Lyndon LaRouche on the situation in the Ukraine [Feb 19 2014] interview

Lyndon LaRouche on Alex Jones Show · Feb 19

February 19, 2014 • 3:22PM

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Begins with destabilization of Ukraine; into the geopolitics of potential thermonuclear war with Russia; the bail-in, depression, and potential uprisings; impeachment; the nature of the British Oligarchy; and Mr. LaRouche as economist, forecaster, and political organizer. Runs about 40 min.

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ALEX JONES: We are broadcasting worldwide. Thank you so much. Well, as soon as the Ukraine refused to enter into the European Union last month, all Hell broke loose there in the country with Soros-backed NGOs trying to destabilize the country. We now see arms being served up to the so-called “liberty loving freedom fighters”, as they’re being called on our news, to shoot the police who, until now, have been very very restrained. Again, folks, you know that I am not a Russkie-phile, I don’t have some darling love of the Russian government or any of those systems. I do have a liking for peace, and not having nuclear war. And I also like common law and common sense, and I would like the Russians trying to foment sectarian violence to break up Mexico, and start a civil war there, to destabilize the United States. We have the State Department minions, I have the articles here, we’re going to talk to Lyndon LaRouche about it in just a moment, openly bragging that they’ve spent $5 billion to destabilize the country. America conquest by subversion, Victoria Nuland admits Washington spent $5 billion to “subvert Ukraine”. There’s video of that, and this is a serious situation. We saw them try to start war in 2008 with the Russians. We’ve seen them in Syria, trying to hand that over to al-Qaeda. They know revolution is coming because of world economic meltdown; they want to preemptively start it, in my view, to try to bring chaos out of it, so they can then pose as the saviors. I mean, that’s really what it comes down to. And it’s extremely immoral that Congress a few weeks ago passed a resolution praising the violent demonstrators, and saying the government should just let them take over.

Again, I try to study the Ukrainian situation, and the world’s a very complex place, I’m not saying the government is perfect, but they’re trying to remain neutral. This is one of the biggest geopolitical things in a long time right now, and it’s part of a proxy war with Russia, make no mistake. Syria was about that, too. And George Soros is in there as always, stirring things up. And a man who multiple directors of central intelligence said had one of the best private intelligence networks in the world — you can look that up — was Lyndon LaRouche. He was read by Ronald Reagan, you name it. Some call him a leftist, some a right-winger, the media always demonizes him just with a term, “Oh, LaRouche”, so you won’t look into what he’s actually said and done. The analysis is spot-on; you can disagree with some of the solutions, but they’ve been calling the stuff before it happens. And he joins us right now, to break this down.

Thank you for coming on, sir, but first off, you heard my little lay-out here of what’s happening, do you think that’s accurate, A; and then B, expand on it. What are we facing here?

LYNDON LAROUCHE: It needs a lot more. This is a much bigger thing. What you’ve focused on is first of all, the section of Ukrainians which are involved in the events proximate in that area, were Nazis. They were part of the Hitler operation in their lifetime. And these are children of the Nazis. We have to remember that there was a certain section of them working for Hitler which were part of the Hitler system. They killed a lot of Ukrainians, themselves, but they also killed a lot of Poles. The assassinations of Poles under Hitler were down largely by these particular Ukrainians who were part of a Nazi system. If you look at their costumes as they wear at home, were costumes of those of Nazi insignia. Their origin is Nazi.

And so what you have is, the United States government now is actually supporting these Nazis and Nuland is one of the key supporters of these Nazis. They are still Nazis! Their record of killing Poles during World War II is enormous. These are the same people, they wear the same costumes, the same insignia, the same legacy.

JONES: And by the way, you were in World War II. I should also add that. It’s amazing how long you’ve been speaking out is just amazing. And I know that is a part of the right-wing grouping being funded by the CIA; you are correct, sir. And they’re trying to split between Catholic and of course then Orthodox is more pro-Russia. But what is the big geopolitical, and why is this such a serious situation?

LAROUCHE: Because it has nothing to do with Syria as such, or things like that. These are byproducts of a much larger scheme of things. What we’re on the verge of, is World War III; thermonuclear World War III. And that’s the big problem we have to try to defeat. Now, there are other problems that come in as subsidiary features of this problem, but as far as I’m concerned, as long as Obama remains President, we’re in danger of being involved in a matter of a few weeks, or even days, of thermonuclear war globally. That’s where we are, and my interests here on this is partly just inside the United States itself. This Presidency is destroying our nation, and it’s getting us into a thermonuclear war which we want no part of, and which our real military people want no part of either. There’s no reason for a thermonuclear war; as a matter of fact, it will actually cause the extinction of the human species or something like that.

JONES: And by the way, a lot of mainline analysts are saying, as you know, that this could trigger nuclear war with the Russians. Explain that to people. Then what is —

LAROUCHE: Well, what you have is, when the United States fell under the influence of certain Presidents, such as George W. Bush, Jr. and Obama, we were dealt the dirtiest hand that ever occurred. This had something to do with the reasons why Bill Clinton was framed up; and it was a frame-up, but that’s a whole story in itself. But when he left office, we lost Glass-Steagall law, and that was the first thing that was done. And the loss of Glass-Steagall has destroyed the U.S. economy ever since; it’s been getting worse and worse and worse.

Now our objective should be, to get our Glass-Steagall law and not have ourselves being run by the British Empire through Wall Street. And the Wall Street gangsters are the real inside problem here. And Obama is not; he’s a stooge, he’s not really the President. He’s a President in name, but he’s a stooge for these international interests.

JONES: Oh yes sir, I understand that. When I brought up Syria, I meant it’s part of the Brzezinski-type Great Game-continued proxy war to take every country that Russia has a port in, to get up against Russia’s borders, to fund radical Islam along Russia’s borders. I mean, from what I’ve seen, the West is trying to foment a takeover in Ukraine to get them to join an anti-Russian coalition. And are you saying that’s what could lead to weapons being moved into Ukraine, and then escalating crises with Russia?

LAROUCHE: No, you see, the Russia thing is really in a sense minor on this business. The world has been divided in terms of power, between two regions of the planet. One if the trans-Atlantic region of the power, which goes into Europe. Then you’ve got the area from Belarus on toward Asia, and apart from some terrorist areas in the Eurasian region, that’s the alignment. So therefore, you have the British Empire — and Obama’s nothing but a stooge for the British Empire — and Wall Street is the key element here. Wall Street is essentially a British intelligence operation; it’s a financial one. And it’s the one that’s ruined the United States. So what’s happened is, the thing has come to the point that Wall Street and Britain are about to go bankrupt. That is, the use of bail-out as a policy, which was done — it actually started with young Bush, and it continued with Obama. But bail-out has ruined the U.S. economy hopelessly.

Now, we could cancel bail-out; but that would require a decision to do that. But the point is, what is coming now is bail-in, which is the next stage of bail-out. Bail-in would cause, in and of itself, a total immediate collapse of the U.S. economy.

JONES: And for those who don’t know, they’ve already done it in Cyprus and other areas. They say they’re going to take money out of our bank accounts to prop up the zombie banks — something you warned of a decade ago or more. So what I’m saying, again, Lyndon LaRouche, World War II vet, you name it. Just amazing to have him here with us. There are so few World War II vets left, much less one so eloquent. Lyndon, what I’m trying to get at here with you is, I understand that it’s a bigger global issue, but as the world depression accelerates you’re going to have these uprisings. Then the Anglo-American British Empire is going to try to use those to foment even more breakdown. So, I’m saying that geopolitically, why are you saying it’s a danger of thermonuclear war?

LAROUCHE: Because it is. I can explain it to you. What you have is, you have a division of the world now into two parts: The Anglo-American system, the trans-Atlantic system, particularly the northern hemisphere in particular. And that is bankrupt. The United States under its present system is totally, hopelessly bankrupt. And the bankruptcy has been the build-up of this bail-out system, especially from 2008. From that point on was the real point where it became under young Bush. And it got worse; under Obama it’s become much worse.

Now what’s happened is, the British Empire and the British are an empire, they’re not just Britain. They control practically all of Africa. Under the Euro system, they control most of western Europe, and that’s the kind of situation. So you have a situation where the world system is divided into two sectors: one, in the northern hemisphere, is the trans-Atlantic region. And the United States is now a puppet of the British Empire under the current President. If we could get back to a real President, and get rid of young Bush and Obama, we could probably get our nation back. But the point is, the investment system of the British Empire, including Wall Street itself, is such that they are about to go bankrupt immediately; they’re on the verge of it. Now what their option is, is knowing that the bail-in is coming on, and they do know that bail-in means a general collapse of the U.S. economy. I mean a monetary collapse; not a breakdown, not a depression, I mean a collapse.

So what their object is, is to say, well look, the Eurasian sector of the world — that is the wealthier part; Russia, China, India and so forth — these parts have been growing where as the United States has been declining in physical economic terms since a century, the time that Jack Kennedy, that John F Kennedy was ousted from office; assassinated. Since that time, and the start of the Indochina war, we have actually — as MacArthur warned about this thing — we have actually been in a process of decline, and there has been never any economic recovery in reality in the United States. There are some people who have become rich, but you’ll find that the employment levels, the quality of life offered to people

Now for example, let’s take one very good example of this: fracking. Now I’m sure, coming from Texas, you know all about fracking. And we know that the fracking, which is a British operation, is now destroying the western part of the United States. It is actually taking, using water, driving it down in order to bring up gas. And the gas they’re bringing up is actually destroying the entire region west of the Mississippi.

We have the two leading states of the United States, Texas and California, are going into destruction. Now, there’s another little complication in this, and there always are complications. In this case, the problem is that the Sun, our solar system, has gone through what’s called a quiet period. That means that the radiation being supplied to move Earth is less than it was before. And under these conditions, we have the greatest droughts in the western part of the United States in probably 500 years. The state of Texas is dying; the industries are being shut down. The same thing is true in California and the other states in between. But you take California and Texas, if you knock them out of the U.S. economy, you’re going to have a total collapse in the U.S. economy.

So therefore, we have a great crisis, which is caused by the policies which have gone through under certain Presidents, particularly since Bill Clinton was taken out of office. The rate of collapse has reached such a point, and the hyperinflation under the bail-out system has reached a point that it’s now about to blow up. And bail-in will be the trigger which causes an instant collapse. Now, what’s the solution then from the standpoint of London and people like that. The point is, while the western part of the world, the trans-Atlantic region has been collapsing in physical economy for all this period, ever since Jack Kennedy was assassinated. At the same time, gradually, in recent times, the Eurasian part, like Russia, China, India and so forth, are coming up. So therefore, the point is to try to crack the balance of forces between the trans-Atlantic region and the Eurasian system. Now what that means is, if they could get into this one area, which is in the southern part of the Ukraine, and if they could knock that out, then by using U.S. forces based in that area, they could knock out Ukraine area, and knocking out Russia by a flanking operation.

Now this puts us on the edge of a thermonuclear war. The war is between two forces now — the trans-Atlantic region and the Eurasian region. The Eurasian region includes nations like China — 1.4 billion people, and a powerful nation. India — 1.2 or so billion people, and so forth. And Russia is not insignificant. So when you take these forces together and you say that the British Empire, which thinks it’s controlling the entire planet, which is stealing our oil, stealing our food in the United States, and doing all these things to us. This process means that the only way that the trans-Atlantic region, that is British Empire in particular, could survive is by gobbling up and destroying and conquering Eurasia.

Now when you think about what the military forces are in China, thermonuclear forces, in India, in Russia. You think about the similar kinds of forces in Europe and in the United States. We have the greatest assembly of thermonuclear death ever conceived on this planet. And what’s coming to a point is the entire planet is going into this war. My concern is to stop that war. And what these Nazis are doing, these Ukrainian Nazis are doing, is simply the intended detonator of a global thermonuclear war.

Now we have people in the United States, including our military, who are against it. My point is, if Obama, President Obama, were thrown out of office now, as he should be for reason. And I think there are about 20 counts against Obama for violations of the Constitution. He can be thrown out of office immediately.

JONES: And he’s hyper-weak, but the Republican leadership won’t do it. Let me ask you this question, because you have a lot of sources, and again, if you’re a new listener, the media, the controlled, state-run media will go “Oh, Lyndon LaRouche, ha, ha ha!” for 20 years. But I did research on LaRouche, and read their publications 20 years ago, and I’ve read the Washington Post articles. And I’m not kissing up to him, I’m just telling folks he’s a very interesting guy. Going back to World War II, doing all sorts of interesting stuff there in the medical corps, from what I read, and connections into OSS. And then suddenly, pops up and is giving weekly briefings at the CIA to the director and to Presidents. And then the Bushes get jealous of him and have him thrown in jail over a made-up crooked toenail. My issue is, this is not a guy who will brag about himself, he really is interesting, no matter what you think about Lyndon LaRouche, and so much of what he says is just so piercing and thought-provoking.

I know you have huge connections out there, so what I’m saying is, I was told by a high-level commander that they dug up hidden nukes at Dyess air force base three months ago, disappeared them. Then suddenly they fired all these new commanders, Lindsey Graham said get ready for where the nukes had been sent to be blown up. I mean, I know this is real. My source doesn’t know why they were digging them up, where they were going; they weren’t supposed to be there. Then they’re purging the entire military leadership in the nuclear department. Do you have any intel, Lyndon LaRouche, about what that’s about?

LAROUCHE: Exactly; you said it. It’s that. That the people who go along with the British line — now I don’t think the Joint Chiefs in general will go along with the British line. But as long as Obama is the President of the United States, despite the fact that he has about 20 counts for his immediate impeachment. And this is not just an impeachment to be thrown out of office, this is an impeachment to be thrown in jail.

JONES: No, no, but do you have any — obviously if anybody had any will, he could be put in prison, but the establishment wants him there to become a dictator to set the precedent of an executive dictator who you vote in, who then acts as a dictator outside of their Constitutional purview. But what I’m asking you, Lyndon LaRouche, is this: Do you know anything about the missing nuclear weapons?

LAROUCHE: I know that what’s happened is that we’re under, in our government, and you have this Snowden affair which exposes it, we’re under the greatest degree of fraud and fake secrecy about what is going on in our own government ever before. And this has been specifically the Obama administration. My argument is this: if you want to understand what the problem is, you have to look at what we have to do to solve the problem. And the problem is for me, I can say, because there’s a rage building up in the Congress or some members of Congress, they want this bum out of office now! And we have about 20 particular occasions for throwing him out of office summarily; and not only throwing him out of office, but throwing him into prison.

JONES: Yeah, why won’t they? It’s open and shut.

LAROUCHE: No, it’s not that closed. The surge of revolt against this process is in process. We have not won the war, but we’re fighting it. We are fighting to save the United States and to prevent a thermonuclear war. Now, if you know what a thermonuclear war is, because this is not a nuclear war; this is a thermonuclear war with modern weapons and modern capabilities. The minute that war goes to place, and both sides of the power, the trans-Atlantic side and the Eurasian side, they have the greatest concentration of thermonuclear power you ever imagined. And if they go to war, they’re going to go to full. And there probably will be no long-term survivors of an hour and a half of a thermonuclear war. That’s where we are. My concern is, get this bum out of office, the President out of office now!

JONES: Because that would then derail the whole thing. Explain that. Lyndon LaRouche is our guest.

LAROUCHE: Look, the responsible forces in the United States…

JONES: Stay there, sir. We got to go to break. Again, regardless of what you think of Lyndon LaRouche, the guy has been on the political scene since the ’50s. He’s — the mainstream media can’t even find a proper label for him, and so much of what he says I know is accurate, because I do deep research.

I mean, here’s the deal: I’ve got the last name Jones. I’m more English in my pedigree than anybody else. I love English culture, the U.K., the whole 9 yards. Because I’m Scottish, Irish, all of it. I’m German, Alsatian, French; I’m a Heinz 57 here. But the system of the Norman and William the Conqueror, and that system became the modern empire and the imperium, and puppet governments and Councils on Foreign Relations, and Royal Institutes of International Affairs. These corporate governances that control government that the British Empire created, definitely the ghost of the British Empire possesses the Anglo-American, North Atlantic treaty conglomerate that ties into the EU. That is the dominant force in the world. And then you’ve got the Chinese which are somewhat double-dealing with it, the Russians are isolated and being attacked. You got to root for the underdog, ’cause they’re not doing anything to anybody. And I’m not romanticizing it either. It’s just they’re not doing anything to us. Criminal elements that are trying to impoverish us through political control under eugenics-based systems, Agenda 21, what I call neo-feudalistic serfdom, are trying to do the same things to us that they did to the Russians before. So, I’m for seeing humanity and really building a future, a Renaissance. And I know Lyndon LaRouche is for that as well. That’s why he’s been so roundly demonized for decades.

And what I want you to give us here are solutions, but first I want to bring this up, because this is a clip from 6-7 years ago on CSPAN. I happened to be watching CSPAN in the coffee room back there, and caught this on tape. It’s coming up in the upcoming Obama film, we’re actually getting to this British issue, because most of our leadership — Democrat and Republican — become knighted later, and actually get properties and money and all these other things. And it’s a big deal, and this is what elites relish more than anything, is not just becoming a knight, but a Knight Commander of the Order of Bath, which is a — he can walk right into MI6 and give orders if he wants to. They act like the Queen doesn’t run anything folks, she runs that whole country. She tells the Prime Minister what to do. She shuts down roads in England every day, randomly, to exercise her power. They’re above the law when they’re not hanging around with Jimmy Saville. So, I want to play this clip to encapsulate what the British monarchy is, because it’s bigger than the monarchy. Because when I double back, there’s this war against sovereignty, people go along with the monarchy thing because it gives us sovereignty. Now that’s British; well, they’re not even British. I want to play this clip and get Lyndon LaRouche’s take on it. Here is Colin Powell walking into a reception to go into a dinner with the Queen of England in D.C. Here it is:


POWELL: “Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath.”

FEMALE [off camera]: Pardon me?

POWELL: “Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath.” I’m very honored. Her Majesty gave it to [inaudible] and to me about 12 years ago.

FEMALE: “Knight Commander…?”

POWELL: “Knight Commander,” listen carefully. “Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath”! [laughs] Same thing.


JONES: There was only one thing bigger than Hollywood in the ’20s and ’30s, and that was the British Hollywood. And if you watch all those movies, it’s all British propaganda. We were taught to hate the French, love the British. So you can see the programming — Pratt Street, Council on Foreign Relations, 922 — set up to take over our government for British intelligence. This is a fact. Now I don’t see what’s left of the British — the British people, we’re not talking about them; they’ve been sucked dry by this. We’re talking about the Norman class, if you want to go back to where this came from, still ruling much of the world today. Tied into the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and others. Is that an improper analysis on this from you, the grand expert on this, Lyndon LaRouche?

LAROUCHE: It’s actually older. It goes back to the —

JONES: Venetian.

LAROUCHE: — history of Zeus and Prometheus, which was famous in Greek history, and it actually is the model in terms of everything in trans-Atlantic culture, for example, in terms of history.

JONES: Break it down for us, please.

LAROUCHE: So, what we’re involved in, we’re involved in two systems. One system is against the Roman Empire in particular, and the British Empire which is formed about the same time that the British declared war on their former colonies. And the same thing. This is an old-standing thing. This is what is called an imperial empire; it’s not a national thing. The national interests and so forth are part of the game that are played. But the issue is, it’s the same thing as what Columbus effected, through the influence of Nicholas of Cusa on him, that we sent people across the oceans to colonize the areas across the Atlantic Ocean in the hope, because Nicholas of Cusa — who was this great priest, who created this policy to cross the oceans because Europe was a mess. And what happened was, this happened, Columbus’ discovery was part of this process. And what became the United States was an expression of recognizing the terrible conditions of Europe.

Now, for a great period of time, we find that since the United States was being established, we had much support for the United States and its cause from Europe. But what has happened is, the Roman Empire, which is now brought up as the British Empire, because that occurred at the same time that we got into our war with what became the United States. Because the British Empire had taken over, and was determined to become a world empire. So, other nations supported us in our revolution to create our United States on that basis. But since that time, the British Empire has again and again tried to control us. They’ve controlled us from inside the — for example, New York City is the center of this pollution of the British taking over Manhattan through international British-controlled banking. Wall Street is a product of that; Wall Street is actually a British agency, it is not an American agency.

And my determination is to get back to a Glass-Steagall system and bankrupt these characters. And we could do it! If the will were there. We are now going bankrupt. The state of Texas is now dying; the state of California is dying. It will go on for years to come, unless we do something about it. And I say we have to do something about it. And the question is, can we in the United States, by getting Obama thrown out of power, and 70% of the American people want Obama eliminated from power! I’m one of the first! Get this guy out of there! If we do that, we can take measures to save our country. And if the United States is not included, does not choose to put itself involved with a war with British interests against the Eurasian interests, if we don’t go into such a war, there will be no such war! And what I’m concerned about is throw Obama out of office right now! We’ve got probably about 70% of the voters want him out of there. Just get him out of there!

JONES: Sure, sure! Quantify why it’s important to get him out; what signal it sends, how you believe it will derail this whole out of control, downhill avalanche that’s happening.

LAROUCHE: Exactly! We can do it! And that’s what I’m working on, and I find an increasing number of people who have known me for a long period of time, and maybe they used to duck me, because they say, “You’re right, but don’t tell anybody I told you so.” And these are from leading people’s circles, and I do work with leading circles internationally and in the United States; I do that. And I have a special role to play, because of my forecasting capability.

JONES: And by the way, I’m not getting you to talk about yourself, but it’s really unknown out there, other than a few Washington Post, Washington Times articles, and things from the ’80s when Ronald Reagan was reading your stuff, and when you were visiting the CIA every week, landing in your own helicopter. Everybody was real jealous, the Washington Post said, and then of course, it said your connections back to the OSS and World War II, that’s all shadowy. Talk about yourself a little bit, because you are a very interesting person, Lyndon. Tell us how you got into these international circles, and why multiple CIA directors — we can pull ’em up if folks want to, I forget the main one — said you “had the best private intelligence network in the world.” I mean, that’s pretty interesting; and then most people just hear, “Lyndon LaRouche? I heard he’s crazy!” ’cause CNBC said so, or MSNBC said so.

LAROUCHE: I wouldn’t pay any attention to foolish people.

JONES: No, I mean, I know you don’t like to talk about yourself, but you’re 90 years old now, you’ve had this great life. I mean, tell us, how did you get into these power circles, and really, who are you?

LAROUCHE: I guess you could say I didn’t like the education system I was exposed to in school, because I thought it was stupid and I was right. And therefore, I became successful and unpopular at the same time, because I would never submit. I don’t believe that we have teachers that are supposed to tell us what to think. We’re supposed to have teachers to guide us into making discoveries of our own, and testing those discoveries and that sort of process. So, I mean, for a long time, you know, I hated Euclidean geometry, I despised it, and I was right, absolutely correct; it’s stupid! You still have people who believe in that nonsense. So therefore, I had developed these scientific capabilities, and I became a consultant in the 1950s. I was a very important consultant at one point, and then I got into a fight with the FBI. And the FBI was not pleased that I would not obey them, so I had some periods of troubles then, but I was still doing what I was doing.

And I had a forecast in 1958 that I made, or ’68 rather, and I said in about two or three years, this whole thing is blowing up, your whole Wall Street system is going to blow up. And came along 1971, and the summer of ’71, and whew, the whole thing blew up! So there was a big discussion then about that, and I was invited to debate all these characters from Wall Street, in their offices, a meeting we had on December 2nd of that year, and I was right. And I’ve always been right on this, and what’s happened is, I’ve always been against the British and Wall Street crowd. Their conception of economy has destroyed the United States and I’ve been against it. And they bounce me down, and I’m still myself, and I do the same thing I do. I don’t change because they bounce me down a couple of times. They got tired of me and threatened what I was doing with Reagan and so forth. Ronald Reagan cleared the way that I should lead the SDI program; and that involved international forces, leading forces in Italy, France and so on.

JONES: That’s right, ’cause it’s on record that you’re one of the original people to call for it, but as a way to have international force to actually stop asteroids. And Reagan liked that idea because that would help sell it, I guess.

LAROUCHE: No, no! He was actually, Reagan was actually two things; he was a President, and a lot of our Presidents have that opportunity assigned to them, as I think you know. Some of them are good otherwise, and Reagan was one of those cases. He was not the greatest genius among our Presidents, but he was a very serious figure. He was close to the Franklin Roosevelt circles in his time. He was made an officer, a flying officer so to speak, in that period and during that wartime period. And by basis, from social basis, from my experiences in World War II, I had no significance in that period as such, but I was associated with the OSS, for example, later; at a later time. I didn’t know them as OSS then, but they came to me in the later part of life and old veterans of the OSS, surviving veterans, and they became a key part of the Reagan administration. And therefore, I was the one who mustered this international campaign for a Strategic Defense Initiative, and I’m still in the same kind of commitment with a little change in technology. I’m now worried about how we’re going to deal with the Moon. I want to get some thermonuclear power here on this planet of ours, if we’re going to make it livable, which discoveries on the Moon show we can do. And I want to get us a program of economic development which I think will be sufficient, given even a relative few, a handful of scientists. But you’ve got to get a handful of very good scientists together working on thermonuclear fusion, enhanced by helium-3. You do that, you can take a handful of scientists in various nations, and you can build the greatest power of progress for mankind that ever was imagined. And that’s what I’m committed to.

JONES: Progress; absolutely, real progress, not the eugenicist, de-industrialization progress. Well people need to call Congress, it’s starting to happen, and say impeach Obama, throw him out of office. Arrest him; go after Holder. Because they’re starting to persecute the press, sir, as you know. They’ve arrested Dinesh D’Souza, they’re arresting governors for no reason. They’re threatening people; I’m being threatened, I don’t want to give it any attention, but folks, you need to pray for us. You know what it’s like when they begin to threaten you, but that shows we’re getting to them, right?

LAROUCHE: I would say we’ve got 70% of the population of the United States wants this bum out now!

JONES: I think it’s 77, yeah.

LAROUCHE: Yeah, but then you have people who are members of Congress, not a majority, but I’m thinking you can probably get in fair terms, about 20% of the members of the Congress I think would be willing right now to say, “Throw the bum out!” As a matter of fact, some members of the Congress are almost hysterical — “Get this nut out of there!”

JONES: It is crazy! I’ve never seen power grabbing like it. What do you know from your sources about Obama the man? Is he a total puppet, or what’s going on with him?

LAROUCHE: He would have been nothing, except for a woman called Valerie Jarrett. Now Valerie Jarrett had been, is an American by law, but she was really a British agent. And she was assigned to go back into the United States and through some corrupt people at Harvard and things like that, this monkey, or virtual monkey became a political figure. He was nothing; he would never have become anything, except for Valerie Jarrett. He is not really a President in a functional sense. I mean, he runs around with this jock-strap between the two parts of the White House. One part is the family part; the other part is the public part. And he was playing with basketballs up in this little room which separates these two parts of the White House. And so he was not really much of a heavyweight. His idea, his mental capabilities and ideas are virtually zilch, or less than zero in some respects, I think is probably better. So, he’s only an instrument. And what happened is, the British system got him elected President by the biggest drug deal ever run. And you remember when he was running against Hillary Clinton, and it came down to Texas, and they were running pretty much neck and neck. And the drug flow from Texas, the drug money through Texas, coming out of London was the thing that won him his Presidency. And Wall Street was fully behind it.

JONES: I know you’ve written books and everything about the British Empire running most of the drugs, and boy, is that certainly, certainly true. Their big banks openly launder the majority of the money. They get caught, they don’t get in trouble. All right, well, Lyndon LaRouche, thank you so much for all of your time. We’ll put your websites up on screen. And you and any of your crew you’d like to recommend, I’d like to get some of the doctors you’ve got on staff to come on, and some of your researchers to talk about Obamacare and what it would do. You were right about that, saying it was death care. I really appreciate your spending time with us. Hopefully, we can stop World War III.


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