Make sure Dr Wollaston defeats Malthusian Tredinnick for Chair of the Health Committee today

UK House of Commons to elect Chair of the Health Committee today

Members of Parliament are voting today to elect the Chairs of the 27 select committees of the House of Commons, including the powerful Health Committee.

GP Dr Sarah Wollaston is standing against MP David Tredinnick.

Dr Wollaston has an impressive record of probing government policy. A person who is ready to ask awkward questions is needed at a time when the UK could be flooded with risky Ebola vaccines, which could even give people Ebola, according to the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences.

GSK Ebola vaccines could be given to the UK population if Medical Innovation Bill passes or WHO issues a general recommendation for them in August, when a meeting to decide the matter is scheduled. It is to be hoped Dr Wollaston will be re elected as Chair of the committee as she has a proven track record of defending the public interest against wealthy lobbyists such as Lord Maurice Saatchi, author of the Medical Innovation Bill.

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