LaRouche: There Are Only Two Alternatives Before Mankind

LaRouche: There Are Only Two Alternatives Before Mankind

Nov 30 2014

The following remarks were delivered by Lyndon LaRouche, on Nov. 29 to a meeting with associates.

“We have to make a leap, a leap which is a fact. But it’s a fact which is not made clear, to a lot of shallow-minded people, people who walk barefoot in shallow waters. And that is that the international system as it has been heretofore, is dying, and there are only two alternatives: general thermonuclear war, or a kind of unity among nations, which we see coming out of the BRICS and similar kinds of fora. In other words, the only way that you can maintain society, now, on a global scale, is on a global scale. And that means you have to affirm the fact that the nations are all working, very much as Russia and China are. The Russia-China alliance is a measure of what’s coming down, and we’re a click away from that result.

“In other words, if you want to be sane, with the bankrupt United States, the bankrupt people of the United States, the bankruptcy of Canada, the bankruptcy of the European nations, the Western European nations, they’re all bankrupt! And they’re never going to come out of that bankruptcy, as the kinds of nations they’ve been treated as so far.

“What’s going to happen is, you’re going to have the kind of system which the BRICS represents. You have a global system of a world system. The world system will be, in languages and so forth, language practice and so forth, will be somewhat differentiated. But the intention, to be accomplished, of what is to be accomplished, will be more and more unified. Languages will still be used, as such, but the principle, the intention will be unified. That’s what we’re having; you’re getting that tendency in South America now. It’s much stronger there than other places. What’s happening with Russia and China, the Russia-China relationship is typical of this.

“The present system, which dumb Americans believe in, still, is dying, and it’s waiting to be pushed off the boards…

“We’re going into a new system, where mankind will be a unified system, unified in practices, by means of practices which effect that. There will be a dividing line in which the distinction is clear. You will still have cultures, national cultures, which may be unique and have unique characteristics of their own, but they’ll all be part of the same kind of process which is trying to find its general unity. That’s where we are now.

See Ray McGovern and Jeff Steinberg’s presentations at the Schiller Institute’s latest ‘Manhattan Project’ event in New York.

“And then, what we’re doing with New York City, and what we did last night with New York City, and preparations for that, is directly in that direction. And we have to keep that — that’s what’s going on. It’s not one thing and then another. We are now saying, we’re going to a new system. Because we need to have close collaboration with our ally, China, and with other nations, who are close allies, in principle, in intention. And gradually, we’re going to find more and more agreement, more and more integration based on the search for realization of necessary revolutions in practice.

“And we’re going to all be united with Kepler!”

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