Lower council tax for volunteers could go ‘across the country’

Craig Woodhouse, Political Reporter
28 Sep 2011

A pioneering London scheme to reward volunteers with lower council tax could be rolled out across the country under a Labour government, Tessa Jowell signalled today.

The shadow Cabinet Office minister hailed the “community dividend” project being developed by Lambeth council as she set out plans for a “something-for-something” approach to

Ms Jowell told the Labour conference that the party would “ask more” of people who use public services – such as by asking recovering diabetes patients to mentor sufferers or former in-patients to help people who have been discharged from hospital.

But in return a Labour government would “offer more for those that help” as part of moves to boost community relationships.

Ms Jowell said: “We should make sure that those who contribute the most are rewarded in return. As a co-operative council, Lambeth are rewarding residents who give their time with credits for council tax, discounts for council services, or for time in the gym.

“Can we build on this across the country?”

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