LaRouche Demands Shut Down of Wall Street Before Its Collapse Triggers Thermonuclear Armageddon

LaRouche Demands Shut Down of Wall Street Before Its Collapse Triggers Thermonuclear Armageddon

Jan 28 2015

In a wide-ranging discussion with colleagues on Tuesday, Jan. 27, Lyndon LaRouche called for immediate action at the level of the U.S. presidency to bankrupt Wall Street and replace it immediately with an interim system of Federal credit to launch urgently needed capital-intensive infrastructure and job creation. LaRouche emphasized that without such immediate actions, the already ongoing collapse of the Wall Street bubble will be the trigger for thermonuclear war with Russia, which will be a war of extinction for all of mankind.

LaRouche called on his colleagues to take up the actions of all great American presidents, who all launched policies that were never before undertaken.

“We need immediate, appropriate measures to shut down Wall Street. The Alexander Hamilton principle is our model,” LaRouche declared, adding that “The rate of bankruptcy of Wall Street is increasing. This is why emergency action is required immediately.”
“The alternative is thermonuclear war with Russia. We must put Obama under control by putting a new economic system in place. Either we go to a Hamiltonian policy or the situation is hopeless,”

Wall Street is hopelessly bankrupt and must not be permitted to sink what remains of the U.S. real economy. The latest statistics on durable goods sales showed that December 2014 was the fourth consecutive month of decline, indicating that the real economy is in a state of collapse, driven by Wall Street’s gambling operations, typified by the too-big-to-fail banks’ massive speculative binge in shale oil and gas, which is now blowing up towards a $20 trillion crash.

LaRouche posed the question to the American people and to those sane elements in the institutions of government:

“Are you ready to go bankrupt with Wall Street, or are you prepared to put Wall Street into bankruptcy reorganization and put an alternative Hamiltonian system in place?”

LaRouche added that, as recently as the Clinton Administration, the means existed to carry out such a restructuring—minus the Wall Street parasites.

If there is no such immediate action to bankrupt Wall Street by reinstating Glass-Steagall and putting a Federal credit system in place, Wall Street will crash and then demand a bailout. LaRouche emphasized:

“That will be the fuse for launching a new world war…we must bring down Wall Street now as the only way to avert a thermonuclear war of extermination.”
LaRouche explained that a temporary Federal credit mechanism must be immediately put in place to provide credit to the real economy, as a more permanent new National Bank and related institutions are established.

LaRouche noted, ironically, that the recent breakthrough with the Greek elections on Sunday, repudiating the Troika’s mass murder, will also accelerate the drive for thermonuclear showdown, because it will serve as one more trigger for London and Wall Street’s desperation that their system is set to blow.

LaRouche concluded:

“We must do what is necessary, when everyone else is choked up. And that starts with the simple, but deadly truth that Wall Street is already dead, and that is the only reason why the world is on the very edge of thermonuclear extinction.”

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