Lawyers Demand Disclosure of Data on US Anthrax Shipments to South Korea

Lawyers Demand Disclosure of Data on US Anthrax Shipments to South Korea © Flickr/ ZEISS Microscopy

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An association of South Korean lawyers has demanded that the government disclose detailed information related to reported US deliveries of anthrax samples to South Korea, local media reported Tuesday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Earlier this month, a joint US-South Korean investigation revealed that the US military had conducted over a dozen tests in Seoul using anthrax samples and one experiment involving bubonic plague since 2009 without notifying the Korean authorities. The claims contradict information released by the Pentagon in May that live anthrax had mistakenly been tested at a US base outside Seoul once.

As the results of the investigation were made public, the Pentagon denied it had misled South Korea, adding that Seoul was aware of all US shipments of anthrax into the country.

The Lawyers for a Democratic Society urged the Ministry of Defense to disclose all the information it has about the case announced by the United States in May, the Yonhap news agency reported.

In April, an error at a Pentagon laboratory in Utah resulted in anthrax samples being mistakenly sent to almost 200 laboratories, including in South Korea, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

The sample used during the training of laboratory personnel at the US base in South Korea was destroyed after it was discovered to contain suspicious bacteria.

Following the incident, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter offered an official apology to his South Korean counterpart Han Min-goo over the issue.

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