Mark Glenn says 9/11 truth ‘existential threat’ to Israel

Mark Glenn says 9/11 truth ‘existential threat’ to Israel

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  • theunhivedmind

    Mark Glenn had better do his homework and find out that it has always been Senator Bob Graham who’s been at the heart of pushing for the declassification of the 28-pages. Mark wants to give Donald Trump all the credit and ignore the backbone of the people who’ve been pushing for the 28-pages exposure many of which have had family members who were killed on 9/11. Did Glenn inform you that Bob Graham is also gunning for many other pages to be exposed not just he 28-pages? Did Glenn tell you how FBI Division Five arrested Senator Bob Graham and his wife and held them both for forty-eight hours whilst warning Graham to keep his mouth shut on the subject of the 28-pages? No you never heard this as Glenn either doesn’t know or just wants to give Trump all the benefit. Donald Trump is getting information from sources within our camps. You’ll notice that Glenn doesn’t highlight the New Venice connection that could be exposed by the 28-pages and how that’s far more dangerous than the Israeli connection. The 9/11 ‘Match is Lit’ event was a metabridge intelligence operation headed by New Venice working with rogue intelligence war operations of Israeli, American, France and NATO.

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