Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has told the FAZ newspaper this afternoon she supports introducing stronger frontier controls to filter out migrants who have no chance of gaining asylum.

Given the scale of the influx of migrants, this evening is not too soon to set up border controls. The laws can be passed later. There is no law left anyway in Germany. The country is sliding into lawlessness.

To avoid sprawling camps appearing at the frontier, the government can arrange for a bus service. Buses can depart, for example, every hour from border crossings. Buses can bring economic migrants comfortably and safely back to their home countries if they are in the Balkans. There can be a little cash incentive to encourage people to return home. The incentive can be handed out together with a big administrative bill payable if they ever show up again at the frontier to prevent people from returning.

In parallel, the army can start collecting failed asylum seekers from around the country. Anyone who refuses to go at a certain date, even if they have a sick note, can be asked to reimburse administrative costs of 10,000 euros payable also in their home country. Any necessary laws can be passed later. The first priority now surely has to be to get control of the chaos in the real world affecting real people’s lives. Germans need to see the government functioning again, services functioning again.

The asylum seekers who are legitimate also have to be given food and shelter. People cannot be left to sleep on the streets with no food in the winter in Germany. They will die. This is criminal, inhumane.

Hat’s off to Merkel for changing her mind. Changing one’s mind in the face of facts is a sign of intelligence, as they say, not a sign of weakness.

Now no time is to be lost in implementing stronger border controls and in ensuring the influx of migrants is significantly and permanently reduced, and the government functions again.

There is no point in talking about setting quotas of a million, ten million, fifty million for refugees. First, the government has to calculate how many people can be given food and shelter and an education by counting the places realistically available in homes, shelters, schools etc. That many can come, and no more. The rest is unreal.

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