Macedonian Opposition arm in arm with CIA and Soros

Macedonian Opposition arm in arm with CIA and Soros


In Macedonia, the United States are again to overthrow a democratically elected government. The similarities with the case of Ukraine are striking.

This past weekend, several thousand protesters were carted from all over the country with buses, many of which even received 500 denars for their demonstration enthusiasm. You should present to instructions from George Soros media with clever camera angles, the number of protesters as “100000”. Soros is a VS-American investor of Hungarian origin, who is also in the Ukraine his dirty fingers had in the game. These instructions were not only sent to Soros media in Macedonia, but also to the Propaganda Department of the NYTimes and Reuters. Our team of local Main, which leaves only too happy solely on the news submissions this American propagandists, was once a choir in the song of a just cause to sing. Incidentally, this is known by many trouble spots in the past, such Beuispiel in Iraq, Libya, Syria or Ukraine

2,000 young people who know especially well with karate and other martial arts, are the hired thugs of USAID, NED, PNAC (all for the CIA) were adjusted and the Soros Fund a few years ago. The foreign companies above flushed a few days before the coup attempt several million dollars in the bank accounts of Opposition, the Social Democratic League of Macedonia. (SDSM). Also known from the case of Ukraine. Millions of dollars were smuggled from the United States and the EU to the country to overthrow the government. In Kiev this freshly printed dollar bills initially surfaced on the Maidan, and then later in the exchange offices.

The aim is to provide a Kiev-similar scenario with burning cars, shops and clashes with police. SDSM members, have the facilities in the city center, had rechtzeitigtig announced that they would close early and and leave their offices and shops before they are destroyed.

To this end, the Social Democratic League of Macedonia more than 100 bats from outside Macedonia from Kosovo, Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro, in addition to the Hooligans of FC Rabotnicki and known criminals brought with thick police dossiers. A SDSM source said, everyone would receive 500 €. For clashes with police even € 1,500 per day would be paid.

They are designed to create the illusion that the police shooting at demonstrators, a scenario which we have already seen in Kiev and elsewhere. As a reminder let me say that in Kiev, hospital doctors said that the same weapons against demonstrators and police were deployed. In many Western mainstream media, however, this information has been censored and never published.

The reason for the coup attempt, which began in February? The Americans want to install a government that shows obediently. The current government cares about its citizens and their well-being and showing interest in the Russian-Turkish transit pipeline, which will bring substantial revenues for the country where the average wage at Euro 1000 is monthly.

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