LaRouche: Obama is a Disease Disguised as President; Remove him now!

LaRouche: Obama is a Disease Disguised as President; Remove him now!

23 April 2015

In discussion with the Policy Committee on Wednesday, Lyndon LaRouche stressed that Obama is pushing a policy of genocide as can be seen in the mass drownings of refugees in the Mediterranean Sea, the policy in California of Jerry Brown to commit genocidal depopulation by sabotaging the development and exploitation of new water resources and in his ongoing campaign of confrontation with Russia and China which is leading to thermonuclear war.

All of these policies reflect a commitment to reduce the world’s population drastically.

Take the Mediterranean. It was Obama who waged an illegal war to topple Qaddafi in Libya by backing the Al-Qaeda affiliated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and the Muslim Brotherhood under the guise of the so-called Responsibility to Protect (R2P). It was Obama who then spearheaded the campaign to topple Assad in Syria, thus resulting in the spread of ISIS. It is Obama who is insisting that the legitimate government of Libya negotiate with the terrorists in Tripoli, whom he put in power.

As Lyn said, Obama created a reign of terror in Northern Africa and throughout the region which has resulted in thousands of human beings desperately attempting to flee Obama’s proteges, whom Obama personally empowered and protects.

Desperate human beings are now paying the terrorists Obama put in power in Tripoli in hopes of escaping certain death under ISIS, only to drown en masse in the hulls of modern day slave ships on the Mediterranean Sea.

As Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said today in a Moscow radio interview, Obama’s receipt of a Nobel Peace prize in 2008 was followed by a series of “absolutely illogical wars.” As Lavrov pointed out, Obama won’t even agree to place ISIS on the UN list of terrorist organizations, because he would then have to admit that Isis has emerged as a result of the actions of the US in Iraq first under Bush and then under Obama.

Syria’s President Assad was even more forceful in an interview on France2 TV, stressing that ISIS was created by the Americans starting with Bush in 2006:

“I’m not in Iraq and I wasn’t in Iraq, and I wasn’t controlling Iraq. The Americans controlled Iraq, and ISIS came from Iraq to Syria…. ISIS has expanded in Syria, in Iraq, in Libya, in the region in general…. The coalition against terrorism cannot be formed by countries who support the terrorists at the same time.”

The policy Obama has unleashed now reflected in mass drownings in the Mediterranean, is the same NAZI policy being carried out by Obama’s ally Jerry Brown in California. The purpose is to kill people.

If you put these two pictures together, as Lyn suggested, what is clear is that mankind is faced with a genocide policy.

Didn’t Lyndon LaRouche warn from the very beginning that Obama’s so-called health care policy was the same thing? — Deliberate genocide through rationing.

Put these two examples together with the fact that Obama is pushing for thermonuclear war. This expressed intention to launch a thermonuclear war against Russia and China, is an integral part of the same policy.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is just wrong. They have been talked into accepting something, based solely on popular opinion, which has no validity. They know nothing.

We on the other hand are right.

The evidence is there for anyone with active intelligence. Do not accept the opinion of anyone who supports Obama.

Obama is a disease disguised as President.

What we are seeing today is a real form of Nazism coming from the Trans-Atlantic community.

What we are doing in Manhattan and California, however, shows that we are able to turn the tide. The intelligent section of the population of the United States, the patriots, especially above the Mason-Dixon line, are not disposed to capitulate to Obama’s Brownshirts.

What we have seen in the recent period is that we are able to engage citizens who don’t want this crap. If they have a leadership, if they see resistance, they will respond.

Our job is to beat these Nazis, starting with the removal of Obama from office, and save civilization.

If you look at the forces now in motion throughout Eurasia, the NAZI enemy is outnumbered. Or, as Shelley put it in the Mask of Anarchy: We are Many; they are few.

As Lyn stressed, we just have to get the numbers better organized.

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