LaRouche: We Are On the Edge of An Era In Which Prometheus Is Finally Unbound

LaRouche: We Are On the Edge of An Era In Which Prometheus Is Finally Unbound

August 30, 2014 • 3:20PM

In his webcast on Friday night, Lyndon LaRouche was asked if we are now entering the age which, as Percy Shelley says, is the age in which Prometheus is finally unbound. LaRouche answered:
“We’re on the edge of it. I feel myself on the edge of it. I insist on realizing the feeling of that being on edge on it. I know that everything depends upon acquiring that edge of it. And that is the solution. There is no other solution. You either achieve that — you commit yourself to that — or you don’t make it. That’s the point. This is not an option. This is an obligation which is fundamental and you cannot escape it.”
In a follow-up discussion on Saturday, LaRouche continued on this theme, stressing that the old evil system is dead, it has no authority, its leaders are fraudsters like Obama and Boehner who should be removed from office.

He stressed that what we are seeing throughout the world centered on the BRICS nations is a revolution, in which entire nations are working together to develop mankind independent from and free of the evil imperial British Empire system. We have to realize that we are not subsumed under the present system and the fraudsters who run it and insist upon subjecting everyone else to their supervision. None of these fraudsters has any moral authority. They need to be thrown out of office and we need to gain the power to make sure that happens. LaRouche stated that we have to eliminate all of the governments as heretofore defined. We want to get rid of the French government, the Italian government. They are useless. The U.S. Congress itself should be fired.

We are not going on the authority of government, but on the authority from which government derives its true authority—creativity.

Power lies now in Russia, China, Egypt. We are ready to take over the planet. The entire global system which has suppressed creativity and is destroying humanity is ready to be buried permanently. We have a new system. And we have to be the spark plug.

If you try to adapt to the existing system, you are dead. We have to create something new. We are going to change the world. We have the ability to solve problems that need to be solved.

The BRICS nations are sovereign. They weren’t given that sovereignty by someone else. It is not a hand out to those who behave by self-appointed supervisors. They are intrinsically sovereign. They will no longer let others set standards for measuring their behavior. That is what makes them effective. The new system is opposite to the old evil system. Modi is a revolution; China is a revolution; Egypt is a revolution. All are adding up to one big revolution.

LaRouche said he has all the pieces he needs to push this through. It is not a question of adapting to this evil system. You have to eliminate this system. What is emerging is a system of governments which are not based on someone else’s authority. Instead we are moving towards a world which is self-developing. As he stated during the webcast on Friday night: “Let’s get all the crap out of the way. What we need is simply to create the productive powers of labor per se.” We are at the end of government per se. The existing system must be replaced by an order based on creativity per se and self-development. We are on the verge of a system which has never existed on the planet before.

We are on the edge of Prometheus Unbound. Boehner is gone!

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