I think we all agree…. THIS IS WAR …. the long-predicted WAR between the BANKS and the PEOPLE … and it’s been going on for some time, under our noses…… but, now, “It’s on, for young and old!”
I believe that the STRATEGY of MAHATMA GANDHI is still the ONLY way to go. Remember…. “At first, they will ignore you. Then they will laugh at you. Then they will fight you. And then you will win.” ALSO, we are to keep in mind ED HOWDERSHELT’s “There are four boxes to be used in defence of liberty: soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order.”

So, where are we, at the moment?

1. The ENEMY, i.e.: the BANKSTERS, totally IGNORE any Soap-boxing, such as letters-of-protest, marching up and down and occupying streets, etc.

2. The ENEMY have total control of the Parliaments… therefore, they, again, IGNORE and DISREGARD the Ballot box as any threat to them.

3. The ENEMY have total control over the Courts where their co-conspirators, the Judges, conduct their STAR CHAMBERS and,to them, TRIAL BY JURY is a JOKE.

All of which means that they are now LAUGHING at us. Are they FIGHTING us, too?

Most definitely, they are FIGHTING us! They are using what ought to be OUR Sheriffs, OUR Police and OUR Armed Forces AGAINST US in the streets and in the Courtrooms. Should we FIGHT BACK?????

Did MAHATMA GANDHI resort to the 4th “box in defence of liberty”? ….. NO, he did not…………and NEITHER should we. JESUS didn’t – because He knew that JUDGMENT DAY would take care of these evil fiends. But for us mere mortals, we can’t wait that long.

But BEWARE! If we open “the ammo box”, that’s exactly what the BANKSTERS want because they are MASTERS OF SAVAGERY and will delight in KILLING us. NO. We’ve got to HANG IN THERE pursuing the JURY BOX with FULLY INFORMED JURIES – because we outnumber the BANKSTERS and even their ARMIES of brainless THUGS. All we need to do is PERSIST and DEMAND … and DEMAND and PERSIST, in getting the RULE OF LAW to operate in thousands and thousands of Courtrooms across this COMMONWEALTH OF OURS.

This CAMPAIGN is to be conducted using the PUBLIC NOTICE (attached) as our DECLARATION OF LIBERTY and our NOTICE OF INTENTION to RESTORE JUSTICE and IMPRISON TRAITORS. I urge all FREEDOM FIGHTERS to arm themselves with handfuls of PUBLIC NOTICES and spread them far-and-wide across this “sun-burnt country”… in front of Court Houses, into letterboxes, at railway and bus stations, at shopping centres, and in the pubs and clubs. Please print as many of the PUBLIC NOTICES as you can because it’s as Thomas Jefferson said, “If the people don’t know how to govern themselves, then educate them.” Right now, the BANKSTERS are LAUGHING at us. But we can SILENCE them with ONE PIECE OF PAPER.

John Wilson Chairman, Australian Common Law Party.

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