March Against Monsanto: Global Protest Movement Takes Down GMOs

March Against Monsanto: Global Protest Movement Takes Down GMOs

Here’s why Monsanto will soon fail

by Robert Harrington
Posted on May 23, 2015

Headlines around the world this weekend read like this one: ‘March Against Monsanto’: Protest against GMO giant to roll in 38 countries this weekend

“Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in 428 cities are expected to turn out this weekend to protest agribusiness giant Monsanto. The third annual ‘March Against Monsanto’ seeks to highlight the company’s part in control of the food supply.

The worldwide protest scheduled for May 23 is a continuation of growing awareness and opposition to industrial agriculture’s increasing consolidation of farming resources and methods, according to organizers.”

There are many reasons why Monsanto has been targeted by a rapidly growing global protest movement. The company represents everything that is profoundly wrong with Corporate America. Monsanto operates in the transnational marketplace in a manner that is completely without respect for the wishes of nations and economic unions, societies and cultures.

As the quintessential corporate behemoth, Monsanto moves across the planet like the proverbial 800 pound gorilla that acts like it can do anything, anytime, anywhere, anyway it wants to, without regard to custom, tradition or generally accepted farming practices. Truly, this rogue corporation conducts its business without any sense of social responsibility or community awareness. It has even been described as a company completely devoid of a corporate conscience.

Why is Monsanto so vilified and condemned around the globe?

Monsanto has consistently demonstrated a shocking degree of callous and reckless disregard for the health and welfare of people everywhere. Among those large corporations which have become known for their serial criminal behavior, Monsanto tops the list. There’s no question that this corrupt ‘business’ operation was set up to be a corporate villain from the very beginning. Their deplorable role in manufacturing the poisonous defoliant Agent Orange for illegal use during the Viet Nam War placed a bullseye on their corporate logo forever.

Monsanto’s track record has been scrutinized ever since it aided US warfare during the Vietnam war. Agent Orange was manufactured for the US Department of Defense primarily by Monsanto Corporation, the use of which is estimated to have killed and maimed around 400,000 while causing birth defects for 500,000 children.

When your corporate claim to fame is the production of such a dangerous poison to both human life and the environment, it’s very easy to understand why countries on every continent want to outlaw their toxic products. The good news is that many nations have been successful at banning Monsanto brands, especially in the GMO arena. Regardless of the laws and regulations that are being passed monthly, Monsanto still aggressively pursues an agenda that will not be thwarted. UNTIL NOW!

People Power Is Fast Awakening And Flexing Its Muscles Within The Masses

People the world over now know much more regarding Monsanto’s record for agricultural despoliation and environmental destruction. The community of nations is now awakening to the fact that, given their own way, Monsanto would attempt to control the agricultural production of the planet. Even if this could be accomplished by proxies and surrogates, as it has been within the USA through BIG AGRA, Monsanto has telegraphed their intentions to national governments and international organizations everywhere.

“People are fed up. We should break up Monsanto,” Adam Eidinger of Occupy Monsanto told RT. “Monsanto is a monopoly, and it’s acting like one. It’s basically controlling 90 percent of the seed market in the United States. We wouldn’t let one cell phone company control 90 percent of the cell phones. But for some reason we let food be controlled.”

The real 64 thousand dollar question here, and there are several regarding Monsanto, is why they have literally set themselves up to be a quite-well-known Menace to Society. Why would one corporation take on so many harmful and injurious, destructive and damaging initiatives in countries far and wide?

When a corporation like Monsanto is chosen to be the primary producer of a highly poisonous defoliant like Agent Orange, their reputation could not get any worse. Once they suffered that profound blow to their corporate good will, all the stops were pulled out. They could then be used to promote all their other toxic products (like GMO seeds and ROUNDUP) which serve to contaminate the worldwide environment 24/7 … which is precisely why the world is protesting en masse against Monsanto’s very existence this weekend.

Wherever anyone is living, this weekend presents a great opportunity to register their grievances and complaints against Monsanto. Whether that is accomplished by attending a protest march or posting hard-hitting comments on the relevant websites, raising awareness is the first step toward bringing down Monsanto, once and for all.

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