man, citizen, civilian, individual, person…?

I don’t like the terms: citizen, civilian, individual, person.
They are full of controversy. Different dicitionaries show different results. And their legal definitions can affect you in law. These terms are being used attempting to steal your birthright(your sovereignty). The worst and most worrying definition of citizen I found here:

This website is a movement by the Jesuit-controlled United Nations in their attempt to implement a One World Government, which THEY wish to rule of course…

On their website in frequently asked question they say:
What do you mean by “citizen”?
“Citizen” means the political empowerment of the individual. It implies rights and duties within a given social community.

What does this mean? It could mean anything.
Again they are creating controversy, because of course they wish total control over you, that means, control of your offspring, your body(vaccines), your work, your marriage, your retirement and your death. They wish to microchip you and monitor your movement. Actually they don’t wish you to marry at all, because singles make better slaves. Families empower themselves and build wealth for themselves which is nuisance to the elite’s selfish agenda. They wish you to be a single, landless, working, poor gypsy.

If they were serious about you being sovereign, they would declare a world citizen simply as a SOVEREIGN HUMAN ON THIS PLANET. No controversy. But they don’t wish you to be sovereign, they wish you to be a citizen to serve them. The logo of the World Government of World Citizens is a man trapped in a cage/web where he cannot escape…

I don’t like citizenship at all. Neither national citizenship, nor world citizenship. I only have one UNDER DURESS, because without it the self-acclaimed “authorities” would not let me live on the land where I was born. The land they DID NOT CREATE, the land they ASSUME to “own”…


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