Lyndon LaRouche Interview with Press TV, Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lyndon LaRouche Interview with Press TV, Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 23, 2014 • 9:35AM


Lyndon LaRouche appeared live on Press TV’s news broadcast at noon Eastern Time yesterday, April 22, closing out the first story on Press TV’s “Top Five” program.

PRESS TV: Hello everyone and welcome to the top five, our first story, a war of words between the U.S. and Russia is escalating. The U.S. Vice President has threatened that Russia will pay for its actions in eastern Ukraine. …

Mr. Lyndon LaRouche, a former U.S. Presidential candidate with the LaRouche Political Action Committee, is with us now, live from Leesburg. Thank you, very much, Mr. LaRouche, for being with us here on the Top Five. First of all, I’d like to know what you think about Russia’s role here: Is it responsible for provoking unrest in eastern Ukraine?

LYNDON LAROUCHE: Well, actually it comes from President Obama directly, and his Vice President is speaking, in a sense, of support of him. However, the entire argument which is presented by those United States officials, has no correspondence to reality. This is threats, threats, threats, threats, and there is no consideration of the agreement which was presumably struck between Russia and representation from the United States and others. There was no recognition of the fact there was an agreement which was organized. And the protests which I’m hearing are in violation of the intention, the stated intention of this negotiation.

So therefore, what I think has happened, is that the President of the United States is losing his mind, in the sense that he does not have the support for the kind of policy he’s trying to pursue, with disregard for his Russian opposite numbers. Russia is operating under agreement, which was struck by representatives of the United States. It has done nothing to violate that, whereas on the other side, the President of the United States and his selected spokesmen, are going wild. I think in principle that the President of the United States has disgraced himself before the international community.

PRESS TV: Do you think Russia can be put under real pressure, though, by the United States and its Western allies in Europe? Do you think that the option of the sanctions that Joe Biden was speaking of now, can actually affect the economy of Russia?

LAROUCHE: No, it does not. What happens here, Russia is a major military power in Europe. It’s a very credible power, and it’s demonstrated its up-to-date capabilities. But Russia is not going in a reckless way in dealing with this problem, of these Nazis who still take over control of Ukraine. In other words, they are Nazis in the sense of the Hitler tradition: They represent organizations which were founded by Adolf Hitler, and were sustained by British influences and others, in other times.

But now, the point is, the agreement was struck, on behalf of the United States, and agreed to by Russia, and Russia is sticking to that. The President of the United States does not like that! He demands that Russia concede, concede, concede, and Russia’s not going to concede.

Now, Russia’s not going to take any reckless actions; it’s an un-reckless state. But Russia will not submit to the demands that are being made by the President of the United States and his representatives. When the United States has tacitly agreed to the terms of the negotiation, which the United States government has decided it will not pay any attention to. Now, that doesn’t mean the entire United States government shares the opinion of the President or the Vice President. It means that there’s a real problem, and there’s a problem of credibility of the President of the United States. He is not in a secure position at this time. His position in the United States is delicate, now.

PRESS TV: Mr. LaRouche, just before we let you go, we are running out of time — when you say Russia will not take any reckless action, can you elaborate for us what you mean there? Do you think that if a referendum is held if these regions want to join Russia, that Russia is going to support them, and is going to allow for this break-up of Ukraine as a possibility?

LAROUCHE: Russia has made very clear — and it had many hours of public addresses — it made very clear what the conditions are, which it agreed to with the representatives of the United States. For the representatives of the United States to ignore the agreement to which they adhered, possibly, is simply very stupid behavior. Because, Europeans are going to be distressed by this, but Russia will not give in to the demands that are made, now, from the President of the United States and Vice President. Russia will not concede to those new concessions, which violate the agreement which it previously negotiated.

PRESS TV: Thank you very much, Mr. Lyndon LaRouche, former U.S. Presidential candidate, with the LaRouche Political Action Committee.

LAROUCHE: Thank you.

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