Man who was banned from Facebook for writing ‘I like faggots’

Facebook Defends Faggots

The man who was banned from Facebook for writing ‘I like faggots’ after he was accused of being homophobic

Facebook users have been banned from the social network after talking about the traditional English delicacy faggots.

One man had his account shut down for 12 hours after writing ‘I like faggots’, while another was kicked off the site for posting a picture of the dish.

The social media giant says that the crackdown on the word was the result of a confusion with a derogatory slang term for gay people.

Faggots are a dish resembling a large meatball made from offal such as pig hearts and liver, and are particularly popular in the Midlands and Wales after catching on during the Second World War.

But their name has long been a source of controversy, particularly in the U.S., where ‘faggot’ is considered one of the most offensive words imaginable.

Robert Wilkes, 54, received a 12-hour ban from Facebook when he posted ‘I like faggots’ on his account and was accused of ‘homophobic language’.

He insisted he was only reminiscing about the meals he enjoyed when growing up in the Black Country.

‘It may have a different meaning in America but I used it in a food context,’ he told The Sun.

Eileen Perrins, 68, from Shropshire also had her account shut down for 12 hours when she put up a picture of the dish, also known as ‘savoury ducks’.

Margaret Jones was given a temporary ban from the site after commenting on the bans slapped on other people.

‘I’m disgusted with Facebook’s reaction to the word faggots,’ the 68-year-old told the Express & Star. ‘It’s a delicacy in the Black Country.’

A spokesman for Mr Brain’s, the leading brand of faggots, urged Facebook to allow its customers to discuss their favourite meals.

‘We understand it’s disappointing for people to be banned by Facebook, however we also appreciate that Facebook has to act responsibly concerning comments posted on their site,’ the company said.

‘Hopefully Facebook has now solved the issue so that fans of Mr Brain’s Faggots can once again comment freely without being inhibited.’

A spokesman for Facebook admitted that one post had been removed in error as a result of a misunderstanding.

However, she added that the word was not considered offensive when used in a culinary context.

The site has come under fire in recent weeks for its policies on what type of content is allowed to be posted by users.

A number of sick videos of executions were being openly shared on the site, even though some photographs of nursing mothers have been banned.

Even David Cameron spoke out against Facebook, forcing it to revise its policies.

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