LPAC Friday Webcast, April 1, 2016

Friday Webcast, April 1, 2016



In the planning for tonight’s Friday webcast Lyndon LaRouche emphasized that Obama is going for the destruction of China, plain and simple. Whatever form that will take, Obama—on behalf of the British empire—is desperate to try to end the emerging new world paradigm centered around China’s leadership.

This includes the vicious slander campaign being launched against Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Obama’s continued march towards thermonuclear war (just as he is presiding over his farcical “Nuclear Security Summit”).

As LaRouche PAC Policy Committee leader Kesha Rogers presented in her recent statement, this insanity must end. Obama must be removed, and the United States must ally with China and Russia in the pursuit of mankind’s true destiny in the Galaxy. As a prelude to the Schiller Institute’s April 7 New York City conference, tonight’s webcast features and extended presentation about solving the world’s water needs from a galactic perspective.

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