Largest Earthquake in 100 years hits Melbourne Australia at 5.3 on the Richter Scale

‘It was like a train coming’: Melbourne rocked by its largest earthquake in 100 years

The rare tremor measured 5.3 on the Richter Scale
Windows were rattled, floors rocked and roofs shook

By Lawrence Conway
PUBLISHED: 16:28, 19 June 2012 | UPDATED: 16:42, 19 June 2012

An earthquake scale today shook Australia’s second biggest city and surrounding state.

The tremor measuring 5.3 on the Richter Scale was the biggest to hit Victoria and its capital Melbourne for 100 years.

Windows were rattled, floors rocked and roofs shook as the quake struck at about 8.55pm local time for around 30 seconds.

The US geological survey reported the earthquake’s epicentre was near the town of Moe in Victoria’s southeast.

Anthony Atkin, duty manager at a hotel close to Moe, said that he feared for his life when the quake hit.

He told The Age newspaper: ‘I thought the roof was going to fall down. Everyone in the hotel ran outside, it was like a train was coming through the hotel.

‘I’ve been here for 44 years and never felt anything like it.’

The earthquake was a trending topic on Twitter in Australia within minutes and the Geoscience Australia website crashed as people flocked online to find out what had happened.

State Emergency Service received around 30 calls for help after low level damage to buildings, but there were no reports of injury.

Moe police constable Chris Hand told the Sydney Morning Herald he was enjoying a cup of coffee when it hit.

Constable Hand said: ‘I had the cup sitting on the table and it spilled over. We’ve had a lot of calls but no one is reporting any damage or injuries at this stage.

‘It was a decent-size rumble, the biggest I’ve ever felt. The ground moved for 15 to 20 seconds.’

Bruce Billson, a Victorian Federal MP, told the Australian parliament that members of his community were shaken and puzzled by the quake.

Mr Billson said: ‘There are plenty of people with shaken nerves, wondering what was going on.

‘To our community, our thoughts are with all those responding to anxious calls and hope there is no injuries or substantial damage.’

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