Mainstream propaganda push Freemason Sitchins New-Age Planet X [Video]



  • Please remember that Sitchin was a Freemason which is evident from the video below with him gripping another fellow Masonic brethren called Russell Pine aka Jordan Maxwell. Both mystery school initiates out to push the New-Age agenda which was controlled by Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Teilhard de Chardin SJ of the Mithra based cult known as the Jesuit Order. The same order that took over all other Templar Freemasonry using their Scottish Rite containing twenty-five degrees written by the Jesuits in France and having the thirty-second degree dedicated to the Order by Order of Malta connected Alexandre de Grasse. The Jesuit Order being the ancient Templar continuum that were allowed by the Pope to survive in the Kingdom of Aragon. The only Templars to be officially allowed by the Pope to survive.

    The power of the Scottish Rite really lies in the Valley of Dallas in the Orient of Texas not the House of the Temple in Washington D.C. Sitchin was a puppet of the Vatican who control all the major observatories of the World and who’s intelligence gathering is commanded by The Entity on behalf of the Jesuit Order. The Jesuits being formed in 1534 and the The Entity being formed in 1566 making it the oldest Western intelligence agency on Earth far older than British intelligence.

    Speaking of the devious Russell Pine, hows about how he constantly attacks true-Christianity like all good Freemasons? Hows about how he uses the King James Bible to highlight some occultic and astronomy additions within. Why did he choose that Bible? Why not the true-Christian Puritan Bible called the Geneva Bible 1560/99 which the pirtae King James Bible was mastered to destroy? Who mastered it? Sir John Dee of the vile The Worshipful Company of Mercers! The same Sir John Dee (007) who was an Enochian magician highly skilled in Witchcraft and the occult. Does that sound like someone you want to create a Bible?

    All devious trickery of the pirates of the Livery and their masters the Vatican. How many times had Sitchin visited the Vatican? One is more than enough! Its all part of the coming alien hoax which will come after the asteroid hoax event. The Scottish Rite have two lodges within Vatican City all within the Grand Lodge Ekklesia. You regularly see this alien invasion now in the films and remember who created the first big alien movie? It was CBS-Fox which is run by the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst Nazi continuum through Marc Rich for Knight of Malta, George H.W Bush who has controlled the DVD for the last thirty-four years. All the UFOs are mere Nazi technology through the DVD hidden in the Directorate for Intelligence division of the Central Intelligence Agency. Notice how the UFO community push the New-Age religion whilst attacking Christianity. Its nothing more than a hand into a glove, a white glove in order to bring in a World Government. Study the Iron Mountain Report its all in there and happening today.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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