Leading Belgian Pharmacist / Truther Being Sabotaged

Leading Belgian Pharmacist / Truther Being Sabotaged

November 27, 2014

Fernand Haesbrouck, adhdfraude.net, is a leading and hardcore voice of the Belgian and Dutch resistance. As a retired pharmacist he has exposed several corruption/conspiracy cases in Belgium including the ADHD scam, serotonin deficiency, dopamine and rilatine fraud, the hidden pedophile world of the Belgian politicians and many other cases, both pharma and non pharma related.

Also Wikipedia censors Fernand. Another experience we have in common, in addition to having my Truth Sector 2014 Ebola Report being messed with and silenced.

Recently his newsletter updates of which I receive a copy weekly are being sabotaged, at least that’s what I conclude from what I have been experiencing with Microsoft’s Outlook. In the same way several other truther and top resistance websites are being sabotaged and they need to be aware of this or they and their content will disappear into the NSA’s and Israel’s online/offline holonet for ever.

The e-mail notifications for Fernand’s newsletters always contain a link to the appropriate webpage, either through an adhdfraude.net, a t.ymlp296.net or other related link that should take me to his blog post(s). Instead the links embedded in his e-mail updates will now activate an auto download, auto run of malware or other crap that is of course complete unrelated to his great work that pretty much exposes the Belgian and international elite criminals as they have their pants down at their ankles, time and again.

The sabotage at this level means that Fernand indeed is pushing the right buttons, which is what I want him to continue to do and his work should be known more widely around the world too. He delivers truly top level content, mostly written in Dutch though. I haven’t got the time to translate his work, if I had I surely would. Yet, it is one of those things on my agenda but for now I just lack the time.

Keep up your great work Fernand, don’t let that pedophile EU gang of trash take you down!

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