Madonna bashed Trump and got bashed back nicely

Madonna bashed Trump and got bashed back nicely

Jim Stone

Well, if you want to know who an enemy of greater mankind is, look no farther than Madonna and her “close friends” in Hollywood, and what they have to say about Trump. Surprisingly, Bruce Jenner sides with Trump. All the witches and angels are coming out of the closet for this one, and Drudge has looked pretty good lately.

I could not figure out why Drudge posted stories about a drunken and drugged up Madonna getting obscene and offending her fans and then discovered how she and her cohorts have carried on about Trump. Madonna has apparently been going totally looney lately, and the latest reply by Drudge was a nice rip on Madonna titled “How Madonna exploits, dumps young talent”. Savory headline that is.

anyway . . . Drudge has been doing a good job and I think I’ll scrape the aluminum off a copy of the “Immaculate Collection”.

And as a side note . . . .

California is going to let illegals vote (which should nullify that state), and Obama wants to officially give them all free health care. All the Cubans who are not happy with Cuba are hopping on rafts to get here quick, and the New York Jewish community is doing back flips over Trump. I guess they better do the dirty work now, because if Trump does get in and avoids being drugged into oblivion or killed outright, things are going to get a lot less “profitable”.

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