LaRouche: Impeach Obama Now or Face Overt Dictatorship

LaRouche: Impeach Obama Now or Face Overt Dictatorship

June 9, 2013 • 9:48AM

In remarks to a national LaRouche PAC webcast audience Friday evening, Lyndon LaRouche emphasized that now is the time to impeach Barack Obama or force his resignation while public furor concerning his massive spying program and other offenses against the U.S. Constitution mounts. If Obama’s illegalities are tolerated, LaRouche warned, the U.S. faces an overt dictatorship.

On April 11, 2009, at a LaRouche PAC webcast in Washington D.C., LaRouche famously and accurately portrayed Barack Obama as a Nero-like dummy who could be manipulated to do anything on behalf of the policies of the British Queen who controls him. This portrait was highly controversial at the time.

Now, LaRouche emphasized, the issue is that [Obama] “has been allowed to go to the point that he is seeking absolute, total dictatorship over almost everybody” and this fact has suddenly become conscious within leading circles. Comparing Obama to Richard Nixon, LaRouche noted, “the time has come for that lawful process that dealt with a President earlier and threw him out of office, back in the early 1970’s –the same treatment, with probably an extra kick or two, is coming to Obama.”

He continued: “What happened this week, of course, is the Congress has risen in revolt. And the pattern is that this spying operation that Obama has been running on behalf of the Queen of England, has brought them to the point that people are now– on that account, and several other related accounts which have been piling up– are ready to throw this bum out of the presidency. And that’s where we stand now. We’re on the edge. Is Obama going to succeed in making himself an absolute dictator over the United States? No, he’s not going to succeed because the British Queen is the one who’s occupying the position; he’s just her dummy. But the threat is that if he succeeds, on her behalf, in what he’s put through, then there will be an absolute dictatorship in the United States.”

In response to a separate question, LaRouche elaborated, “ We’ve come to a point where this Obama has abused, brutally abused the United States and its citizens and economy, in every imaginable way. We’re now in that kind of situation where people are saying – and you saw it in Congress this week, what happened, was that there was a sudden revolt in the Senate against this operation. A sudden revolt! They were sitting there quietly listening to this crap, and then, suddenly, boom. Things changed. And the rioting began. ‘What? What are you doing to us? You’re doing this to us?’ That was what rang out in Congress.

“We also had a reflection of that from Britain, where voices in Britain of some significance made the same kind of observation.

“What has happened, is that Obama was never really good. He was never really liked very much. But people were afraid of him. And when important people are terribly afraid of what some bum can do – and Obama did a lot of cruel things to intimidate people – and we’ve come to the point, yes, a few Senators did try to cover up for Obama, but most of them did not. So, we’ve come to a point of ripeness, where Obama is ready to be ushered from the exits, or thrown out of the exits. We’ve come to one of those times where either Obama is capable of imposing an actual overt dictatorship, over the American people, and the institutions, or he is going to be thrown out.”

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