Lady Gaga highlights herself as an Illuminati puppet in her new pop video [Video]

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    Here folks you will first see Lady Gaga taking the piss out of the New-Age Movement. What she fails to tell you is that this New-Age Movement stems from Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Teilhard De Chardin SJ. This movement was aided by the 9/11 attacks (Royal Canadian Air Force, NATO, GAPAN, The Honourable Company of Master Mariners, UKMOD, Bombardier Master Trust and the Senior Executive Service) when the programmed sleepers came forth to prepare the more intelligent people for their Aeon of Horus. This was achieved through the conspiracy arena so-called the alternative media which was set up by Jesuit soldier, Frederick Copleston SJ.

    Early on once you realize there is a conspiracy, these sleeper agents of deception then lead you as quick as they can into the New-Age Movement. Why? In preparation for the acceptance of the Luciferian Doctrine and the further destruction of true-Christianity (not Catholicism). The talk in the New-Age Movement is mixed with real conspiracy information to aid the future attempted discouraging of the subject and further real research of the conspiracy. This is why you have David Icke out there to actually aid the gate-keepering of many mass peoples into this arena. Those who do enter the arena will be guided by these pied pipers and kept away from the real power players. This is why you will see the same agents of deception pushed everywhere including the establishments television which should highlight who they really work for.

    Make note of Gaga’s occult symbolic actions at 1:24 as she covers her eye of Isis. This eye is removed from Satanic Ritual Abuse victims and filled with candle wax. This shows you had too much knowledge and had to be put in the dark once again. To rub salt in the wounds they put the candle wax in the open eye socket which is symbolic of a phallic generative force and generative principle (union) but also the Candle originally had the fire of Nimrod or light now its extinguished and expired. Lady Gaga then throws the Beast six, six and six symbolism on the eye of Horus the Sun eye. Next comes the equilateral triangle capstone of the Beast representing himself and his three angelic protectors. A symbol of the Order of the Bavarian Illuminati and ancient symbol which is being used today on the Federal Reserve Notes by The Worshipful Company of Mercers. The same powerful merchants where the Enochian magick occult came about by Mercer, Sir John Dee the creator of British Intelligence.

    You will notice from three minutes in there is a scene of asteroid destruction on Earth and then a clip of an alien with a ufo. How fitting is this when the plan is to first scare the World with an asteroid threat then the next stage which will be a hoax alien presence. This has always been the plan and even Nazi, Wernher von Braun exposed this many years ago. Watch over time as it happens as planned and in the mean time watch the predictive programming setting your mind up for it all to go smoothly.

    Lady Gaga is a product of the Stanford Research Institute and Stanford University controlling the U.S. media and entertainment industry. This is the predictive programming and social engineering arm set up by the Nazi continuum tied to the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations in the City of London. Stanford was created by two Nazis named Otto Von Bolschwing and Helen Van Damme, the latter’s husband was the vice-President of Bank of America controlled by the Vatican. He was supplying loans to the Nazi and House of Bourbon drug trade (The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries) to purchase dope from the Far East to sell at high profits. Study the connection of Christian Van Damme to John Delorean and the real reason Colin Chapman of Lotus died. The Nazi continuum which is hidden within the Directorate for Intelligence division of the Central Intelligence Agency and known as the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst led in the Americas by Knight of Malta, George H.W. Bush.

    Lady Gaga’s role is to aid the push for social engineering into a homosexual World of vulgarity. This uranian agenda being part of the overall Hermetic alchemy into supposed perfection of man through the uniting of man with women along with Heaven and Earth. This helps destroy gender and class whilst aids in bringing about sex as an addiction ready for the ‘free love’ society. Why do you think they’ve been making contraceptions and other drugs based around sex and STDs? This social engineering started in the sixties with the hippie subculture. The synthetic pharmaceutical drugs were not all about population reduction, it was about being able to have the next level of degraded society hooked on sex and drugs during the planned zero-growth post industrial society started through ex-U.S President, Jimmy Carter.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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    This is a good article so quickly, but this is not Gaga, this is PARODY. Thank you for the article.

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