Leo Zagami highlighted the agenda of Vittorio Vivaldi and his Jesuit paymaster Grandmaster Nicola Tucci

From: leo zagami
Date: 6 April 2012 11:00:43 GMT+01:00
To: TS

Dear Troy,

In Volume One of the Italian edition of my Confessions (pages 171-172) I give full evidence and further evidence of how the Grande Oriente Italiano di Piazza del Gesu’ http://www.grandeorienteitaliano.it/
of Grand Master Nicola Tucci (an irregular Jesuit driven group that was working in the 70’s closely with Padre Caprile SJ not to be confused with the Grande Oriente d’Italia di Palazzo Giustiniani) conspired against me in the period after I went back to Italy in 2008/2009 with the help of my ex-girlfriend Francesca Traversi who was a member of the female Obedience in the hands of the wife of Nicola Tucci called Fatima Porchia. So when I eventually rebelled to this situation they got me locked up in March 2009 in a mental asylum on the Isola Tiberina before having me transfered later on in Subiaco where thanks to Prince Lolli Ghetti di Ferentino after 4 days I managed to get out of this nightmare by calling the Italian Carabinieri after he kindly charged my phone. In reality they could not keep me under that protocol for more then a week but they were trying to find a way to lock me up for good if I then did not threaten them with legal action as I ended up doing.


Unfortunately during the first period of my illegal detention on the isola Tiberina at the Fate Bene Fratelli, the special protocol they used still permitted them to keep me without my consent only for a brief time but forced me to take their drugs and injections even if against my will.

This is the place were I was :




In this situation Viviano Vivaldi WHO WAS AT THE TIME A MEMBER OF THE GARIBALDI LODGE of the GRANDE ORIENTE ITALIANO DI PIAZZA DEL GESU’ was instrumental to try and manipulate both me and my family together with Francesca Traversi under the orders of their GM Nicola Tucci, a Jesuit and Vatican Agent.

Vivaldi came with a video camera to the hospital on the Tiberina island where I was locked up and he filmed me in that infamous video were you can also see in the background Vivaldi’s wife and my ex-girlfriend plotting while he his filming me INSIDE WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE A MENTAL ASYLUM with no cameras allowed:

THIS VIDEO was immediately loaded BY VIVALDI AND THEN by a very suspicious youtube user that after a close examination is linked with Gerald Celente and the C.I.A. and pretends to be Leo Zagami on blogs and social networks.

So Viviano Vivaldi filmed a serious of video’s that were eventually used to try and ruin my reputation and stated that I received electroshock and I was a C.I.A. agent to the researchers in the truth movement and my present wife who initially believed in him until she understood what a dishonest person Vivaldi really is.

This terrible experience made me leave the girlfriend I had at the time, who was an agent of the enemy and was recognized as such even by my mother that finally woke up and understood the level of manipulation I was subject to after my revelations. Soon after I went back to work within the frames of Regular Freemasonry with the Grande Oriente d’Italia,

I reopened relations with the Accademy of the illuminati of Di Bernardo for a brief time and went to Japan in June 2009 to get back on track with international alliances and so on. I am glad that terrible period of my life 2008/2009 is over and I do not wish to be associated any longer with Viviano Vivaldi, Francesca Traversi, Monique Armstrong, Sr. Keri Burnor or any other people who just came in contact with me in that period to exploit me and manipulate me, not realizing I was in real need of help and assistance not exploitation at the time and I thank my present wife Christy for being the only one who truly understood my situation and since then stood close to me even during the most difficult times.

Closing with my terrible 2008 in the USA even my ex-bodyguard Clinton Torrez, was in the end also a criminal wanting to exploit me further after I left the USA and working for the FBI through his cousin, stealing my two precious masonic swords I brought to the USA, and even if he converted to so-called Christianity thanks to some of the people I mentioned above he then blackmailed me wanting a big amount of money in 2010 to give me back those swords.

But life is good now without such scum and the only good people I met in 2008/09 apart from my future wife were ANLANCE SECURITY and the many Brothers in Freemasonry that since then have decided to join my cause.

THIS MAIL CAN BE MADE PUBLIC for the benefit of those involved with these people.

Warmest Regards,

Leo Lyon Zagami



    From: Viviano Vivaldi
    Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012

    I have the power to reveal certain things about Leo’s new wife. Full name, address, Her son’s military career in Afghanistan, and the divorce, and her real work.



    • May I remind you people reading that this site is not a propaganda outlet for Vivian Vivaldi who goes around shouting death threats. There will be no anti-Leo Zagami information from Vivaldi upon this website. How dare this Vivaldi thinking he has stroke through my website.

      -= The Unhived Mind

    From: Viviano Vivaldi
    Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012

    I don’t know why Troy and Leo are so Jealous of me. I still love them. I will forgive his insults, because I still believe we CAN work together to disassemble the Jesuit order, with Traditional Catholics, and other Orders united.

    Troy claimed to have a noble line, and he is pissed because he can’t get it officially recognized. If he had asked me, I could have already knighted him in Venice, and help connect him to Illuminati in his home country New Zealand.

    Several of Leo’s associates in San Giovanni, Via Umberto Biancamano 21, there at the Egyptian restaurant where he eats, have told me to stop enquires of Zagami.

    They told me that my presence is a competition for his ego and that I damage the financial outlook on his new marriage. Leo is not a generous person, and he doesn’t want to compete with my generousity out of ridiculous fears he may loose Christy. This is a crazy thought of his. And thats why he broke our friendship. It really states that he doesn’t trust Christy.

    Believe it or not I am very happily married. I have no need to infuriate Leo or Christy or Troy. I have tried to be helpful with my own contacts and knowledge of the matter. I thought Troy had forgiven me already. Its too bad for him, that I will be on National Geographic and Discovery channel discussing the history of Venetian Instruments later in June.

    I was willing include Leo and the rest of you, or at least plug your website on the program. I will absolutely plug the Unhived Mind and Vatican Assassins on National Geographic.

    I don’t care about the Pallavicinis anymore. Let’s expose everyone!

    Let me say that your little stunt, stopped my family from sending me funds for three months. I made up with the Pallavicinis and my dad has shown his support to them to ward them off me. I cant slander the family. I was forced to say the things I said.

    You are not in any danger.

    From: Fulford Benjamin
    To: zagami
    Sent: Friday, 6 April 2012, 9:22
    Subject: RE: From Leo Lyon Zagami

    Hi Leo,

    Some very dangerous people told me there was a hit out on you and that you would be dead within 48 hours. They asked me if you were under my protection. I said no. Is there any reason I should put you under the protection of the White Dragon Society? Anyway, I thought the least I could do was give you a heads up.

    Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン

    From: Fulford Benjamin
    To: zagami
    Sent: Saturday, 7 April 2012, 4:23
    Subject: RE: From Leo Lyon Zagami

    You are out of date. The White Dragon has CIA, NSA and Pentagon members, including the people who are monitoring all your conversations and phone calls. The White Dragon is not just Asian. The death threat comes from within the P2 Freemason lodge according to a conversation the NSA recorded. It does not originate in Asia. I hope you are OK but please be careful.
    Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン

    From: leo young
    To: Fulford Benjamin
    Sent: Saturday, 7 April 2012, 8:46
    Subject: Re: From Leo Lyon Zagami

    I know that Benjamin I even included the topic in a book for italy talking in detail about the NSA,CIA,Pentagon connections with General Alexander, Neil Keenan,Chinese Freemasonry and so on and I do not think they are sincerely the solution to the problem as they have worked and collaborated for years with the P2 and are part of the NWO. And regarding P2 members wanting to kill me, what’s new? If you have the names of those P2 members hat’s ok but being vague is not helpful and does not get me to find a solution.


    From: leo zagami
    Date: 7 April 2012 08:43:26 GMT+01:00
    To: TS
    Reply-To: leo zagami


    Dear Troy,

    I include a new exchange of e-mails between Fulford and myself alerting you also of the sudden happening of a “strange” event, an episode that seems like a sad reminder from the “Strategy of Tension” P2 years. Yesterday during the lunch break, two men presenting themselves as Guardia di Finanza entered the headquarters of the Democratico internet magazine http://ildemocratico.com/ that first published the information concerning my first book in Italian mentioning the Grand Lodge and the Masonic rebellion I am partly heading thanks to my groundbreaking information that is shocking Freemasonry: http://ildemocratico.com/2012/03/20/esclusivo-le-confessioni-di-zagami-scuotono-la-massoneria/
    This info was later picked up by the mainstream media and ITALIA OGGI that published the following article:

    At the time these two guys arrived in the offices of the Democratico, only the mother of the owner and director was there, unfortunately on her own, and became very scared by these two men in dark plain clothes who asked and then demanded in a hard and hostile way where the computer was of the Director (her son), as they wanted to confiscate it immediately in relation to the last article of Enrica Perrucchietti (the one I inserted the link to above). This makes even now the situation still very tense as Enrica was not there, as she lives in Turin, But as you can imagine she now fears what could happen next. .

    This is a pretty fucked up scenario, as when the director came back and found the mother in shock they called immediately the Maresciallo of the Guardia di Finanza who told them that none of his men were involved in this operation and at this point invited them to report this episode to the Police (they use to do this the Guardia di Finanza in the 70’s when they will be called in for a “dirty” operation). So who were the two men? Agents of Raffi? Intelligence Operatives? or even both? And where is the PC of the owner/director of IL DEMOCRATICO now? It seem the key elements of the old P2 and GM Raffi are now starting their Strategy of Tension against me and my Italian collaborators after my revelations. As you know, I stated in the radio interviews the Fulford Chinese Freemasonry links to CIA and NSA and why people should not trust them. And all these figures were basically tied in with the P2 since the 70’s, but the key person involved in these plots against me seems to be an old P2 member, probably the most powerful of the whole bunch even compared to Gelli himself or Giunchiglia. A sort of hidden Master, a General of the Intelligence still in full control of the situation in Italy and a key man of the Vatican: Gen. Antonio Viezzer. The situation is complex but I am stepping up all security around me and after what happened yesterday at IL DEMOCRATICO this situation is take very seriously.


    From: Viviano Vivaldi
    Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2012 5:44 PM

    You’ll never know a man until you meet them face to face. Pope Benedict is innocent! He is a good man. I believe he can be saved. Zagami is a used car salesman snakeoil dude who insults a genuine Countess and marries a whore. Its all fraud. Stay in your dungeon where you belong coward. I thank God my residence is so expensive so that scum like you can’t afford to reach me. Christianity is not for cowards. Holocaust deniers like Zagami and his buddy Christopher Bollyn need to be sent to camps before they dare mock the lives of 6 million innocent victims. To hell with you all!


    From: VVVPIII
    Sent: Saturday, April 07, 2012 2:10 PM
    To: Eric Jon Phelps
    Subject: I just pulled off a successful email sting which means I am finished with conspiracy!

    You all failed!

    I caught every single one of you.

    Its sad because, people have hope and dreams of being free, but it is never intended.

    Fulford sent my private email to Leo , Then i sent a copy to you and Greg.
    Leo insulted Fulford on Greg show yet they still exchange emails. Fulford warns Leo of me.

    My only true friends are My wife, Jack Shepard and Rabbi Luzzati. They were right brother Eric.

    Nobody has defended me.

    Borghese told me, “you can tell the whole world, and no one can stop you, but no one will believe you either.”

    The Masonic secret that Leo is using to keep people in line, has been to give them false promises and keep it going as long as they can so that they always defend you in hope that your promise will one day materialize:

    Phil and Keri Burnor wanted to see some real illuminatis
    Troy wants to become a famous Journalist, and UK citizenship
    Craig want his girlfriend to live with him in England
    Fulford wants support in Europe.
    Greg wants a larger audience.
    I wanted to see my kids

    Everybody wants something and thats why they defend this guy.

    Greg is an agent. I think Tom Friss is one

    You probably are but you are being nice about it.

    You are probably exploiting the fact that I am young, and I have very little experience. I am not a social climber and neither was my father. I just wanted to see my kids again. Thats why I became a mason. I use my aprons to french polish my instruments now.

    Tonight I will be with the Patriarch. I will confess too.

    I am at a crossroads now. My Health my family, and my career.

    Leo didn’t help me ever. I used my own money to return to Venice. I built my business from the Ground up. I didn’t have to use anybody inn between. Things just happened. The most i mportant thing I did was stay far from sin.

    There is a real God out there brother, and believe me he is watching every move.

    • So now Vivaldi throws another lie out that because I do not follow his lies and because I highlight his games that all of a sudden I’m in need of favors from Leo Zagami? I do not talk with Leo Zagami and have not for quite some time. I have had no dealings with my ex-Girlfriend for almost two years now so I doubt me wanting Leo Zagami for anything.

      -= The Unhived Mind

    • Dear Count,

      What are you talking about?

      I have been defending you all along and continue to host you on my program inspite of Craig threatening to disassociate from me.

      You have proven to be invaluable on many topics and I truly believe you are a saved man, though you need to leave the Jesuit Papacy. Ultimately, they will drive you out. Carla was right in being angry with you for returning for you will again suffer at the hand of the Jesuit Papacy.

      Craig has just given me an “ultimatum” that if I do not disassociate from you, he is finished with me. Apparently he does not know that I will not be given any ultimatums by anyone—ever. I am my own man before the Lord and make my own decisions. I have never taken my sights off the Jesuits ruling the papacy and never will.

      Fulford, Troy and Zagami are agents as I have previously mentioned. Greg Szymanski and Tom Friess are in error on several topics, though I do not believe they are agents.

      I eat the meat and throw away the bones while attempting to discern who is working for Rome and who is merely deceived. By continuing to host you on my program sends a message that I still approve of you and your information. Your information on Gaza yesterday was priceless—Rome giving 45 billion euros to Gaza!

      Futher, we are friends, at least I believed so. Thus please do not include me in your list of betrayers.

      Lord bless,

      Brother Eric

      • Eric Jon Phelps shows what a complete and utter gullible idiot he has become or is it simply the love of debt instruments which makes his decision? Who in their right mind would wish to be associated with this Vivaldi? I highlighted before how Eric was out begging for cash from Vivaldi and ignored Vivaldi’s deceptive actions and outright wickedness in the past. I disassociated from Eric Jon Phelps for a while until I believed he had disassociated from this Vivaldi. Then I found out he was still hosting him on his show but I continued to correspond with him on occasion regardless.

        The time has come now that Eric Jon Phelps has shown his true colors. He wishes to hang around a total liar who pretends to be a Christian and is nothing of the sort. This is the biggest mistake Eric Jon Phelps has made. I will not have this man destroy the anti-Vatican knowledge any further than he has already though not all his own fault with the Texe Marrs twisted attack, but a problem never the less. Goodbye Eric and I hope Vittorio Vivaldi screws you over but rest assured Eric that anything I can get on your future work stemming from Vivaldi and his disinformation agenda I will highlight and hammer you with if possible. I can be a loyal follower and aid whilst I can be a great enemy.

        Eric you do not hold any power in this conspiracy arena any longer. Eric you’ve annoyed many people with your actions of late and have aided the splitting of our information. I helped get the mass interest in this arena through my hard work only to have Texe Marrs twist your actions and help destroy a lot of it. For you to instantly come out and call Troy and Leo agents whilst hanging with a devious liar is beyond me. All you think about is currency these days Eric Jon Phelps. Currency is the root of all evil and you may as well be a merchant for The Worshipful Company of Mercers as you are no different to them. I have better things to do than this so good riddons to bad rubbish.

        Thank you to Lenny Bloom for using his powerful mind and neutralizing Vivaldi’s deceptive work from his websites. I hope all others follow through and remove this being from their site and work. We have to press on with the real Jesuit Order not diversions. The Jesuit Order command all Kings, Queens, Princes and the whole show as their very own writings tell you. The Jesuits answer only to the Jesuit General and his assistancy with everyone balanced and checked regularly. No one from outside the Order has control over the Jesuit Order. The Jesuit Order is the family and no bloodline or scion has domination over the Order other than those in positions of power within the Order itself. The Jesuits are not going to divert our attention any longer, they will not defeat us in this most basic of ways. The focus is clearly on the General adolfo nicolas and Peter Hans Kolvenbach with the Jesuit structure.

        All this diversion reminds me of those damn Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst and the soon to be great hoax on Earth the alien deception. All a setup for diversion away from the fact its simply a bunch of inbred psychopaths behind it all and not a super intelligence race (which has been genetically created by man in the Nazi DUMBS to aid the illusion). Its all mind control by the Tavistock Institute to create the new society mindset of quackery to lure you into a new lifestyle because the aliens said so. Do not be fooled by it all, why do you think the Falkland Islands is so important right now? It has been since the 1970s and its not all about oil its also very much to do with the coming greatest deception on Earth all tied with Antarctica and DVD Argentina. Do your homework people.

        We shall not follow deceptions any longer. Jesuits will not infiltrate our concrete information in order to lay bunkum to then at a later date highlight the bunkum hoping to discredit all the knowledge. Its time now people for you to switch off from Eric Jon Phelps until he changes his ways and associations. He has proven time and time again to not truly serve the anti-Vatican movement and has now become a thorn in its side. Remember who gave you information on King Juan Carlos of Spain, it was not Eric Jon Phelps. Remember who gave you the correct information on British Jesuit power and it was not Eric Jon Phelps. Remember who has bought you more insight into the City of London and it was not Eric Jon Phelps. Who has spoke on the Pallavicini family? It was not Eric Jon Phelps. How many people here have gained interest in the Vatican just from the Juan Carlos knowledge alone? There you go, whilst Eric aided the destruction of the movement which I aided in building and continuing to repair.

        Its time to move on as Eric is now most obviously a debt instrument whore thinking Vivaldi can give him the World whilst wearing blinkers not seeing the liar that stares him in the face. Eric will attack the Geneva Bible 1560 but we all know it is the real Bible of choice for true independent Christians. The Jesuits must be so proud of Eric Jon Phelps right now or simply laughing their heads off at how gullible he has now become. I will be stripping my board of his work and I will not be accepting any of his work on this board until he sorts himself out once and for all.

        -= The Unhived Mind

        • I will continue to host the Count on my broadcast. He professes to know the true Christ of the Reformation Bible but as yet to finally leave the papacy. Thus, he is in my prayers to that end.

          Further, he is an avid defender of Baptist Calvinist George Washington and the beloved Oliver Cromwell. He has taught me the truth about Venice and its alliance with both Washington and Cromwell for which I am deeply greatful.

          He has given me much important info including the fact that L. Paul Bremer III is a Knight of Malta as well as a Jesuit brother. This is an astounding fact in light that he is the creator of the Iraqi insurgency according to the documentary No End In Sight. He also just told me that the Vatican gave 45 Billion euros to the government of Gaza—furthering the anti-Jewish fury against the Jews if Israel.

          Finally, I do not heed nor appreciate ultimatums from anyone. Such a thing I would never impose upon you save for extremely limited topics—such as denying the Eurasian Jewish Holocaust as does Zagami and Fulford—the dear friend of David Rockefeller.

          Thus, I will continue to host the Count on my broadcast whenever I see fit. He has suffered exceedingly for his stand with me including ostracism from both his father and mother. His father ordered him to never appear on my program again, yet he returned. Jesuit Coadjutor Alex Jones and his agents have attacked him in Venice due to his influence on the program. He is paying a high price for his stand against the Jesuit papacy on BTIHP. In this I have concluded he is genuine. Brother Hannes of Austria—a former opponent of the Count—has come to the same conclusion.

          I will continue to use your posts also furthering the quest of destroying Jesuit control of the papacy. Your work is important and has had its effect in tandem with mine.

          I reject Maxi, Troy, Fulford and Zagami as mere Jesuit coadjutors whose opinions mean nothing to me.

          Lord bless,

          Brother Eric

          • FOOL!



            -= The Unhived Mind

        • —– Original message —–
          From: xxxx xxxxxxx
          Subject: EJP
          Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2012

          Told you months ago, about EJP did i not?

          Money is the motivation for his new probaptical nation!

          always remember love conquers all……forgive and move on

          stay well bro..I am in USA next week..will touch base with u..when im there….


          xxxx xxxxxxx

    Please feel free to post the following on your thread at http://theunhivedmind.com/wordpress/?p=28556 (including the extended quotes below, which serve as the perfect example of the historical events that the International Fascist diversionists within the conspiracy realm seek to keep others from fully contemplating & from grasping how twisted ideologies can be used by psychopaths from one century to the next, in preference for other historical events that keep all of us from comprehending how even many of our own ancestors in the British Isles, the European continent & Scandinavia died at the hands of brutal tyrants & their expansionist/imperial ambitions):

    If Vivaldi’s knowledge of my personal details (I need a UK passport? Really? That’s news to me – tell me more! The things that even I don’t know about myself 😀 ) & what my “ambitions” are (Journalist? Oh deary me, now that takes the cake – that literally gave me a great laugh out loud. One of my best friends left journalism as he couldn’t stand his work being neutered & being told what to write – another confirmed the egregious extent of the excuse of “national security” being used as a method of intelligence agency cnsorship) is as accurate as his claims regarding the Papal Roman Empire then I think that I can safely take his info from the “provisional knowledge awaiting authentic independent corroboration/confirmation” & put it out with the bins for the dump.

    Phelps’ & Vivaldi’s claim that I am an agent I see as actually being in my favour, as this further example of their transparently-favoured logically fallacious ad hominem tactics.

    Said “ad hom bombs” are thrown out by such conscience-less characters at anyone who disagrees with them over crucial points that they can either not show any evidence for or that all deep evidence (that which goes beyond the false rhetoric) shows to be baseless &/or false, yet they cling to in order to destroy the central thrust of their ostensible contentions – i.e. that of the true power of the Jesuit/Papal/Roman nexus – & thus seek to destroy the hard work of those who seek to eliminate contradictions from the research into the covert global power structure & into unveiling & comprehending the hidden knowledge that is used against all who desire freedom & elevation of consciousness, spirit, health & livelihood.

    I have never heard Zagami deny that there was a “holocaust”. Until I see/hear any claimed evidence to the contrary then I see this as yet another falsehood from these two devious characters. My position is that like everything else it should be as open for investigation as any other matter of historical importance. There does seem to large evidence that some large scale state-ordered deaths took place at that time & place. What the precise details are compared to the official version given I do not know as it has not been one of my main areas of investigation. Phelps needs to get a grip & start getting a sense of balance & perspective & give up his transparently obvious “Manifest Destiny” ideological perception & decry the genocide that took place on the native peoples of North America. The fact that he has claimed to have some blood from these people yet ignores it in favour of that of a people that he has no ancestral roots with just goes to show how mind-controlled even a man of his intellect can be in the USA, land of the fee & home of the slave.

    Some homework for these Jesuitical “Christian” Zionists follows below.

    Peace –



    Manifest destiny

    Manifest Destiny was the 19th century American belief that the United States (often in the ethnically specific form of the “Anglo-Saxon race”)[1] was destined to expand across the continent. It was used by Democrats in the 1840s to justify thewar with Mexico; the concept was denounced by Whigs, and fell into disuse after the mid-19th century.
    Advocates of Manifest Destiny believed that expansion was not only wise but that it was readily apparent (manifest) and inexorable (destiny).
    The concept of American expansionism is much older, but John L. O’Sullivan coined the exact term “Manifest Destiny” in the July/August 1845 issue of the United States Magazine and Democratic Review in an article titled “Annexation.”[2][3] It was primarily used by Democrats to support the expansion plans of the Polk Administration, but the idea of expansion faced opposition from Whigs like Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, and Abraham Lincoln who wanted to deepen the economy rather than broaden its expanse. John C. Calhoun was a notable Democrat who generally opposed his party on the issue, which fell out of favor by 1860.[4]
    The belief in an American mission to promote and defend democracy throughout the world, as expounded by Abraham Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson, continues to have an influence on American political ideology.[5][6]

    1. ^ Horsman 19812. ^ Adams 2008, p. 188.3. ^ See Julius Pratt, “The Origin Of “Manifest Destiny”, American Historical Review, July 1927, pp. 795-98 in JSTOR. Linda S. Hudson has argued that it was coined by writer Jane McManus Storm; Greenburg, p. 20; Hudson 2001; O’Sullivan biographer Robert D. Sampson disputes Hudson’s claim for a variety of reasons (See note 7 at Sampson 2003, pp. 244–245).4. ^ As shown by the wide ridicule of the Alaska Purchase in 1867. By Frederick Merk, Manifest destiny and mission in American history: a reinterpretation(1995) p. 2295. ^ Stephanson 1996, pp. 112–29 examines the influence of Manifest Destiny in the 20th century, particularly as articulated by Woodrow Wilson.6. ^ Scott, Donald. “The Religious Origins of Manifest Destiny”. National Humanities Center. Retrieved 26 October 2011.


    Themes and influences
    Historian William E. Weeks has noted that three key themes were usually touched upon by advocates of Manifest Destiny:
    the virtue of the American people and their institutions;
    the mission to spread these institutions, thereby redeeming and remaking the world in the image of the U.S.; and
    the destiny under God to do this work.[17]
    The origin of the first theme, later known as American Exceptionalism, was often traced to America’s Puritan heritage, particularly John Winthrop’s famous “City upon a Hill” sermon of 1630, in which he called for the establishment of a virtuous community that would be a shining example to the Old World. In his influential 1776 pamphlet Common Sense, Thomas Paine echoed this notion, arguing that the American Revolution provided an opportunity to create a new, better society:
    We have it in our power to begin the world over again. A situation, similar to the present, hath not happened since the days of Noah until now. The birthday of a new world is at hand…
    Many Americans agreed with Paine, and came to believe that the United States had embarked upon a special experiment in freedom and democracy—and a rejection of Old World monarchy in favor of republicanism—an innovation of world historical importance. President Abraham Lincoln’s description, in his December 1, 1862 message to Congress, of the United States as “the last, best hope of Earth” is a well-known expression of this idea. Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, in which he interpreted the Civil War as a struggle to determine if any nation with democratic ideals could survive, has been called by historian Robert Johannsen “the most enduring statement of America’s Manifest Destiny and mission”.[18] Lincoln opposed Southern sectionalism, anti-immigrant nativism, and the imperialism of Manifest Destiny as both unjust and unreasonable. He believed each of these disordered forms of love threatened the inseparable moral and fraternal bonds of liberty and Union that he sought to perpetuate through a patriotic love of country guided by wisdom and critical self-awareness. Lincoln’s “Eulogy to Henry Clay”, June 6, 1852 provides the most cogent expression of his reflective patriotism.[19]
    Not all Americans who believed that the United States was a divinely favored nation thought that it ought to expand. Whigs especially argued that the “mission” of the United States was only to serve as virtuous example to the rest of the world. If the United States was successful as a shining “city on a hill,” people in other countries would seek to establish their own democratic republics. With the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, which doubled the size of the United States, Thomas Jefferson set the stage for the continental expansion of the United States. Many began to see this as the beginning of a new “mission”—what Andrew Jackson in 1843 famously described as “extending the area of freedom.” As more territory was added to the United States in the following decades, whether or not “extending the area of freedom” also meant extending the institution of slavery became a central issue in a growing divide over the interpretation of America’s mission.

    17. ^ Weeks 1996, p. 61.
    18. ^ Johannsen 1997, pp. 18–19.
    19. ^ Joseph R. Fornieri, “Lincoln’s Reflective Patriotism,” Perspectives on Political Science, Apr-June 2010, Vol. 39#2 pp 108-117


    Genocides in history

    1490 to 1914
    Main article: Population history of American indigenous peoples
    From the 1490s when Christopher Columbus set foot on the Americas to the 1890 massacre of Sioux at Wounded Knee by the United States military, the indigenous population of the Western Hemisphere may have declined, the direct cause mostly from disease, to 1.8 from as many as 100 million.[25] In Brazil alone the indigenous population has declined from a pre-Columbian high of an estimated 3 million to some 300,000 (1997).[26][27] Estimates of how many people were living in the Americas when Columbus arrived have varied tremendously; 20th century scholarly estimates ranged from a low of 8.4 million to a high of 112.5 million persons. This population debate has often had ideological underpinnings.[28] Robert Royal writes that “estimates of pre-Colombian population figures have become heavily politicized with scholars who are particularly critical of Europe and/or Western civilization often favoring wildly higher figures.”[29]
    Scholars now believe that, among the various contributing factors, epidemic disease was the overwhelming direct cause of the population decline of the American natives.[30][31] After first contacts with Europeans and Africans, some believe that the death of 90 to 95% of the native population of the New World was caused by Old World diseases such as smallpox and measles.[32] Some estimates indicate case fatality rates of 80-90% in Native American populations during smallpox epidemics.[33]
    One of the most important yet highly disputed pieces of information regarding the intentional ethnocide of indigenous populations in the Americas was possible intentional use of disease as a biological weapon, which was first posited by British forces under the command of Jeffery Amherst.[34][35] There is, however, only one documented case of germ warfare, involving British commander Jeffrey Amherst.[36] It is uncertain whether this documented British attempt successfully infected the Indians.[37]
    Some historians argue that genocide, a crime of intent, was not the intent of European colonization while in America. The Reverend Stafford Poole, a Catholic priest, wrote: “There are other terms to describe what happened in the Western Hemisphere, but genocide is not one of them. It is a good propaganda term in an age where slogans and shouting have replaced reflection and learning, but to use it in this context is to cheapen both the word itself and the appalling experiences of the Jews and Armenians, to mention but two of the major victims of this century.”[38]
    In his book American Holocaust, David Stannard argues that the destruction of the aboriginal peoples of the Americas, in a “string of genocide campaigns” by Europeans and their descendants, was the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world.[25][39] Stannard’s perspective has been further refined by Ward Churchill, who has said “it was precisely malice, not nature, that did the deed.”[40] Stannard’s claim of 100 million deaths has been challenged because he does not cite any demographic evidence to support this number, and because he makes no distinction between death from violence and death from disease. Noble David Cook, Latin Americanist and history professor at Florida International University, considers books such as Stannard’s– a number of which were released around the year 1992 to coincide with the 500th anniversary of the Columbus voyage to America– to be an unproductive return to Black Legend-type explanations for depopulation. According to Noble David Cook, “There were too few Spaniards to have killed the millions who were reported to have died in the first century after Old and New World contact.”[41]
    In 2003, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez urged Latin Americans to not celebrate the Columbus Day holiday. Chavez blamed Christopher Columbus for leading the way in the mass genocide of the Native Americans by the Spanish.[42]
    American writer David Quammen has likened the colonial American policies and practices toward Native Americans with those of Australia toward its aboriginal populations, calling them “brutal, hypocritical, opportunistic, and even genocidal in the fullest sense of the word.”[43]
    United States of America
    Authors such as the Holocaust expert David Cesarani have argued that the government and policies of the United States of America against certain indigenous peoples in furtherance of Manifest destiny constituted genocide. Cesarani states that “in terms of the sheer numbers killed, the Native American Genocide exceeds that of the Holocaust”.[44] He quotes David E. Stannard, author of American Holocaust,[45] who speaks of the “genocidal and racist horrors against the indigenous peoples that have been and are being perpetrated by many nations in the Western Hemisphere, including the United States….”[46]
    Determining how many people died as a direct result of armed conflict between Native Americans, and Europeans and their descendants, is difficult as accurate records were not always kept.[47] Various statistics have been developed concerning the devastation of the American Indian Wars on the peoples involved. One notable study by Gregory Michno used records dealing with figures “as a direct result of” engagements and concluded that “of the 21,586 total casualties tabulated in this survey, military personnel and civilians accounted for 6,596 (31%), while Indian casualties totaled about 14,990 (69%).” for the period of 1850–90. However, Michno says he “used the army’s estimates in almost every case” & “the number of casualties in this study are inherently biased toward army estimations”.[48]
    In God, Greed, and Genocide: The Holocaust Through the Centuries, Grenke quotes Chalk and Jonassohn with regards to the Cherokee Trail of Tears that “an act like theCherokee deportation would almost certainly be considered an act of genocide today”.[49] The Indian Removal Act of 1830 led to the Trail of Tears. About 17,000 Cherokees — along with approximately 2,000 black slaves owned by Cherokees — were removed from their homes.[50] The number of people who died as a result of the Trail of Tears has been variously estimated. American doctor and missionary Elizur Butler, who made the journey with one party, estimated 4,000 deaths.[51]

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    • I do not believe I’ve ever heard Leo Zagami speak about the Holocaust either. The fact of the matter is that six million did not die during the Holocaust it was far less than one million. Many of these were Polish peoples not all judaics which is something over looked. I know a lady here where I live who’s German mother was put in one of the main concentration camps because she would not join up to the Nazi SS when requested to do so. She highlighted the Polish issues that are ignored.

      The National Socialists and Sabbatean Frankist Zionist hofjuden formed as one central power known as Nazi guided by divisions in the Vatican all for the central power whilst others in the Vatican were on the side of the Allys no different to the first World War when you had the intelligence split between Pine Forest and then Holy Alliance. All with the Jesuits pulling both strings whilst after World War One they stole from the Protestant German people to rebuild the Vatican finances through deceit.

      May I remind you to look into Argentina and its controls with Antarctica and how Hitler was sent by Submarine from France to Argentina where he arrived at 23:00 hours the eleven of Saturn’s judgment again. Hitler finished his life at a very old age in the Union State of Maryland of the land formerly know as the united States of America. Hitler was closely guarded by Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst protection hidden deep within the Directorate of Intelligence division of the Central Intelligence Agency. Study how intense the checks are to get into Argentina and more importantly attempt to go anywhere near Antarctica.

      People today think its something new to have mass TSA checks and fingerprints to enter corporations such as the United States off a plane journey. This and more has occurred for Antarctica and Argentina for a very long time due to the massive secrecy over the region. The Council on Foreign Relations tried to cover-up the permanent thirty-six bases in the region employing over three thousand people back in 1975. Their publication of so-called knowledge claimed there was no one in the region which was an outright lie. Now ask yourself is it all about oil why the British are bickering with Argentina right now supposedly over the Falkland Islands or is it that along with something much, much bigger. Why does that new predictive programming, Battleship 2012 movie spring to mind all of a sudden?

      -= The Unhived Mind

    My comment on the poorly-calculated epistle of your correspondent (the former & self-imagined “leader” of the Jesuit-denouncing research community, whose Jesuitical dissembling is most revealing of his true loyalties), which you are welcome to publish (if you feel the need to remove the email addresses or abbreviate the names referenced below then that is completely understandable):

    More backfiring unintended endorsement from Rome’s selected “leader” of the Vatican-exposing arena, Eric “Evangelii Praecones” (Araldi del Vangeli) Phelps, whose “Brother Hannes” is Hannes Gasteiger of whom their co-conspirator Vivaldi wrote:

    Yeah Hannes has been following me into all the forums I regularly visit, plus he visited me here in Venice. We went to Synagogue together.

    Please note that I have detailed in the past the evidence that has led to my deducing that this Hannes Gasteiger is the one & the same as Norway-based Hans Gaarder & that the likelihood of him being behind the character who presented himself as Norwegian politician Khaqan Khan using “KKK” as an email sign-off in a bunch of time-wasting email diversion around four years ago is extremely high. This character, who wrote an article defending Zagami in 2008 & who was present when Leo was arrested by the PST in Oslo & that I have had it confirmed by two independent sources had visited Italy (& Zagami) over the past couple of years was very likely a PST agent who in fact was behind Leo’s arrest hiding behind a front of presenting himself as a friend.

    As I wrote to one of my correspondent’s a few months back:

    To fully illustrate my contentions on the matter I would have to forward all of my emails from fsb000@hotmail.com who claimed to be Khaqan Khan, the Muslim Norwegian politician & signed his emails “KKK” (Khaqan Khan’s middle name – if he has one – probably isn’t “K”, but no doubt fsb000@hotmail.com found this funny, as that other “KKK” – the Ku Klux Klan is notoriously anti-non-white), as well as the emails that Hans Gaarder sent to myself & others from his hansgaarder@gmail.com address.

    Not to mention having to pass on all of the emails that Vivian/Vittorio Vivaldi sent out that had Hannes Gasteiger – hg6000@hotmail.com Cc’d on them, including their exchanges with each other. This latter email address has obvious echoes of the fsb000@hotmail.com email address, both Hotmail addresses with an alphanumeric code at the start, three “0”‘s & from Norway-based senders with a very telling “humorous” style, too much of a coincidence there. The whacked out “sense of humour” is the same from all three email writers.

    Vivaldi made no bones of the fact when I stated that I presumed that hg6000@hotmail.com – Hannes Gasteiger – was Hans Gaarder. Vivaldi stated that he had met Gasteiger in Venice & that they went to a Synagogue together there. See the email that I sent of Vivaldi’s as part of my email from the other day. I know from independent sources that Vivaldi has met Hans Gaarder. From other sources I know that his “health institute”‘s address was his apartment & that there was no “institute” as presented – & that his address was used as that for a “chaos institute” (sounds like PsyOps by anyone’s standards) before that.

    I had suspicions about Hans from day one – which was when he penned the article ostensibly in Leo’s defence but clearly a self-discrediting propaganda piece full of logical fallacy techniques, through to when Hans wrote his emails to myself & others with quite demented style prose. This was a “red flag” to others, not just myself. That’s why I asked you if he was a “sound guy” when you mentioned him.

    It is standard practice for the intelligence agencies to have their agents court someone as a “confidante” when they want to keep tabs on them – see Rosa Monckton of the MI6/SMOM Monckton family “intelligence” cabal’s “friendship” with Princess Diana in the summer of 1997 for the classic example of this. She was the only source for the claim that Diana couldn’t have been pregnant to Dodi Fayed as she was supposedly menstruating. Bearing in mind all of the above it would make perfect sense that Hans served such a purpose for the PST towards Leo, as he appeared on the scene immediately after Leo’s first arrest in spring 2008 & was the one who it was arranged to meet with Leo when he arrived in summer 2008 & was arrested again – this time by the PST.

    You are hardly likely to get a signed confession from him though!

    Phelps is more “history” than he is “Mr History”. He has signed, sealed & delivered himself in the blood-red wax of a Vatican seal below. He may have fooled many of us (& continues to do so with those less discerning) as to the true nature of his agenda for many years, but has provided the example par excellence of how the Jesuit/Vatican nexus will even “expose” itself if it can well & truly throw in key diversions like presenting those pawns & pseudo-enemies of Rome such as George Washington & “King” James “VI/I” “Stewart” Rizzio as being “heros” of those Protesting the Roman Abomination. A perfect foil for the likes of Stratfor agent Alex Jones & his buddy Texe Marrs.

    These conspiracy research figureheads are part of one big Council for National Policy programme ultimately working for the benefit of Rome & Jerusalem/Herzliya. Phelps denounces his CNP masters such as Time La Haye, who – it should be noted – denounces many of the same masters & allies that he covertly works for & with, such as the Trilateral Commission, Rockefellers, UN & the Roman Catholic Church. To anyone with sufficient perceptive skills & intellectual ability, such denouncements from such easily identifiable practitioners of the Fallacies & of False Rhetoric serves only to serve these supposed “targets”.

    Moreover, by keeping his audience entranced with false & distorted presentations of centuries-old “history” that are completely in line with mainstream propagandised servile education’s accounts of these events, Phelps’ strategy serves to reinforce the mind-crippling tactics of those who seek to destroy Critical Thinking & ultimately be accepting of whatever falsehoods that can be implemented in naive minds that the Jesuit/Zionist elites deem to be efficacious & perhaps – for them – even amusing.

    Let the last laugh be from those who have the strength of mind & dignity of conscience to see through these tactics & call out the deepest of deep cover gatekeepers for what they have – ironically – shown themselves to be. Such is the Achilles’ Heel of those who submit to the Will of the Ego, unable to restrain it for the higher good of even their own sorry selves, i.e. we can read below the kind of writings (ramblings more like!) that betray oneself & betray more of oneself than they could ever hope to reveal of their intended targets. As contemporary American parlance would have it: Major Fail!

    – TS

    • Dear Troy,

      Please remember my anger when I found out this Vivaldi character was going around threatening forum owners over my information. If someone disagreed with me he would attack the owner leading to me being ultimately banned from sites. These are the tactics employed by these most devious filth of the Roman Empire which Eric Jon Phelps loves to roll in the muck with like the debt instrument lusting pig he has become. As I said before he would do well joining The Worshipful Company of Mercers as they all have a lust for Gold, Oil and Diamonds rather than the God of true-Christianity.

      -=> The Unhived Mind

  • vpo0aerj

    Heard that song by ebony bones ?
    Gold, Oil and Drugs

  • FreemanInChrist

    You’ve made the right decision in my eyes Craig.

    Reading Zagami’s email only highlighted to me what a devious Jesuit I already believed Vivaldi to be.

    For Eric to continue to support Vivaldi has shown his true colours.

    I have thought for a long time that Eric is himself a Jesuit Coadjutor, but have always given him the benefit of the doubt, thinking he simply has some flawed character traits and is wrong about certain things.

    I can’t believe someone of Eric’s knowledge of history and conspiracy can be so often foolish and narrow-minded in his thinking, unless it’s a deliberate act.

    • See folks its not only me who can see through Eric Jon Phelps now but many others are mailing me with similar wordings to this one below. Its time to wake up and move away from Eric Jon Phelps until he at least quits his vile association with Vivaldi. So I ask you people if someone gives you one or two spots of good information then does this make up for multiple dire spots of information which is pulling you down at this moment? So this is where Eric Jon Phelps’s illogic comes into play over his Venetian history lesson. This is how Vivaldi and others like him work. These people will present you with some truth then hammer you with dirt whilst trying to probe you to build up profiles on you for attack later. Vivaldi is pathetic at all these tasks! In truth I’ve seen through him from day one and never trusted him fully as Eric knows from my emails warning him for a long time.

      Vivaldi goes around outright abusing people and threatening them with death whilst being a poor liar then expects to get away with it. Eric Phelps has either turned into a cabbage all of a sudden or he’s on a debt instrument trip with Vivaldi. Does this sound like truth saying to you? I don’t even like the idea of subscriptions for information aka Greg Szymanski but if you have to survive then so be it but to take, beg and crave the shekels off this devious Venetian then well thats lower than whale excrement in my eyes. I’ve also not seen Eric openly begging as much or using all these daft business links he has for so long. Is he getting what he needs from Vivaldi or is it just his IRS issues are over? Who cares the answer is he lies with the Devil and one who admires the homosexual Pope who’s lover is most likely Georg Ganswein his private secretary.

      Do you guys like the pope? Do you guys think he’s independent or a Jesuit pope? Ask yourself why he destroyed the challenge to the Jesuits in 2006 by Opus Dei. Who do you think he’s a puppet for? So why would anyone admire this pope like Vivaldi does with a passion? If Venice was truly against Catholicism then it would not follow Catholicism and would never have had Catholicism from the start of any schism. It could easily have moved to being Protestant but it did not, why? Why does this Venetian liar admire the pope and the Pope-to-be named Angelo Scola? Another Venetian stuck up the backside of Ratzinger. Does not make sense to at all.

      Now we see clearly what Eric Jon Phelps is and its time he was neutralized and all original work continued but with greater detail as we have and are doing right now. Can you trust anything new that comes out of Eric’s mouth which is flowing from Vivaldi? When Eric says the next man is a Knight of Malta, can you trust that information? We know who the real Knights of Malta are from our previous works but these ones Vivaldi has claimed? No we do not and they need proving first without a shadow of a doubt. William Cooper warned us all about these types of people and their trickery and we should heed his experienced words. Its time to become the homeopathic detoxification to remove and clean out that Venetian venom.

      -= The Unhived Mind

  • Halvor

    I want to add some information about Hans Gaarder.

    I have twice tried to get in touch with him electronically, but he has never answered me. The first time was around 2008 when he was acting as a liaison for Leo here in Norway. Considering I have written the Leo Zagami biography on Xiandos (in both English and Norwegian) which to date remains the most comprehensive chronicle of his whistleblower activities available, at least for that period of it, I found that odd.

    I can confirm the information above about his chaos reseach institute being conducted from a small apartment in one of Oslo’s older suburbs as I went up there around 2008 to survey the locale.

    Gaarder is also the editor-in-chief of Nyhetsspeilet.no (“news mirror”.no) which is Norway’s most prominent conspiracy web site, with many of the articles written by Gaarder himself. He also spends his time giving lectures on conspiracy reality. He has written the following article in English about the Jesuits: “Snapshots from Satan’s temple the Vatican” (highly recommended by Eric Jon Phelps.

    His name is Hans K. Gaarder – I’m not sure if that’s the ‘K’ that was missing above. That would be congruous with aforementioned playfulness.

    You sound like the heretic Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Martin Alexander Richling.

    I would never speak to you as you have now spoken to me, especially after the many years of mutual friendship and my defense of you in the past.

    However as per your choice, we are now disassociated with no possibility of restoration unless you repent of this behavior.

    I do not consider you to be my enemy however. You, though deluded by Jesuit Coadjutors, are still in my prayers.

    Lord bless,

    Brother Eric

    • I do not wish for a restoration of friendship with you Eric Jon Phelps. Now you have the nerve to compare me with Martin Richling. You deserve everything you’ve taken from me over this Venetian Vivaldi. I consider you an arch enemy no different to he until you use your loaf for once and see through his pathetic self. How the hell you can go along with this infiltrator is beyond me. So one or two good pieces of information on Venice means all the rest of the junk, lies, death threats are fine? C’mon for God sake. Martin Richling follows the wicked King James and his most vile Bible. I now promote the Geneva 1560 Bible as Troy’s information is correct on all levels.

      Troy has given us far more worth than this clown Vivaldi who has done great damage and who no one trusts, likes or admires except who? Eric Jon Phelps! Even the peoples lacking knowledge see through Vivaldi and do not like your antics and association with him. Why can you not see this? You know you are in the wrong and this is why you have been quiet like a man with his tongue removed when it comes to the pathetic actions of Vivaldi. He has flip flopped against Leo Zagami and he has flip flopped against me with his death threat. A good liar has a good memory, either Vivaldi has a poor memory or he thinks we are common scum he can easily manipulate. No Eric Jon Phelps I do not care for his knowledge of diversion and deception! I care for knowledge on The City of London ignored by Vivaldi and far older than you make out, remember the Roman Empire Eric? Why do you ignore The City Eric? Feel its too beneath Rome? Do not be too sure how smaller power it has because you may very well be surprised. Theres more to this conspiracy than meets the eye and with far more rabbit holes, alliances and connections. Both Leo Zagami and Vivaldi refuse to address the powers where I live even though Leo Zagami obviously rated our Freemasonry. Strange that isn’t it?

      I’m tired to Vivaldi, I’m now tired of you Eric Jon Phelps because you have crippled so much we all accomplished. Long live the Geneva Bible 1560! Eric Jon Phelps, I shall do my best to make sure the people burn the King James Bible and move to the real Bible you all detest with a passion. Long live the real Bible and death to the George Abbot Bible and that wicked City of London once and for all. If you cannot see Vivaldi as a Temporal Coadjutor after you attack everyone else as one then there is something very strange and deeply wrong especially with the intelligence you have within. I believe in the Geneva Bible, I now see through King James I, I cannot stand Vivaldi and his lies. Explain to me how that is me being guided by Temporal Coadjutors? I do not correspond with Leo Zagami although I do believe he is more worthwhile than Vivaldi and he certainly would not be so unprofessional and pathetic as Vivaldi in his flip-flopping.

      I deal only with Troy Space who I’ve finally admitted is on to something as he usually has always been. Far better Masonic information than anything from you or Vivaldi. Troy goes deep to the roots and makes sure things are checked out properly and can be proved both in and out of the Lodge as well as anti-Vatican information. This is not so with Vivaldi as you know, try proving his wild claims. Ancient zombies, my God its almost as bad as these Gray Aliens of the psy-op called Operation Greenstar. All to divert you away from horrible old men working on secret projects for control and mind manipulation through the coming World’s greatest hoax of alien threats and contact all tying back to that pesky Antarctica again and those stinking Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst controlling much of it. Maybe Leo Zagami and Vivaldi could talk about Licio Gelli connection to the DVD via his Argentinian Citizenship. Maybe Vivaldi can come up with some other wacko jacko claptrap for other mugs. My God Eric Jon Phelps what a come down indeed.

      Goodbye Eric Jon Phelps and may your craving for debt instruments be the end of you. If you wish to repent your Sins on a Geneva Bible 1560 to Jesus Christ himself and ask forgiveness for your association with a sinful liar and mental basket case then please do. When that time comes I shall show my support. Until that time may Satan continue to use your soul for the wicked agenda of a cretin stuck up the backside of Angelo Scola the soon-to-be Pope as well as Pope Ratzinger himself. Not forgetting that Ratzinger is uranian sodomite. Come on Eric Jon Phelps he’s bloody laughing at you my enemy. He’s telling you where his loyalty is and any true hater of Rome would have zero to do with it and certainly not boast of Ratzinger etc.

      Come on what the hell is wrong with you? What trance does he have over you? I do not care for historical ties between me and you Eric when you are doing what you are doing today. I’ve lost many a connection through associating with you. I did this at the time because you were honest, had good information and I believed you were for the good. Now I believe you are a debt instrument whore, doing wrong, know about it but carry on regardless and well no longer have sound information regarding anything stemming from this Venetian filth. Have you even checked if he has cancer Eric? I hope God strikes him down for his lies of all kinds.

      The Unhived Mind

      • I tell you, being called a Jesuit by Eric back whenever it was, simply for presenting the facts (rather than suppressing them) on James VI/I really made me reassess things.

        & around the same time shook off all of these American “ex”-Catholics who Eric seemed surrounded by in the online world (like an online version of Elvis’ “Memphis Mafia”) & would bombard my inbox with their claptrap & do things like try to lure me into debates with their other fellow American “ex”-Catholics. They’d often exhibit a mood swings between an distasteful overfamiliar “buddiness” (that seemed a bit “Richard Nixon” to me) & a very Romish doctrinairism that was more based on trying to make others agree with them – regardless of the correctness of their position – that seemed like (admittedly not very good) attempts at trying to both shut down real discourse & to induce Cognitive Dissonance. This is why I thought/suspect that many of them were/are Jesuits & the like. Things are much better all around having moved on. More time to look into things from many different angles & to then be able to see past more of the obstacles that are laid in all of our paths. Less stress from dealing with too many idiots too often.

        I had felt like there was a definite time sapping agenda going on with most of these characters. Vivaldi’s modus operandi revealed that time & energy wasting was/is his raison d’etre.

        Ancient zombies

        Perhaps Vivaldi was actually helping us psychologically to be prepared for the “Zombie Apocalypse”?!


        • Yes you are talking about those such as Ponce who showed what a gutter snipe he really was. Ponce likes call everyone an heretick as he writes it whilst also pushing the King James Bible rather than the true Bible called the Geneva Bible 1560. Then there was that other guy who was constantly trying to get everyones details even attempting to want phone numbers etc. How obvious has the infiltration attempts been dear Troy? Oh well time to continue the true fight away from the actions of the Temporal Coadjutors attempt to hinder the exposure of Rome.

          This Zombie nonsense being pushed by the media and intelligence agencies is simply coding for the population cull called for by the Club of Rome. All for the coming future phase out of humanity to be replaced by a new genetic laboratory created creature as a hybrid of human with animal and technology fused as one. All in a technotronic society free from humanity and under masters with one-hundred percent control. This culling will rapidly increase as soon as the New International Economic Order is complete and the carbon trading platform is in place. Watch how quickly and how often the pandemics occur and how all of a sudden you see many events where pneumonic plague gets used.

          -= The Unhived Mind

    Did you hear Eric and Vivaldi claim that its Leo Zagami who has broken up the anti-Vatican movement but this is a plan to try and push the blame elsewhere by Eric. I’ve highlighted who has destroyed the anti-Vatican movement and that is at the core Eric Jon Phelps and then later to finish it off it was Vivaldi. The big split came after Vivaldi stuck his Venetian bird beak in the mix and started his lies and infiltration actions. Leo Zagami has only recently come back on the scene so how anyone can blame Leo I will never know. I’ve thrown out the trash not because of any Leo Zagami but because of too many lies and even death threats, I’d had enough.

    Eric has an agenda and the more I listen to him right now the more I see and feel that agenda. I distrust Eric Jon Phelps today and I hardly believe anything from his mouth which is new because I know its being fed by Vivaldi the nobody who trumps himself up as some amazing character of power. Well Eric likes a Pope Ratzinger lover how wonderful for the followers of this Beast follower. May the real Puritans weep as he spews Venetian lies and calls on that George Abbot Bible from hell. May Jesus Christ bless him one day with a nice Geneva Bible 1560.

    Eric you will be talked to as I desire and when I desire for your betrayal of a most loyal follower and aid. You’ve let a devious piece of crap send me death threats and never muttered a word about it other than a begging email for debt instruments from that very threatener who then lied to your face via email and then admitted it later on. Exactly the same thing he did to Leo Zagami at one point. You are very stupid fool indeed and I hope Vivaldi screws you over. Go to Venice Eric if you think Vivaldi is such a great being, drink some of his wine Eric and eat some of his food. I’m sure you will end up a few feet under the Venetian waters after being poisoned. You haven’t gone to Venice yet Eric? Oh my I wonder why. Why haven’t you called on Vivaldi to come to your devil state of PENN (Pan=Devil) SYLVANIA (DEVIL)? Do you not trust him?

    But you like Vivaldi’s debt instruments though right Eric? You’ve become a debt whore reading a vermin’s version of the Bible ripping off the Puritan Geneva Bible 1560 which Queen Elizabeth Ist herself used. Screw King James that wicked sinner I spit on his corpse and his pirate Bible just as I spit on the Pope of Rome. You complain about piracy of your book but hows about the piracy of the great Geneva Bible 1560 & 1599 then the suppressing of that very pirated book Eric?

    You will never here me say anything good about the Pope of Rome!

    -= The Unhived Mind

    • From: Eric Jon Phelps ;
      To: ‘VVVPIII’ ;
      Subject: Dear Count
      Sent: Fri, Nov 18, 2011 11:10:21 PM

      Dear Count,

      I am truly sorry that UHM has had a falling out with you and that you said some things that were unnecessary.

      I would remind you, we are in a war with Satan’s greatest human power, the Jesuit Order, and if we are defiled with personal sin, the Lord will not hear our prayers and come to our defense. Please read I John 1:9 and know that when we confess our sins to God he will forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness that we may have our prayers answered in time of need.

      And this is a time of need for me. I could sure use a 500.00 bank wire to the Church account. Are you able to help dear Count? We are on the front lines and I truly need funds to continue this good fight. Do you have any friends to help? One bank wire from a few good men would help immensely!

      You are in my prayers.

      Lord bless,

      Brother Eric

    Sunday, April 15, 2012 2:45 PM

    WHAT is this boy :


    You, Zagami, and this Jesuit priest Hermano Maximiliano are all in BIG FUCKING TROUBLE!

    If anyone goes near my family’s property, the police have been given orders to ‘shoot to kill’. No one will arrest us because we own the police and the mayor is my uncle too



    This is Zagami’s revenge for me exposing his residence? It will cost him dearly!

      • From: TS Subject: Re: what is this Craig?
        Date: Sunday, April 15, 2012, 9:59 PM

        More time wasting campness from this disinformation agent.

        We have no proof of this ancestry being his (maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, still no proof of connection).

        & so what? Are we supposed to get some gay hard on (as he clearly does) over his supposed Catholic aristocratic ancestry?

        If Leo had boasted in the same manner as Vivaldi about his own ancestry, rather than being matter of fact about it, then I would have found it equally nauseating. Vivaldi is half-Indian & a white supremacist eugenicist? WTF? How short does he think that our memory’s are to not see the disconnect?

        Quite frankly – without beating my chest about it, just stating it as it is – I find my own family ancestry far more interesting than his, based on the research that my aunt & myself have been able to compare from our individual researches in recent years (adding to what was already a solid foundational basis).

        Why would I want to waste my time looking into his debased ancestry? Here’s a question: Why were the vile Stewarts & the Sinclairs so keen to strengthen their own thinned out Nordic genes? Does Vivaldi have any himself? Not by the looks of it! The ancient roots of the Northern peoples clearly have significant ante-deluvian origins that Rome & its desert nomad camp followers have tried to destroy for the better part of the past millennium. Note: It was on a Scandinavian island that a Northern branch of the Templars were one of the last to hold out against the order’s suppression in the 14th century. Coincidence? What were they really looking for there? Not likely to hear from the Vatican anytime soon I suspect.

        Unless Vivaldi knows what his genetic mix is going back into ancient days then he is talking out of his backside. Most of England is descended from Edward III for God’s sake, that’s why he came to be called “the Father of the English Nation”. Post-Hanoverian English royalty is very mongrel too with their heavy Germanic components with only thinned out Nordic component remaining. Even the Norse monarchy was highjacked & has been of debased Germanic stock for the past few centuries.

        Do you think that he goes to beat himself off after getting all worked up writing his petulant emails? He’s always been keen on bringing up the subject, so this could be a sign of Psychological projection!



    On 18 Apr 2012, at 12:50, VVVPIII wrote:
    Well, you can go visit her and ask her yourself. Her home is a bed and breakfast side-business. Anyone could go there. Pretend to be a client! Hmmm…….. maybe Leo is hiding out there these days……. Getting Warmer……. You idiot Zagami, how dare you turn on me in the fashion that you did…. The Police is coming !!! And it won’t be pretty. Your little Mexican friend Hermano. is going down too! Sardegna is not an easy place to enter or escape from. If You send thugs to my summerhome, I will send some Romanians to the following address to teach you lession:


    Don’t fuck with a Wild Boar! You tell Hermano to cancel that messege NOW!!! I MEAN IT! I have your address in Roviano too Zagami. Roviano is my family’s city dickhead. You are crazy if you think you are safe there! I want this Hermano shit erased. Please, lets not go to war.

    So I guess AC/DC and the rest of these folks are also related to the Queen’s mother:


    The funny thing is that your mom told me she was a ‘communist’ when I said the Venetian militia was pleased with your work. She claimed to have had a small production beer distillery the UK. Thats all we know about her. And when I asked if she had relations to the Bowles family she had absolutely declared to not be noble or related in any way to the Bowles family. Yet when I asked if she knew my cousin, she knew him well. You are a fraud Leo. You need to be locked up in an insane asylum and treated for ‘Grandiose Delusions’. I also want you to apologize to my wife, it would benefit you, if wanted your book to get any attention in Italy. She connected to Feltrinelli and Mondadori. You blew it Zagami! I have all your terrorist messeges Zagami, how you cheered on the violent attack on Berlusconi in Milano. Why don’t you go clean the toilets at the Sacro Speco?

    I saw this messege blaming me for Kinky Craig’s Pyramid schemes:

    I never sent you anything I believe someone hacked in this account and I believe its Vivaldi connected as I had many emails go out like this but its not me so ignore any unless they make sense and look like


    June 1 2009

    So Zagami is NO LIAR! He is honest on who he knows. I was able to get into a lot of places only Leo could have let me into. So Leo Zagami is 100% honest about his rank in the Illuminati and connections with these key figures.

    November 13 2009

    Look at Zagami’s homes in Italy and outside Rome, all are farms with mills, wheat, grain, olives, and grapes. Zagami grows and mills his own crops. His mother also does.

    November 14 2009

    Typically, you would need 7 continuous generations to be recognized as noble by the Hereldic Council, but some councils are lienient if you posess a complete family tree down to the known ancestor. And you certainly would be welcome at annual functions but without a title. As for titles, they are difficult to obtain. You can also ask Leo, who is waiting for 8 different titles to be recognized in Southern Italy. I carry only three and I claiming another three. But lawyers are working on it. Its costly!

    December 17 2009

    Let me just add that Leo Lyon Zagami Young has NEVER ever exaggerated or lied to anyone! He was always telling us the truth with Illuminati Confessions. Leo has a 500-year-old seal of the Illuminati on top of his Medieval estate in Anticoli(RM). The guy is 100% honest, and now he is taking the Orient by storm, and his new book has been released in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

    December 21 2009

    I would ask Leo, because he is anti-Berlusconi. Since Berlusconi signed my permission to to return to Italy after exile, I can’t really hate him. And he was a P2 member, so may be he isn’t so bad.

    December 28 2009

    Umberto II is the true founder of the P2 Lodge. He believed that the only way back into Italy was to use Masonry to rebuild a healthy image for himself, but it didn’t work, because the masons ultimately are still controlled by the Jesuits. … Licio Gelli is an amazing individual and he still protects the secrets of the lodge. Gelli was in direct contact with Umberto II, and Gelli controlled everything. … HRH Vittorio Emanuele IV, has only been subordinate to King Umberto II, his father, and predecessor. He is close to Prince Philip and other balkanite royals.

    December 29 2009

    This is a Italian Police report and record that goes against HRH Leo Lyon Zagami Young. It is not an actual Denouncement, but it is a warning and a witness against Leo for the future. If there is a trial in the future and Leo is balanced to go to prison, this document would help proove Leo is a criminal. Of course I would defend Leo immediately …

    January 7 2010

    Leo I am helping you! I want you to expose these frauds. You are the Grand Koftu! Lets be honest brother. The REAL rituals are done in Rome, with real severed heads, REAL blood, and real skulls. Masonry is a watered down Catholic ritual, its even weaker than Sunday mass.

    I think Troy needs to interview you, so that we can get down to exposing masonry.

    January 18 2010

    In many cases, you can get the 33º without the doing the 1-32 degree’s. Through nobility, Zagami and I passed through most of the rituals.

    January 21 2010

    Wow, I guess everything is out in the open! I did the REAL skull drinking ceremony with Leo in Rome. Its very symbolic.

    February 6 2010

    Someone is telling Leo I am a Jesuit. I hope it is not you. I know that its not Craig, because Craig tells me everything.

    May 3 2010

    My proof is what we already know through historical documents and then my experience. I met several high-level aristocrats through Illuminati GM HRH Leo Lyon Zagami of Sant’ Elia. I have met the Papal bloodlines.

    May 3 2010

    I know Leo is doing his best to unite what’s left of our clean secret societies Jesuit opposition.



    August 8 2010

    Not enough drama for one day Zagami? … Now go tell the Jesuits that you have failed, before I start sending people to your house. Maybe I should give them the house number too.

    Do you remember the rituals Leo??? Of course I will not expose them.

    It looks like you’ll have to sell Leo. Sorry, but you deserved it!
    Street View of Leo Zagami address, Pass it on! Expose this Jesuit !

    August 9 2010

    But any presence of Zagami discredits you as he is a self-confessed shill. I don’t even think he works for the Jesuits. … Leo has never had to deal with someone as powerful as me before, and he will now discover the lesson for betraying me.

    Dear friend & fellow researchers

    Self-styled “noble”, deluded Ignorati & low-level Jesuit grunt (& collaborator of Jesuit agent provocateur & anti-Jesuit infiltrator Eric Phelps) Vivian Vivaldi wrote:

    The funny thing is that your mom told me she was a ‘communist’ when I said the Venetian militia was pleased with your work. She claimed to have had a small production beer distillery the UK. Thats all we know about her. And when I asked if she had relations to the Bowles family she had absolutely declared to not be noble or related in any way to the Bowles family. Yet when I asked if she knew my cousin, she knew him well. You are a fraud Leo.

    Now that flies well in the face of Vivaldi’s statements in the past, for example:
    November 13 2009

    Look at Zagami’s homes in Italy and outside Rome, all are farms with mills, wheat, grain, olives, and grapes. Zagami grows and mills his own crops. His mother also does.

    I will repost (once again) Vivaldi’s earlier statements (summer 2009 to spring 2010) regarding Leo & his family background which completely negate the fraudulent claims that Vivaldi is now making (& has been since summer 2010) as the internal battle within the initiatic order networks is intensifying in Italy & the Psy-Ops of the NWO-alligned lodge members is kicking in full force (as evidenced by Vivaldi’s lame efforts in recent times).

    My comments & evidences presented to correct the time wasting ignorance & deception of Vivaldi’s ramblings are as follows:

    I’m not surprised that Leo Lyon-Zagami’s mother (Jessica Lyon-Young) replied (& this is assuming for the sake of argument that she spoke with Vivaldi – & I doubt that as I doubt most things that he says having proven himself to be a self-contradicting liar time & time again) that she had never heard of the “Bowles” family. She’d probably never heard of the “Bowels” family either!

    Leo’s mother’s father, Henry Lyon-Young was indeed a cousin to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. Note that it is “Bowes”, not “Bowles”! Vivaldi once again demonstrating that he hasn’t got a clue, but will lie for the sake of lying.

    Note that Vivaldi steeps to the lowest depths once more & even manages to exceed himself by posting what he claims to be Leo Zagami’s mother’s home address. This is the type of infiltrational amoral & immoral scum that we are dealing with people. Their depravity knows no bounds. Eric Phelps continues promoting this Zionist Jesuit agent & thus shows his own hand (yet again) as a gofer for Borgo Santo Spirito, Rome & the Herliya/Jerusalem cabal.

    Accurate research on Leo’s family (father’s father’s Zagami line; father’s mother’s De Gregorio line; mother’s father’s Lyon-Young line; mother’s mother’s Mason line) can be found here:




    Please find below documentation that supports Leo’s statements concerning his family background. Leo states that there is much more info that he has documents of both in paper form & on his two laptops that the Norwegian police still won’t release.

    * The father of Leo’s father Elio, the Italian senator of the 1950′s & 1960′s Leopoldo Zagami has several reference links here:

    The Aeolian Islands: A Travel Guide
    Le monete di Lipara
    Lipari ed i suoi cinque millenni di storia
    Le isole Eolie nella storia e nella leggenda
    Le isole Eolie. Tra leggenda e storia
    Carlo Silvestri: socialista, antifascista, mussoliniano
    Annuario politico italiano

    & I found some more at these pages:

    There was an Italian government source which contained official lists of the chamber of deputies 1953-58 that listed Leopldo Zagami, but this is no longer on the site:

    There was also information regarding Leopoldo Zagami’s book “Le Monete di Lipara” at the following URL.

    However, this is no longer on the net either, nor are they available at:

    * I have found references to a present day Sicilian politician called Jenny Zagami. Leo states that she is not his mother Jessica Lyon Zagami (nee Jessica Lyon Young), who lives in Rome with his father Elio, in the Subiaco area I believe.

    * A reference in English Zagami’s father Elio can be found here:


    “They are figures through which a legacy of mythic or realistic stories is constructed, like that of Saro Taranto, master-philosopher, immortalized in the story “Le Pietre di Mulino (Mill Stones)” of Elio Zagami“

    & there are many more in Italian.

    * I have posted some material relating to his father Elio’s mother, the Marchesa de Gregorio’s family. Note that there are contesting lines for this title, although they have variants to the full title. This is often common in European aristocratic & royal lines even among the highest circles.

    This can be found here:


    Leo states that this is very incomplete & will furnish much more information when he – hopefully – gets his computers back.

    * Here’s an article from the Telegraph (UK) newspaper showing that LLZ’s mother’s mother (Felicity Mason) was married to the cousin of the Queen Mother (Henry Lyon Young, LLZ’s mother’s father, they later divorced):


    [NOTE: THIS CAN NOW BE FOUND AT: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/books/3646148/King-of-the-cut-ups.html ]

    The relevant quote:

    “By 1950, he [Bryon Gysin] had tipped up in Tangier, which he exalted as “the wild west of the spirit”. He took to the city’s precarious debauchery – the intrigue, the kif, the boys – like a fish to water. He travelled in the Sahara painting desert scenes, flourished briefly as a restaurateur and enjoyed an interlude with an Englishwoman called Felicity Mason, who had been married to the Queen Mother’s cousin, and whom William Burroughs (whom she tried unsuccessfully to seduce) described as “the last of the intrepid English women travellers, who screwed their way across the desert”.“

    * HLY seems to have written the book at these pages (he has written others too, linkable references further down):

    * HLY & Felicity Mason are both mentioned here, though not directly connecting them, from their premarriage years:


    “Deirdre du Prey’s general correspondence and subject files include personal recollections and unpublished confessions of actors who were closely associated with the theatre at Dartington including Basil Langton and Henry Lyon Young. Deirdre du Prey also collected private papers of Michael Chekhov’s students, for instance Felicity Mason and Peter Kingscote Tunnard.“

    Their marriage (her first) is detailed here on. P.98 of “Nothing Is True – Everything Is Permitted: The Life of Brion Gysin”:


    You’ll have to go to that page as I can’t copy the text from there.

    * There are a selection of links to pieces that mention him briefly here:
    Eliza Lynch: Regent of Paraguay
    Baroque Tales of Chile
    Adventures of Samuel Pickwick, Esq. A Play …: A Play …
    Sotheby, Firm, Auctioneers, London. [Catalogues of sales].
    American Theatre Companies, 1931-1986
    Nothing Is True – Everything Is Permitted: The Life of Brion Gysin
    Mikhail Chekhov as Actor, Director, and Teacher
    Theatre Papers

    * The following would seem to be the dates of birth & death of Leo’s maternal grandmother, Felicity Mason. As an aside Leo states that he has only been to the USA once prior to his current trip of April-June 2008, & that this was in 1982 with his grandmother Felicity Mason, when he was 12.
    =1&rf=*,z*&qt=i&zassn=051&zgssn=62&zsssn=6786&highlight=mason%2cfelicity Name: Felicity Mason
    Birth Date: 14 December 1917 (Historical Events)
    Death Date: 28 August 1993 (Historical Events)
    Residence at Death: New York,New York,New York 10038
    SSN: 051-62-6786

    * She also wrote books under the name Anne Cumming & a some references can be found about her on the net:

    Non-fiction books include Anne Cumming’s The Love Habit and The Love Quest, Fiona Pitt-Kethley’s The Pan Principle and Journeys to the Underworld, Cleo Odzer’s Patpong Sisters and Lucretia Stewart’s The Weather Prophet.”

    The Love Habit: The Sexual Confessions of an Older Woman
    Anne Cumming
    The “Book of Genesis” of female sex memoirs; a trailblazer describes her dalliances around Continental Europe.

    The Love Quest: A Sexual Odyssey
    Anne Cumming
    And here is the Old Testament, as Cumming warms to her sex travel theme and provides juicy anecdotes from Morocco, Egypt, Iraq and other rendezvous points.

    Here are some more links that mention her:
    Nothing Is True – Everything Is Permitted: The Life of Brion Gysin
    Roger Ebert’s Movie Yearbook 2007
    The Beat Hotel: Ginsberg, Burroughs, and Corso in Paris, 1958-1963
    The Dream at the End of the World: Paul Bowles and the Literary Renegades in Tangier
    No Marriage of Convenience
    Your Movie Sucks
    Word Virus: The William S. Burroughs Reader
    Last Words: the final journals of William S. Burroughs

    The following is an account of Leo’s in which he mentions his father & paternal grandfather in what I take to be an extended biographical account of aspects of his early years that I presume accompanied one of his record releases in the 1990′s. This was reposted at the following defunct page:
    In the 70′s Italy was one of the most dark places in Europe with daily terrorist attacks and mafia killings, a place full of fear and uncertainty. Leo was only a kid at that time, willing to play and learn but also to change things from the beginining for this sick new world he landed in. He was risen in a very particular situation and a very particular family. The grandfather of Leo was the great Sicilian Senator Leopoldo Zagami, one of the most powerful men in Sicily and also one of the few honest politicians in Italy. In 1974 he died in mysterious circumstances, leaving the family with nothing but grief for the insane world of Italian politics.

    The Italian enemies of his grandfather who among others counted the infamous corrupt politician Bettino Craxi, started a slow but effective persecution of Leo’s family, who could though still count on the friendship of the more respectable people in Sicily and Rome. Due to the uncertainty of the times the parents were basically bringing up Leo in a very discreet way in a beautiful, isolated location near Rome, where they decided to live at the beginning of the 70′s. Leo was never allowed though to say who he really was to any of his school friends or even to invite them home. He had to venture out in the streets of the local villages if he wanted some action and there in the villages he recluted the best kids for his magickal gangs who always had very dangerous initiation rituals and names like Banda Kung-ku o Banda dagli Scudi d’Oro. Many strange events that couldn’t be explained took place since an early age in leo’ life, and one of these experiences was later reported by his father dr. Elio Zagami in the book “FUMASTR”. The only way to explain them was to understand the hidden forces of magick, something Leo’s father, a celebrated Jung psychoanalyst and a personal student of Meyer, was trying to do during that 70′s period with an extensive research that brought Leo only 6 years old to India and Ceylon for 3 months on a magickal pilgrimage towards the understanding of the powerful eastern philosophies.
    And it’s during a particular visit with his parents to a hindu temple in Trinkomali (Ceylon) that Leo gets involved in something that will change his life forever. A monkey from the temple they were visiting hits him on his left ear and steals his mother’s wallet. The guardian of the temple quickly recovers the wallet, but Leo contracts a bad infection developing inside the ear with a possible chance of becoming deaf in one ear for the rest of his life.

    During that period for almost two months Leo was left with only one ear working, but something magickal was starting to take place for the future magickal child. The left ear trapped by a big blob of puss seemed to be receiving internal voices from another level. He was too young to understand and explain to others around him what was happening, but things were definately changing for Leo. Leo’s father wanted to explore more of the sacred locations of this magickal island called Ceylon, where Alister Crowley and Frank Bennet (responsible for bringing buddhism to England) years earlier had been working for the development of western spirituality, and numerous journeys were made to remote holy locations in the middle of the jungle. It was on one of these journeys that Leo discovered music. Yes, the ear had started working again, and the ritualistic sound of the beautiful drums and instruments of Ceylon was coming out of the jungle in the middle of the night while Leo and his family were sleeping in a nearby guest house. Leo says about this important episode in his life: “the sound becomes louder and louder, and my father suddeny jumps out of bed and decides to bring us there to check out what was going on, even if my mother in a very British way was a bit worried at that time of the locals’ reaction to our unholy presence, but everything went totally ok. What an experience!”. That’s when Leo understands the force of music behind rituals, the driving force of sound in creation, the magick of music that will never abandon him or his magickal ear.


    De Gregorio (family)

    Messinese family of century XII, than wants original of the Germany, last in Genoa in century XVI and then returned in Sicily. Dwelling: Palermo Turin and Messina.

    Arm: party, grafted, merlato of black and d’ silver of six pieces. Cimiero: a crane of black with its vigilance. Maxim: SIC TUTIUS.

    In 1316 a Gregorio is remarkable de Gregorio judge of Palermo, then judge of Great Court, having had infeudum for if ET suos conceduto the weight of the statera; a Mario distinguished Gregorio sworne 1351; a portulano Perrone 1357; bordering had the cargo of castellano of Matagrifone 1364. Besides the precedence a Tommaso miles invested of the state property censuses is found infeudum for ragion of dowry of wife 1416, dottor a Giovanni judge 1484, Peter also judge 1504, main one notaro of straticotiale court 1507, protonotaro of the reign and general vicario of Sicily 1512, the richest man, avendogli l’ emperor Carl V confirmato the barony and the feudi of Peter d’ Friend 1526, like anchor to its eredi the segrezie of Patti and Castroreale 1534. Costui coll’ occasion of the transfer of the said R.G.Corte in Palermo was moved in this city, where the Giampietro son magnified the casato one; he was captain d’ arms to war of the reign and general vicario of viceré the De Vega 1550, main portulano of reign 1554, treasurer of reign 1556, and protonotaro of the reign substitute 1574. From he a Carl, and costui Peter di Gregorio and Buglio baron of first Tremisteri and duca of this state for concession of Filippo IV 1647, was knight of Saint Giacomo of the Sword, resisting in Madrid the Supreme Council d’ Italy, and luogotenente president of Master Giustiziere in Sicily, of which only Antonia daughter it married a Francisco Rizzari from Catania baron of s. Paul. This family uniforms in several branches:

    * 1) the marquises of Poggiogregorio, being be first to invest of such tito it a 1663 Carl governing Gregorio of the noble Company of the ss. Apostles of Messina 1634-60, and senator of this city 1671

    * 2) the marquises of Go them Santoro and of Squillaci in Calabria, being be the first one to invest of these titles them Leopoldo de messinese Gregorio patrizio, knight of the s. Gennaro, and dell’ Aquila White woman of Poland, 2-star general in tech services and ambassador near the most serene Republic of Venice, father of Francisco marquis Trentino and prince of S. Elia, gentiluomo of room, and knight of s. Giacomo; Giuseppe marquis Gregorio knight of s. Giacomo, general and governing captain of Barcelona, dell’ Estremadura, and dell’ Andalusia; Giovanni cardinal of Chiesa Saint, and archimandrita in Messina; and Girolamo sergeant dell’ army, governor of the Public square of Siracusa.
    * 3) marquises de Gregorio of S.R.I. [I marchesi de Gregorio del S. R. I.] residents in Palermo: Giovanni senator of Palermo 1750; Camillo invested of the title it of marquis of the Real Park 1765, main one rations them of Cappa and Spada of the Court of R. Patrimony, and knight dell’ gerosolimitano order.

    Arm: party, grafted, merlato d’ silver, and of black of six pieces. Crown of marquis.


    Palizzolo Gravina – the Blazon in Sicily, Palermo, 1927

    “My name is Leo Lyon Zagami, but my grandmother from my father’s side is
    Marchesa de Gregorio, basically. The family de Gregorio goes back to
    Frederick II of the second Roman empire. Frederick II ‘Barbarossa’ as we
    know him in Sicily [Frederick II of Hohenstaufen]. And basically, as you
    will know, Frederic II was part of that nobility from the Holy Roman Empire
    that actually posed quite a threat to the temporal power of the pope
    himself. And they were the ones in charge from, they left from Germany where
    they still, you can see in the cathedral of Koln, on the floor of the
    cathedral the symbol of my family. And they went to Sicily to protect and
    bring up, as tutors, this great emperor that after actually waged war
    against Rome, and was only stopped in “Tagliacozzo,” So he nearly united
    Europe, but not quite. From there on, the family stayed there in Sicily, and
    obviously had posts of importance in all the various orders of knighthood,
    including the Knights of Malta.”


    “By 1950, he [Brion Gysin] had tipped up in Tangier, which he exalted as “the wild west of the spirit”. He took to the city’s precarious debauchery – the intrigue, the kif, the boys – like a fish to water. He travelled in the Sahara painting desert scenes, flourished briefly as a restaurateur and enjoyed an interlude with an Englishwoman called Felicity Mason, who had been married to the Queen Mother’s cousin, and whom William Burroughs (whom she tried unsuccessfully to seduce) described as “the last of the intrepid English women travellers, who screwed their way across the desert”.”



    King of the cut-ups

    Mick Brown reviews Nothing Is True Everything Is Permitted by John Geiger.

    Mick Brown
    12:01AM BST 28 Aug 2005

    Brion Gysin’s slender claim to literary reputation rests largely on his association with William Burroughs, and his role as the originator of “the cut-up” technique Burroughs used in his novels. But, as this book suggests, Gysin’s life was much more interesting than that.

    Writer, artist, dilettante and hedonist, a precociously talented under-achiever, Gysin’s life straddles pre-war bohemian Paris, the Tangier demi-monde of the 1950s and ’60s, the Beats, and the hippies and rockers who followed them. He took psilocybin (a lot of it) with Timothy Leary, guided the Rolling Stones on their drug-addled excursion through Morocco and introduced Brian Jones to the Master Musicians of Jajouka. In the 1970s, he fondled Iggy Pop and, in the twilight of his life, recorded a disco single, boasting that, “I am the oldest rock singer in the world now that Mae West is dead.”

    Gysin would always claim he was Swiss. In fact, he was born, in 1916, in a Canadian military hospital in Taplow, Bucks – the son of an English army officer who was killed at the Battle of the Somme – and grew up in Canada. At his prep school in Edmonton he was dubbed “Trotsky” by his headmaster, then sent back to England and Downside, “the Catholic Eton”, where he cultivated his nascent bohemian tendencies and acquired an enthusiasm for luxury, and a nose for people who could provide it.

    At the age of 18, he decamped to Paris to make a life as a painter. “Classically handsome and fit”, according to John Geiger, with coarse hair “like an Airedale rather than a Spaniel”, he was already a mesmerising raconteur. One acquaintance said that listening to Gysin talk was “like watching a man covered with elaborate Japanese tattoos. You might wonder what the point of it all was, but it was hard to take your eyes away.”

    He was taken up by a “hairy, goatish” Greek homosexual writer and boulevardier, Nicolas Calas, who launched him into café society. He attended the salon of Natalie Barney, dined with Gertrude Stein and was welcomed into surrealist circles – and just as quickly expelled by the surrealist “pope” André Breton, ostensibly for parodying him in a drawing of a severed calf’s head on a beach, although Gysin suspected the real reason was that he was homosexual.

    Equally at ease among “the international queer set” and on “the princess circuit”, Gysin, at this point, seemed to be living with no visible means of support, often being, as Geiger delicately phrases it, “maintained at the pleasure of the company he kept” – a useful euphemism for Olympic-standard sponging. In Athens he fell in with the opium-smoking and cocaine-sniffing Denham Fouts, “the most expensive male prostitute in the world”. In Lisbon, one minute he was to be found dallying with “a blue-blooded Brazilian” in the posh Hotel Aviz; the next, holed up in a seaman’s hostel with “the most beautiful Greek sailor of those years” – a judgment that suggests an encyclopedic knowledge of the field.
    The war years found him in New York, failing as a writer of short stories and novels but – peculiarly – publishing an acclaimed history of Josiah Henson, the emancipated slave who was the basis of the character Uncle Tom.

    By 1950, he had tipped up in Tangier, which he exalted as “the wild west of the spirit”. He took to the city’s precarious debauchery – the intrigue, the kif, the boys – like a fish to water. He travelled in the Sahara painting desert scenes, flourished briefly as a restaurateur and enjoyed an interlude with an Englishwoman called Felicity Mason, who had been married to the Queen Mother’s cousin, and whom William Burroughs (whom she tried unsuccessfully to seduce) described as “the last of the intrepid English women travellers, who screwed their way across the desert”.

    It was in Tangier that Gysin met Burroughs, who had “taken up residence in one of Tangier’s male brothels”. Mutual suspicion quickly gave way to mutual adulation; Burroughs would later describe Gysin as “the only man I have ever respected”.

    Gysin followed Burroughs to Paris, taking lodgings at number 9, rue Git-Le-Coeur, an address that was to become famous as “the Beat Hotel”, frequented by hookers, bag men and pretty much everyone with pretensions to being part of the Beat generation. Here, Gysin set to work, devising abstract calligraphic compositions based on Japanese and Arabic script that led Burroughs to claim that he was as great a painter as Francis Bacon. “He regards painting as a hole in the texture of so-called ‘reality’,” Burroughs wrote, “through which he is exploring an actual place existing in outer-space.” The copious amounts of hashish both were consuming probably helped.

    It was in the Beat Hotel, in 1959, that Gysin happened upon the cut-up technique. Cutting a mount for a drawing with a Stanley knife, he sliced through a pile of newspapers below and on impulse began arranging the pieces randomly, with bemusing results. “Asked whether he had a fair trial he looks inevitable and publishes: ‘My sex is an advantage’.”; “Swiss boys were absolutely free from producers of outboard spiritual homes.”

    Burroughs hailed the cut-up as a revolutionary way of smashing “the control system” of the power of words, and predicted it would “threaten the position of the establishment… and therefore they will condition people to fear and reject or ridicule it”. He became the method’s arch-practitioner: his archives list more than 6,000 pages produced between 1959 and 1964, and the cut-up method was later adopted by filmmakers and songwriters such as David Bowie and REM’s Michael Stipe. Jack Kerouac, more astutely, dismissed it as “just an old Dada trick”.

    Gysin, meanwhile, had moved on, devising a proto-psychedelic, stroboscopic “dream machine” that he hoped would make his fortune. It didn’t.

    All his life, Gysin would chafe that his genius went unrecognised and that others, namely Burroughs, got the recognition he deserved. By the 1970s, he was broke and paranoid – victim, he believed, of malevolent magical forces over which he had no control. He suffered terribly after a colostomy, laboured for years on a screenplay of Burroughs’s Naked Lunch that was never made, and wrote a novel about Morocco, The Process, that was hailed as a flawed masterpiece but vanished without trace. He died in Paris in 1986.

    Geiger’s book clips along at a terrific pace – it would be hard to resist plunging into a chapter that begins, “Back in Paris in the fall of 1958, Gysin had overstayed his welcome with the Princess Martha Ruspoli, a society figure he knew from Tangier, when he ran into Burroughs in the Place Saint Michel. ‘Wanna score?’, Burroughs asked.”

    Gossipy and erudite by turns, it provides an illuminating and entertaining glimpse into the bohemian demi-monde of literary queens and dope-fiends. But the abiding impression of its subject is of brilliance squandered and a final, lingering sadness.

    Gysin’s posthumously published and autobiographical final novel, The Last Museum, ends with him pondering wearily on his own life. “I don’t intend to go to one single more party, ever. I don’t want to go back to Capri or Positano or even Capistrano as a swallow. I mean to get out here and come back again never! Heavenly reunions with one’s Loved One? Ugh. There is no one I ever knew in this world I want to see again. A story like this can have no happy ending. Or can it?”

    On his career he was bleaker still; it was, he wrote, “a life of adventure, leading nowhere”.

    Once again the impotent, deranged & petulant counterintelligence diversion fraudster & Jesuit tool Vivian Vivaldi shows up his true self with his time-wasting, well-posioning threats, trying to claw his way up to the lower rungs of the Jesuit P2 mafia:

    VVVPIII wrote:I want a formal apology made about me on the internet, You Tube, or Talk radio … also apologize to Alessandro Pattumelli and his wife. Leo called this P2 member a “figlio di una buona donna” and made fun of the appearence of his wife. Pattumelli deserves an apology too. Find a way. Save the image of your wife. I have the proof that you gave me. Please don’t let me use it. I really don’t want to! Do it for her and not yourself brother. Can you do that?


    Just give me a Christian apology, and I will leave you alone for eternity. … I want an apology first. Remember my wife’s brother, that 6′ 4″ lawyer from Bologna? I can take you to court for Identity Theft, email fraud, Conspiracy to commit acts of Terrorism, Conspiracy to Blackmail, Blackmail, and Drug Possession. Let us finish this thing. We are getting your birth certificate.

    Vivaldi is clearly trying to earn his stripes with the Jesuit P2 Nazis by issuing threats with the transparently obvious goal of seeking to undermine the veracity of the info that Zagami has been revealing in his books that are being released this year, in his recent interviews with Greg Szymanski ( http://www.mediafire.com/?2so4o3kpi1p4vds & http://www.theunhivedmind.com/wordpress/Audio/LeoZagami1April2012GS.mp3 ) & in his interviews (covering the info on the Jesuit offshoot, the Araldi di Vangelo, which Vivaldi was either oblivious to or was covering up) in the past with a number of others. Leo’s revealing the extent of influence that the reunited & revived P2 contingent & its wider aligned global network had achieved via the Monte Carlo Masonic Executive Committee (who’s establishment can be proved via the 1993-1994 Italian Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission Report) has clearly seriously disturbed the Vatican-aligned Italian Masonic manipulators.

    This can be seen from the recent article in Italia Oggi mentioning Zagami’s leading a rebellion within the Italian Masonic scene against Raffi & his covert NWO-alliance within Italy ( http://www.italiaoggi.it/giornali/dettaglio_giornali.asp?preview=false&accessMode=FA&id=1764673&codiciTestate=1&sez=giornali&fb_source=message ). If this was no big thing then it would not even get a mention & the attempt at the conclusion of the article to claim that this is a minor hiccup is obviously editorial bluster, doing what the media does best: telling the public what to think, not showing them how they can think for themselves. Which very same article proves for once & for all that it is fact Vivaldi who is the fraud.

    Only 14 days ago this fool writes: “Here is my whole problem with HRH Leo’s messege: … He absolutely goes out of his way to avoid discussion of Rome’s Black Nobility. And this is the mission of the Illuminati network of Rome. His is NOT a disinformation agent, but he protects the Orsini’s. … What the hell has this guy against me? I have only tried to help him. … The Illuminati of Venice doesn’t know Zagami at all.”

    So filming someone (who had pretended to be the friend of all along) after they had been abducted, drugged up & mind-controlled in order to (among other things) be recorded making self-discrediting incredulous claims from within a mental hospital run by the Jesuits & who can be heard in the background audio encouraging them to say certain things shows up Vivaldi’s agenda entirely. To then post these online is the lowest of the low.

    Now we have Vivaldi threatening to post photos of people’s former wives & girlfriends, photos that are as likely to be fictional or taken surreptitiously by others at times & places unknown. Does he think that we are going to rush out to download any such material that he posts online? He is just as likely to upload some extreme child pornography that he has taken himself for the benefit of Romish clergy. I would put nothing past this depraved individual who claims to be a Christian – just as his pederast Vatican priest masters do. Vivaldi’s marriage to his own octogenarian cousin shows what a sham his whole life (that he vicariously lives through the internet) is. His posting of Zagami’s mother’s address & threatening to call the police on her for what should not even be considered a crime (except by paranoid control freak totalitarians & their lackies like Vivaldi) says it all. Still. there is no proof that any such “crime” has even been committed. And if so, so what?

    & as regards one of our correspondents musings below regarding whether or not there is Common Law in Italy. No they have Civil Law, based on ancient Roman Law (as does Scotland, Quebec & Louisiana, in contrast to the rest of the UK, USA & Canada – which [ostensibly] are under Common Law, though the undermining of Habeus Corpus has essentially destroyed this. Vivaldi could still be done for attempted blackmail though – & slander at the very least.

    To keep pissing in the wind after one has urinated down one’s trousers like Vivaldi has is the perfect illustration of madness. Mind you he seems to love doing this in public.

    Continuing to give this guy attention while we could be focusing on real issues of concern leads to contributing to the loss of lives & freedoms by taking our eyes off of the ball. Zagami has given out very useful information in recent times, as contrasted with the constant threatening writings of the Jesuit maniac Vivaldi.



    From: “VVVPIII”
    To: The Unhived Mind
    Thursday, April 19, 2012 12:15 PM

    The problem is that I have a photographic memory and perfect pitch. You haven’t seen nothing yet! I use everyday as if it were my last. I have no ego, but I am a sinner. I am not perfect.

    From: “VVVPIII”
    To: The Unhived Mind
    Thursday, April 19, 2012 12:20 AM

    I shilled for Leo, just like you are doing now

    I did it out of pure friendship! Fuck the antiVatican movement!

    Smart people(the pope) deserve what they get and so do idiots(at this moment….you guys)!

    Yeah I shilled for that broke penniless welfare fraud ‘nobody’ loser Zagami, until we discovered his documents were fraudulent. Leo has no farms, castles, horses. He eats lowcost GMO microwave shit to survive. ‘5 euro’ plate Egyptian restaurant with cockroaches everywhere. Leo drives a Ford ‘Ka’ for an automobile! Yeah its that one with the dents all over it parked outside his mom’s Rome appartment thats now for rent. The guy is a phony! A fake! A fake freemason. Used Book store antique. Dead or ex freemasons resold certificates photoshopped! At one time I believed him. I was fooled too. He isnt a Jesuit either, or a CIA, or a Psyop. He is nothing. He wants people to believe this to make himself important whether, Negative or Positive!

    They are all fakes, a complete Hoax.

    Yeah I met the Mason family with Leo there near the Pantheon in Rome. They are Jewish, not royals or Catholics. That means he has Jewish blood. How dare him call me a Zionist………. AND Whats wrong with Israel???? HUH?

    Hey fuck the arabs! I hope they get nuked and their babies die! LONG LIVE ISRAEL! WE WILL NEVER FORGET! LONG LIVE THE SHOAH! LONG LIVE MEIR KAHANE!

    Hey I am tired of playing games with you guys. I have nothing to hide. Believe what you want about me. It makes no difference. The facts are that I live on the Canal Grande in Venezia, and I work for the Vatican. I own a music instrument workshop. My clients are very famous people. My dad is a REAL Knight of Malta. And guess what? I am proud of it!!! Because I reap the benefits boy! Its true that I am ill, but it hasnt stopped me from concerts. I am now in the Neocatacumenal Way movement! I am very happy. I don’t need conspiracy anymore!
    I live in the world you fantasize about!

    I dont care about broadcasts or talking. I dont really like doing it, because priests always ask me why I had to say the things I say.

    What is my purpose?

    I want the Jesuits out of my church!

    And I want the black nobility arrested.

    Catholicism can work, if the mafia leaves.

    Do you underatand?

    Thats why I agreed to join forces with Eric

    If I really hated you Craig, I could have gone on Forums and published all the messeges you sent me. I didn’t because I respect you.

    My threats were pure jokes, you know that.

    I never wanted to lose my friendship with Troy. I sorry that happened.

    I dont care anymore.

    I have to make my instruments.

    I just want to be friends. I dont want to do conspiracy anymore. I really believe in God now. Today I was reading the Bible. I read from the Gospel of Luke how the two companions broke the bread and saw the Ghost of Jesus, and offered him some roasted fish.

    I am reborn now. I want peace with you Craig . I love you brother.

    From: VVVPIII
    Thu, 19 Apr 2012 11:55 AM

    I want a formal apology made about me on the internet, You Tube, or Talk radio or I will release the following :

    A. information about stolen books from Santa Scolastica Abbey. at Jessica’s home. Leo said he stoled them from the Vatican directly. LIES……. He took them out of the Abbey and never returned them. I have a domicile at Farfa abbey. They told me to report any stolen items to the Italian Police

    B. Declarations and emails in Italian by Daniele del Bosco, that Leo is a fraud, and Del Bosco’s proof translated

    C. Leo’s Blackmail CD, which he gave me before meeting Christy Ankrom. Leo gave me a CD of naked photos, frontal and rear nudity of his girlfriend. She sent him several photos through Skype chat. Leo instructed me to safe this disc to use to blackmail her ithe future , if she planned to do anything against him. I also have a disc of Fatma Suslu naked photos. Both discs have been copied and the police have a copy.

    D. All of Leo’s contacts, aliases, and personal addresses. The name of the man that sold Leo his fake certificates. Proof and photos of the originals which Zagami doctored. Thanks to Daniele del Bosco.

    E. The Hemp plants that Jessica is growing will be reported to the local authorities.

    Find a way to apologize Zagami. Break into your own ego. I apologized to you when Eric Jon Phelps asked me to do so 2 years ago. You must also apologize to Alessandro Pattumelli and his wife. Leo called this P2 member a “figlio di una buona donna” and made fun of the appearence of his wife. Pattumelli deserves an apology too.
    Find a way. Save the image of your wife. I have the proof that you gave me. Please don’t let me use it. I really don’t want to! Do it for her and not yourself brother. Can you do that?

    From: VVVPIII
    To: Philip AEJonkers
    Sat, 21 Apr 2012 1:18 PM
    In response to Troy’s comment no. 35

    I want to thank brother Phil Jonkers for helping me combat Satan.

    You know Phil, my wife never really recovered from the way Leo treated you in Nice, France.

    She felt guilty for your abandonment. I hope you are doing well brother.

    For everyone that is reading this article, please note, and I SWEAR, I am not related in any way to th e beautiful composer Antonio Vivaldi, as Leo the liar claimed in some of his interviews. Whether you love me or hate me, you shouldn’t ever hate the REAL Vivaldi.

    I feel very guilty for being born with the same family, and that I possible have ruined the image of a great man. Please forgive Vivaldi, and continue to buy his music.


    Your apology over skype is not enough!

    Once you make a deal with the devil, it never ends Zagami!

    Here are your instructions, my little robot:

    You will go on Greg’s show, and say the following:

    “O Osiris, yes great one, light of the Architect, Licio Gelli, I have disobeyed my pledge, and I humbly seek your forgiveness. On the level, on the plumb, and on the square. May the voulchers eat me for my slander, and I am not worthy of your forgiveness oh great one, so mote it be!”

    Next, Leo ‘my robot’ Zagami,

    You will apologize to Pattumelli and his wife

    Next, you will apologize to my wife.

    And Then you will apologize to SAR Filiberto Emanuele di Savoia

    Its not over!

    You will tell Greg the REAL Bible is the King James Version 1611

    and you will tell your robots Craig and Troy the same!

    Good Day Brothwr!

    You made the right decision.

    Tell Christy I am sorry for the problems, send my love.

    Ciao Robot!

    Its a shame that other people have to suffer, because of your pride. All I wanted for two years was your apology which I finally got today. Never talk about me again. I am leaving conspiracy forever. I will never return. This is your world, not mine. I want peace. I never blackmailed you to commit a crime or for money. I have it already. I just wanted an apology.

    thanks Zagami, so long

    Peace be upon you!

    I do not see any apology anywhere and I do not believe any apology via Skype has occurred in the slightest.

    The King James Bible is not the real Bible its a City of London rip off of the great Puritan Bible known as the Geneva Bible 1560/99 the Bible which Queen Elizabeth Ist used. Was Queen Elizabeth Ist stuck up the arse of the City of London like King James I? Did the City of London attack King James as they did Queen Elizabeth? Its time for the Geneva bible to shine and if you have no idea about the Geneva Bible then you should do your homework for once.

    Licio Gelli is an Argentianian duel-citizen Italian Nazi crook

    -= The Unhived Mind

    From: “VVVPIII
    To: The Unhived Mind
    Saturday, April 21, 2012 6:22 PM

    Go back to the conspiracy nut treehouse before I reveal your address and Photo on the Alex Jones Prison Planet Forum and David Icke site. Don’t email here anymore! Be a good slave to Leo now! Its funny Craigybaby: Whats’s that ole british saying , ” An angry women never lies” Your girlfriend gave me everything on you, which means you are fucked if you keep bothering me. I love Prince Philip! He is Venetian, like me! Corfu is Venetian boy! Hahahahahahahahahahahah! I am going to get you bumped off of welfare. I saw you shopping in Sainsbury’s you fraud. You Liar! You are just like everyone else. My family parted people like you with four horses 300 hundred years ago.

    You have absolutely nothing on me in the slightest you wicked sinner and Catholic Church puppet. By the way I do not shop at Sainsburys and never will, I will not even shop at Tesco. So where in the hell you come up with these scatter brain ideas is beyond me Vittorio but you sir are a nut job not I. I guarantee I can gather more people who follow me than any who follow you if any at all. Eric Jon Phelps has also lost many a follower and those that linger are now questioning him thanks to his idiot self still lingering around you.

    I do not care for your family and deceit and a copy of this email will be returned to Yahoo again and this time you will not be deceiving Yahoo that its an hacked account. You are a despicable creature who knows nothing about me of real worth. Why is this? Well I always knew your game Vittorio and I’ve warned Eric for quite some time and he will admit this if he is a man. I studied your questionings and was careful not to give you information I did not want you to know and I was also careful to divert you away with information from my true self. Do you honestly think we common people as you call us are all that stupid? I know exactly who I’m dealing with and always have. I’m of a higher intelligence than most and have survival instincts far greater than you and most out there. Do you honestly think you could beat me mentally Vittorio? Did you honestly think you could beat me on this Internet Vittorio? Many people listen to me regardless of if they follow me 100% they still listen. If I question then they start to think and question even more. I have a reputation for being a decent judge of character at times amongst my other skills. Usually I’m right or close and people have seen this for years now. I have a loyal following too. I’ve defeated you Vittorio its plain and simple.

    I have no connection to Leo Lyon Zagami. I even question Leo Lyon Zagami on certain issues. I also know some of his information is true. Eric Jon Phelps will feel the wraith of myself if he continues mingling with you. He is suffering now I assure you and will suffer tremendously over time. Its all his own doings, I do not have to do a thing. I’ve pulled away from him and thats enough to spiral him down the tubes. Why? Without me Vittorio he wouldn’t have been anything like he was for that period of time I helped promote him. It was for good reason back then too. He then screwed it all up both himself and not himself such as the Texe Marrs attacks. Who was it that bought back interest from the general mass back to this arena? ME! With my own unique style I bought a lot of interest back after a hard fall. I am not the leader of anything, I am not ultra special, I rely on works of others as others rely on me. But what I offer Vittorio is a way to grab peoples attention onto the subject in the first place. I will battle with the toughest of Tavistock brainwashes to win and show a different alternative.

    You can threaten me all you like Vivaldi, I do not give a damn for your lies, false talk, and complete gibberish. I assure you that if you wish to meet man-to-man for a duel of unarmed combat some time in the future on the streets then I will oblige you. You do not want to mess with me and keep threatening me. Your family of nobles means shit to me Vivaldi because if they are all like you, well what a bunch of clowns they must be. I’d rather be common than like that. You are untrustworthy, devious and a complete liar. You also claim to have a photographic memory? Well my God I don’t want one of them then because you cannot lie. To lie you need a good memory which you certainly do not have. Your father is a fake and a mere member of the Knights of Malta if that in fact. He is not a Knight and even as a Knight this means diddly squat within the Order. You are a bunch of peons you Vivaldi’s. You sing to the tune of the Jesuit flute and you live where the Jesuit allows you. The Jesuit owns whatever you may have once owned. You are a puppet controlled by the Curia Generalizia. Your musical family are frauds using suppressed composers works as their own. Venice is a dirty stink pit which is sinking and will be gone by 2050! Make sure all Vivaldi’s stay in Venice so we can be rid of the clowns once and for all, I do hate Circus acts with a passion.

    Prince Philip is a crooked swine and pawn of New Jerusalem. Anyone liking Prince Philip is an enemy of mine and always will be. I know you crave the population reduction of the Club of Rome, you being a member of Population Matters aka Optimum Population Trust. Oh its just for infiltration and data gathering? I do not think so. You sir are a Malthusian but it is your kind that need population reduction because you are all parasitic inbred cretins and in your case a mulatto cross-breed the lowest of the low. Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi would be very proud of you. Also you like to push the Holocaust fraud of 6 million Jews dying. Oh please there was only around 400,000-600,000 people murdered and no more. I also have a friend who’s German mother was in a camp for not joining the Nazi SS and she told me a lot on the subject and also of the ignorance of the Polish issue. So please do not throw the Zionist lies to trump up their supposed Nazi hatred.

    You can do what you want with your fake pictures and hatred. I notice how you want to go to infowars and Icke even after attacking both of them, what a user. I noticed you emailed infowars with your lies about Leo Lyon Zagami. You sir are a complete nut job and no I will not accept your apology and be friends like the mails I received yesterday or the day before seeing as I wasn’t online that day. I am through with you and Eric once and for all. Eric has caused his own doings and will pay dearly for them. I haven’t bothered listening to him in a long time and do not plan to listen to him unless its an apology to the anti-Vatican peoples for his mingling with you and wrong doings of recent times. I have no interest in the man, if someone screws me over like he has then thats it for me I assure you. Also you claim this and that against me as I said you have diddly shit and have simply no idea on anything. My advice to you Vittorio is to just go away and keep your mouth shut otherwise you will simply make the already pathetic Vivaldi frauds look more stupid than they already were. You are Catholic vermin which I detest with a passion. I will not be led by Catholics who have the neck to promote the Pope of Rome. You must be dumber than I thought. Be gone with you Vittorio I do not want to email you ever again. Do as you please and be as stupid as you please. Take Eric down with you I’d like to see him fall now for his treason on his once friends. I cannot stand anyone who craves debt instruments which if you read your Geneva Bible it will tell you is one of the worse things you could attempt to do. Gold, Oil and Drugs/Diamonds is not my God, I do not bow to The Worshipful Company of Mercers like you fools.

    By the way Vittorio the clown, can you prove me wrong that Licio Gelli is a dual citizen of Italy and Argentina? I think not because I’m right on the ball with this fact. Do you even know why this is? I think not or maybe you do. Do not make out I’m a conspiracy nut. I figured your Catholic system and Rome out a long time ago and I figured you out a long time ago. I assure you that if you had been a commoner as you call us then you would not have come close to my intelligence and understanding I have today. So be gone with your fantasy lands. May I remind you that some other Roman Catholic clowns tried to claim they had an ex-wife of mine to interview which made me laugh for the first time I can remember in a long time. Why? I had not even been married so as you can imagine it tickled me pink but fools on the Internet are nothing new to me especially Roman Catholics out to seek revenge in this secret everlasting Council of Trent/American Protective League continuum and its Tavistock brainwashing.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    *Coat of Arms of the family Vivaldi-Pasqua.



    *Genealogical Tree of the family Vivaldi-Pasqua.


    *The Villa Vivaldi-Pasqua.


    *Giacomo Vivaldi-Pasqua, a capitan of Garibaldi.


    “Garibaldi leaves Bordeaux in order to attend the meeting: accompanying them was Fountain, Gattorno, Vivaldi Pasqua and Galeazzi. Menotti arrived in the morning takes the command of the Vosges interim charge: Bizzoni is with him.”


    “A young and talented officer, Captain Giacomo Vivaldi Pasqua”



    “Garibaldi argued in all those months the work of Ljubibratic´, aware of the tensions between Ljubibratic´ and Prince of Montenegro, in December of ’75 he sent the Count Vivaldi Pasqua to fathom the intentions of Cetinje. (Angelo Tamborra, “Garibaldi e l’Europa”)”

    “Other Garibaldian, however, as the same Vivaldi Pasquaremained to fight in gangs controlled from Montenegro, their position was supported by Trieste by Eugene Popovic, who also defended the work of Nicholas of Montenegro and was critical of Ljubibratic’.”

    [Note of Maxi: Micó Ljubibratic´ was a serbian militar commander who organizaed the “Uprising of Herzegovina” also called the “Bosnian-Herzegovinan Insurrection” with the help of Garibaldi against the Ottoman Empire. Cetinje was the old royal capital of Montenegro.]

    *Giacomo Vivaldi-Pasqua gave his Palazzo-Spinola in Genoa to lodge Giuseppe Mazzini in 1870.


    “It is one of the oldest districts of Genoa. In 1188 Oberto Spinola, in a land competely contributed by Grimaldi, he built the church which gives its name to the locality. Between 1300 and 1400 were built the best houses for families Spinola, Grimaldi, Pinelli, Lomellini. Marked with 6 is the building where lived on the top floor, the Marquis Giacomo Vivaldi-Pasqua in 1870, in whose apartment was gathered around Giuseppe Mazzini the promotors of the republican insurrection then ended with the shooting of Barsanti in Lombardy and the arrest Mazzini in Palermo. (from “Streets of Genoa”, F. Donaver, Ed Modern, Genoa, 1912.)”

    *Vivaldi-Pasqua related with the Pallavicinis.

    “This road dates back to 1865 or so, a step which was first private, closed by gates, to access to the building erected in 1565, based on drawings by Francesco Casella of the brother Interiano. From these passed to the Centurion and the to Grimaldi: in the principles of the XIX century belonged to Vivaldi-Pasquaand then the Pallavicini which are the current owners. (from “Streets of Genoa”, F. Donaver, Ed Modern, Genoa, 1912.)”

    * Medici’s, Pallavicini’s, Orsini’s and Savoyards also participated with Garibaldi in his revolution.


    “Giacomo Medici,(Knight Grand Cross of the Grand Cordon of the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus, Grand Officer of the Military Order of Savoy) Marquis of Vessel (Milan, January 15, 1817 – Rome, March 9, 1882) was an Italian general and politician. His is the figure of one of the most talented and consistentofficials of Giuseppe Garibaldi, who was appointed prefect later in Sicily, and later the general of the victorious Royal Army in the Third War of Independence and prominent politician of the new Kingdom of Italy.”

    Vittorio Emanuele II with Giacomo Medici and Garibaldi.


    Felice Orsini (10 December 1819 – 13 March 1858) was an Italian revolutionary and leader of the Carbonari who tried to assassinate Napoleon III, Emperor of the French. Orsini was encouraged to become a priest, but he abandoned that lifestyle and became an ardent liberal, joining the Giovane Italia, a society founded by Giuseppe Mazzini.

    Felice Orsini


    Guido Giorgio Pallavicino Trivulzio [Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus] (Milan, April 24, 1796 – Casteggio, August 4, 1878) was an Italian patriot. Born into an aristocratic family, after having traveled extensively to Europe he joined the Carbonari. Cavour, who distrusted Agostino Bertani the Secretary General of the dictator Garibaldi, appoint Pallavicino ​​the pro-dictator in Naples just after the entrance of Garibaldi in the city (September 1860), Pallavicino fought against the wishes of Garibaldi, for the immediate annexation of the Two Sicilies to theKingdom of Sardinia and was decorated with the collar of the Annunziata. Subsequently he was appointed prefect of Palermo, a position he held from April 16 to July 25, 1862. On July 15, 1862 Giuseppe Garibaldi gave a fiery speech in which he called for the liberation of Rome, after the day of Aspromonte (August 29, 1862), the Prime Minister Urbano Rattazzi, dismissed Pallavicino who retired to private life.

    Count Vivaldi III with the next Pope, Angelo Scola:

    What has Eric Jon Phelps and Georgetown University got in common? Hows about J. Clifford Hudson of Sonic Corporation and Eric’s recent all expenses paid trip to Panama City. Is it any wonder he’s pushing that pirate King James version (George Abbot Bible) over the real Puritan Geneva Bible 1560/99?

    -= The Unhived Mind

    Hudson graduated from the Georgetown University Law Center, where he was a member of the legal honor society, Phi Delta Phi. In 1979, he served as an editor of the International Law Journal, a publication of the Association of Student International Law Societies. He is also a member of the board of visitors of Georgetown University Law Center and in 2006 was given the Paul Dean Award for service to the school.

  • Davieg

    The man in the photo in green and long hair looks a little mongoloid?


    Sunday, April 22, 2012 6:16 PM
    From: “VVVPIII”
    To: “Troy” Hey Troy,
    Journalist work needed

    I have some friends in need of Pay-Per-Shill Journalism services.
    Now that this is all over, let me ask you if blowjobs are included in the price. Leo told me you’ve had the ‘pink’ cigar.

    Let me know!


    From: Viviano Vivaldi [Add]
    To: Eric Jon Phelps
    Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2012 1:32 PM (1 week 6 days ago)
    I admit I am a fraud! I live in Argentina. I am Hispanic. I am not Italian

    Leo Zagami gave me the alias Vivian Vivaldi.

    He made me a phony Count. We lied to people. I don’t live in Venice. I have never even been to Italy. I like you guys. I like the Unhived Mind. Vatican Assassins rocks. Leo promised me I would become a Knights Templar if I defrauded and divided you and Eric Jon Phelps.

    My real name is Jason González. I am from Recoleta, Buenos Aires. I am poor. Forgive me brother Craig. I wanted to join the elite in Argentina. I thought it was cool five years ago. I now realize, I made a mistake. I don’t want to feel guilty anymore. Craig, you are my hero!

    I want to apologize to Eric and his family. I hope God will also forgive me. I was never a CIA agent. I was just kidding around with the violent threats. It was all drama. Let us go after the Jesuits and criminals of the City of London and the Worshipful company of fuellers.

    Oh my God, do I feel relieved now. All the pressure is gone. Leo gave me all the info I gave you. I dont know if he is on our side or against us. I have no idea. I am such a bad liar!

    God Bless You all of you, and I beg for your forgiveness. You are special people!

    Sent from my iPad


    From: Vivian Vivaldi [Add]
    Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2012 5:25 PM (1 week 3 days ago)
    I: don’t share this messege with Craig! You can share it with Hannes

    You are right about Phelps, Craig!

    He is some kind of gate-keeper! He may even be a Jesuit himself. Troy and Maxi are right too!

    From: Vivian Vivaldi ;
    To: ;
    Subject: don’t share this messege with Craig! You can share it with Hannes
    Sent: Sat, Jun 9, 2012 3:08:13 PM
    I am truely Count Vittorio Vivaldi Pasqua.

    Of Course I don’t live in Argentina

    Why am I pulling out of this movement?

    Brother, my finances are dried up and Leo pulled out a major scam against my company using fake classical musicans in Norway. They purchased several musical instruments, paid, and said the items never arrived. It led to a customs and police investigation in which Visa and Mastercard froze three of my bank accounts and my Barclay’s account in London which pays for the other reseller’s. The scam gave the buyers back their money and the instrument were reported as lost. TNT express corrier reimbursed me this month insurance money.

    Zagami and his friends should be in prison. He is a Jesuit. He has powers to evade the laws here.

    I want this stopped.

    Craig and you should form a union again. This criminal needs to be exposed.

    I can’t take part in any of these things anymore. I need my money and so do my empoyees.

    1 month past without funds because of this Jesuit Brother Leo Zagami. All because I exposed his birth certificate in Italy.

    I am very angry! He destroyed my voxrick@yahoo.com email too. Yahoo considers me to be a ‘cyberbully’

    Forgive me, and never tell people we still communicate. You can even say that we have dissassociated.

    I am always on your side.

    This stunt is needed to castrate Leo from your movement.

    he wants you physically dead, brother Eric

    Leo absolutely hates your guts


    From: Vivian Vivaldi [Add]
    Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2012 5:26 PM (1 week 3 days ago)
    I: Your Silence treatment doesn’t surprise me. Good Bye Old Friend!

    Here is my final message to Eric

    From: Vivian Vivaldi ;
    To: Eric Jon Phelps ;
    Bcc: ;
    Subject: Your Silence treatment doesn’t surprise me. Good Bye Old Friend!
    Sent: Sat, Jun 9, 2012 5:42:57 PM
    It’s kind of like a game of chess!

    But Intelligence agents must protect each other?

    You have never written an article declaring Zagami a Jesuit Coadjator on your website.

    And I am not talking about Girolamo Cardano puzzles.

    The US Government will fail. Its time has come.

    Pretty soon the world will be free again.

    Laugh Cry, whatever!

    My last messege

    Arise and have mercy on Zion, for it is time to be gracious to her; the appointed time has come. Thus shall you say to them: “The Gods that have not made the heavens and the Earth shall perish from the Earth and from under these heavens. I entrust my spirit into Your hand; You will redeem me, Lord, God of truth”


    From: Vivian Vivaldi [Add]
    To: alanwattcuttingthrough@yahoo.com, writers@infowars.com, troy_space@me.com [Add]
    Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2012 9:19 PM (1 week 3 days ago)
    A boost for the Unhived Mind!

    I am one of the dudes that got Michael Collins Piper kicked off RBN. I now denounce ERIC JON PHELPS as CIA scum. Possibly a real Jesuit too. It makes sense because he knows more about the Jesuits than Jesuit Priest Historians.

    If you want to be a regular guest on the Alex Jones show, Craig,

    You need to retract some of the disinfo people said about Alex. Cancel the negative messeges about Alex on your site, and you’ll be on Prision Planet TV. Let’s get the Unhived Mind a bigger audience!

    I am located in Cannaregio Venice Italy.

    Infowars people should know that, Alex Jones has terrible coverage in mainland Europe. Infowars does good in England. Here we are dominated by the Unhived Mind, and Michael Collins Piper, Coast to Coast, then David Icke.

    Your choice Craig. I am just trying to help.

    Troy was right about Phelps. Vatican Assassins was a bad alliance. He is a conman.

    At first Eric Jon Phelps got me on his show to discuss Vatican History, which, being a harpsichordist, luthier, and music historian, am an expert. After a year passed he forced me into discussing current issues, WHICH IS NOT MY FIELD, thus discreditting me. Plus my alliance to Eric ruined my friendship with Leo. I know very much regret all of this, because I lost Troy too.


    Your Friend

    Count Vittorio Vivaldi-Pasqua III O.P.



    From: Vivian Vivaldi [Add]
    To: vivianvivaldi@yahoo.com, alan watt , alex jones , troy [Add]
    Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 5:51 PM (1 week 2 days ago)
    Everybody support Alex Jones Now!

    I was waiting for Alex to condemn Ron Paul.

    Proof Eric Jon Phelps in a lying piece of shit scum:

    He denied their was a Jewish community in Damascus. LIAR!!!!!!!! Phelps wants war on Syria! He is a Jew Killer!

    I lived in Damascus for 5 months. The Jews of Syria are one of the oldest Jewish communities on the Earth. Assad is protecting them. in his Palace at the moment from the terrorists.

    God Bless Alex Jones!


    From: Vivian Vivaldi [Add]
    To: Vivian Vivaldi , alan watt , alex jones , troy [Add]
    Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 6:18 PM (1 week 2 days ago)
    R: Everybody support Alex Jones Now!

    SUPPORT JACK SHEPARD, he will NEVER sellout like Ron Paul

    Google: Jack Shepard Senate




    From: Vivian Vivaldi [Add]
    To: vivianvivaldi@yahoo.com, alan watt , alex jones , troy , Hannes Gasteiger [Add]
    Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2012 9:32 AM (1 week 2 days ago)
    My last Confession and messege …………….. To the conspiracy movement, which I now leave for eternity

    I am a liar! I am a great sinner.

    I slandered the great Farnese family of Parma. I should be skinned alive, especially since it is heresy.

    O Great Holy Pope, the true power of Christ on the Earth, forgive my sins. I have broken your commandments and sided with your enemies out of pure vanity. Burn me in purgatory! Teach me a lession!

    I profess my baptism
    I profess that the Holy Roman Catholic Church is the only true Church of Christ.
    I profess that all other Churches and faiths are heresies and AntiChrist
    I profess the Holy eucharist and transubstatiation
    I profess The Holy Patriarch of Venice
    I profess the Holy Inquisition
    I profess the infallibilty of the Pope and his laws
    I profess that the Pope has God’s powers and inspiration
    I profess protestantism is heresy
    I profess that heresy is a sin
    I profess that sin must be punished
    I profess that sin can be forgiven
    BUT it must be confessed
    So now I confess my sin to all.

    The whore that rides the beast is NOT Rome or the pure and Holy Catholic faith!

    at the moment it seems to be the American government.

    There is no conspiracy at all

    Conspiracy is an excuse to blame others for not becoming successful in life.

    I blamed the Jesuits because, I didn’t complete my preisthood. They didn’t advance me in the Dominican order. Then my organ master Father Jean died, and I left the priesthood when I was 20 years old. Some low-level Jesuits gave me bad advise. I wish I had stayed! I continued to blame them! I now forgive them. I want peace now. I love Adolph Nicholas. He is a master of Tai Chi and Judo. I wish I could be like Adolph Nicholas. He faced death and through his powerful faith he cured himself through martial arts of the Orient.

    The cure of the conspiracy plague and obsession is working. Find a job! Do something useful! Nobody controls the world, people! NOBODY! Everyone would like to. It is a dream of every nation.

    You people need to be Baptised. Become Catholic!

    You can’t reinvent the wheel! Who would believe you! And if God doesn’t agree you are stuck in a rough spot.

    The priest has taken the pain of this job away from you, so that you can concentrate on being good parents, and workers.

    I hope I have been sincere. I am being initiated into the order of Malta in Rome next month. I will become a SMOM now. That isn’t the reason, why I let you all down. This is also not my reason for being against conspiracy.

    Forgive me for my lies!

    May God guide you all!

    C. Count Vittorio Vivanus Vivaldi Pasqua III O.P.

    “`Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name,
    your kingdom come,
    your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
    Give us today our daily bread.
    Forgive us our debts,
    as we also have forgiven our debtors.
    And lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from the evil one. ‘”


    From: Vivian Vivaldi [Add]
    To: Hannes Gasteiger , Eric Jon Phelps ,
    Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2012 10:00 PM (1 week 1 day ago)
    This all started when I attacked Fritz Springmeier

    Fritz never Communicated with us at all, after we showed him a lot of support. Michael Collins Piper at least will email back. In fact, Bob Chapman also returned emails and chat with Craig. Springmeier believes he is the Prnce of conspiracy theory. He is too high to be friendly with us. Well FUCK HIM! Life is too short! Craig was offended that I insulted a ‘has been’. Phelps has a hell lot more followers than Springmeier. Fritz has got a good editor like CollinsPiper. They both are millionaires. I don’t even believe Springmeier was in prison. He is a liar like Christopher Bollyn. Bloodlines book is a hoax! Alot of guesses! The only one he hit was the Medici family which is alive and thriving today in Rome. They are Jesuit Council lifelong permenent members. Craig turned on me, and then he intentionally started ripping on my cousins.


    Sunday, June 10, 2012 7:11 PM
    From: “Vivian Vivaldi”
    Wake Up Craig!

    Don’t be a fool!

    Eric and Leo are gatekeepers!

    I am sure they work together. Phelps never allowed me to slam Zagami. Phelps is guilty. He is CIA!

    I miss Bob Chapman too!

    I really liked Bob


    Friday, June 15, 2012 11:31 AM
    From: “Vivian Vivaldi”
    A private messege only for Craig!

    Now that I am officially finished with Zagami, freemasonry, and Eric Jon Phelps, I want to warn you to stop dafaming and slandering his Royal Highness, King Juan Carlos. THERE IS A DANGER!

    Leo Zagami, Daniele Del Bosco, and Thomas Michele invented those lies I told you four years ago. ITS RUBBISH! Juan Carlos is a poor guy! Drugs? Carlos owns several organizations and institutions to help addicts to recover and has violently campaigned against drugs and cartels in Europe and South America. WE LIED!I feel bad about the blackmail attempts of Leo. The Jesuits want Carlos removed from Spain.

    Do you know that Leo left a death threat in HRH’s mailbox in Rome, and he signed it : “The Unhived Mind”

    Leo hates you Craig! He used you to make money. He used you as Canon Fodder. You need to now openly denounce these claims as lies and that you were lied to. You can even say I lied to you. Are we friends again?

    I’ll send you return trip tickets to meet me personally in Venice if you want. You can bring your mom with you.


    Friday, June 15, 2012 9:53 PM
    From: “Vivian Vivaldi”
    You are a worthless individual!

    You Love to repeat others’ lies on the internet, you Indian fool!

    England is our country!

    We created the British Empire, its our design.

    You ought to beg for forgiveness to us. I have your picture here in front of me.

    What should I do with it? Eric has seen you already.

    We will play your little game, boy.

    You might get a knock from the Met, oh craigy. Yeah, for defamation.

    I have a friend in Hawaii, who recently visisted me in Venice, who knows you well. HE’S VERY MAD AT YOU!

    Can you guess who

    hahahahahahahahahaha hhehehe

    Am I God ?



      Thursday, June 21, 2012 3:23 PM
      From: Troy Space
      To: “Drink Colloidal Silver,Ozone”

      More time wasting diversion from this low-level counterintelligence operative whose prime motive is IMHO to keep his “get out of jail card” valid.

      He’s partly correct below in regards to the Venetian influence on the British Empire project, but England was around long before the Venetian meddlings, the main pre-Norman foreign populace invasion being from the Germanic Angles, Saxons, Jutes & Frisli from the late 4th century on, following the withdrawal of Roman occupation & finishing off the Celtic peoples one way or the other. That this Vivaldi had anything to do with the Venetian designs on this island is unlikely, unless he is secretly one of these centuries old zombies that he would like us to think are running the show! 😀

      Or perhaps he wishes us to think that India created the British Empire, rather than a unified India being only possible via the British Empire (for better or for worse)?

      Vivaldi’s friend in Hawaii would do well to be more concerned about radiation from Fukushima than getting mad at online commentators.

      Regarding Vivaldi’s libel claims: In fact Vivaldi has continuously defamed himself via the stupidity & inanity of his self-discrediting statements, actions & unsolicited email barrages (both before & after getting his former email closed down for the appalling content of his electronic epistles) & if he tried to press charges via English libel law he would be not get very far (even in England’s Masonic-controlled courts):


      English law allows actions for libel to be brought in the High Court for any published statements alleged to defame a named or identifiable individual or individuals in a manner that causes them loss in their trade or profession, or causes a reasonable person to think worse of them. Allowable defenses are justification (the truth of the statement), fair comment (whether the statement was a view that a reasonable person could have held), and privilege (whether the statements were made in Parliament or in court, or whether they were fair reports of allegations in the public interest)

      That he uses the word “Indian” as an insult (regardless of the fact that it is completely a false description in his use of it below) shows how much he loathes his own (very real, very quantifiably significant & very recent) Indian genetics.

      To use the commonly accepted terms Vivaldi is a Eurasian or “mixed White/Asian”:


      The word Eurasian refers to people of mixed Asian and European ancestry. It was originally coined in 19th-century British India to refer to Anglo-Indians of mixed British and Indian descent.[2] The term has seen some use in anthropological literature from the 1960s.[3]

      From what I know, mixed parentage of Indian & whites is not particularly common outside of couplings between English men & Indian women & even then this has been neither historically nor presently a particularly large minority either within India or around the world via expatriate Indians. It only comprises a large proportion of mixed couplings in India because so few Indians pair with non-Indians.

      This makes me wonder if “Vivaldi” is in fact even more of a fraud & not of Italian extraction at all. In all likelihood his father might be English. This would make more sense of his otherwise baseless claim:

      > England is our country!

      In fact I have always thought that his accent was remarkably English sounding. This was mentioned to him. I don’t recall what his explanation was, but it was (as usual) more diversion.

      Read on (selections taken from Wikipedia’s “Anglo-Indians” entry) for more:


      Anglo-Indians are people who have mixed Indian and British ancestry, or people of British descent born or living inIndia, Pakistan, or Burma, now mainly historical in the latter sense.[6][7] British residents in India used the term “Eurasians” for people of mixed European and Indian descent (cf. George Orwell’s Burmese Days). The Oxford Dictionary’s definition of “Anglo-Indian” is “Of mixed British and Indian parentage, of Indian descent but born or living in Britain, or (chiefly historical) of British descent or birth but living or having lived long in India”.[8]
      The Anglo-Indian community in its modern sense is a distinct, small minority community originating in India. It consists of people from mixed British and Indian ancestry whose native language is English. An Anglo-Indian’s British ancestry was usually bequeathed paternally.
      Article 366(2) of the Indian Constitution defines Anglo-Indian as “a person whose father or any of whose other male progenitors in the male line is or was of European descent but who is domiciled within the territory of India and is or was born within such territory of parents habitually resident therein and not established there for temporary purposes only”.[9][10] This definition extends “Anglo-Indian” to include Indians of purely European (male) ancestry.
      This definition also embraces the descendants of the Indians from the old Portuguese colonies of both theCoromandel and Malabar Coasts, who joined the East India Company as mercenaries and brought their families with them.[11] Similarly the definition includes mestiços (mixed Portuguese and Indian) of Goa and people of Indo-French, and Indo-Dutch descent.[12]
      Anglo-Indians formed a significant portion of the minority community in India before independence, but today more live outside India than within it. The Anglo-Indian population in India dwindled from roughly 500,000 in 1947 to fewer than 150,000 by 2010. Many emigrated to the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and theUnited States.[13]

      The first use of the term was to describe all British people living in India. This is the definition contained in the Indian Constitution. However in popular usage the term changed to describe Anglo-Indians as people who were of mixed blood descending from the British on the male side and women from the Indian side.[14] People of mixed British and Indian descent were previously referred to as ‘Eurasians’ but are now more commonly referred to as ‘Anglo-Indians’.[15]
      During the British East India Company’s rule in India in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, it was initially fairly common for British officers and soldiers to take local Indian wives and have Eurasian children, due to a lack of British women in India at the time.[16][17] By the mid-19th century, there were around 40,000 British soldiers, but less than 2,000 British officials present in India.[18] As British females began arriving in British India in large numbers around the early to mid-19th century, mostly as family members of British officers and soldiers, intermarriage became increasingly uncommon among the British in India and was later despised after the events of theIndian Rebellion of 1857,[19] after which several anti-miscegenation laws were implemented.[20][21] As a result, Eurasians were neglected by both the British and Indian populations in India.

      During the independence movement, many Anglo-Indians identified (or were assumed to identify) with British rule, and, therefore, incurred the distrust and hostility of Indian nationalists.[citation needed] Their position at independence was difficult. They felt a loyalty to a British “home” that most had never seen and where they would gain little social acceptance. (Bhowani Junction touches on the identity crisis faced by the Anglo-Indian community during the independence struggle.) They felt insecure in an India that put a premium on participation in the independence movement as a prerequisite for important government positions.
      Most Anglo-Indians left the country in 1947, hoping to make a new life in the United Kingdom or elsewhere in the Commonwealth of Nations, such as Australia orCanada. The exodus continued through the 1950s and 1960s and by the late 1990s most had left with many of the remaining Anglo-Indians still aspiring to leave.[23]
      Like the Parsi community, the Anglo-Indians are essentially urban dwellers. Unlike the Parsis, the mass migrations saw more of the better educated and financially secure Anglo-Indians depart for other Commonwealth nations.[14]

      Most of the Anglo-Indians overseas are concentrated in Britain, Australia, Canada, USA, and New Zealand. Of the estimated million or so (including descendants), who have emigrated from India[citation needed], some are settled in Asia including Pakistan and Myanmar, and also in European countries like Switzerland, Germany, andFrance. According to the Anglo-Indians who have settled in Australia, integration for the most part has not been difficult.[32] The community in Myanmar frequently intermarried with the local Anglo-Burmese community but both communities suffered from adverse discrimination since Burma’s military took over the government in the 1962, with most having now left the country to settle overseas.

      Mixed-race population in Britain
      Since the mid 20th century, there has been a significant population of people of Indian or mixed British-Indian ethnic origin residing in Britain, both through intermarriage between white Britons and Indian immigrants, and through the migration of Anglo-Indians from India to Britain. Though sometimes referred to as Anglo-Indians,[8] people of Indian or mixed British-Indian ethnicity residing in Britain generally do not call themselves Anglo-Indians, preferring the terms British Indian and mixed White-Asianinstead.[33] The latter categorisation is also used by the UK census.


    From: Vivian Vivaldi [Add]
    To: Hannes Gasteiger
    Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 10:59 AM (5 hours 38 minutes ago)
    R: Why can you not act like a human?

    It’s funny how you guys still use that horrible picture of me in the green ski coat. That day I was shaken out of bed, by an emergency Curia assembly call. I didn’t even have time to dress properly or shave. I grabbed the first things I saw in the closet. My wife even critisized my appearance, and I had a ‘bad hair day.’ The press got those awful monsterous shots, on purpose, to scare people away from the Catholic Church.

    The other photos of me floating around are me in my Golden fleece uniform, and another with ‘supposedly Troy’ on YouTube in my Knights of St. Mark shirt in which I didn’t shave either.

    At least, I am open to guests, and I am not afraid to hide my face. I have been visited by hundreds of truth seekers, boys! When people meet me in the flesh, they know I am not lying. I can proove everything I say!

    Please consider that I have a terminal illness, and as you can read by my recent messages, I want out of the truth movement. My dad and auntie have made peace with Bourbons, so I have grown tired of Zagami’s and Chamish’s lies. I need to now concentrate on my health and business. No offense to Phelps.

    I am exposing Leo Zagami officially on my new blog at : leozagamiexposed.blogspot.it

    There you will find testimonies, maps of Leo’s hideouts, naked photos of both of his wives, and Leo’s falsified certificates, plus the Anagrafe record of his birth, declaring him to be the child of Elio Zagami, and Jessica Young. NOT A NOBLEMAN AT ALL! Just plain yogurt!

    I am exposing this rat! Along with others that have been scammed by him.

    How can you trust a guy who has formed an alliance with Daryl Bradford Smith, and other NAZI’s. Leo and Nazi Lolli Ghetti are hiding the fact that Leo is 1/8th Jewish. He is a Jew!


    Zagami is the Jew.

    He is a LIAR!

    Troy is related to Zagami!

    The Nazi’s have been disinformed

    I am dark because my mom is half Parsi from India. Its not Jewish

    I am not a KHAZAR! Stop saying I am a Khazar Zagami! You fucker!

    YOU ARE THE KHAZAR. YOU’re the Arab i.e. ‘Zagami’ You’re the Semite

    From: Hannes Gastyger ;
    To: Vivian Vivaldi ; Viviano Vivaldi ;
    Subject: Why can you not act like a human?
    Sent: Thu, Jun 21, 2012 1:45:11 PM
    Look it Vivaldi,

    You have to learn to take criticism and not back off all the time.
    We have analyzed your psychology and probably know more
    about you than you do yourself.

    Personally I’m not your competition, if you didn’t have a small
    penis you might realize that.

    So I suggest you get over your complex or you will go deeper down
    the drain.

    I only tried to help you, seems like you never got over your paranoia
    and other problems.


    From: Vivian Vivaldi [Add]
    To: alan watt , alex jones , troy
    Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 3:42 PM (59 minutes 18 seconds ago)
    Show us you are a REAL white man Craig!

    Alexandra told me everything about you. And I saw you in the UK. and that rusty old bike that needs to have the brakes fixed. You sneeky little bastard! I feel ashamed that my hard earned money and taxes go to pay for your lazy ass, welfare, and subsidized housng. And yes, I pay taxes in the UK on everything. I literally ment that you are a black Indian man. Listen everyone, Craig Oxley’s real name is Suresh Kumar Retnasingham Sid. He isn’t racially English at all. He shops at Sainsburys, and stinks like sour onions. There is a BIG difference between my race and his. Parsi people look like Freddy Mercury. We are not ethnically Indian, like Craig Oxley, Sid, whatever the hell he wants to call himself. Your not white Craig! You are an Imposter! Why don’t you go to mother India and help develope it. Stay out of this movement. We are SERIOUS, when we accuse the Jesuit order. A lot of people are going to die in this upcoming war. ITS NOT FUNNY, boy! STOP LAUGHING! YOU STOP CRAIG, or SURESH, or I will declare you to be a Jesuit temporal Co-adjator in Italy! Have I made myself clear? YOU STOP RIGHT NOW!

    You start being honest, and I will start being friendly again.

    remember four years ago, your message to me: “Everybody ignores me, I want friends”

    I took you as my buddy. I trusted you. And now your sleeping with Zagami…..

    Its as if all the bad disinformation agents and rejects all got together to form a new gang. Stay out of the Vatican conspiracy! Leave it to the Real men, like Eric Phelps and Tom Friess.

    You are making us all look bad, Suresh.

    I am not even against India or Indians. My family was forced to leave India, because of that Jesuit shithead Indira Ghandi. He destroyed, my maternal grandparents import business. The East Indian company was the best thng ever to happen to India, boy. India used to be a first world country, when the Montbattens and whites were there.

    I respect your Indian philosophies and traditions. I like the food. Would you just leave me alone now, Craig Suresh Kumar, whatever!

    Until we see your photo, we will have to assume Alexandra’s not lying.


    From: Vivian Vivaldi [Add]
    To: troy, leo
    Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 4:33 PM (10 minutes 50 seconds ago)
    Lets make peace guys. Come on! Life is too short to have enemies!

    I didn’t really want to expose your real identity and let the cat out of the bag, Suresh Kumar Oxley. I would say, this evens up the score 0-0. Listen boys, there is still time for peace. I can erase Leozagamiexposed too.

    I will be in Roviano in July in a few weeks Leo. You can visit me at Lucoli, which is about a few kilometers up the mountain. I do have bodyguards there. You wouldn’t want to try anything funny. I may do an instrument exhibit at Castle Brancaccio. I am bringing 10 Venetian renaissance instruments with me. Hurdy Gurdy, Archlute, and several Mandolins.

    Its me the dogs and my wife, and my hunting rifle, longbow, and crossbow.

    Hey, Zagami

    I just finished an English LongBow. I am wondering if the police would stop me in Rome, if I carried it by hand. I should probably make a case for it. Its made out of Scottish Yew, my favorite wood. I am bringing some amatuer arrows too. If want to go hunting with me. I can show some places near Sulmona, Scano, Villalago. We can have a good time, like the old days, if you want. A barbeque. Dj party, whatever you like, without the trannies of course. In the mountains there are no Gay people! Hehehehe


    From: Vivian Vivaldi [Add]
    To: Craig
    Fri, 22 Jun 2012 5:44 PM (9 minutes 29 seconds ago)
    Here’s some great cooking advice

    Hey Suresh,

    maybe you should check out some of Eric Hufschmid’s cooking tips:



    I know you can’t eat a scared cow. Remember how you told me how disgusted you were with British Mince Meat Pie and Haggus.

    After that, I knew Alexandra wasn’t lying. You are a hindu! Drinking your own urine, cow piss, that’s hindu stuff. Well, at least you are exposed now. Hey enjoy Eric Hufschmid’s videos. They are better than Painful questions.

      I’m rolling around in laughter folks at the comments above they are so pathetic and well if true I would not be reprinting them would I if I had something to hide. Where this being’s head is at during this moment God only knows but its not planet Earth. May I remind you that Barry Chamish is not a liar and knows King Juan Carlos of Spain just as much as I do and he was exposing areas of Carlos before I was. Anyone who tries to hide Emperor Juan Carlos of the New unHoly Roman Empire is obviously either uninformed or shady. Emperor Juan Carlos has great power over New Jerusalem and controls your physical body through the Cestui Que Via Act 1666 and its ancient Papal Bull origins. Juan Carlos is one of the most powerful creatures on Earth that you can see on a regular basis in the media etc. The other is the Pope of the Office of the Holy See. All the others are well hidden even the Black Pope is hidden and yet it is he and his assistancy at the Curia Generalizia who run the whole show with the aid of his The Entity division being the greatest intelligence agency on Earth just as Everette Howard Hunt informed you. This is why beings like what this thread is about cannot and will never be true Jesuit soldiers and only become puppet Temporal coadjutors.

      -= The Unhived Mind

  • Rattler Rider

    Vivian is off his rocker insane, I’m astonished Phelps associates with this bumbling drooling half wit. I’m disappointed in Phelps, love his book to the extent of truth he shares, but can’t help but wonder why he ignores the evidence gathered by James Montgomery, the Informer, and now David Williams, using the legal/lawful terminologies of the countless contracts showing the Vatican owns everything on earth and has for centuries, showing that the 13 Colonies were awarded the Right of Self Determination, and they blew it by defaulting on the contractual agreements via the Paris Treaty. A slight matter of 18 million in gold.

    From: Vivian Vivaldi [Add]
    To: UHM, troy, leo
    Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 4:33 PM (7 hours 16 minutes ago)

    I didn’t really want to expose your real identity and let the cat out of the bag, Suresh Kumar Oxley. I would say, this evens up the score 0-0. Listen boys, there is still time for peace. I can erase Leozagamiexposed too.
    I will be in Roviano in July in a few weeks Leo. You can visit me at Lucoli, which is about a few kilometers up the mountain. I do have bodyguards there. You wouldn’t want to try anything funny. I may do an instrument exhibit at Castle Brancaccio. I am bringing 10 Venetian renaissance instruments with me. Hurdy Gurdy, Archlute, and several Mandolins.

    Its me the dogs and my wife, and my hunting rifle, longbow, and crossbow.

    Hey, Zagami

    I just finished an English LongBow. I am wondering if the police would stop me in Rome, if I carried it by hand. I should probably make a case for it. Its made out of Scottish Yew, my favorite wood. I am bringing some amatuer arrows too. If want to go hunting with me. I can show some places near Sulmona, Scano, Villalago. We can have a good time, like the old days, if you want. A barbeque. Dj party, whatever you like, without the trannies of course. In the mountains there are no Gay people! Hehehehe

    • To: Vivian Vivaldi,troy,leo zagami
      Subject: No peace only quietness IF
      Sent: Fri, Jun 22, 2012 4:53:23 PM

      Vivian Vivaldi,

      You have given me a death threat which is on record with Yahoo and this site amongst other people’s emails too etc. You have lied about me before and now. I was informed by a Notary that I should seek my local corporate fascist Police force about your abuse and prior threats. If you wish to be neutral with me, meaning for me to remove all evidences of your crimes and being on my site and video sites then I make a demand. Payment in Bitcoins to the equivalent of 10 kilos of pure fine .9999 Silver. This can be the equivalent of a 10 Kilo bar or 10x 1 kilo bars. I will not accept silver bullion/coins, Paypal or any other form of transference of currency etc. Its Bitcoins or nothing and I will then purchase my silver my sides as I have my bullion contacts and quality coins myself. Take it or leave it. I will scrub any negative thing about you in existence off the web my sides but I want no more contact with you ever again then on. That is my fair offer considering your death threat which the Police will be interested in hearing about and having on record. So do not threaten me with the Metropolitan Police Vivian because you have nothing on me in the slightest but I have all on you, so for once use your loaf and be smart. Currently 10 kilos of Silver is worth £7050 sterling that includes the U.K. VAT.

      Thank you

      • From: Vivian Vivaldi [Add]
        To: UHM, troy, Leo
        Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 7:29 PM
        R: No peace only quietness IF

        Your attempt to undermind the UK Home Office for Alexandra is also on record here, which is a punishable offense. I could very easily call you a Paki and tell you to fuck off, but I haven’t yet, because I still see you as useful. We have to meet face-to-face first. You were mine before Zagami robbed you from me. Everybody fucking knows this! You fucked up with Mchael Tsarion. You know, Eric Hufschmid is the one guy who knows everyone in conspiracy. He sent people to scope you out, before I knew you. We have your name, address, national insurance, and last five purchases. You don’t know who you are fucking with boy. My daddy, worked for Donald Rumsfeld at GE Searle for 20 years straight, baby! The guy is addicted to his own poison! Licio Gelli is innocent! Put on your Adidas shackles and remember your master, boy! Its me, not Zagami. You are mine Craig! I pay you to put stories out and shill, BUT YOU BETTER STAY FAITHFUL! What do you want, a new computer? A car, let’s get serious. I want to see you in Venice, first. I’ll give you the knighthood. You swear your oaths, and you get what you want. Babes, Cars, new clothes…….WHATEVER! You gotta be faithful first! I told you that the Birmingham Botanical Gardens has a big conference center and there are always community events there. I told you to dress up decently and get your ass over there and represent my interests. Vivaldi-Pasqua is your ticket in! You knew that, BUT YOU REFUSED TO EXPLORE THE Offer. I was selling Serbian made Police anti riot gear. You could have made a fortune, and so could have Zagami. Are you listening Zagami. I made €700,000 in defense contracts in 2010 WITHOUT YOU Zagami. How dare you betray Licio Gelli. You could’ve become rich and buy a new home, you fuck. But no, you choose to insult me and NOW you are poor again. What the fuck, Leo? Hey man, bad choices. Never let a woman stand in front of your interests.
        Are we illuminati or NOT! I got baptised in the Memphis rite in YOUR FUCKING HOUSE! I have been saying nothing but nice shit about you to everyone in Venice, and you fuck me, over your wife’s and Dave’s bastard son in Afghanistan. I made you Zagami! And I could destroy you too. Let’s bury it! Let get back to making money. Who gives a shit for this ego crap! MONEY TALKS BOYS!

        • From: UHM
          To: Vivian Vivaldi, troy,Leo Zagami
          Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 11:44 PM
          Re: R: No peace only quietness IF


          This is my last message to you, I made no attempt to undermine the UK Home Office and sorry but the only Alexandra I know is/was married and lives in the U.S. and has a son. You are clutching at straws in your attempts to data-mine and your lack of intelligence gathering skills shows you are of no worth to anyone and have no contacts of any power in the slightest. You do not know my address, national insurance and you do not know my last five purchases as I do not use credit cards or debit cards and I do not even use banking anymore so tough luck there. No one is my master except God and you are a nobody in this World and realm. Do you think I’d be impressed by your Donald Rumsfeld comments? That guy is a murderer not only in wars but on innocent people with his aspartame poison.

          Sorry but I’m not interested in babes, cars, clothing or anything else. All I asked for was the equivalent of ten kilos of pure silver and nothing more. This was to sanitize the web of your idiotic ramblings and actions. Please do not contact me again unless you are willing to supply the ten kilos either by bitcoin payment or by paying a local dealer direct where by I would pick up the product at a time of my own choosing. I don’t want any dealings with you in the slightest other than this in order to forgive your death threat. Until this Silver comes forth then I will not forgive you and never will. I will never except payment for anything else least of all information from yourself which I see as disinformation.

          I am not Leo Lyon Zagami’s just because I have my own mind and see through you and your actions. I am me, myself and I and always will be, in need of no one and truthful to the best of my ability and knowledge. I see you have tried to abuse me once again by using the term Paki but you forget I am a Caucasion white Englishman which shows your lack of intelligence gathering. Quite frankly I’m appalled how low your skills are and both Venice and Rome make me vomit. I would never ever entertain coming to Venice in the slightest so please stop asking the same questions. Venice does nothing for me and never will.

          Goodbye and do not contact me until I see ten kilos of Silver and then only contact me to give me the details before any sanitization occurs. If your threats continue then I will be making a note of them with my local corporate fascist police force. I have given you the opportunity to do something of worth. Your choice but DO NOT contact me until you make the right decision. I will not even look at any emails unless they have in the subject matter SILVER so make sure you use that if so. You to me are dead and nothing more and this will continue even after the bullion transfer if it happens at all. Do not waste your time replying unless its what I said. If I get mail they will be presented online as usual so be aware.


    From: Vivian Vivaldi [Add]
    To: Leo Zagami, troy, UHM
    Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 9:55 PM (2 hours 2 minutes ago)
    Okay boys, remember money ALWAYS comes first…..YOUR NEXT OPPORTUNITY £££

    I am the sole authorized representative to sell million dollar artwork. NOT STOLEN ILLEGAL ART, but fresh coveted new art.

    My Authorized in Venice international artists:

    A. Rado Leon, a painter of iconagraphy, Venetian landscapes, Baroque art, personal portraits, fresco work on commision, Guardi, Tiepolo, Carpaccio styled artwork. Art is valued at €8,000-€1,200,000

    We sell a lot of Leon’s work. He is very famous. Typical clients are Shimon Perez, Elton John, Sonia Ghandi. People will pay!

    B. Hermann Nitsch, the famous Austrian artist, who uses action art, live blood, human sacrifice, aborted fetuses on Canvas. It is gory , but people like it. Art is valued at €50,000-€10,000,000

    This is special art for enthusiasts, typical clients like to remain anonymous but some, are known. Arnold Swartzenegger has 12 pieces of Nitsch in his home. He is proud of his Austrian heritage. I did not sell these pieces. I have sold pieces to Contessa Maria della Scala, actor John Malkovich,and Count Hans Adam.

    There are my Musical Instruments which range from €500-€20,000. My site is currently down.

    Listen Boys, if you have an Nitsch requests, I am the man to talk to. I will give 20% the final cost of the art piece. So if you sell a Nitsch blood work, for €1,000,000 euros, that is about £160,000 quid. With that money you can buy a new Porsche, and get all the chicks. Please consider my offers lets start making money boys.

    Conspiracy sucks! Writing lies and lying to people to attract them to fringe topics is NOT a multi million dollar business, not even for David Icke. Lies lead nowhere. Lets make an Art network. I have access to all the most wanted pieces. Nitsch is hard to find. Rado is a very good artist. Let me know! Do some google searches! Tell me! I have 20 Nitsch works in my boat garage here. He is ready to give good offers. I own two Nitsch works which are image series. I am thinking of selling them. I bought them together for €80,000. I can sell the images seperately and divide them into 30 pieces.


    Vivian Vivaldi
    To: UHM, troy, Leo Zagami
    Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2012
    R: Re: R: No peace only quietness IF

    Hey craigy pacman baby,

    I got every message you ever sent me Suresh. We know who you are ! GAME OVER! Check Mate!
    Leo, dump these fuckers! Return to the lodge! Let’s go back to supporting the New World Order man.
    This sucks! Who’s side are you on Leo? Craig Suresh Kumar lives in Cockroach heaven. Zagami, I have become a high level Cammino Neocatacumenale member. I can get you in. We will meet up at Lucoli(Aq) Campo Felice!

    I told you darkie Craig kumar, whatever the fuck, Len is coming after you. And guess who his key witness is? ITS ME!!!! hahahahahahahahaha hahahahaa hahahahahahahahahahah

    woo hah ha ha ha ha ha ! Yeah Baby.

    You get my photos off the internet boy, and I will NOT appear at Len’s hearing. Len has got your real name on file. He got it from Eric Hufschmid. Is Eric Hufschmid a liar, Craig???

    I have seen you in person, I followed you back to your home. You are the unhived mind!

    Its your choice. The death threat ain’t valid, because you are not a real person. Craig Oxley is not your legal name at all. I wouldn’t opely threaten a known legal entity, like you have done against me. Vivaldi is my REAL name. Its on my birth ceritificate and Passport. Leo Zagami is Real too, so is Eric Phelps. and good old Lenny.

    Do you still use the castor oil Suresh?

    For the amount of money you want, I can give you a nice vacation here. I will show all the hidden sites, templar history, and the spot where we fought off Pepin. I can take you Florence and Rome. I have a home in Siena too. God, if it were me , I would say yes! Is Vivaldi that generous? Yes! Who cares about conspiracy shit.

    Boys life is too short, there is a major war coming. Lets enjoy these last days.

    Suresh, I understand you don’t eat Beef. In Italy we have pork too, or maybe chicken, seafood. Fucking Vegetables. Eat your fucking stinky curry.

    Suresh, wouldn’t you like to verify, that the guy you have been talking to on the internet in a REAL individual. I am not going to kill you. I told you to bring mommy along. She can wear her sari. We have Indian stores here, nothing like Leicester or Southall, but a few shops that sell your ethnic goods.

    You think I give one fuck what politicians are doing? We can’t change things! They are going to continue doing it whether we like it or not. We have to learn to adapt. Things will get better. Believe me!

    The next war will clean the shit off the Earth, like Zagami said it would.

    I can start sending the Nitsch photo examples to you. Lets sell this shit! Life is to short boys!

    You want to feel safe Suresh, come here during the Venice Film Festival in September. The Future of Science conference is in the same month. The entrance is 300 euros a day. As my buddy, you get in free.


    From: Vivian Vivaldi
    To: UHM, troy,Leo, alan watt, alex jones
    Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2012 9:09 AM
    You want me to admit I work for Nicola Tucci

    Okay, lets close this post with this final thought.


    He was here two weeks ago, to be exact!


    Leo you got to pay your dues?

    We kicked you out of the lodge, because you are a fucking freeloader!

    PAY and you get to PLAY!

    Its that simple!

    Nicola likes you Leo. By the way, I said good things about you over a glass of rabioso red wine.

    I am counting up all your lodge fees Leo!

    Its official, I worked for Grand Master Nicola Tuccia!


    Saturday, June 23, 2012 9:46 AM
    From: Viviano Vivaldi
    To: Troy, UHM,writers@infowars.com, alan watt, leo,
    There you go boys, enjoy!


    Saturday, June 23, 2012 10:02 AM
    From: “Viviano Vivaldi”
    To: Troy, Leo, UHM, Chamish, Phelps, writers@infowars.com
    Here is the REAL Craig Oxley!


    Saturday, June 23, 2012 11:38 AM
    From: “Vivian Vivaldi”
    To: Phelps, Chamish, Leo, Alan Watt, writers@infowars.com, brandon.wandsworth@sis.gov.uk
    The Mi6 should fire Suresh Kumar Retnasinghah Sid a.k.a Craig Oxley

    He’s just awful.

    The Mi6 should fire Suresh Kumar Retnasinghah Sid a.k.a Craig Oxley

    He blew his cover.

    In ‘make-believe’ cinema guys like these get a shot in the head and the acid treatment.

    Just fire the guy! He has no talent. His ego ruined his plot.

    Suresh Kumar Retnasinghah Sid should not be able to work in intelligence at all.

    Its funny to see most people behind the computers over at the Pentagon are blacks and asians.

    Whatever happened to the white folks.

    Discommunicate and Disassociate this fake from all forums! Ban Craig Oxley everywhere!

    Finally Exposed! Hey Brand, get rid of this guy!


    Saturday, June 23, 2012 4:52 PM
    From: Vivian Vivaldi
    To: UHM, Chamish, Phelps, Leo, Alan Watt, Tom Friess
    You think your badge means anything to me Suresh?

    Everybody on the internet now knows you are a cop. Your finished!

    You think your badge means anything to me Suresh?

    Close the unhived mind and come back with a new alias. There is no Craig Oxley anymore, only Zuul!

    You lost everyone!

    here’s where you fucked up:

    A ex buddy of mine was opening different accounts at the first Unhived Mind forum, with different Skype addresses. This dude named Suresh Kumar Retnasingham Sid accidently followed these Skype addresses like the fool he was.

    The sad thing is that I never believed you were a cop, because I thought Hufschmid was a Liar.

    You are a cop!

    Thats a classic infiltration trick, to use the enemy of your enemy. You pretended to be a nationalist. I see you are involved in the Community Police in Birmingham, Antirascism, huh?

    You’d love to wipe out all the white people, wouldn’t you?

    You want mass immigration into the UK?

    You tried to get me to break the Home Office Laws, maybe to have me arrested.

    There is no girlfriend!

    I played your game Suresh!


    • This is absolutely laughable indeed and I will say sorry to whoever the man in the picture is that was supplied by this Venetian in the email quoted above. The image is used as evidence against the Venetian playing games all because no one in the conspiracy arena speaks or listens to him anymore. As far as I’m aware even Eric Jon Phelps has now dumped the terrible lying creature who has been proven numerous times to be a liar and a very bad one at that. Anyone thinking this creature is a Vatican agent, think again. The Vatican do not take on creatures like this, the Vatican takes on highly informed and proper operatives with a memory and who can lie very well.

      What this creature fears is my intelligence is greater than his and I am a commoner his in mind. How can the unhived mind be more intelligent than a supposed Noble of evil Venice. Well its quite simple and evidenced time and time again that I have exposed Vivaldi and now he is lost without no where to turn. I suggest he sticks to making violins and stops his games especially if he does not even like the conspiracy arena.

      Funny isn’t it folks that I get hassled by this creature and others big time since I started exposing New Jerusalem aka City of London and the 9/11 attack connections to this region. Sorry Merchants but I am going no where as you have seen from your multiple attacks in the past. You’ve also seen I do not need Eric Phelps and that in fact Eric needed me, I made Eric what he was until Vivaldi bought him down. Interesting how Vivaldi likes to sniff around infowars after slagging off Alex Jones so much. Totally and utterly pathetic from a childish Noble who shows up his supposed family name. I hope they disown him completely soon for his lame actions! I also hope the Pallavicini family will do something about this creature who has bought further dishonor on them too.

      My demand for neutralization now increases to 15 kilos of pure silver instead of 10 kilos. This decision is due to these latest emails which I see as continued harrassment by this creature.

      -= The Unhived Mind

        Sunday, June 24, 2012 10:34 PM
        From: “Viviano Vivaldi”
        To: UHM
        Here’s my salute to you Sureshibaby heheheheheh ha aha ha h a. woo hoo hoo!

        Check out this video on YouTube:


        • Sunday, June 24, 2012 11:09 PM
          From: “Viviano Vivaldi”
          To: UHM
          Re: Here’s my salute to you Sureshibaby heheheheheh ha aha ha h a. woo hoo hoo!

          Hey, i am not a racist! You have been working with the SPLC! You reported on Eric Phelps! You wanted to set us up for hate crimes! But we set you up! White Power! Towelhead! We are going to take back the UK! The Venetian Militia has branches in Wolverhampton Sureshi poo! Raixe Veneti! You’ll never stop us! White men are waking up and THEY ARE ANGRY! I don’t hate you! I defeated you. What caste are you? Why don’t you become Christian? Shiva Ganesh Muhammed Guru Nanak? These are all idols! Get yourself a nice juicy Aberdeen boy! Find some Indian pussy! Have a family! You can’t use your badge to become my equal!

  • Rattler Rider

    I’ve never believed a damn word this freak Vivaldi has spit out, and I still do not! He’s not only a liar, he is insane.

    Monday, June 25, 2012 10:03 AM
    From: “Viviano Vivaldi”
    To: “Drink Colloidal Silver,Ozone”

    Hey Sureshi-poo,

    check it out:


    • Post subject: Re: Craig Oxley of the Unhived Mind is a Police Officer
      Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2012 1:11 am
      Wait, you met this guy and then followed him home in your car?

      You are a hardcore conspiracy researcher.

      • Hey folks this shows the level of low intelligence and easily led people out there. Andre amazes me how he can fall for this crap from Vivian Vivaldi who attacked him for banning me ages ago even though I never even knew Vivaldi back then and wished I now never had. Vivaldi is a lying cheating creature who has ousted himself time and time again. All his lies about Leo Zagami everyone can see through big time now since his weak attack on myself. What is a guy like this all about? What does he do for anyone? Nothing. He lies that he has cancer, well sorry folks but right now I hope if he has, that it takes him quickly because he deserves to go to hell but then again he does not have cancer and that is just another one of his Venetian sick lies.

        What a pathetic low-life, I mean first of all folks have I ever sounded Indian or Pakistani? I do not think I know a single one of these two races who speak as I do or like any other white caucasion. I have a white mother and white father both pure blood English beings of the greatest nation on Earth, England not Italy. Isn’t it amazing how I’ve been called a Jew, a muslim, this and that and this and the list goes on. I’m sorry but you can only be one race and one origin and nothing else. Isn’t it amazing how people forget one minute calling you a racist and then listening to lies like this that I’m some kind of dark skinned guy in that photo of someone else. Who that is I have no idea and I would doubt its even the guy being named by Vivaldi because the guy is a pathetic rambling agent of deception.

        Vivaldi’s problem is he lost to me and not one of us speak to him in the slightest anymore and he cannot take it. He never won me, he simply made me stronger and him look more stupid in the process. You want to know something folks, I am far more smarter than most of these creatures I assure you. I see far further than most and I know their games instantly. You know what Vivaldi is doing? He is trying to make me oust myself online as in photos of myself to counter-attack his nonsense. Well Vivaldi it just will not happen I know your games and I know what others are behind your desperation for information on this UNCONTROLLED truth exposer unlike you American Protective League stooges of the City of London simply protecting your lifestyles and Rome. I’m too smart for you Vivaldi and do you think I care about pathetic attacks on forums I haven’t used or cared about for years? You are a complete lunatic!

        I love the pathetic comment about me supposedly shopping at Sainsbury’s, its absolutely laughable since I do not shop anywhere as someone does it for me and they do not shop at Tesco, Asda or even Sainsbury’s in the slightest. I do not use credit cards or even debit cards, I only use tra$h iou debt-instruments for purchasing anything. I do not own a credit card, debit card or even a passport. So yet again pathetic made-up nonsense for the gullible and there is plenty of those about. Do you people think someone like Vivaldi stirring the shit up all day long and lying with dirty tricks etc is someone to trust? Anyone who has read this thread with his Illuminati, Mason and Noble attitude talk would see straight through him in a blink of an eye. He would depopulate you in the blink of an eye if he could, he’s as malthusian as they get with his idiot Noble theories.

        He has threatened my life on two occasions for exposing the Pallavicini family. He really did not like it when I got Robert Chapman of The International Forecaster to oust what he knew of the Pallavicini criminals. I will be handing these threats to my County police force if this nonsense continues. I will also have an injunction put on him online stopping his abusive comments in emails etc. He is a sheer time waster doing nothing for the people wanting truth, infact he wants it shut right down saying we cannot do anything to stop the conspiracy. Oh yes we can and we can shut the conspiracy down within hours if we all stick together and work together properly with bank runs and no consuming etc. Literally it would only be hours and the Mercers know this all too well and thats why they lure to awakening sheople with pied pipers such as these agents of deception so they can control you and make you manageable such as using the occupy movements controlled and created by the Club of Rome. Go read the Club of Rome’s councils book ‘The First Global Revolution’ and think about it for a minute. There are some good groups in our nations trying to defend the nation state and its culture so work with them and stop filth like this character who visits Population Matters in Manchester aka Optimum Population Trust aka Malthusian genocide of the Club of Rome.

        Still want to listen to him? Feel free but just continue being a lamb to the slaughter if so. These people fear me because I am a collective being who is independent and not one of them knows me in the slightest. Some think they do but I do not give them anything of worth on myself and will never do so. I was too smart for Vivaldi from day one. I told you all from day one that the so-called alternative media was controlled quite tightly by the Jesuit Order who created it with Jesuit soldier, Frederick Copleston SJ. I told you the new-age movement is tied to Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Teilhard De Chardin SJ. What more do you need to know? Wake up to it soon and their tools otherwise you will be a gerbil on a never-ending wheel going nowhere and just focusing on the little peons made up to be more than they really are, all whilst the real power sits in the shadows laughing.

        So now I’m being called Southern Poverty Law Center which is a complete farce because it was those amongst other intelligence agents and hofjuden mafiosi who shut down three of my forums within hours. So explain how I can be anything to do with the SPLC when they are attacking me and everyone has known this for almost a year coming now? How can I be one of them if I have been harrassed by Carpathia Hostings Inc based in intelligence Virginia and hosting for Homeland Security, SEC and a whole host of alphabet soup agencies? I showed you evidence of their net attacks. How can I be one of them when my phone has been monitored for years now going back nearly a decade where people have heard the noises and clicks whilst talking to me. Explain folks? Wake the hell up. Why would I put pictures up of the man claimed to be myself by this Vivaldi village idiot if it was me and I was trying to hide?

        I cannot be called a racist and then be claimed to be an Asian raced being. Please can someone give me logic in this non-logical World. This Vivaldi has started a hate campaign against Leo Zagami. Why? What does it achieve? Have you guys not had any meat from Leo Zagami? Of course you have and some good meat along with what you may believe were the odd bones to spit out. You have had far more from Zagami on Freemasonry than Vivaldi has ever given anyone. Its great to see these weak ass attacks against me because I see more and more that Zagami and my instincts were right and they usually always are. Carry on Vivaldi, with your childish playground games it will all be exposed here and highlighted as usual. Anyone who promotes Pope Ratzinger should set alarm bells off and especially when they promote the House of Bourbon and Emperor Juan Carlos the elephant murderer and killer of his own brother so he could take all the power in the family. Sick people.

        May I remind people I do not use cellphones known as mobile phones in the United Kingdom. I do not use any kind of bluetooth or wi-fi system either. I like wires for privacy, quality and for good health reasons since the others hinder our bodies causing calcium problems, cellular damage and diseases such as cancer. Anyone who knows me knows that I loathe that type of equipment. I even turned around and walked away from a good job interview because the place of employment was located next to a big massive phone mast. I still own two cathode ray tube monitors since I do not trust or even like flat screen systems and for good reason. I own wired mice and keyboards and will be purchasing shortly a few of these before I can no longer get wired products. I detest Apple even more for making their machines totally wireless and thus poisonous. So again more lies from this creature who will in the end when he further falls flat on his face will then simply twist his own words around and say “oh well the Suresh I thought he was did have a cell phone.” Well I am not this man and he knows it but its all part of the flim flam time wasting of course. Anyone wanting to know the destruction of microwave radiation must make sure they view Barrie Trowers most excellent lectures and keep well clear of the technological poison.

        -= The Unhived Mind

        • The following below has been posted to Outlaw but has been stopped to be moderated. Will this Andre do the correct thing or will he aid Vivaldi who threatened him in the past? Will Andre promote blatant disinformation on his website? Lets wait and see and then you can decide how much worth you give that website then on. The choice is his. Here is the message posted to the pathetic thread on there

          -= The Unhived Mind

          This original post was posted by VIVIAN VIVALDI III of VENICE who was banned from this site in the past for threatening the sysop. Interesting the sysop would fall for the lies presented in the above childish piece. Now for the real truth you will find all the evidence you need to see through Vivian Vivaldi and his nonsense games he’s playing now and has been. Read all his words carefully because he trips himself up constantly and shows you his real Noble self and hatred of the commoner man. He’s a member of Population Matters which is the new veiling name for Optimum Population Trust in Manchester which wants to kill you all off for the Club of Rome and their genocidal Malthusian plans. Anyway heres the evidence against the lying sneak Vivaldi who has it in for both The Unhived Mind and Leo Lyon Zagami. Not one of the anti-Vatican movement now speaks to Vivaldi since his continual disinformation and since The Unhived Mind put the cap on Vivaldi by disassociating from him after death threats because The Unhived Mind had exposed his cousins the Pallavicini family. The Unhived Mind then even disassociated from Eric Jon Phelps who was continuing to associate with this Venetian puppet. I’m sure you will see the truth as soon as you read the thread linked below.[/b]

          Leo Zagami highlighted the agenda of Vittorio Vivaldi and
          his Jesuit paymaster Grandmaster Nicola Tucci




    Monday, June 25, 2012 5:44 PM
    From: “Viviano Vivaldi”
    To: UHM
    Become a True Christian or humble before me!

    I will tell you a little dirty secret Suresh.

    I tell you this because I actually pity you!

    You sinning against your GODS!

    don’t you know that I am a child of Rama and Shiva!

    I am a Persian. I am a GOD!

    YOU WORSHIP ME, suresh!

    It is I who drinks the milk left for your other god Ganesh.

    I told you that we are the masters of the universe.

    You will be cursed with your already bad charma.

    You will be my humble servent, and retract all your comments. Or I will ask the other Gods to condemn you for your BLASPHEMY!

    Oh Shiva, teach this slave, who is his master!


    You will kiss my Godly and Royal toes!



    Know your master Suresh. The UK does not save you. I do, because I am your GOD and MASTER!

    Give me respect slave!

    • Apart from the obvious I will not entertain wasting my precious life with, can you see a hypocritical statement there? True-Christian! Can someone tell me how a Catholic Venetian creature can even state those two words? A true-Christian is of the Reformation and is a reformist carrying the true Bible called the Geneva Bible 1560/99. Anyone carrying anything else or entering a pagan church or worshiping pagan festivals hoodwinked as Christian festivals needs to be forgotten. Don’t you ever use those two words again you Pope Ratzinger promoting Mithra worshiping creature. Long live the Geneva Bible 1560/99 may the real Puritans live on forever and rid the World of the troublesome dark age Catholic ‘Solar/Pagan/Babylonian’ Church. May I remind you people that the Roman Empire was throwing Christians to the lions in the Coliseum long before there was a fake Catholic Church which was nothing more than the veiled Roman Empire continuum. The Pope became the Caesar and the Senate became the Red Cardinals College the one being the Sun door of Osiris and the other being his hinges as they work together until the Temporal Power can become Horus sitting at East Jerusalem which he’s owned since 1993 thanks to his loyal Hofjuden Shimon Peres.

      -= The Unhived Mind

    Tuesday, June 26, 2012 12:01 AM
    From: “Viviano Vivaldi”
    To: UHM
    Fw: Good Work Brother Vivian! Now Ditch that retard Oxley!

    Hey, oh Sureshi poo, not even Zagami wants you anymore. yee ha! hahahahhaah heheeehe hehehe
    We gottcha darkie! Bye Bye Cop! What’s the matter………? Are you gonna cry now ??? H a ha ha ha ha! HAHAHA! LOL!

    — On TUES, 6/26/12, Leo Zagami wrote:

    From: Leo Lyon Zagami
    Subject: Good Work Brother Vivian! Now Ditch that retard Oxley!
    To: vivianvivaldi@gmail.com
    Date: Tuesday, June 26 2012, 12:52 AM

    Don’t talk to these idiots anymore. Did you make the new video yet?

    Christy said you left a message.

    • This is funny, we see Vivaldi trying to masquerade as Leo Zagami by copying his email as if Leo has sent him a message. Leo has zero to do with Vivaldi and if he did get in touch this tiny once then Vivaldi would not dare reveal this in case of losing Zagami’s friendship again. Very funny to watch this useless village idiot playing such lame games. Leo has not spoken to him in years now and will not because he knows exactly what Vivaldi is and how Vivaldi set him up to try discredit him using video footage of him when forced drugged in a mental institute. Vivaldi is lower than whale dung and believe me thats low. Good on old Robert Chapman for helping me expose that Pallavicini family cousins of Vivaldi or so he claims. He lies so much he must be covered in bed sores like the freak show he is. I’m making a true-bill for Vivaldi and it calls for payment of 15 kilos of silver and if he continues it will be raised to 20 kilos and then on again in five kilo increments until he stops his inbred madness. Even if Zagami has said this (which he has not) then I would not give two hoots because I have no dealing with Zagami so it makes no odds to me. One things for sure, I’d rather deal with Zagami in the future if I have to than this Vivaldi creature from stinking Venice where no real elitist bothers to even dwell anymore. Not even the Jesuits bother to have a base in Venice and believe me if they wanted to they would. I have just highlighted these actions against me to just under eighty people within the conspiracy arena from all areas whether its basic freemasonry, illuminati research all up into Sabbatean Frankist and Vatican exposers.

      -= The Unhived Mind

    From: Viviano Vivaldi
    To: UHM, Eric, Thomas, Hannes, Alan Watt, Leo, Infowars, Troy, henry.cox@sis.gov.uk
    Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 9:08 AM (7 hours 25 minutes ago)
    You are no white man! Show us a photo or be silent! Checkmate!

    “I mean first of all folks have I ever sounded Indian or Pakistani? I do not think I know a single one of these two races who speak as I do or like any other white caucasion. I have a white mother and white father both pure blood English beings of the greatest nation on Earth, England not Italy.” …….. Suresh Kumar Retnasingham

    First of all, I never said you were a first generation, fresh off-the-boat Indian immigrant. We all know that. Your daddy probably owned a newstand, 7/11, or doughnut shop. Any second or third generation, which I believe you are, would take on the dialect and accent of the surrounding town. and you being an undercover policer officer would have to perform it very well, especially when working internationally with organizations like the ADL and SPLC. Its possible you may have someone white in your family. Maybe you were adopted by white folks. The greatest nation on the Earth at the moment is the USA, Suresh. Sorry to shock you!

    Your ‘hiding’ trick doesn’t work any longer Oxley/Suresh! If you have nothing to hide it shouldn’t matter. Plus, we get tired of people who bitch and moan about secret societies, yet they want to be secret about their appearance and race. Hey, even if you are deformed, scared, black, fat obese, ugly, a woman? What does it matter? If your information is correct, I would follow you regardless and respect you. You are a liar! You are a non-white hired infiltrator, who has no power outside his jurisdiction. Its about time the Birmingham council, fired you! You use your undercover riot-control alias, Craig Oxley to harass Patriots on the internet! Who is paying you, is it the Israeli government, the UK, or the CIA? Close you site, agent Retnasingham!

    I’ll tell you another big secret, and this is serious:

    I knew about you, a long time ago. Even though you were an undercover cop, I figured, well I don’t want to be an enemy of the US government or Israel, so I went along with your crap. Being the weak untouchable poor Indian guy you were, I figured, that you were harmless. You know, my mom’s grandfather had more than 20 of you as slaves and servants. After Ghandi, many stayed in the Palace and had families. We took care of those people. Their third generation offspring now work for Apple and Microsoft in California. Imagine that? If we are so bad, how would that be possible. They have nice homes, drive Ferrari’s, and have married beautiful Indian Women.

    I don’t work for anybody. I work for myself. And people work for me. You guys Zagami and Troy wanted the knowledge I had. I grew up with the Rome Black Nobility. I went to school with them. I went to their birthday parties. I was trying to be useful to their exposure!

    • Same old nonsense Vivaldi which is getting tiring and more stupid by the second. What I do find interesting is how you seem to know personal addresses of British Secret Intelligence Service operatives. Now to anyone with a logical mind you should be questioning how someone has personally British Intelligence emails when the majority of the populace would only have a simple SIS contact email which if you were lucky would be visible on their website somewhere. So use you heads people and see who this Vivaldi really is and always was. See why he did not like me exposing his cousins the Pallavicinis and New Jerusalem aka City of London.

      His Nobility information was largely bunkum and has been debunked by Troy numerous times. I do not want to read your sad pathetic lies anymore you are a sad individual with no talent in the intelligence realm both in truth saying or the vile intelligence network run by The Worshipful Company of Fuellers for The Worshipful Company of Mercers who you hate me exposing since you are a minor puppet of the Livery Patent Pool. A fool claiming I’m from organizations that have actually attacked me in the past. A fool trying to use little snippets of things to try to hinder or damage my following since you have no followers and everyone has hated you from day one. You caused Troy and others to move away from our once tightly knit anti-Vatican movement, who did that serve exactly? Ah the Vatican. You caused so much trouble behind the scenes with people hating you that you damaged a lot of good communications. Then you twisted this as if Leo Zagami was doing it when Leo wasn’t even speaking to anyone at the time in the slightest and hadn’t until recently of course. You are a blatant liar and you have some serious mental issues.

      I know your games Vivaldi and I will not play your game. You desire my photographs because you do not have any and it bugs the hell out of you. You make up stories I’m a cop and all this SPLC nonsense. Awfully funny since I was contemplating becoming a true Common Law peace officer to uphold the Law of my land not corporate Vatican Canon Law offshot Admiralty/UCC aka Roman Civil Law Statute claptrap. People are laughing at you now more than they did in the past. You are a grade one looser and you show up Nobility no end by the second. Your father is not a Knight of Malta he is a peon probably not even a member of the Order let alone a Knight. You claim he’s a genetics specialist well I’m sorry to tell you this but the majority of this field is pseudo-science hit and miss guess work quackery and always will be. You cannot excel above God and you Luciferians make me sick. Sit down and read the Geneva Bible 1560/99 oh I forgot you do not have one, I also suspect you don’t even have a King James Bible 1611 either but thats not a bad thing since its a pirate Bible of the Puritan origin Geneva Bible.

      The United States is not the greatest nation it is England and it is peoples from my nation that created America. I wish you would understand the difference between the corporate United States and the land of America. Two very different things indeed. Italy is a Catholic shit hole and lets take a look right now at who’s economy will go tits up first. The Mercers will kill your economy quick smart shortly and you are another Catholic whore corporation in the PIGS which does not include England might I add. Tell me why do we have NEW JERUSALEM placed on our lands not Italian? We are the Blessed Isles of Albion and do not forget that we had the truly greatest Empire which did invent and was creative unlike the collective theft and copyright of the Roman Empire stealing everyone else’s knowledge never their own. We gave the World the true Bible and Reformation along with our Swiss friends. You gave the World the Dark Ages and torture you barbarians. I hate your counter-Reformation vermin backsides. The World mostly speaks English, Mandarin and Spanish where is Italian might I ask?

      Don’t talk to me about Apple and Microsoft, these are two puppets of the Livery Patent Pool and run by The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists. Bill Gates also being controlled by Grandmaster Prince Philip being a Knight of the British Empire as well as being an aid to the population reduction agenda as you are with your membership of the evil Population Matters aka Optimum Population Trust aka Club of Rome genocidal malthusian pseudo-science sickness.

      -= The Unhived Mind

    From: Viviano Vivaldi
    To: Viviano Vivaldi
    Cc: UHM, Eric, Troy, Thomas, Hannes, Infowars, Alan Watt, Leo, Fulford, Chamish,”henry.cox@sis.gov.uk” , “brandon.wandsworth@sis.gov.uk” , Freeman Fly “susan.mcmalcom@sis.gov.uk” , “private.sector@dhs.gov” , “richard.clay@dhs.gov” ,”cog.londres@maec.es” , “contactus@west-midlands.pnn.police.uk”
    Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 11:50 AM (5 hours 11 minutes ago)

    I view this as a threat to national security! This guy is trying to defraud people on the internet. He is defaming wealthy people for money and abusing his position at the Birmingham Community Police Station. Can something be done about this? Obviously, a serious crime hasn’t been committed yet, but its still worth reporting this incident should it happen in the future.

    A badge doesn’t give ANYONE the right to abuse international law. I would like the UK government to permenently shut down theunhivedmind.com it is a free wordpress site.

    Mr. Retnasingham aka Craig Oxley is inciting Holocaust Denial, hatred of the UK Monarchy, Anti-Catholic rhetoric, and possibly inspiring assassins, against HRH King Juan Carlos.

    If I am mistaken by this inquiry, please continue an investigation against abuses!

    • Wow folks notice yet a few more personal British Intelligence operative emails above huh? Now who would be able to know and have them unless they are connected somehow to the intelligence network run by the Livery Patent Pool and the Jesuits at 114 Mount Street, Westminster? Use your logic guys.

      Now can you see how pathetic this maniac is in his writings? He has defamed and attacked Leo Lyon Zagami and even set him up to be filmed forced drugged in a mental institute so he could try and discredit his previous work on the Internet highlighting Vivaldi’s masters. He then has the cheek to claim I’m defaming him for money? Excuse me! Who was the one who gave me a blatant death threat and eventually lost his first Yahoo account for that criminal act which is a criminal act and is punishable by Law might I ask? So whilst all these little twitter cases get hammered for racism I’m sure this death threat to me and his racist abuse are far worse. So now he sends emails to my County’s police force which is West Midlands Police. This is excellent because I will be quite glad to speak with these people over you Vivaldi and show them your death threat against me which you have actually done twice.

      I have told you for your criminal acts against me, lies and slander I want payment in pure Silver to the amount of 15 kilos at this moment, it was ten until you continued your nonsense. I will not accept your dirty sneaky and lying nonsense any longer, that is my true-bill under common law to you which needs a written contract to be valid but I’m giving you a verbal one for now. I will not accept this sort of behaviour from a child, adult or a noble who thinks he’s better than us commoners who do the donkey work. You are scum Vivaldi and it will not be tolerated.

      I along with anyone else have a right to verbally attack the Dame of Malta false-Queen of England who is nothing more than a criminal who has committed High Treason on my nation of England. She has been reported by many numerous people in this wonderful Country at many Police Stations for this criminal act. In fact the Police have put the word ‘treason’ back on the list of crimes on their database because of the influx of complaints about the Jesuit puppet Dame of Malta selling out our wonderful Nation to the Catholic European Union via seven treaties she signed with her own hand giving her own testament through her will. She is a traitor and she is not our Monarchy she and her family are impostors to the throne and the Spencer family have more right to the throne than any of these Guelph’s of Venice your land my I add, but a pathetic land that even the elitists dumped years ago.

      You slag off my land but many elitists still dwell in my land whether it be Perci’s, Howards or Rothschilds. How many dwell in stinking sinking Venice might I ask? Interesting your worthless self use the same old tactics as the SPLC did when they removed three of my sites, claiming I was this and that and I was racist I was anti-homosexual I was against government you name it they came out with it all whilst trying to fool their flock they were against Government etc too and yet the gullible still follow their deceptive words. Vivaldi when will you learn that coming out with this stuff will give you zero credibility in historical revision and conspiracy research? You have zero credibility now and you are constantly making yourself look more stupid by the second and actually alienating the conspiracy arena you so desire to back and like you but which they do not and ignore and snub you. Is it any wonder?

      You are a grade one cretin and a threatener of murder on behalf of your Pallavicini cousins. I wish Robert Chapman was still alive I’d do a little interview with him about you right now and hammer you and your relatives further. You hate me Vivaldi because I am better than you at everything I do and believe and guess what Vivaldi? I am poor and you are a supposed Noble with supposed education and yet I am better than you. You are a grade one snake but that shouldn’t be surprising with you coming from Italian roots the ancient land of Saturnia aka Italy/Venice the serpent the dragon aka divine dragon Vatican aka Roman Empire continuum.

      I’d like to know when I last ever spoke about the Holocaust? Gee that was donkeys years ago and yes I deny the holocaust death figures through and through its a complete fabrication and by the way it is not a crime in my nation or even my corporation. Now tell me mister flip-flop flim flam how can I be ADL or SPLC and then you claim I’m anti holocaust, monarchy etc. Are not those two organizations supposed to be the opposite of what you are twisting yet again. My God why I am wasting my time with your Luciferian self and this complete hogwash claptrap of yours, its illogic and everyone already sees it without me having to point it out. Your attacks against me and my counter-attacks against your criminal abuse happened a long time before I made my Common Law true-bill to you for your death threats and constant harrassment. Another harrassment charge has been placed with Yahoo over this new account you have made since they removed your last. So expect an email from Yahoo for this abuse which is getting quite annoying. You are also destroying any last hope of any negotiation you had with when dealing with my true-bill.

      Oh please now I have access to assassins all of a sudden? Are you a whacked out nut job or something? It is your kind you have assassins as evident from the murder of Princess Diana the true Queen of England. The murder of U.S President John F. Kennedy paid for through the vile Bank of Montreal by the Mercers of New Jerusalem. Not forgetting the murder of American President Abraham Lincoln exactly the same as John F. Kennedy. You live in a fairytale make believe illusion, you are mentally insane and it should have been you locked up in the mental institute not Leo Zagami but alas you had to try to shut him up quickly and try to discredit him then on didn’t you Vivaldi.

      Go play some harp or whatever other feminine things you do. You are worthless to anyone looking for wisdom, knowledge and certainly health. I have done more for many people than you could imagine and thats why I have a loyal reader base and following which you cannot come close to damaging. You make me sick and it shows you have agendas and always have had and it was nothing for the good of truthseekers. You have slagged Alex Jones off the same as I have, but you have then crawled around his ass hoping he would take you on but guess what? He ignored you like everyone else. I might also add that Alex Jones has done far more for people than you have and he did help wake me up to the initial illusions and now I have gone much further.

      Its because I have excelled in wisdom of this conspiracy I have been scoped by agents of deception such as yourself. Its disheartening to think that this is the best they could come up with? Wow low-intelligence or what? Its shocking how poor their operatives are these days. King Juan Carlos is another false monarchy this time on the throne of Spain which he really detests as he loves his ‘Beast’ Rome and his Piazza di Spagna. We are fed up of you and we are fed up of the false puppets pushed on us by the Curia Generalizia. The wisdom continues Vivaldi and it shall for a long time. Your conspiracy on the World is lightened by us truth sayers at all levels and it will get brighter by the day until you all have to vapourize because your darkness covers have disappeared. I really and truly detest and hate your voice, sight and ramblings with a passion you really make me sick. Go and crawl back under a stone or continue to make yourself look more stupid than you already are if thats at all possible. The sooner you are gone the better, your an annoyance at best. I bet Robert Chapman is looking down right now and laughing at you as he did and thinking what a screw up.

      -= The Unhived Mind


        Tue, 26 Jun 2012 6:00 AM (11 hours 53 minutes ago)

        Here we are people: See the evidence below.[ABOVE]

        This guy “Vivaldi” is complete & utter scum.


    Vivaldi is a real shill scam artist! You need to publish your real photo to show you are not Indian

    -Einar Fergussen

    • What many do not realize is that at one time I did publish a picture for a while and it was of me and nothing like the pathetic one claimed by this Venetian weasel. But alas Vivaldi and company didn’t know that because they were only sent the scope me the last few years. Thats how low grade and useless their intelligence really is and its absolutely pathetic. Oh no I will not publish anything to counter these idiotic claims because quick frankly I do not care what gullible sheople want to believe. I’ve noticed already many are so gullible they fall for all sorts of crap and if thats what they want to do then so be it. Vivaldi has screwed himself over numerous times in his attacks on me, troy and Zagami amongst others.

      Its time shortly where we all totally ignore this creature completely and do not even counter or respond to him in the slightest. Let him go play his organ tunes for the Jesuits in their churches as the slave of the Jesuits he his like his whole Vivaldi family. Nothing more than slaves doing as their told by the Jesuit Order or else they become poor commoners over night something Vivaldi detests because then his Malthusian mindset would be against himself now becoming one of the useless eaters he hates and wants depopulated from Earth. Wake up people he’s Population Matters aka Optimum Population Trust in Manchester aka genocidal population reduction of the Club of Rome and their Global 2000 Report tied in with the U.N Agenda 21 aka Sustainable Development veils to cover up the bloody murder of 65% of the Global populace by 2050 and then a further 35% reduction in the surviving populace by 2100. All so these elitist cretins can make sure they dominate the Earth for the future. They fear us all because we are the power and always have been and we are waking up fast. Vivaldi wants to put everyone back to sleep whilst veiling this fact.

      Well his old veils are down now as he constantly highlights his real secret agendas. He’s just like the Vatican they give an flim flam veiled open policy but they have a true real secret policy which is the opposite. No different to the old CIA saying of white is black and black is white. Reverse everything these vile swines say when they are trying to be nice and then you have the answer nine times out of ten. I believe Vivaldi is connected to the Knight of Malta George H.W Bush through Rumsfeld and the P2 Lodge based in Argentina these days and one of the problems behind this rift at the moment veiled as the Falkland Islands. Vivaldi is a true racist noble even though he likes to forget his mongrel bloodline routes. Now go and see the connection of the Nazis to the P2 Lodge and of course Argentina and well theres your answer. You saw the pathetic video he sent me as an attack to this Suresh character who’s supposedly an Indian man. Wake up people and remember the KKK is the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry which is Jesuitism and based on Italian secret societies even their dress wear is the same for God sake. Albert Pike was controlled by Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Jean De Smet SJ the man who also handled the Mormon Church and Brigham Young. The Jesuits are ousted finally and they hate this fact now.

      -= The Unhived Mind


    Post subject: Re: Craig Oxley of the Unhived Mind is a Police Officer
    Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2012 6:19 am

    Hey Andre,

    It’s gotten so bad now, that I have been talking over the phone with the West Midlands Police Department. They said they are sending officers over there. Now, thought Oxley himself is an officer, so I didn’t understand that reply.

    He is now saying that he is going to send mercenaries to kill me! I think he is bluffing, but I have had enough with these disinformation con artists. The truth movement is just another matrix! Its the outter crust of the hive.

    He’ll never show himself. He could be with Mossad??? They never get stopped. The Mossad usually goes with the catholic agenda conspiracy theory.

    Post subject: Re: Craig Oxley of the Unhived Mind is a Police Officer
    Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2012 6:56 am

    Unfortunately, I can’t use my Ipad to upload the photos.. Ipads lack flash software and are unreliable with Java.

    If you need further proof:

    You can do a UK people search using any search engine or Facebook, you won’t find anybody named Craig Oxley in birth records or current residents in the West Midlands. He is around 45 years of age. Craig Oxley is the UK equivent to The US’s ‘John Smith,’ or Italy’s ‘Mario Rossi’. A very common name, but rare in Birmingham.

    • Things have gotten so bad? Yes your constant lies and harrassments are getting annoying. You have just admitted to Andre that you are Vivian Vivaldi for Godsake the guy who threatened Andre for banning me. How the hell can Andre even speak to you let alone believe your constant lying its absolutely hilarious how easily led some people really are. Its also hilarious how people care about me and waste time on me instead of focusing on the people trying to destroy them rapidly now such as The Worshipful Company of Mercers getting ready to pull the economy possibly as little as January 1st 2013. Vivaldi is a time waster and loves you to waste time on flim flam lies he creates out of thin air with no backup. So because someone shows their face or is stupid enough to show their face and lie too that means he’s right and I’m wrong because I stay behind an alias? Crazy! Vivaldi is an out and out nut job and this thread proves it over and over again along with other threads about this lunatic. Tell me one thing he has told you of worth compared to Leo Zagami? Yet you like to rip on Leo Zagami and others but not Vivaldi? Wake up people for Godsake.

      I’m supposedly sending mercenaries to kill kill him now? I don’t know any mercenaries and it is more likely him who would do this I assure you. The only mercenaries I know are from online research such as Blackwater USA aka Academi and nothing more I also know that their leadership is run by the wicked Knights of Malta and Eric Prince is a Knight of Malta currently hiding in Dubai. The land soon to be the World’s Financial capital run by the Knights of Malta. They are just waiting to bust the region with the economic depression and they have already put Dubai World in the shit defaulting. Once they grab it all for pennies then you will see the takeover commence after World War III and the destruction has settled. All New York City banking and City of London will move over to there then one in the newly revived Babylon run from East Jerusalem run currently by the Vatican openly since 1993 as highlighted in La Stampa newspaper of that year. Vivaldi has zero evidence of me saying I am sending anyone to see him in the slightest. He has no trail of emails like this or any trackable legit IP trail on the Internet to prove so. He is a constant disinformation village idiot who I truly believe lives in a mental fantasy.

      The only thing he said correct was that the so-called truth movement is a matrix. Funny how he knows that isn’t it and yet funny how he tries to call on it when it suits, even more funny when it ignores him too. The alternative-media is mostly controlled and is nothing more than the American Protective League continuum protecting Rome and its closest servants commanding the World. May I remind you that the conspiracy arena was created by Jesuit soldier, Frederick Copleston SJ whilst the New Age Movement is connected to Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Teilhard De Chardin SJ. Now we get to the crust of it folks, I could be Mossad? My God I become something every second to those who hate me, Mossad, MI6, CIA, black, white, Jewish, Muslim, Indian, racist what next for Godsake? Oh yeah I’m supposedly SPLC and ADL hows about adding B’Nai B’Rith next or Scottish Rite even? What about OTO or the Spanish CNI or the Pope’s butler or even the Pope himself in a holographic projection suit and underneath I’m a reptilian sent from Draconis? Please make some sense. Notice how none of these people ever speak about the Senior Executive Service or Crown Agents but instead the whole conspiracy is Mossad and the CIA all whilst they also ignore the fact that the Knights of Malta created both using Sir William Stephenson of British MI6. They also wont explain the factions within the CIA to you either and they all hide the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst hiding in the Directorate for Intelligence division of the CIA and serving Knight of Malta George H.W. Bush who has been their boss for the last thirty-four years and commander of the U.S dope trade utilizing the Japanese Yakuza on the West Coast based in California and Chinese Er-Bu on the East Coast based in Chicago as their cover fronts. All for the Livery Patent Pool and The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries working for The Worshipful Company of Mercers. Remember food (World Grocers) controls peoples, energy (Fuellers) controls the nations and the economy (Mercers) control the World all under the Priesthoods of Kronos and Zeus at the top.

      Notice folks instantly the agenda behind the Mossad smear to my being. Notice the dropping of suspicions to the readers that its a Jewish conspiracy and they want to blame the Catholics instead. Notice how this character goes from attacking Catholics to then trying to claim its Jews and he’s done this a few times. Sorry the Conspiracy is run by Spanish Knights Templars originating from the Kingdom of Aragon and forming from the Order of the Calatrava/Montesa and Los Alumbrados into the Jesuit Order. They have very loyal Sabbatean Frankist Hofjuden slaves managing a lot of the puppet positions whilst the poor Torah-Israelite real Judiacs take the blame for everything. All done of course because the Geneva Bible tells you that these are God’s chosen people. The Anti-Christ at Vatican City and Rome cannot stand the Bible and veil themselves as Christians to hoodwink control and destroy Christianity altogether. They have succeeded now and the time has come for their real Luciferian roots to come forth as they prepare to create the new one-World religion known as the Luciferian Doctrine spoken about by Albert Pike commanded by Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Jean De Smet.

      Unfortunately his Apple (The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists) iPad (data-mining tool) is not working so he cannot upload any evidence against me. He has no evidence and never will he’s a bloody liar wake up please. Now he claims I’m 45 so wow I’ve put on almost ten years of age all of a sudden. That reminds me I’ve also been called in my 60s and now 40s when I am neither its sheer lunacy and flim flam. You see that man in the photo looks in his forties so Vivaldi has to use that 45 age in order to sound credible (joke) because if my real age came out then you will know straight away his games. I also do not look my true age I look younger due to my health protocols so well what can you say to that.

      So Vivaldi uses the NSA Google to do all his searches and if its not on Google then it cannot be so huh? Great intelligence asset that is and wow he uses NSA Facebook of all things wicked and vile. But you will see creatures like him adore Facebook, Twitter and anything new and data-mining that comes out including cloud computing. May I also inform the World that the name Oxley is not a common name in the slightest and that was yet another outright lie and very easily proven a lie for God sake. These types of agents of deception hope you do not do any of your own research and just sit there and read their blabbering nonsenses instead. They know this is usually the case since most people have been brainwashed and conditioned that way by the the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations which is based on five-hundred years of Naval intelligence on mind control etc. Lets not forget the Nazi branch called Stanford Research Institute created by Helen Van Damme and Otto Von Bolschwing.

      This World is riddled with layers upon layers of programming and brainwashing mostly through predictable programming techniques. Its like a giant stinky Spanish onion layered up and the core is the Tavistock and they pull you in and out of multiple layers of programming to suit their agenda and social engineering needs. They have used many of these same parameters and techniques going all the way back to Babylon and Egypt its the same old games including the Ordo-Ab-Chao systems, discrediting attempts and so on. Its all bullshit! This thetruthatlast = Vivian Vivaldi = more bullshit from stinking sinking Venice where no elites dwell and neither does his supposed good buddy Cardinal Angelo Scola the next Pope either. Scola is just right now a hinge to the Sun door of Osiris the current Pope as will Scola be until his death and the final risen Pope becomes Horus in East Jerusalem.

      -= The Unhived Mind

    Tuesday, June 26, 2012 7:44 AM
    From: “Viviano Vivaldi”
    To: UHM
    The Temple of Doom

    Are you planning on sacrificing me to the Kali Ma, like the temple of Doom, anf then ripping my heart out of my chest. HAHAHA ha LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

    Tuesday, June 26, 2012 5:52 PM
    From: “Viviano Vivaldi”
    To: UHM, Alan Watt, Infowars, Eric, Leo, richard.clay@dhs.gov, susan.mcmalcom@sis.gov.uk, henry.cox@sis.gov.uk,


    I am more English than you’ll ever be blackie!

    My papa’s family spent five centuries developing the British navy for the Hannovers. I have all the documents to proove it! My great grandfather from India, defended the Mountbattens in the1857 mutiny, boy. You folks were probably kill English soldiers. I AM MORE A BRITISH PATRIOT THAN YOU ARE! I would defend the British Isles to the death , you creep. You welfare sucking parasite useless eater! HOW DARE YOU EAT MY TAX MONEY! I want this pig cut off. Kick him Out. England is my country pig! It’s mine! It was our sacrifice, NOT YOURS SUCKER! Prince Philip is God! You go fuck yourself and your curry, tandoori boy. Long live the Union Jack and Imperialism! May the Empire return!

    • I am a pure blood white caucasion Englishman with Celtic blood in my veins. Remember the Celtics? The ones you Romans hammered as usual out of spite and to attack our genetics that are a threat to your greedy controls. I do not care in the slightest about anything to do with the House of Hanover they are Germans not English. Whilst on the subject of England I do not care for Great Britain or the Union Jack. I care for England and our red cross on a white background flag of the Country and land. Scotland is Scotland and Wales is Wales but we are England the greatest nation on Earth. Britain is a word to fool the mass into accepting our lands as slave zones since the Hebrew brit meanings covenant and the ain means land meaning a covenant land thus a promise to pay I owe you or in other words a slave land. Calling ones self British is replacing the land with man and thus you are a slave man. I am no slave and my God is thee God of the Genevea Bible, not Lucifer and certainly not Prince Philip.

      You show your true colors yet again as you show your alliances with the Guelph’s fronting as Windsor’s. Prince Philip can only order murders on peons and feminines such as the real Queen of England, Diana Spencer. He has no balls in the slightest to go up against 114 Mount Street, Westminster because they would destroy him in a blink of an eye as would New Jerusalem who own his backside and have done along with other Monarchies since 1215. If he had any balls he would use the Olympics as a cover to help put the military missiles into London City before pointing them at the evil Vatican controlled New Jerusalem and ridding England of that Vatican hell hole once and for all. Waste of time wishing, Philip is not a true Monarch of old with any power he is a puppet singing to the tune of the Priesthood of Kronos.

      Prince Philip would be your God as he’s one of the Kings of the Malthusians out to depopulate the ‘useless eaters’ as you like to call us. Remembering you are a member of Population Matters aka Optimum Population Trust in Manchester, England aka Club of Rome Genocide. Such a nice man isn’t he Prince Philip, I do not think so. The same Canadian Privy Councilor, Prince Philip behind the air attacks on 9/11 through the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators mastering the Royal Canadian Air Force and the World’s number one electronic warfare specialist Bombardier Master Trust. Nice man him and his Canadian military decorated son Prince Andrew behind the theft of a then $73 trillion a year wealth by Cantor Fitzgerald with its carbon trading platform tied to the U.S Navy. With a lot of this having now been handed to Al-Gore Jr and David Blood and their company in Vine Street, London called Generation Investment Management. No wonder Al-Gore Jr loves climate change, this was his pay off for letting MI6 Humewood proprietary accounts be used to launder £3 million to Bear Stearns in Florida from Barclays bank in London by Knight of Malta, Tony Blair in order to rig the 2000 elections in the Union State run by 4th degree Knight of Columbus John Bush another Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst operative for the Papacy running the region as a corporation known as the State of Florida.

      So now I’ve gone from being a paid up cop getting paid for working for intelligence agencies and all other sorts of nonsense to now being a welfare scum parasite and an ‘useless eater.’ May I remind you the British Empire never died it just hide well in New Jerusalem and veiled the Livery Patent Pool as a charity system thus aiding their own tax avoidance like most others such as Common Purpose. The British Empire continues to this day and controls everything you see under the still existing Roman Empire which continued since 1814 when it was made the New unHoly Roman Empire at the Congress of Vienna. The Livery is all veiled up so others get the blame such as the open U.S empire being called the great Satan around the World when this is in fact Vatican City and New Jerusalem.

      -= The Unhived Mind

    From: Viviano Vivaldi
    To: UHM
    Cc: Eric, Troy, Thomas, Alan Watt, Leo, Infowars, Fulford, Freeman, Chamish, Thomas
    Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 11:31 PM (1 hour 43 minutes ago)
    Re: Suresh Kumar Retnasingham Sid abusing office powers with Alias

    Just go ahead and file your case, because I’ll win, nazi hindu celt! I am a child of David, and God’s promise is in the Old Testament and it also applies to me. Everytime you act against me, you further become an enemy of Yahweh. God curses you more and more. Israel lives in my veins, oh pagan one! Hindu’s and Celts are in Hellfire. Polythiests! Oh Lord of the Universe protect David’s kin! Protect Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince Filiberto, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Beatrice, The State of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahoo. Blessings upon Meir Kahane in Paradise! Oh God Help me against this Heathen! Shema! Shema! Shema!

    SHEMA ISRAEL! Oh Lord of Israel, protect me from wicked Nazi Holocaust Denier Oxley:

    וֶאֱמוּנָה כָּל זאת וְקַיָּם עָלֵינוּ. כִּי הוּא ה’ אֱלהֵינוּ וְאֵין זוּלָתו. וַאֲנַחְנוּ יִשְׂרָאֵל עַמּו. הַפּודֵנוּ מִיַּד מְלָכִים. הַגּאֲלֵנוּ מַלְכֵּנוּ מִכַּף כָּל עָרִיצִים. הָאֵל הַנִּפְרָע לָנוּ מִצָּרֵינוּ. הַמְשַׁלֵּם גְּמוּל לְכָל אויְבֵי נַפְשֵׁנוּ: הַשָּׂם נַפְשֵׁנוּ בַּחַיִּים וְלא נָתַן לַמּוט רַגְלֵנוּ. הַמַּדְרִיכֵנוּ עַל בָּמות אויְבֵינוּ. וַיָּרֶם קַרְנֵנוּ עַל כָּל שׂונְאֵינוּ. הָאֵל הָעושֶׂה לָנוּ נִסִּים נְקָמָה בְּפַרְעה. בְּאותות וּבְמופְתִים בְּאַדְמַת בְּנֵי חָם. הַמַּכֶּה בְעֶבְרָתו כָּל בְּכורֵי מִצְרָיִם. וַיּוצִיא אֶת עַמּו יִשְׂרָאֵל מִתּוכָם לְחֵרוּת עולָם. הַמַּעֲבִיר בָּנָיו בֵּין גִּזְרֵי יַם סוּף. וְאֶת רודְפֵיהֶם וְאֶת שׂונְאֵיהֶם בִּתְהומות טִבַּע. רָאוּ בָנִים אֶת גְּבוּרָתו שִׁבְּחוּ וְהודוּ לִשְׁמו. וּמַלְכוּתו בְרָצון קִבְּלוּ עֲלֵיהֶם. משֶׁה וּבְנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל לְךָ עָנוּ שִׁירָה בְּשִׂמְחָה רַבָּה וְאָמְרוּ כֻלָּם. מִי כָמכָה בָּאֵלִים ה’ מִי כָּמכָה נֶאְדָּר בַּקּדֶשׁ. נורָא תְהִלּת עשֵׂה פֶלֶא:
    מַלְכוּתְךָ ה’ אֱלהֵינוּ רָאוּ בָנֶיךָ עַל הַיָּם יַחַד כֻּלָּם הודוּ וְהִמְלִיכוּ וְאָמְרוּ ה’ יִמְלךְ לְעולָם וָעֶד:
    וְנֶאֱמַר כִּי פָדָה ה’ אֶת יַעֲקב. וּגְאָלו מִיַּד חָזָק מִמֶּנּוּ:
    בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה ה’, גָּאַל יִשְׂרָאֵל:

    הַשְׁכִּיבֵנוּ אָבִינוּ לְשָׁלום, וְהַעֲמִידֵנוּ מַלְכֵּנוּ לְחַיִּים טובִים וּלְשָׁלום, וּפְרושׂ עָלֵינוּ סֻכַּת שְׁלומֶךָ וְתַקְּנֵנוּ מַלְכֵּנוּ בְּעֵצָה טובָה מִלְּפָנֶיךָ, וְהושִׁיעֵנוּ מְהֵרָה לְמַעַן שְׁמֶךָ וְהָגֵן בַּעֲדֵנוּ. וְהָסֵר מֵעָלֵינוּ מַכַּת אויֵב. דֶּבֶר. חֶרֶב. חולִי. צָרָה. רָעָה. רָעָב. וְיָגון. וּמַשְׁחִית. וּמַגֵּפָה. שְׁבור וְהָסֵר הַשָּׂטָן מִלְּפָנֵינוּ וּמֵאַחֲרֵינוּ. וּבְצֵל כְּנָפֶיךָ תַּסְתִּירֵנוּ. וּשְׁמור צֵאתֵנוּ וּבואֵנוּ לְחַיִּים טובִים וּלְשָׁלום מֵעַתָּה וְעַד עולָם:
    כִּי אֵל שׁומְרֵנוּ וּמַצִּילֵנוּ אָתָּה מִכָּל דָּבָר רָע וּמִפַּחַד לַיְלָה.
    בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה ה’, שׁומֵר אֶת עַמּו יִשְׂרָאֵל לָעַד אָמֵן:

    החזן אומר חצי קדיש:
    יִתְגַּדַּל וְיִתְקַדַּשׁ שְׁמֵהּ רַבָּא. (אמן):
    בְּעָלְמָא דִּי בְרָא כִּרְעוּתֵיהּ. וְיַמְלִיךְ מַלְכוּתֵיהּ. וְיַצְמַח פֻּרְקָנֵיהּ. וִיקָרֵב מְשִׁיחֵהּ. (אמן):
    בְּחַיֵּיכון וּבְיומֵיכון וּבְחַיֵּי דְכל בֵּית יִשְׂרָאֵל בַּעֲגָלָא וּבִזְמַן קָרִיב וְאִמְרוּ אָמֵן. (אמן):
    יְהֵא שְׁמֵהּ רַבָּא מְבָרַךְ לְעָלַם וּלְעָלְמֵי עָלְמַיָּא יִתְבָּרַךְ. וְיִשְׁתַּבַּח. וְיִתְפָּאַר. וְיִתְרומַם. וְיִתְנַשֵּׂא. וְיִתְהַדָּר. וְיִתְעַלֶּה. וְיִתְהַלָּל שְׁמֵיהּ דְּקֻדְשָׁא בְּרִיךְ הוּא. (אמן):
    לְעֵילָּא מִן כָּל בִּרְכָתָא. שִׁירָתָא. תִּשְׁבְּחָתָא וְנֶחָמָתָא. דַּאֲמִירָן בְּעָלְמָא וְאִמְרוּ אָמֵן. (אמן):
    אֲדנָי, שְׂפָתַי תִּפְתָּח. וּפִי יַגִּיד תְּהִלָּתֶךָ:

    From: Viviano Vivaldi
    To: UHM, West Midlands Police, Cog
    Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2012 12:05 AM (1 hour 26 minutes ago)
    Craig Oxley of the Unhived Mind of trying to start riots and false rumors

    Please study the content of this site theunhivedmind.com then try to shut it down.

    these people are fear mongering and trying to start riots. I don’t know if Craig Oxley is his real name or if it is a Suresh????

    The false rumors may lead people to commit hate crimes against Jews And Catholics in the cities of Birmingham and Manchester.

    • Well folks there you have it folks welcome to the real Vittorio Vivaldi and his agendas. Trying to get my site in trouble with British Intelligence, Homeland Security and various Police Forces. What he has done is about to start the ball rolling on my filing a complaint with West Midlands Police about his death threats. This man will go to jail with real evidence against him that is undeniable. He is a very stupid village idiot. I mean what stupid idiot emails British Intelligence, Homeland Security, Police forces and uses hateful emails containing racist language and childish nonsense a five-year old wouldn’t even dare do? This is how crazy this being is and now I have yet again helped expose him to the World. Notice how he claims now he does not know if my name is Craig or Suresh, he was pretty sure of himself before when talking to the gullible online forum boys haha. He really dislikes having the light shined on himself doesn’t he. Why?

      He’s no longer employable as a disinformation artist that is why and therefore his time screwing over people with disinfo is over. No one is listening to the fool and from right this minute I am no longer listening to him either. I will put his emails as a copy and paste but I will not even read the dire tripe any longer. This man is a grade one lunatic needing to be in a mental asylum. I just do not have the time to deal with clowns and time waste like he does. I have a site to run and articles to publish highlighting the conspiracy he wishes he was a master over. Don’t you just detest Malthusians? He craves you being depopulated for God sake. Time to switch off from you Vittorio I’ve given you far too much attention whilst others have blatantly ignored you outright. Bye Bye Vittorio seek a doctor for your mental issues because you are as twisted as a spiral staircase and one sick individual. You have shown yourself up along with the Pallavicini family. You have shown Eric Jon Phelps up (which was always your plan) and you show up Nobility. I just informed about 21 big players in the conspiracy arena to add to the others the other day. Goodnight looser.

      -= The Unhived Mind

    From: leo
    Date: 26 June 2012 15:06:24 GMT+01:00
     To: Troyspace
    Reply-To: leo
    Subject: Re: Good Work Brother Vivian! Now Ditch that retard Oxley! – REQUEST TO LEO

    I haven’t had contact with that crackpot since 2010 and you have posted all those emails. I have him blocked and every time he comes through with a new email and message I block him. I suggest you all do the same. He is a time waster and a loser with serious mental problems.

    • From: Troy
      To: UHM, Leo
      Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 7:21 AM (10 hours 35 minutes ago)
      Fwd: Good Work Brother Vivian! Now Ditch that retard Oxley! – REQUEST TO LEO

      Craig: I think that it is reasonable to assume that Leo would be fine with me forwarding the following, as it is all pretty obvious.

      My guess is that Vivaldi has been ordered by his paymasters to try to to distract us all in the run up to the Olympics.

      I don’t know if the breaks show up in the email below, but it appears to me that Vivaldi used three different emails to construct the one purportedly from Leo. The text in the date (today’s) & header (with your name) would appear to be altered.

      • Dear Troy,

        Leo Lyon Zagami’s email response to you says it all does it not? We both knew this was the case but we have to see hear it from the horses mouth direct which we have but by email haha. Well thats it dear Troy we have ousted this Vivaldi once again and now dear Troy its time to forget him once and for all its night night from me and its good night from you 🙂 Remind you of the Two Ronnies? Well Vittorio does not even exist to me and I bet after his little actions of late his own family will disown him. Shame I’m not talking to him still I could have asked him how tangy Pope Ratzinger’s excrement smelt because I’m sure he’d know and if not the Pontiff’s he would know Cardinal Scola’s. Mind you dear Troy I believe those photos are misguided and he does not even know Angelo Scola well and that picture may have probably been the first time he even met him and only briefly. Doesn’t he look a happy bunny meeting the next vile Pope of Rome of the Harlot Babylon Church which this Vivaldi stays within because he adores it and because he does not want to become one of the useless eaters he wishes to depopulate through Population Matters.

        Anyway Troy have a nice day and keep shining the light my friend. Leo Lyon Zagami you are doing the right thing concerning Vivaldi, keep it up its annoying the hell out of him. Remember folks Leo Lyon Zagami has not spoken to Vivaldi for over two years now and never will after what he did. We don’t want him around I think putting him in the stocks is too good for him I wouldn’t waste the rotting vegetables, give them to the pigs instead that are useful and more mature.

        -=> The Unhived Mind

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