. He flew immediately to see Margaret Thatcher and then the war drums suddenly started to beat. You can be who you like, but if you start playing up or getting too big for your boots against the Order of Malta then you will be destroyed like U.S. President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

-= The Unhived Mind


This visit by the BLACK POPE was at the time of my doing woodwork repair/painting work in the St Ignatius Loyola Catholic Church in Denver.This temporary job was lined up for me by a woodworker friend of mine,Wayne Hoffmann,who I had known for a number of years.This church is located on the N/W corner of 23rd Ave and York St in northeast Denver.The rectory of the monsignor,”Father” Tom Jost,is located on the west side of the church,the rear of the church..a red brick home at 2311 GAYlord St and 3 houses down,at 2329 GAYlord St,is the home of Wellington Webb..the mayor of Denver at the time of my work there.Webb is a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason and is Black,and was the elected mayor after Federico Pena who went on to become the disastrous Secretary of Transportation in the Clinton Admin.Webb was the Denver comptroller/auditor at the time of the building of Denver International Airport and was in the perfect position to coverup the VAST FRAUDS that were in existence when DIA was built…BECHTEL was the overall lead construction firm involved.Webb was mayor for 12 years and then was being tapped to be the national chairman of the Democratic Party…he turned that down but Webb is VERY MUCH an influential behind the scenes player.I was doing my work directly for “Father” Tom Jost and he can be seen on PG 5 in this PDF file…in the photo titled.”Kolvenbach blesses portrait of Pedro Arrupe”…..he is standing in the background,in fron of the altar,wearing glasses and his hands are clasped,next to the standing crucifix..The very carpet that Kolvenbach is standing on..I helped the carpet installers carry in..the church was being renovated for the specific purpose of the BLACK POPEs’ visit.I had a good relationship with “Father” Tom but I think he and others got wise to my making MANY phone calls from within this church as I was constantly being cutoff in midword….I was not there for this “mass”…I most likely would have been “disappeared” had I been…I can add lots more to this but this gives enough idea to the reader…READ EVERY word in this 22 pages of PDF…very revealing to say the least.


Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF),Concerned Citizen

ps…I highlighted the street name “Gaylord” to show what a SICK BLASPHEMY of the Lords’ Name this is to locate this church where it is……NOT an “accident” by any stretch of the imagination


mistyeye: interesting pov. I enjoyed the movie. AVBibleBeliever do you know anything about the Revelation’s mention of ” ABADDON and APOLLOYON? .
How many boneheads are there in the world anyway?

I know both Abaddon is Hebrew and Apollyon is Greek for the same word “destroyer.” This is interesting when you consider the fact that the Nazi NASA Apollo program was named after the Roman god Apollo or Apollyon the king of the bottomless pit in Revelation 9: 1, 2, and 11. Here is another interesting fact, the named Judas Iscariot is Greek and Hebrew. Judas is a Greek transliteration of the Hebrew Yehudah and Iscariot is Hebrew for “man from Kerioth.” In Acts 1:25 we are never told that Judas went to hell, but rather to his own place (the bottomless pit).

Yashushua Ha Mashiach aka Jesus Christ referred to Judas Iscariot as a devil (John 6:70) the son of perdition (John 17:12, 2 Thessalonians 2:3, Revelation 17:8) and He even said it would have been better for Judas if he had not been born (Matt. 26:24). Judas Iscariot was possessed and incarnated by Satan just as the beast of Rev. 13. Judas betrayed Jesus Christ just as the Antichrist will betray Jesus’ brethren the Jewish people 3 1/2 years into the Seventieth Week of Daniel after which he will attempt to completely destroy them. This is also referred to as the time of Jacob’s (Israel’s) trouble or the great tribulation mentioned by Christ in Matthew 24:29. In A.W. Pink’s book “The Antichrist” he concludes that the Antichrist will be a reincarnation of Judas Iscariot and when you compare the Scriptures it is the only logical conclusion.

“The Gospel of Judas” (very interesting article) I was suspicious when I heard about this in the corporate fascist media because the Jesuits defend it which is no surprise because the high-level Jesuits are the quintessential moral relativists and Gnostics.

Some food for thought for us to consider and I hope you find it helpful. Please keep the questions coming if you have more (I’m sure you do or wouldn’t have joined this board) and I will do my best to answer them primarily from the Bible and secondary sources I have from college and the Internet. What I just told is hardly if ever preached and I recommend an excellent book on the Antichrist entitled “The Mark of the Beast” by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman. His 1960 work is the best ever written by a man in the 20th century and I argue the best ever as it has never been matched! I think it improves upon Arthur W. Pink’s 1923 work “The Antichrist” arguably the best exposition on the Antichrist of the early 20th century.

As for your second question, if you want to literal about it, we are all boneheads since we all have skulls lol, but I think I understand where you are coming from. The majority is ignorant of what we are talking about here on the forum. I see you are a newbie. Welcome mistyeye and I guarantee you will be in the know as you avail yourself of this information, educate your mind and come to your own conclusions. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help in this ongoing process. I consider it a privilege to assist you and it keeps my mind sharp;)



    May I remind you that Knight of Malta George H.W. Bush the thirty-four year long leader of the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst was never a member of the Order of the Garter. George H.W Bush is a member of the Order of the Bath and he’s controlled within this Order by Great Master, Prince Charles the Prince of Wales. The same Great Master who controlled the chief designer of the 9/11 air operation. This was of course Royal Institute of International Affairs director Baron Timothy Garden the veteran Grandmaster of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators and husband of the once Worshipful Master of The Worshipful Company of World Traders called Susan Garden. Interesting that Jacque Chirac made Timothy Baron a Chevalier just after 9/11 considering the attempt on Chirac’s life with Concorde 4590 in July of 2000 by the Defense industrial Security Command. One of the reasons that DGSE was there like Israeli MOSSAD was to film the event. The Naudet brothers using the nearby Amec PLC fitted studio at the City University of New York.

    -= The Unhived Mind

  • Lou Cifer

    Excellent info! I didn’t realise Timothy Garden was director of the RIIA as well? It ain’t half a small room at the top isn’t it?

    • Yes he was a Director of the Royal Institute of International Affairs back in 1998. Reminds me of Stuart Popham the current head of TheCityUK which controls the financial World under The Worshipful Company of Mercers.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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