Germany: Beware Putin’s Push For Brexit

Vladimir Putin could try to fund anti-EU efforts in Britain in an attempt to weaken Europe, a key ally of Angela Merkel warns.

Thursday 25 June 2015
By Faisal Islam, Political Editor

The Russian President might try to drive a wedge between Britain and the EU, Germany has warned, as David Cameron looks to renegotiate the country’s deal with Brussels.

A key ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Vladimir Putin would be “happy” if Britain voted to leave the union and could even fund anti-EU efforts on British soil.

Norbert Rottgen, the chairman of the German Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee and a former minister in Ms Merkel’s cabinet, told Sky News Mr Putin was already funding anti-EU efforts in other countries and could do in the UK.

When asked if the Russian President would be happy if Britain left the EU he said: “No doubt about that: yes he would be happy about that, no doubt about this, because everything which weakens the West and the Europeans is very much appreciated by Russia and Putin.”

He added: “If he could contribute to driving a wedge between Britain and others he would do that certainly.

“This is the reason, for example, he finances Marine Le Pen and the Front National because he wants to do everything he can to drive a wedge between the Europeans and between the US and the Europeans.”

His warning comes as European leaders are expected to agree to six months of talks on Mr Cameron’s attempt to change the terms of Britain’s deal with the EU.

Mr Cameron has delivered his renegotiation strategy to European leaders in a speech at a two-day summit in Brussels.

In his Sky News interview, Dr Rottgen said his view was that EU treaty change within two years was “not realistic”.

This was not about Britain per se he said, the Eurozone also might need some treaty change but there was “simply not” the “momentum and consensus in a critical mass of member states” for a change. He did though suggest there may be some room for “legal creativity”.

It comes after the Queen made a rare intervention at a state dinner in Berlin to warn of the dangers of division in western and Eastern Europe.

German President Joachim Gauck replied: “Britain is part of Europe. The European Union needs Britain”.

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  • theunhivedmind

    Don’t be fooled by the new anti-Putin propaganda trickery of certain New Venice (British) agents like Norbert Rottgen who’re European traitors to their own nations serving the New Doge, Queen Elizabeth II. Rest assured that the European Union is actually a British project/prison guised as a German project. I suggest you study who’s controlled both Germany and Japan with an iron fist ever since the end of World War II.

    New Venice has somewhat distanced itself from the European Union like not accepting the Euro (New Venice agent George Soros) not because they’re on the fence but as a guise to divert peoples attention away from the boss. The whole thing is a complete farce and everyone in Europe is under the spell of the New Doge who goes around claiming she’s the Queen of England when in fact she’s just the Queen of the Chancery Court and a backward Zeusian Aristotelian Malthusian who adores death and slavery. Notice how the New Doge’s vile speech speaks of keeping Europe united! I should remind you that before the World Wars Germany was what Russia is today a great power that adopted the American system which it bought to Europe under the Kaiser. Russia will soon have a similar Hamiltonian credit like currency system when the final nails in the coffin of the world bank are hammered in keeping the Zeusian Dracula in as the Promethean BRICS rises up. For this New Venice wanted Germany destroyed and so it turned Germany into a hell-hole for wanting to become Promethean. Now the same scenarios are happening with Russia but unfortunately for the New Doge she’s messing with Putin and he has nuclear weapons and a mind which her brain could fit inside twenty fold. The Monarchy of the New Venice Empire is panicking as their control system is bankrupt, falling apart and soon dead. If you want a real monarchy bring back the Promethean Romanov Imperial house continuum and put them in the Crimea. Please remember that the Russian Czar aided America and its freedom during the American Civil war thus defeating the New Venice Empire.

    New Venice has demonized Vladimir Putin as he and his Promethean friends fight against the Zeusian Olympians in order to bring about a more natural society with more freedoms than we’ve ever seen under the Zeusian model. Now after all the false anti-Putin talk they’ve all decided to us his bogeyman name yet again and this time in an attempt to put off the anti-Putin brainwashed herd who actually support a Brexit hoping they’ll go against the referendum in favour of the European Union just to so-called spite Putin. If Putin would like a Brexit this is fine it’s his choice to think this way and say it but by saying so doesn’t mean he has any involvement but of course New Venice would like you to think it.

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    `·-☆ The Unhived Mind

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