Latest “Hunger Games” a Conspiracy illiterate Fantasy

Dec 8 2014

Latest “Hunger Games” a Conspiracy illiterate Fantasy

Jim Stone Dec 8 2014. Permalink

Writers of the plot were so conspiracy illiterate they portrayed a scenario many times better than what we currently live in as “the worst there could possibly be”.

There are many reasons for why I would much rather live in District 13 than America.

1. The rebels were actually able to mount a viable resistance. They were able to coordinate thousands of people to gang rush a dam in the capitol city, overwhelm the bullets with mass casualties, get bombs into the dam and blow it up. This could never happen in America because if you had any group with even 100 people the CIA would know about it, or even ONE person who wanted to organize this the NSA would know about it and the people attempting to stage that plot would be mowed down by police or military before they ever got close to that dam. The dam scene could never happen under our current tyranny.

2. After the dam got blown up (which knocked out power to the supreme leader,) the supreme leader ordered everyone in the rogue district killed. So he staged a bombing run on their refugee shelter, which in the American scenario he would have had complete control over the construction of and it would have been annihilated because such a robust structure that could provide that kind of protection to the American people would never be allowed to be built by private people in America. If that attack happened in America everyone would have been dead if the order had been given to kill everyone. Yet in the hunger games practically everyone was able to survive the attack by going down to the lowest levels of the shelter.

Here is a really laughable example of how America is far worse –
The resistance leadership had very advanced computers complete with a spectacular green screen room, had backup power that survived the order to annihilate them, and got through the bombing just fine. In America, The NSA would have had a hack on their computers and known they survived, and the bombing would have continued until the computers no longer showed at the NSA. DITTO FOR THE COMMUNICATORS THE REBELS WALKED AROUND WITH, God the producers were STUPID about our current situation and failed to present something worse.

Here is another laughable scenario – The rebels had military grade aircraft which they were able to fly into the capitol to rescue one of the good guys. How the **** did that happen if the Hunger Games really had a true tyranny in place? If the Hunger Games tyranny had even 1/4th the accountability structure in place in America, the rebels would never have gotten ahold of any sort of aircraft. What would happen in America if the militia of Withee Iowa got their hands on an F-16? What a dream world the producers live in! If they are going to do a “tyranny movie” at least consider the world we already live in. Not to mention the fact that there is such a thing as back up power, no rebel force would have a snowball’s chance of wiping that out in the American capitol by blowing up a dam. How would the resistance avoid radar well enough to get anywhere near the capitol with a large metal aircraft in an American style military state unless that state did it to itself to justify more tyranny like ours did on 911?

Here’s the kicker!
The destroyed district which was supposed to have suffered total annihilation looked better than Gaza when Israel was done with it. Were the producers of the “hunger games” really that stupid about what “destroyed” really is? Factories were still standing with perfectly intact structures for people to run through (but that worked great for falling smokestack scenes during a secondary attack that was launched because the supreme leader saw the rebels walking around the “destroyed district” through a spy camera.) Try to find anything like a factory intact in Gaza! The rebels and their shelter at least had water and power.

Bottom line? The scenario put up in the latest Hunger Games was a fantasy we could not possibly live now. The super tyrant was so much better than Sir Rothschild that I would take his world any day. And if you think I am crazy for this, DISTRICT 12 IS GAZA. OTHER DESTROYED DISTRICTS ARE IRAQ, LYBIA, AFGHANISTAN, AND EVERY OTHER PLACE SIR ROTHSCHILD AND THE BANKERS HAVE HAD LEVELED. What about Japan? COME ON NOW, WE HAVE IT WORSE THAN THE HUNGER GAMES BAR NONE, the fact we live in the “capitol” does not make our world situation any better. At least in the “Hunger Games” there was hope.

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