Chancellor Angela Merkel has admitted that her personal decision to offer sanctuary in Germany to every single illegal immigrant, criminal and potential terrorist in the world will make military conflicts more likely.

Unable any more to deny she is destablizing Germany and Europe by her extraordinary open doors migrant policy, Merkel has now herself joined the chorus warning that military conflicts are becoming more likely because of her very own policy.

Merkel was actually asked about the danger of civil war in Germany by CDU rank and file at a conference last night.

To mention civil war used to mean being given the stamp of a conspiracy theorist. Now, it has become so mainstream that the conservative party pensioners are asking Merkel about it at a conference.

Merkel was told by party members that “everyone is angry with her” for breaking German and EU laws to turn Germany into the world’s number one destination for every single economic immigrant, would be terrorist and criminal.

She was asked who was supposed to pay for her sanctuary country policy.

Faced with the ire of the rank and file, Merkel lamely claimed that closing the borders to Austria would result in military conflicts in the Balkans, a claim greeted with disbelief.

Merkel’s acting abilities are being tested as never before. She is rumoured to be the Stasi spy IM Erika. So, she has years of practise in acting, deceiving, dissimulating behind her. Indeed, she has only now been exposed as a Globalist puppet because of her high profile role together with Werner Faymann and Alexis Tsipras in creating the biggest crisis in Europe since World War Two. But now she really is in trouble. Because her logic is also being tested.

It is clear to everyone that Merkel is destabilizing not just Germany but the Balkans by her personal invitation to every single illegal immigrant, criminal and ISIS terrorist because many of them are trekking through the Balkans to get to sanctuary Germany.

In fact, military conflict in the Balkans has never been less likely.

First, the Balkan states are, for once, all united in their wish to stem the influx of migrants into their countries. They are far more likely to see the advantages of cooperating with one another in closing their borders and managing the return of migrants. They are far more likely to use guns to stop migrants simply because they do not have the resources to manage large numbers of aliens, criminals and terrorists.

Second, the awareness that there are CIA controlled ISIS terrorists among the migrants, who might try to stage false flag terror attacks to spark a regional conflict, is wide spread in 2015 thanks to the internet. The politicians and intelligence services in the Balkans are also on the internet.

George Soros allegedly has significant power in Albania but if Albania implodes under some false flag terror attack, it can be isolated.

Third, closing the German borders will, indeed, result in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, sprinkled with a few genuine refugees, criminals and terrorists currently en route being stranded. But there is a simple solution. Transport. By supplying transport, the German government can make it possible for people to return to their countries.

Merkel and Horst Seehofer have managed to present a fake solution of strengthening border controls, but the party rank and file will not be impressed when they see that these are not functioning. Anyone who wants to can now enter Germany’s porous borders.

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