Lyndon LaRouche Interview with Jesse Ventura, “Off the Grid”

Lyndon LaRouche Interview with Jesse Ventura, “Off the Grid”

May 9, 2014 • 10:16AM



This interview was pre-recorded on March 25, 2014. The video of this interview can be viewed here, below is the full transcript.

JESSE VENTURA: Today, this political firebrand has called George W. Bush a Nazi, insisted we impeach Barack Obama. He joins me Off the Grid, to discuss the sad state of American Affairs.

A Presidential candidate in each election from 1976 to 2004, he ran once for his own U.S. Labor Party, and seven times for the Democratic Party nomination. He is a controversial political dissident, activist, and founder of the LaRouche movement, a political and cultural faction that promotes LaRouche and his ideas. He’s published numerous works, on economics, scientific and political topics, as well as on history, philosophy and psychoanalysis. Mr. Lyndon LaRouche joins me today, on “Off the Grid.”

And Lyndon, the first question, that I got to ask you, now, let me back up a little — in the peak of my wrestling career, back in the ’80s and early ’90s, I was flying on jet planes all over America, from one side to the next. I’d fly, sometimes 20, 25 times a month. And I’d go to all these airports back in the ’80s, throughout America, and I would see people with hats on with “Lyndon LaRouche”! Lyndon, who the hell are you?

LYNDON LAROUCHE: I’m someone who actually had a career as a management consultant, back in the 1940s, after coming out of military service in World War II. I’m 90-odd years of age, about 92 now.

VENTURA: Well, good for you!

LAROUCHE: Well I intend to do more, if I don’t get killed by our enemies — and I do mean “our” enemies, from various parts of the world.

What my function is, I’m actually an economist. I’m a leading economist in the United States in forecasting, and that started back in the 1940s. And I’ve been an accurate forecaster; I forecast the future, and not as by some ball, but by a scientific approach. And so, I’ve been also, for example, I ran, with President Reagan and his crew, in which I was a co-conspirator, in putting up the SDI. The SDI was my design, but I was backed up by the intelligence organization which had been assembled by Reagan for his intelligence service. And I was used for a project which I had designed, which was the so-called Strategic Defense Initiative.

That was not a plan for a war, it was a plan for a new agreement, an international agreement, of something that had been cooked up by an earlier President, Franklin Roosevelt, before he died. Roosevelt had sought to try to make an arrangement, despite the British Empire, between he and Stalin, because Stalin caved in; Stalin said, OK, I’m with you, fully. Unfortunately when he died, and when other things came in, Stalin became enraged, and Stalin launched a war into northern Korea, with his tanks, as a result of his rage. Then Stalin was, at a later point, assassinated, and new group took over, and it was a British group that controlled a lot of the Soviet people.

A lot of the Soviet system was controlled by the British Empire. There were some people who were not controlled by the British Empire, but many were. Bertrand Russell was a key figure in this whole operation. Russell was actually the most evil man in the 20th century, in his entire behavior.

And today, we’ve got a very similar situation, with the British Empire crowd, and it is an empire; it’s still doing the same thing. We had President Reagan was actually blocked up by this same crew, the Bush family; which starts with Prescott Bush, who was the guy who put Hitler into power in the first place. So, Bush, and then the Bush family, for example take the state of Texas, which I think you’re familiar with, the state of Texas was taken over from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party: How was it done? By the Bush family. Prescott Bush was the author of the operation, but it was his son, who was sort of the lame-brained, both the sons — George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush Jr. — were both lamebrains. I think Junior was more lamebrained than his father. But so this was simply an operation where the state of Texas was taken over. other things were done which just corrupted our nation, tremendously.

Now, we’ve come to the point, we’re on the verge of a thermonuclear war, actually as a threat. Our most responsible people, in government, institutions like the Joint Chiefs, and other universal institutions, are against this thing. They know this is a fake, there’s no reason for a war. Besides, you can not have a thermonuclear war on this planet, because a thermonuclear war, involving the planetary system, would be an extermination warfare.

VENTURA: Lyndon, let me interject something. You’re obviously very well spoken, you obviously have a world of knowledge that you can bring forward. Why, when I didn’t know you, why did the mainstream media portray you as some kind of nut? which I think they have, haven’t they?

LAROUCHE: They tried.

VENTURA: Because I remember that, back in the ’80s and the ’90s. Is it again the case, that your common sense and you’re the guy that really knows, so they marginalize you on purpose?

LAROUCHE: I can be called “common sense,” in view of my actual relationship with ordinary people. That’s not a problem for me. The only problem is, that, we have a bunch of scared people, and that happened after FDR died. When FDR died, we had a completely new government. We then had Kennedy; President Kennedy was a great leader. He was the protégé of Eleanor Roosevelt, actually, and he was also a great leader. They assassinated him! Then, his brother, Robert, was assassinated, too.

VENTURA: So, Lyndon, let’s stop there, for a moment. When you say, “they assassinated him,” can I get you on the record unequivocally, that you don’t believe Lee Harvey Oswald did it?

LAROUCHE: Of course not! Only a sucker would ever believe that story!

VENTURA: Well, Lyndon, there’s a lot of suckers out there, that believe that story, including our mainstream media, which, I understand their position; they bought it from the start. It’s the crime of the century and they’re never going to admit they had the crime of the century wrong, so they will never admit it.

LAROUCHE: Not willingly. If I got ’em under possession, as an authority, an official, I would get the evidence out, because I know how we can do it. A lot of people know how we can do it.

But it’s an international process, which happened in the postwar period. We had the assassination of the two Kennedy brothers. One was on the night before he was about to designated as a Democratic candidate for President. And John was a genius; but this was an operation from British circles, essentially.

VENTURA: So, Lyndon, what you’re telling me, the assassination of the Kennedys originated in British circles.

LAROUCHE: What happened is, when Franklin Roosevelt died, we were already in trouble, before he died. We had a Republican election, which was a very bad election, and the minute that Franklin Roosevelt actually died, Truman, who was a Wall Street type, completely Wall Street owned, was taken in as a stooge.

Now, Truman was not really the President. Truman was a product of Wall Street, completely Wall Street owned, and that’s been our problem ever since. The assassinations of our Presidents — very simple. Wall Street. It goes back, for example, to Alexander Hamilton, who was our first important President, or, he wasn’t President, but he was in the Presidency, who designed our economic system, on which we survived.

Then you had a bunch of other Presidents, who were opportunists. It doesn’t mean they were evil in intention, it means they were opportunists. They were out to do the best deal they could for themselves. Then you had Monroe: Now, Monroe was a military genius, he was not an economic genius. But he became educated by John Quincy Adams, who was a genius. And therefore, you had the second term of Monroe, and the first term of John Quincy Adams, this was a period of genius: We didn’t have another genius, who survived, who wasn’t assassinated, until Benjamin Franklin [sic, Abraham Lincoln] and he was assassinated. John Quincy Adams would have been assassinated, but he wasn’t. But he lived on for a period, until he became tied up with Abraham Lincoln, and the Lincoln administration was actually an extension, a revival of the John Quincy Adams leadership.

And then we had at the end of the century — Abraham Lincoln was assassinated — we had other Presidents who were assassinated, and we had a bunch of bums much of the time, and generally, it was international interests trying to take over the United States the United States from abroad.

VENTURA: Is that who is the mind behind all these assassinations? Does it come from international?

LAROUCHE: Oh, absolutely. It comes chiefly from the British Empire, and the British Empire is an empire! It is not a kingdom. The British people, for example, are not the evil force. The British Empire is.

VENTURA: And what you’re telling me, now, Lyndon, is even today — even today, the British Empire is dangerous?

LAROUCHE: You had two Presidents recently: One was a dummy, George W. Bush Jr., he had no brains. But that was the way they liked it. The Vice President ran the Presidency for two terms! Now, you have an Obama: Obama’s nothing but a stooge. He’s controlled from abroad, entirely.

VENTURA: Who exactly in Britain controls Obama?

LAROUCHE: The British Empire. The Empress, Queen Elizabeth II, really. She’s called the first, but she’s actually the second.

VENTURA: So, she actually still runs the whole deal?

LAROUCHE: Right! Take her policy! Look at the policy which you have, right on record: Her policy is the green policy.

VENTURA: Why is Lyndon LaRouche calling for Obama’s impeachment? Find out when we return on Off the Grid.

You’ve stated that Obama has the mentality of Hitler in the bunker. Elaborate on that?

LAROUCHE: Well, he does. Look at his policy. What has he done? Let’s talk about the death rate increases, the loss of population, employment, the conditions of life, the insurance conditions, the prospects for the future, and the fact that we’re on the verge of a general breakdown crisis of the entire U.S. economy, which is shared with the British economy, which is located in Wall Street. And Wall Street is essentially a trans-Atlantic system, it is not an American system.

VENTURA: Lyndon, let me ask you this. Let’s jump forward and give me your opinion: What can we do? How do we fix this situation?

LAROUCHE: Well, what we can do, is, first of all, we have to throw Obama out of office, because he’s a criminal. He’s ultra-impeachable.

VENTURA: Then we get the Vice President, Joe Biden. What’s going to change, whether you get Biden or Obama?

LAROUCHE: Joe is a problem, but he’s not. We have to throw him out. The Democratic Party in particular, but all sane Republicans, too, want to throw this bum out of office. You’ve got a bunch of foolish people, on Wall Street’s payroll; they depend on Wall Street for the support of their political operations now. They’re not really Republicans, they’re captive Republicans, owned by Wall Street. They get their money there, they’re funded there, it’s all one and the same thing.

So, we have a situation, if we had the guts, and you see the guts what’s shown in the Democratic Party; Dianne Feinstein has shown, in this case, has finally shown the guts, to realize we have to throw this guy out of office. Anyone who has brains in the United States, in the government, knows we’ve got to throw this guy out of office.

VENTURA: But Lyndon, Ok, we throw Obama out, and they tell us, then, by 2016, the two candidates are going to be Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. What’s the difference?

LAROUCHE: That’s nuts! It’s never going to happen! We’re now in a breakdown crisis: it’s call the “bail-in crisis” — you probably know about the name bail-in. What’s happening is, the bail-in sector is going into a deep dive! It’s already in the range of a deep dive! It’s live going from the 70th story of skyscraper, with no cable in the elevator, going down to the Basement! This is the panic in the international financial market. This whole system is going down.

I don’t have a fear about this, because I know that if we go back to our system of government, we can easily deal with this whole thing. What we need to do is put in Glass-Steagall back, immediately! Now, Glass-Steagall will not be sufficient, but Glass-Steagall’s installation will close down Wall Street.

VENTURA: Explain what that is, Lyndon, to the people who don’t know?

LAROUCHE: The point is, you have an international bunch of moneybags, who are running on a hyperinflationary game, it’s a complete gambling game. It’s like a racket, a wise-guy racket, it’s a fake game. There is no value there.

Take the total economy of the United States: They will tell you on the one hand that we’re bankrupt, and we are; they will tell you on the other side, but the economy’s growing. What’s growing? Wall Street’s growing. The financial markets are growing. These markets reached a breakdown point, recently. They went from bail-out, which is what they called it before, that was simply hyperinflation — financial market swindling all kinds homeowners, all kinds of swindles, and all for the sake of the Wall Street interests.

They reached a point, recently, toward the end of the previous year, at which this whole thing was going to go bankrupt. So they switched from what’s called bail-out, which is hyperinflation, from the end of Bill Clinton’s administration, until the present time has been bail-out, hyperinflation, speculation, pure speculation; stealing from everybody. Look at the number of homeowners who’ve been evacuated and cheated; look at the number of people who’ve lost jobs, look at whole sections of the country that have lost jobs, look at the entire area west of the Mississippi, which is now on a solar drought for several years to come.

VENTURA: Lyndon, again, getting back to it, how do we change this, if we’re offered Bush and Clinton, what do we do? How do we get out of this? How do we break this stranglehold they got us in? Elect someone else?

LAROUCHE: We take what the Democratic Party leadership wants to do, is to impeach this guy and throw him out of office, now! And you have Republicans also in the same rank, who want to throw this guy out of office! We have the capability of impeaching this President, and throwing him out of office, summarily. We have the evidence. All we have to do, is take that case and bring it before the Democratic section of the Congress.

Our problem is with the Republicans; the Republicans are saying — and this is really insanity, and I think you could find, there’s no problem in understanding this is insanity; they’re proposing — here we are, we’re on the verge of a total collapse of the economy unless we do something about it, and we can do something about it — and they’re talking about an election in the next election year!? The whole Republican organization leadership is committed to waiting, when we’re on the verge of a crash this year, to going to the next election?! They’re nuts!

What we have to do, is, we have to act now: We have to get Glass-Steagall in, immediately; that will save us. But then, we have to have a new program, reconstructing our financial system, to go back to really our traditional system. We can, perfectly well, in the United States, we’re going to have to have a big fight to do it; it’s going to take a lot work, because we’ve lost a lot of capability. We have a green policy which has destroyed our economy.

We have a whole area, west of the Mississippi, which is not going to have water to live on! We therefore, have to go to new, high-technology measures, which will work! They’re going to be slow in starting. Texas is almost dead; next year, Texas will produce almost nothing in terms of what foodstuff that it used to do! California is dead, in respect to foodstuffs. We’re going out of the food business, we’re going into the frack business.

VENTURA: Lyndon, we’re running out of time here, so I want to get right to the point: What do we go to do? Simply just get new people in office, and start a new direction for our country?

LAROUCHE: What I think, from what I know of our country, of the politics of our country, the political people I deal with, they do know this stuff. The answer is, Glass-Steagall. But Glass-Steagall by itself is not sufficient. Glass-Steagall means, we’re going to bankrupt Wall Street, because they are bankrupt! That is, we’re not going to bankrupt them, by some operation against them, they’re going to go bankrupt anyway. What we have to do, is have a system that will work and support the United States, when they go bankrupt. But, if we wait until they do go bankrupt, it’s going to be all Hell!

VENTURA: Well, who’s going to lead us in this, Lyndon? Who saves us here? I mean, because you’re in your nineties, you can’t run and be President any more, I don’t think. I mean, technically you could.

LAROUCHE: Well, technically, I’ve got some mileage left in me, and I’ve got the knowledge and so forth which I can supply, and I do supply, to other people in relevant circles. My job is to present the design of a package, which will work as an economic package for the United States.

VENTURA: Okay. Very good. Lyndon, we’ve got to cut it. It’s been a pleasure to talk to you, sir! Like I said, you were always this name that I saw at an airport, during my wrestling career and now I have a much better idea of what you’re about, and what you’ve stood for. And again, I want to thank you for being my guest, Lyndon LaRouche, today, for joining me on Off the Grid. Let me state that you can visit his website at, for more information. And keep writing and letting me know, what you think, at the websites below. As always, stay vigilant. And Lyndon LaRouche, thank you, and you stay vigilant, too!

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