London/Wall St. Bankruptcy Threatens World War

London/Wall St. Bankruptcy Threatens World War

Jan 15 2015

Lyndon LaRouche warned on Wednesday that the escalating war crisis around Ukraine, which targets Russia, is being driven by the London and Wall Street desperation over their looming total bankruptcy. The desperation was expressed yet again that same day, when Wall Street rammed through HR 37, another deregulation of the derivatives bubble. The bill had been defeated just last week, and Wall Street’s Republican leadership in Congress immediately brought the bill back up for a new vote, this one requiring only a simple majority.

They are clearly aware that the entire trans-Atlantic financial bubble is on the edge, and they cannot wait even a decent interval before pushing through new bailout guarantees. This is criminally unconstitutional.

The same factors are at work in the continuing sabotage of any solution to the Ukraine conflict that would de-escalate the continuing provocations for general war against Russia. LaRouche warned that the neo-Nazi forces in Ukraine are being promoted and backed by like-minded circles in parts of Western Europe, including in Germany. The propaganda spewing out of the German media is touting the same neo-Nazi line that Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk spread during his visit to Berlin last week.

LaRouche warned:

“Make no mistake, the world is being driven towards World War III and possible thermonuclear extinction by the puppet voices of London and Wall Street. They are using the anti-Russia provocations and the drive for war to divert attention and hide the truth about their total bankruptcy. Millions of innocent citizens are being devastated on behalf of this Wall Street/London oligarchy, that should be put out of its misery through orderly bankruptcy reorganization, starting with Glass-Steagall,”

LaRouche added that there must be recourse against these London and Wall Street criminals, and he promised that the upcoming Jan. 17 New York City Schiller Institute event would be an important unleashing of just such a recourse.

There are clearly other forces aligning against the London/Wall Street war drive, as reflected in the four-million-person march in France following the two jihadist attacks in Paris last week. France has refused to fall into the London trap—as Merkel’s Germany has—and respond to the asymmetric warfare with a further assault against its own population.

“If Paris isn’t a turning point in our passivity toward the role the Saudis have played, what will it take?”
— Bob Graham • Jan. 14, 2015
— Daily Beast

And there is continuing serious coverage of the Saudi hand behind the global terror, following last week’s Capitol Hill press conference by Sen. Bob Graham, Rep. Walter Jones, Rep. Stephen Lynch and representatives of the 9/11 families led by Terry Strada, as well as the Jan. 9 LaRouche PAC webcast, which fully exposed the Anglo-Saudi factor. Just in the last 24 hours, excellent coverage of the press conference and the Saudi role appeared in the Daily Beast, Zerohedge, Russia Today, and China’s Global Times.

The Anglo-Saudi apparatus is at the very center of the war drive against Russia. The willful driving down of world oil prices to way below break-even costs is aimed at Russia directly, and the Putin leadership in Moscow are fully aware of that they are targeted from London, Riyadh, and from the Obama White House.

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