Marks & Spencer to launch youth jobs scheme

Kamal Ahmed By Kamal Ahmed9:00PM BST 29 Jun 2013Comments5 Comments

The new project will see the retailer offer the month-long attachments with a view to giving 16 to 24-year-olds training on the job as well as opportunity to work for M&S full time once the placement is complete.

Although the placements are unpaid, M&S insists that such schemes are the best way to help young people back into work.

Writing in today’s The Sunday Telegraph, Marc Bolland, M&S’s chief executive, said: “Youth unemployment has become one of the UK’s most pressing social issues. It is at record levels, with one-in-five 16 to 24-year-olds struggling to find a job.

“Although many good employment schemes and initiatives exist, in which we at M&S also participate, we want to find a way to accelerate the solution.

“Therefore, M&S is launching a new youth employability scheme – Make Your Mark – which will see us set aside 1,400 new, one-month placements for young people in our stores, equal to 2pc of our 70,000-strong British workforce.

“We’re partnering with the UK’s leading youth charity, the Prince’s Trust, to help create and deliver a programme designed to address the skills and experience gap that prevents young people from finding work.”

Mr Bolland called on other businesses, large and small, to commit to offering placements to young people equivalent to 2pc of its overall headcount.

The 1,400 figure is equal to an eight-fold increase in the number of placements M&S offers. Career coaches will help the young unemployed people with their training.

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  • theunhivedmind

    If you are a paid worker for Marks & Spencers then watch out because your job is now on the line. Watch out for more sneaky actions by M&S as they look for any excuse to lay you off or even fire you. Watch them ramp up mystery shoppers to try to catch you out so you can be fired later. You will then be replaced by free labour from this youth scheme. Not only that you will end up on the scrap heap like everyone else during this economic collapse. You will then be put onto the nazi DWP’s Work Programme and forced to work unpaid yourself. This is the socialist nightmare which has all been pre-planned for you so you accept the massive changes coming since you have now become dependent and riddled with debt.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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