London Man Tasered Twice… Then Shot

London Man Tasered Twice… Then Shot

By Gary Cutlack on 08 Oct 2015 at 1:30PM

A London man who was thought to be armed with a knife was Tasered by police twice, with the electrical stun thing apparently having no effect. So he was shot. That worked.

Scotland Yard released details of the attack, saying that the Taser had “no apparent effect” on the man, who was either made out of something non-conductive or perhaps wearing wooden clothing. The Met Police explained: “Officers discharged Taser but with no apparent effect on the man. Firearms officers attended in support of local officers and Taser was discharged, again with no apparent effect. The man was then shot by police.”

So you get two Tasers before they shoot you, which is quite nice of them and useful to know. The shooting took place in Kilburn Lane, in North London, last night, with residents reporting that streets were still cordoned off this morning, as a team of mutant experts attempted to work out where this non-conductive man had come from.

The Met Police amusing describes its Taser as a “less-lethal” form of self defence, with the force compiling a nice chart that shows all the times the weapon has been drawn, “arced” or fired by officers in the city.

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