I have received a request last night to enter into mediation in the office of Larisa state prosecutor Agori Papakosta tomorrow, Wednesday, at 11 am, with lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos, accused by me on the basis of solid evidence of corruption.

Above, a picture of the invitation on top of today’s Eleftheria newspaper in one of the very relaxing cafés here in Larisa.

While there are very impressive looking stamps on the invitation, there is no address or phone number. In fact, I had to turn into Sherlock Holmes to find out which building to go to on Wednesday. I am assuming it is the main courthouse on the main square where deputy state prosecutor Anna Balogianna operates out of a large office.

Anyway, the offer of mediation is a welcome change of tone from Larisa police and justice officials.

On Friday, I received an intimidating phone call summoning me to the police headquarters immediately and ordering me to take down my blog post about the misconduct of lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos. But last night, after I spent most of the weekend posting proof and collecting proof, I came home to a much more civilized suggestion concerning mediation.

Why not? Am happy to listen, take notes, consider what is a marginal issue, but will not sign anything and certainly noting that is not a validated translation…

I have presented concrete evidence that Christopoulos is just the front man for a web of intrigue spanning the Larisa police and state prosecutors who have been caught red handed trying to thwart justice in my case against Theodekti Vallianatou. Theodekti Vallianatou herself, in turn, seems to be just the point person for a larger group of the people, including the ultimate in discontented readers Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and George Soros.

I offered proof both have direct, personal knowledge of my blog, the motive and the means to silence me in my report that I managed to hand in to the state prosecutor on Wednesday after overcoming many obstacles.

The main issue for me is getting my case back on track. Confidentiality cannot be used as a pretext to hide corruption.

There are rules about due process and a fair trial that Greek justice officials have to stick to. Given the evidence of their corruption, I have an especial right now to know what evidence is in the state prosecutors file and what is missing.

I suspect that since Larisa police officials misdirected the investigation in July already to the wrong monastery, the wrong financial transfers and an indefinite person called “Th. Balliantou”, there is little in my file about the crime committed by Theodekti Vallianatou in St John the Forerunner. Or if there is, it will be withheld from me.

For all I know, the corrupted file held under tenacious guard could contain some fictional scenario about my murdering Zeus, resident of Mt Olympus, in the monastery of St George, Karditsa, with the help of “Th. Ballianatou” who confessed to the police after I did not transfer the promised reward for their help.

In fact, it defies imagination what could be in that file if the investigation was deliberately built from the beginning on the wrong assumptions . The police note handwritten on scrap paper gave the wrong guidance the status of an official secret.

The powers that rule us seem to want Christopoulos to be the fall guy for a gigantic crime. Considering the amount of evidence against Christopoulos, it will be interesting to see what he proposes as compensation during mediation.

I know my rights.

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