London mayor calls on Cameron to bring forward referendum on EU

London mayor calls on Cameron to bring forward referendum on EU

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Johnson attends an event promoting the London tech industry in New York City on February 11. (AFP)

The Mayor of London has called on British Prime Minister David Cameron to bring forward plans for holding a referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union.

Boris Johnson said a speedy vote is in Britons’ best interests.

“Let’s get it done. We should stress that this is something that can be very positive, not just for Britain but for the whole of Europe and indeed for investors in Europe because a reformed Europe will deliver growth and prosperity. Get it done, get the change, get it done, put it to the people,” he was quoted by the British media as saying.

The mayor of London also claimed that there is “huge support” for the Prime Minister’s bid to renegotiate the UK’s relationship with the European Union.

“We have huge support in Britain for a Conservative-led campaign to reform the EU and get some change,” said Boris Johnson.

Meanwhile, a London-based journalist and political commentator believes that the issue should not be put to the people.

“Quite honestly, referendums are useless for this reason: Most British voters don’t know enough about the issue…,” Alan Hart told Press TV on Wednesday.

“Britain needs Europe and Europe needs Britain, but Europe does need reforming. I think David Cameron well understands that Britain needs to be in Europe,” he reiterated.

Reports say the British authorities have already started exploring the possibility of holding the referendum in 2016.

Some analysts warn holding the vote next year will not give ministers enough time to renegotiate with the European Union

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