McCain ISIS video authentic

McCain ISIS video authentic

Jim Stone

The McCain ISIS video hit a barrage of trollage, with the fallback position being that it was a “fake of a fake”. Not so.

To further discredit the video, there was a lot done showing it being done against a green screen. Those are fakes. And did a mysterious hacker group “Cyber Berkut” actually intercept that video? Maybe, maybe not, I actually am leaning towards Russian intelligence nabbing it, and distributing it through Cyber Berkut to provide a degree of separation.

Why is the video not fake? Because of the way it was done. It is not the entire session for the beheading video, only a portion to show what went on to buddies and pals of whatever McCain staffer filmed it. A back drop was used, and not a blue screen. You would never do that type of beheading fake on a blue screen.

There are two big tricks now used by Hollywood – the back drop and the blue screen. A back drop is a photograph that is put behind your actors, with the ground prepared in front of it in a way that blends in with the photo. This is still the most common thing done. And it works great for static backgrounds where nothing is moving, such as a desert scene.

If you need to interact with dragons and teredactyls, then you often have to use a blue screen and have everything be created on a computer because it just can’t be faked with a back drop. But even the movie “who framed roger rabbit” which was totally created with practically nothing in it being real was not done with a blue screen, it had no CGI at all, that movie heavily used back drops and painted in characters. The computers of that era could not handle anything at that level. You do not need a blue screen to get realistic synthetic scenes.

Now let’s weigh odds. Who is behind ISIS? The war department. Who is funding ISIS? The war department. Who is the war department? Bush/McCain and others such as Nut Yahoo/Sharon. Who is going to be faking the ISIS videos then, (which were easily proven fakes?) Obviously McCain and Bush were involved with that.

Do you really think they went out to the desert to hoax these videos? Why would they when a back drop would suffice? Look at the cameramen and the studio support walking around in the video – they are obviously not desert heat stressed, out there in the sun. And neither is our big bad ISIS, and white boy victim, who could never handle the Arab desert. THAT DESERT IS HOTTER THAN * and even Arabs won’t just stand out in the sun, casually talking about how BAAAAD they are while their white boy victims do not sweat a drop in the videos that actually got released to the public. It is obviously back drop. Definitely not blue screen or real desert.

You cannot see the picture on that back drop in the intercepted video only because a cell phone camera sensor does not have enough dynamic range to present a brightly lit area in a very dark room as anything but blown out white. Even white boy victim’s face is blown to white.

The trolls that hit the McCain video made several blunders. Some said the real videos were done on blue screen, which for something like this would probably not be used because a simple studio setup with backdrop solves so many problems that have to be worked out of a blue screen. These were cheap productions. A backdrop is the easiest way to do cheap in a way where technical glitches won’t reveal anything with absolute certainty. Some said the real videos were done in the desert (that is actually the prevailing line) and it so obviously was not done in the desert with white boy sweatless enough to do an antiperspirant commercial. And they have to say these things and hope people bite the bait, because if that video really is as presented by Cyber Berkut, it is prosecutable evidence and NO ONE in the establishment is going to accept it being out there. They put top troll on that one, the best psy op teams, the type needed for the highest level containment where people actually have to be convinced their own eyes lied to them with something as plainly visible as the sky and sidewalk.

And what happened when Russia bombed ISIS? DAY ONE America yelped about being hit. And I can only laugh, and laugh I will, I won’t mourn for a dead American when that dead American is a drug dealing ghetto punk who killed much of his town, and won’t cry when that American is a stone cold lying scammer who directed the murder of thousands of innocents in a foreign land. How many people did they kill just doing their “jobs” anyway? And McCain is the tip of the spear, the worst of all, which that ISIS in the studio video proves with salience.

October 2, 2015

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