LaRouche: ‘Let’s Win’

LaRouche: ‘Let’s Win’

Lyndon LaRouche Monday presented a strategic overview of the battle to immediately remove Obama from the White House, and “turn the tide in favor of humanity,” in his opening remarks to the weekly LaRouche PAC Policy Committee webcast. He began by taking stock of where we stand, about one week after the Tuesday, Oct. 13 Democratic Presidential debate, and the overt British deployment to shape that debate over the prior weekend.

“Right now we have reached a turning point, which follows on what happened on the 13th [democratic presidential debates], and that was a travesty. It was an orgy, an abomination. But unfortunately for the enemy, that is not a popular trend, and it’s going to go in the other direction—and it has gone. We have had, in the past interval of a week, we have had the greatest increase of popular support among people who are voting or planning to vote, that we’ve had in a very long time.

“So therefore, now our job is not to be abstract about these problems. We know that we now have put the spurs on Obama, that Obama is now finished. Everything globally says that Obama is finished. That’s what’s going to happen now.”

LaRouche elaborated that the LaRouche movement’s organizing activity, led by the Manhattan Project, is finding “a complete change from pessimism” in much of
the population. He added that this changed situation also has everything to do with the global leadership which Russia and China are providing.

“So, it’s great! This is what has happened with Russia. Russia’s activity has been the mechanism, the achievement of Russia’s success, and what it’s still doing, has been the trigger which has ignited a global ability to turn the tide in favor of mankind. And that’s what we’re doing!”

While cautioning that the needed dramatic changes are not going to come easily, LaRouche added:

“But what I got over the past 48 hours is a striking blow: the nation and parts of the world are moving. And of course, what China and Russia have done in adding to that, has been absolutely crucial in this change in the circumstances of the whole planet.

“So we are in a period of responsibility, not to claim great achievements, but to realize that we have the possibility of achievements which were not accessible to us for a long time. And therefore, we have to use and support those talents, recognizing that you have a responsibility, to make sure that you make your contribution in the process which we’re fighting to bring forth now.”

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