Had my day in court last wednesday – IRD V The LEGAL FICTION,The court was supposed to convene at 10am – at 10.35 the judge entered the courtroom – I refused to stand for the Judge – nothing happened except the clerk of the court yelled out – hey u in the back of the courtroom “STAND UP” by the time she had stopped speaking the judge had sat down as everyone else had – she started walking towards me – I thought good here goes but she just gave me a filthy look and walked past me, dam – no police to help me create a scene, how do I do this now.

Before going to courtroom – I filed a Notice of understanding and Intent with fees written in inclusive of my Denial of Consent with the court manager and also told him that he along with all his minions where perpetrating a massive fraud by trying to force the ‘SLAVE STATUS’ onto flesh and blood living beings, he asked how that worked – so I explained to him about the CAPITOL LETTERING of names and what it signified – his response was – “that’s only a formatting issue with Government computers” sorry mate you are either naive or committing fraud I replied, he stamped my documents – wished me good luck after browsing thru the 12 pages- I asked him if by filing these documents, will the judge get to see them? he said probably not, but he would try to get them to the judges attention. He then offered me some advice on how to set out a affidavit correctly for legal purposes and gave me a sample copy – most helpful so maybe he didn’t understand what they where doing with CAPITOL lettering of names? anyway back to courtroom.

When my name was called – I remained silent till it was called a second time, I yelled out from back of courtroom – “that sounds like my name” butterflies in my gut like you wouldn’t believe- the judge calls out – “WELL IS IT YOUR NAME OR NOT” – It sounds like it could be but I want to see the paperwork that purports to have my name on it – do you want me to stand – the Judge – “YES STANDUP” my chance – I stated – I WILL STAND ON CONDITION I DO NOT WAIVE MY COMMON LAW RIGHTS NOR DO I CONSENT TO ‘in persona jurisdiction’ whereupon I stood up Just as the judge said OH STANDUP, He asked the lawyer representing the IRD if they had identified the PERSON they were calling – she pointed to me, WHEREUPON he turned to me and asked -“are you THE PERSON CALLED” I walked to the front of the public gallery – didn’t enter their area of court room .

Again I asked to see the paperwork that had my purported name on it – the judge handed the summons to the clerk who with a dirty look on her face handed me the summons – I looked at it for about 20 seconds(a long time) The judge snapped “Well are you THAT PERSON (accentuating that person which I thought rather interesting how he was doing that) I replied NO YOUR HONOUR – THAT name is a legal fiction created by Government to enslave the people – it is a commercial entity – I held up high and offered forward my birth certificate and stated by name is on this birth certificate in upper and – AT WHICH POINT HE CUT ME OFF – Are you THAT PERSON ? Are you THAT PERSON or not? he was getting pissed off – Again I stated and accentuated the same as he had done – “NO, I AM NOT ‘ THAT PERSON’ pause ‘THAT PERSON is a legal fiction” whereupon he stated – “Let it be known THAT PERSON isn’t present in court so issue a warrant for the arrest of THAT PERSON”

THE judge had acknowledged in court in front of a full courtroom and about 30 odd lawyers that the flesh and blood being standing in front of him with birth certificate as proof of Identification was Not the same as the entity named on the summons in capitol letters. During the 10mins or so this took place – It really sticks in my head how he kept accentuating “THAT PERSON” – are you THAT PERSON?

I can’t help think that maybe he was over 1/2 an hr late convenning the court cos he was going thru the papers I had filed and had an inkling of where I was going with challenging his jurisdiction and the validity of what the IRD where up too. I was expecting to have been held in contempt of court but walked out feeling – somewhat relieved but also very very curious about how and what had just happened – still can’t help thinking he knew what I had planned to do in court – the way he was accentuating those two words.

I have put up a notice in the window of my front door in case the uniformed thugs come looking for the LEGAL FICTION informing them THAT PERSON doesn’t reside here – have a happy day/month/eternity looking for him. Just have to wait and see what IRD decide to do next – ready for those bastards too – if they continue I WILL GO PUBLIC WITH EVERYTHING i KNOW ABOUT HOW THEY CAME INTO EXISTENCE – THE FRAUD – THEFT – DECEITFUL PRACTICE and how they are complicit in MANSLAUGHTER. thats all in PART TWO. fuck them all I SAY – You guys are really battling over there – my thoughts are with you all – over here the sheeple don’t care what the government does – I’ve spoken to so many but they just aren’t interested – I’m an idiot for putting myself at risk as far as they are concerned – as long as they have RUGBY RACING and BEER they are happy little slaves (FUCKWITS).

New Zealanders are a timid lot just like Kiwis – what fucken use is a bird with no wings that can’t fly and is afraid of the light so hides in the dark aah thats why NZers call themselves KIWIS. I’m a New Zealander NOT A KIWI – third generation ITALIAN grandparents maybe thats where I get my passion from. GOOD LUCK and keep up the GOOD FIGHT

Kindest regards Joseph : Da Via

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