Mental Barack Obama could end up triggering World War III

‘Obama could trigger World War III’

Sun, 16 Mar 2014 16:12:30 GMT

US President Barack Obama is feared to be planning to trigger World War III as tensions escalate between Washington and Moscow over Ukraine, an analyst tells Press TV in an interview.

In a Saturday interview, Lyndon LaRouche said Crimea’s secession is part of Obama’s “whole scenario” for a war.

“The scenario is World War III, a thermonuclear World War III, today, tomorrow, next week and beyond,” he said.

LaRouche added that Obama will definitely declare a “thermonuclear attack on Russia.”

“So I would say that a war could happen but it would be a thermonuclear World War, not a European war, not a NATO war,” he said, warning that such a war will be a “global” and not just “regional.”

LaRouche said Obama is facing the prospect of impeachment for his belligerent approaches.

“He is also in a big trouble with the Senate of the United States who is just actually dealing with what I would call impeachable offenses,” he said.

Tensions escalated between the West and Russia after Crimea authorities said they will hold a referendum on Sunday on whether to break away from Ukraine and join Russia.

The initial results of the referendum are expected to be published during the night or on Monday.

The United States and the European Union, which support the new Ukrainian government, have rejected the Crimea vote as “illegal” and threatened Russia with sanctions over its stance on Ukraine. Russia says such measures are counterproductive.

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