Lyndon LaRouche Launches Urgent Appeal to Pre-Empt a Dictatorship

Lyndon LaRouche Launches Urgent Appeal to Pre-Empt a Dictatorship

September 25, 2014 • 10:23PM

A PDF leaflet of this statement is available HERE.

When he learned today of Eric Holder’s resignation, Lyndon LaRouche responded as follows:

“The question is, that: the obvious point is, that Obama, and what he represents, is going to an arbitrary dictatorship over the United States and others. That’s what’s on the plan. And that’s what we have to deal with. They know they’re finished.

“Therefore they’re looking for a dictatorship in the United States and beyond. That’s what we have to deal with.

“We cannot wait, gradually, in order to prevent a dictatorship. We have to pre-empt a dictatorship over the United States: that’s the lesson we have to concentrate on.

“Any of these changes in terms of personnel will be collectively, if they occur, as I think they will occur, they will be a general shift of the manpower into a pure dictatorship. with a real Nazi-like staff. Like what we got, back in the early days, when we started the whole system of J. Edgar Hoover. So what you’re looking at, is a J. Edgar Hoover type, but a fully filled-out kind of dictatorship. That’s what you’re looking for, and that’s what you’ve got to prevent.

“Now, the solution is, that we can fight that: because, we do have — in India, in China, and so forth — we do have global forces, which will be on our side. And, therefore, we must immediately take full action to link our forces with those of China, India, and so forth: and that’s the only way you can deal with this thing.

“And no little votes, or no little tactics, are going to do anything for you. This is going to be something like what happened in France, in the French Revolution. That’s what we’re headed for, when the American people are so aroused in their qualities and quantities, that they take action to prevent a dictatorship from being established in the United States, even in the very early future. And that’s what we have to deal with. If we stop that, which we can do by other means: that is by making more allies internationally,— if we do that, we can save the United States, and save civilization. If we don’t do that, we are going to lose civilization.

“And I think we ought to put the signal out widely and broadly. That is, widely in terms of each area of the nation, and, broadly in terms of the population in every part of the nation.

“We shouldn’t forecast any one set of possible options [e.g. to replace Holder]: we’re looking towards something which is really evil. Ultimate evil. And we have to pre-empt ultimate evil. We don’t have to try to negotiate ultimate evil. That’s too late; but, we have help. We have sources of help, and we have to understand, that what’s going on in South America, in some places, what’s going on in Africa, what’s going on in India, what’s going on in China, what’s going on in Russia: all of these things are major elements which can save the existence of the United States as a system.

“What you have to do is, say ‘don’t be stupid.’ The danger is, that the shifting of policy, in terms of the U.S. government, is a plan to set up a dictatorship in the United States. And you citizens of the United States better get wise to this thing, and act to prevent it. And the first thing you have to throw out of there, is the President. He’s the number one garbage that has to be removed.

“This is a plan for a globally-extended tyranny. This is for a terrorist regime in global parts of the planet, including, especially, the United States. If we don’t overthrow Obama, now, we are going to get genocide inside the United States, under a dictatorship. That’s the situation.

“We have a limited period of time, that of lapsed time, in which to prevent a dictatorship of the worst kind, inside and beyond the United States. We have very little time left to mobilize ourselves, and to mobilize the minds of the citizens of our nation.

“The evidence is all there, you just have to look for it. And the way people don’t look for it, is the fact that they assume there’s a certain danger of the type which they wish to coddle, let’s say, as a possibility, and in their coddling of this possibility, they lose sight of the monster that’s coming down on them. We have to warn the population of the immediate threat from their system.

“We have to make that clear, and say, ‘Stop being stupid. Don’t you realize what’s coming down on you? Don’t you know you have to do something about this now? Don’t you know that you have to mobilize the forces of the United States, to get the people of the United States to defend their very existence as a free nation — that they’re on the edge of losing all freedom in the United States, in fact.’ And they’re trying to smooth the way to a more comfortable solution, which they’re not going to find. We have to pre-empt the situation, we can not follow the trend.

“We’ve got another factor in this you’ve got to take into account:

“You have China. China is one of the major nations of the planet. And that now. Not only a major nation in terms of the population, but it’s also a major nation in terms of development. Now you have the case of India. India has suddenly, in the recent period, actually increased itself as a force, by an order of magnitude. That’s going to be very important. And you’re going to find out that there’s the possibility, that some of these nations, which are very large nations, in terms of their power, are going to gang up, and they’re going to see the danger of a Nazi-like organization in the United States, attempts at that. They’re going to see that, and they’re going to act to prevent it. Our job is to recognize that that is the situation, and that’s where we have to locate ourselves. That will give the fascists a little shake-up, tickle their cockles or something.

“You see that China is now moving against this tyranny which is coming down on many nations. You’ve got a similar kind of thing going in other nations.

“Russia is actually very significant. It has weaknesses in its structure, because of its isolation, in some respects; but, you’re going to find, that the nations of China, of India, and of other Asian countries and Eurasian countries, and some parts of the world that still have guts, as in Europe or in South America:

They will fight, if they are encouraged. And what we have to do is, we have to encourage these people, by making clear what the formulas are, what the options are. And that’s where we come in. We don’t come in on the basis of great forces. First of all, we have to be thinking very, very clearly, and very, very well. We’ve got to out-wit the bastards, in short.”

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