Lifting the Veil on Our Debt Slavery

Lifting the Veil on Our Debt Slavery

February 23, 2016

Are we, our families and everything we own collateral on the national debt?

“Everything you think you own has a hidden lien on it, and the banksters own the lien.”

Our currency takes the form of IOU’s to the central bankers.
Why are the bankers creating a police state?
Do they plan to call in their IOU’s?

“You are no longer a sovereign citizen with inalienable rights to life, liberty,
property and the pursuit of happiness. You wake up to discover that you own nothing.”

By George L. Gaboury – (November 2009)
Published on
(Abridged by

We’re lucky if once in a generation a shocking little book (like this one) comes along that clearly shows the major camouflaged mechanism contributing so much today to the devastating suffering of the world.

This book clearly show how the primary mechanism in question is fraudulent liened fiat I.O.U. notes created out of nothing masquerading everywhere as “money”, lent out by the trillions at interest from monopolistic international-banker owned private corporate creditor central banks to compromised bankrupted perpetual debtor governments and oblivious citizens world wide. As strange or complex as this may sound, the book clearly explains and demonstrates the truth of it.

You wake up from reading this book to realize that you are no longer a sovereign citizen with inalienable rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. You wake up to discover that you own nothing. Everything you think you own has a hidden lien on it, and the banksters own the lien. You discover that they also have a hidden lien on you yourself. You are a debtor to the banksters with no rights and no means to repay the debt to restore your rights.

You and your loved ones have become a legal piece of property owned by the banksters themselves. Any rights you think you have are merely privileges’ – all revocable at any time by the banksters and their coerced government henchmen as they see fit for their benefit – not yours. Any infraction by you of your “privileges” can result in their seizure of anything or everything you own or any children you have custody of according to their ever changing rules. Perhaps this is what is really meant by noted official’s goals to create a new world order based on feudalism…

Historical analysis has shown how maturing civilizations suffer a horrible death through implosion and or invasion when they are blocked from critical reform by selfish interests such as the bankster’s mechanisms described in this book. Let this not be us.

I am breaking with my usual tradition and giving this book a 5 star rating even though the book lacks an index. The information inside is just too precious, so this is a book to wear down your highlighter to mark up its most significant passages for your later review.

It has been said that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. Please be vigilant where it counts and read this book. It’s that important.

Author Interview with Alex Jones

Judge Anna Von Reitz cover the same material. Free PDF to the book is available here.
Cover Letter to Pope Francis – From Ann Von Reitz, plus the pdf Condensation of the book “You Know Something is WRONG When….” An American Affidavit of Probable Cause”

Anthony Migchels The few Banks that Own it All

Review from the Idaho Observer

Seldom in history does a book come along where readers comment that it should be in the home of every American family, and placed on the mantle right next to the family Bible. But that is what readers of this book are saying. With very simple grammar, They Own It All tackles a subject craftily hidden from the average man – the true nature of modern currency and its impact on his personal life and freedom…

The authors …show how Federal Reserve Notes are really the privately-owned property of the private offshore corporation known as the Federal Reserve System. You do not own what is in your pocket because it belongs to “them”. Worse, the authors show how the currency carries a hidden lien that contaminates everything which is transacted for it.

Hence, “THEY” own it all by hidden liens, which represent the creditors’ 100% interest in all transactions. Since you own nothing, you are devoid of all rights. How? Even to exert the most basic of rights, the right of contract, you must have your own unliened property with which to offer. If you are using the property of a third party, you are beholden to his terms and conditions (agency regulations) for its use.

Worse, since it is a product in international commerce, it has compelled you into admiralty jurisdiction and lifted you off both the land and common law. It is from the common law that you once had unalienable rights. Today, those unalienable rights (given by the Creator) have been replaced with privileges and immunities given to you by the Creditor. You are a debtor (using debt notes). Debtors do not have any rights. You are legally chattel (property of the Creditor) in the eyes of the law through your voluntary use of, and transactions with, the toxic debt currency.

This book explains the difference between transactions with gold and silver coin within the common law, and negotiable instruments in international admiralty law. It is night and day. You have neither title, rights, nor interest with negotiable instruments (currency) but possession by “privileges” only. You will discover that what you think are your courts are really Admiralty courts of the Creditor. Your courts were silenced when your gold (wealth) was stolen by your government (servants) in 1933, with a bankruptcy of the government admitted in the Congressional record. Hence, the American government, which is insolvent, is acting at the behest of its hidden creditor, as would anyone in a perpetual Chapter 11.

This masterfully written and documented book will ultimately become an American classic. It should be in every home and library, to educate all of us on the real nature of “money” and how the international bankers can control every aspect of your life simply by controlling (owning) the currency. Knowledge will provide the means to remedy the situation both on a personal level and national level, and with education of our children, prevent it from ever happening again.

The authors’ treatise on transacting in gold/silver coin within the common law is priceless, as well as Appendix H. The latter is a document from a major taxing agency in California that returned lawful money (gold coin) of the United States submitted to the agency in payment of alleged taxes. The agency called the coin an “invalid financial document”. The authors cited a recent federal case that went all the way to the Supreme Court, in which the district court determined that lawful money (gold coin) is literally invisible to the government! So what are we doing continuing our transactions in “their” property?

Understanding the underlying problem provides the means for the remedy, including instant remedies. Reading this book will expose the invisible “Matrix”. And, when the invisible becomes visible, it will remain so for all time. They Own It All (Including You!) provides the means for Americans to take their country back and become the master of their servant government again. It may be the only book one needs to take to a “Tea Party”, as the book is the first since the imposition of the income tax to identify what “income” really is. (Hint: it deals with transaction in Federal Reserve Notes.) It is not just a must-read. It is an essential read, since it connects the remaining dots that even those schooled in the cause of freedom for years have likely missed.

First Comment by Tony B:

Here we go again with the “gold is the answer” baloney. For the trillionth time: the problem is not, was not, never will be, the physical components of money, it is, was, and always will be, creating “money” and circulating it as DEBT AT USURY. Anyone who thinks this can not occur when a commodity is called “money” (gold being the most mentioned commodity as well as the most impossible to use as an exchange medium) is totally ignorant of the true nature of money. Moreover, the great bulk of exchange medium is not created as ANY physical component, it is nothing but computer entries of figures added and subtracted by other computers and sometimes kept track of on pieces of paper, usually called “checks,” but more and more often not even that.

Also, anyone who truthfully tells how the federal reserve robs Americans but does not mention that it is but a franchise of the Rothschild cabal in its City of London, wherein the same criminals rob equally almost every nation on earth, is lying by omission. Or possibly worse, by, again, ignorance.
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