LPAC Friday Webcast, April 8, 2016

Friday Webcast, April 8, 2016



Our webcast tonight features live participation from Kesha Rogers and Jason Ross, connected remotely from New York City, both of whom were panelists in the Schiller Institute conference which occurred yesterday, April 7 in Manhattan. This conference, headlined “Building a World Land-Bridge—Realizing Mankind’s True Humanity,” began with a keynote speech by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder of the Schiller Institute, which we play two excerpts from on our webcast tonight to give you a flavor of the conference as a whole and as incentive to encourage you to view the archive of the entire event. Mr. Lyndon LaRouche’s role in shaping the discussion during the afternoon panel is also discussed in detail by both Jason and Kesha, who emphasize the authority of truth, versus the pragmatic acquiescence to popular opinion which is so habitual in our society today. Helga LaRouche was interviewed by leading international media during a press availability which occurred as part of this conference, which resulted in a prominent article published today in Russia’s TASS which quotes Helga saying that

“governments should change the international monetary system… wiping out speculative instruments”

and then creating

“a Eurasian development corridor as the basis for rebuilding the world economy.”

This choice, between the continuation of a bankrupt criminal financial system versus the creation of a new economic order based on peaceful development, is starkly posed by the release of the so-called Panama Papers, the subject of our institutional question for this evening. These release of these documents, which provided a vivid backdrop to this conference, has been used opportunistically by the media to slander Presidents Putin and Xi Jinping, which Putin called “an exercise in futility.” In truth, these documents indict not only David Cameron, but the entire British offshore banking empire itself and its role in creating criminal tax havens and shell corporations which provide the conduits for the laundering of drug and terrorism financing as well as other illicit activity: precisely what Lyndon LaRouche identified over four decades ago in his blockbuster book “Dope Inc.”

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