Labour Party rebellion wants a EU referendum

UK Labour leader faces party rebellion

Sun, 02 Jun 2013 16:54:43 GMT

British Labour leader Ed Miliband has come under pressure form his own party MPs to offer a referendum on Britain’s membership with the European Union (EU).

Miliband’s leadership of the party is becoming fragile as a group of some 20 Labour backbenchers have signed up to a campaign called “Labour for a Referendum”, which is planned to be launched this week.

The Labour MPs are calling on Miliband to do a U-turn on his refusal to offer the British people an in/out vote on the UK’s relationship with the 27-nation bloc.

The Labour for a Referendum campaign is being bankrolled by Labour’s largest donor John Mills, who recently criticized Miliband for not having a “clear idea” of how to stimulate the country’s economic growth and reduce the UK’s budget deficit.

“People can change their minds, circumstances can change. I think there is going to be quite a compelling argument for Labour strategists as we get into the next election,” Mills said.

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